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    1. mnicolee
      I currently have mycoplasma and I was treated with doxy for mycoplasma pneumonia well over a momonth ago, it never went away, my doctor refuses to listen to me at all or treat me for it, I live in Valdosta, GA, It is not very often to find a good doctor here. I was wondering if you could tell me who the doctor is that helped you is? I'm also new here so I didn't know how to inbox you, and I apologize for that.
    2. skippers65
      Hi Mikey,

      thank you so much for your response. I broke into floods of tears reading it. It sounds like there really is hope for me.

      I called your doctor in Florida and I am hoping he will recommend a doctor in Colorado but if he doesn't I will fly to Florida happily. He can get me in as soon as March 2nd and I actually found a decent deal on plane tickets.
      1. mnicolee
        Could you send me the number of the doctor? I am in desperate need of someone that is familiar with what I have.
        Oct 11, 2017
    3. skippers65
      Mikie I've been writing you but I don't think it's going through.
    4. skippers65
      Hi Mikey, do you know if dr. Hinkle in St George Utah is still doing this treatment? I realize that he is 6 hours from me. And the airport going to Florida is 6 hours from me
    5. 10quinnturtle
      hey Mike I need help. I mentioned earlier that I get Headaches.
      My Forehead and the back of my head, they are causing me great discomfort.
      I am out of funds so can't go to the doc.
      What should I do.
      They hit me bad, mostly at night.
      Gosh, I've missed so much on Porch.
      How are you...?
    6. evamamacita
      Hi flyersfan247365 I have the info Mikie post about his/her Dr in Fort Meyers who does the Amino Acid Injections, it's
      Dr David Gomeringer
      (239) 768-5544
    7. flyersfan247365
      Hi Mikie,
      Looking if you could tell who the doctors are that helped you and where they re located.
    8. flyersfan247365
      Hi Mikie,
      If you don't mind I am in desperate in of help. Who are your doctors and where are they located?
      Really scared here
    9. fight4acure
      Hi Mikie! How are you doing, dear?

      Fight4acure ;)
    10. Serafin

      Please tell me if Dr. Dakos practice is still open and or if your doctor can provide the same kind of treatment Dr. Dakos provided.

    11. steach
      Hi Mikie-
      This is steach, from way back. I want to post but can't figure it out! The board has changed so much since the last time I was on here. I am in DESPERATE need of help with restless leg syndrome! It is happening almost 24/7 now and I am about to go out of my mind! I have been taking Klonopin for it for years but it is not helping.
    12. Serafin
      I am curious as to if Dr. Dakos practice after his passing away. Did he leave anyone in his practice that could help me get peptide treatment?
    13. Granniluvsu
      Mikie - Is this something new on someone following you or me? Was surprised to find one this morning?? Hugz Granni
    14. MahendraTrivedi
    15. parker1261
      just wanted to say i LOVE your signature tag line....it's my new motto !
    16. bretzie
      Hi Mikie ... I read your post on "chat" and was so happy to hear you're asymptomatic now (re CFIDS, etc.) even though you still have mycoplasmas (me too). Can you give me/us a list of the things you feel have helped you get to this point? I'd really really appreciate that. Thanks.
    17. richcarson
      Hi Mikie,
      I want you to know how immensely I respect and admire the good work you have done on the forums for all of these years. You are truly an unsung hero and I am fortunate to have you working for patients on my site. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Rich
    18. coyotehunter243
      You are the first person I found I want to know where to start a conversation and talk about my problems. Please let me know where I can do this As I am desperately seeking answers. Thank you
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