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How do I access my old profile? I joined this board in 2006. Certainly NOT a new member! May 16, 2013

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    1. Sickoflyme
      Dear Munch,
      It is now 2013 but I've just read all your info about heparin. My husband's condition is remarkably better since using it. I was wondering if I could ask you some questions about your progress? I hope and pray you are well by now.

      Thanks - Sickoflyme
    2. munch1958
      How do I access my old profile? I joined this board in 2006. Certainly NOT a new member!
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    Dwight, IL
    Here is a list of my chronic health issues:

    Sleep initiation and duration insomnia (since 2nd grade!)

    Hypothyroidism with high levels of reverse T3 but normal TSH, low free T3 and low free T4

    Costochondritis or chronic chest pain

    Stage 4 Endometriosis & premature Menopause/Ovarian Failure *Note: the rise of FSH & LH that you see with menopause has never been seen on any blood test

    Hormone Imbalance - low estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol, and growth hormone, cortisol

    Chronic Fatigue (CFIDS)

    Fibromyalgia (FMS)

    Osteoarthritis with total knee replacement

    Allergies & Asthma



    Pulmonary & vertebral Sarcoidosis (both biopsy confirmed)

    GI Issues: IBS, GE reflux, esophagitis, gastritis, ulcers, leaky gut, malabsorption syndrome or possible non-celiac (or atypical celiac) gluten sensitivity. Flattened villi have never been seen on any of my 5 EGDs. 1 out of 5 people present with atypical Celiac Disease. I do think it's possible to have constipation rather than diarrhea.


    Polycythemia Vera (blood cancer) with splenomegaly and iron deficiency anemia courtesy of phlebotomy or blood removal

    Even as a kid I have never had what I'd call good health. I was always sick with ear infections, a cold or the flu. I missed a lot of days of school like most women with endometriosis.

    I had bad cramps with my first cycle starting in 1969. I do not remember the specific day when I realized I had CFIDS/FMS. It came on gradually over the years.

    My first treatment for CF was in 1981. I checked into a 3 week treatment program at Henrotin Hospital in Chicago. After a 5 day fast, we started testing one food at a time in a clinical ecology setting. The environment was controlled so there was no chance that I was reacting to anything else.

    Some of my food reactions were quite strong with corn, wheat, cashews, beef being the most severe. They also found allergies to beet and beet sugar, pistachios and milk. Corn syrup is in almost every processed food product so it's hard to avoid.

    I was only 23 years old at the time. I learned to eat one food at a time using a diversified rotary diet. A sample meal on Monday consisted of eating all the apples, applesauce and apple juice that I wanted to fill me up. But I couldn't have any apple product for 4 more days or until Friday.

    Learning to eat this way opened up so many doors for me. Dr Randolph believed it gave your immune system a chance to rest. I began to eat strange foods that my mother never made. Chances are that I wasn't allergic to it because we are allergic or intolerant to what we eat most often.

    I started to learn about organic gardening and began growing my own food. Dr Randolph advocated the use of organic foods because of pesticide residues. Not many doctors sold frozen organic cherries from a Michigan farm to their patients to eat as a treat.

    Dr Randolph also preached that the very food you craved the most was the one you were allergic to. Can't live with your coffee, cola, or baked goods? Chances are eliminating those foods would do a world of good was his biggest theory.

    If Dr Randolph was alive today he would be appalled at the state of our food supply. When I walk through a supermarket I picture him rolling over in his grave. It's getting harder and harder to find food that is not processed. Many foods are genetically altered.

    After finding 16 foods that I was not allergic to a rotation diet was found. I could add one new food a week to my diet. Little by little I'd find myself cheating but when my fatigue came back I simply went back on the diet. With a Whole Foods opening up near me it was easy to get organic.

    Because of my association with the Endometriosis Association, I had a head start when it came to knowing it was FM. Many women with stage 3 and 4 endo have fatigue and chronic pain issues. I think the FM started after a MVA in 1993 and got much worse after a second MVA in 1997. My underlying infections went crazy.

    Then there was that tick bite in 2001 when everything went to H*LL. With what appeared to be a toxic shock like reaction to the insect bite I was hospitalized for 3 weeks in 3 different hospitals.

    Doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong so they ran every conceivable test including full body scans, multiple MRIs, CT scans, blood tests, and a bronchoscopy. They thought I had TB and kept me in a negative pressure isolation room with infection precautions.

    I was admitted with dangerously high levels of blood calcium which caused mental status changes along with both visual and auditory hallucinations. Tests showed I had encephalopathy or brain inflammation. Then I developed some kind of facial numbness with trouble swallowing. I wasn't able to speak for short periods.

    There was an insect bite on my leg that grew to the size of a 12" softball. You could see a hole or bite mark in the center with a red bumpy rash. It was hot and it itched. About 25 doctors looked at the rash but not one thought it was important.

    I had a high fever of 101-104 degrees. Usually my body temp is low around 96.5 to 97.5. I also had severe joint pain, diarrhea, and muscle aches. The fever is NOT diagnostic of sarcoidosis. Dr House would have kept digging because my differential diagnosis wasn't right.

    The results of the bronchoscopy showed pulmonary sarcoidosis. The treatment was prednisone which I refused to take. My family moved me to another hospital for a second opinion. This hospital decided it was some sort of epilepsy.

    The whole sarcoidosis episode was a big mystery and I've spent many years trying to get to the bottom of it. After this tick bite, I had a dramatic personality change. Possibly I picked up another Lyme coinfection. I have a clinical diagnosis of Babesiosis and I think I have Bartonella too.

    My hormones went wonky, my libido got up and left and sleep became impossible. My mind would not stop racing. The stiff neck started and the muscle pain became unbearable. Narcotics were not controlling the pain. I was eating a box of Imitrex a week for migraines.

    I decided to go to the closest Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers. Mostly because I'd seen about 203 doctors (201 were in Chicago area) and hadn't been helped.


    Markers for cardiovascular risk:

    High Homocysteine levels

    High C - reactive protein (CRP)

    Markers for Type II diabetes:

    Insulin like Growth Factor deficiency

    Insulin Resistance - Syndrome X/Metabolic disorder

    Vitamin B12 deficiency

    Low levels of the following hormones: estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol, FSH, LH, TSH, T3 & T4

    High aldosterone

    Low ferritin (iron deficiency anemia), iron binding capacity, oxygen saturation

    High hemoglobin & hematocrit

    FFC INFECTION PANEL 3/29/06: Chlamydia pneumonia (CPN) antibody (IGA 1:32) (IGG 1:256) (IGM <1:16)

    Candida (IGA 1.22) (IGM 3.00) (IGG 1.45)

    Epstein Barr results: EBV VCA (IGM 0.08) VCA (IGG 4.18) EBNA AB (IGG 1.63)

    Lyme disease: Quest Western Blot for Borrelia burgdorferi (Bb) results: Band **41, reactive

    LEAP TEST RESULTS: Quite a few surprises there! Foods that I thought were OK are not OK. Foods that the LEAP test said are OK are not OK since I am lactose & grain intolerant.

    I reacted to string beans, cukes, beets, sweet potato, millet, spelt, all the food dyes especially Red#40, Yellow #5, Green #3, caffeine, ibuprofen, saccharine, all sulfites and nitrates, banana, mango, watermelon, blueberry, orange, grape, pork, turkey, tuna, clam, trout, crab, parsley, ginger, honey, mint, dill, soybean, pistachio, and goat's milk.

    Candida popped up as an allergen. That explains a lot! I've been following the SCD Diet for IBS & Candida. The book is "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall. This diet allows fruit, meat and veggies only with limited amounts of hard cheeses.

    FFC REPEAT LABS 7/12/06:

    Still have Iron deficiency anemia but will start taking iron

    Markers for Type II diabetes are gone -- No sign of Insulin Resistance/Syndrome X/Metabolic disorder

    Markers for cardiovascular risk high homocysteine levels and high CRP are also gone

    Hypertension is gone -- off of Atenelol for a few months but noticed migraines were more frequent. Started up a low dose of Atenelol again.

    Vitamin B12 deficiency has been corrected

    Low levels of the following hormones: estradiol, progesterone, testosterone, pregnenolone, DHEA, cortisol, FSH, LH, TSH, T3 & T4 -- still taking B-HRT

    INFECTIONS: Chlamydia pneumonia (CPN) antibody (IGA 1:64) (IGG 1:512) (IGM <1:16)

    Candida (IGA 1.46) (IGM 1.12) (IGG 1.50)

    Epstein Barr results: EBV VCA (IGM 0.10) VCA (IGG 3.96) EBNA AB (IGG 1.72)

    My Igenex Western Blot for Lyme was negative per the FFC doctor (see below)

    I have been taking Minocycline since May 1, 2006 per Dr. Thomas McPherson Brown's protocol. Google this website: for more info. I have noted a number of positive benefits in my case. Over the summer of 2006, I had a substantial improvement in my CFIDS/FM symptoms.

    After 6 WEEKS: Slowed Achiphex to every other day. I have a very long standing history of GERD, ulcers, and gastritis. I have had a Nissen Fundoplication which is surgery to tighten up the esophagus and stomach valve. In the past 25 years, this is the ONLY time I have been able to go without Tums, Nexium, Prilosec, Prevacid, etc.

    After 8 WEEKS: Stopped Achiphex completely – I NEVER HAVE REFLUX

    After 10 WEEKS: TMJ – gone! I rarely have morning headaches or any kind of headache. I'm losing my ability to forecast the weather. In March, I overhauled my diet completely. I've had only 2 migraines. I had been using a box of Imitrex a week so this is a miracle!

    After 12 WEEKS: Noticed I did NOT have asthma symptoms (chest tightening & wheezing -- was only short of breath after exposure to chlorine, cigarette smoke and petrochemicals. I have been inhaler free (stopped using Albuterol, Flovent & Flonase) since mid August.

    After 16 WEEKS: Costochondritis (chest pain) is completely gone. I can wear underwire bras from Victoria Secret. In 2000, a cardiologist at University of Chicago told me it's was a rib bruise from wearing underwire bras. I began calling it underwire bra disease or UBD.

    I stopped Minocin in Nov 2006 after 6 months. Within 2 weeks most of my symptoms returned. I restarted it for 6 weeks. Quit for 6 weeks. I was so miserable I conviced a new FM doctor to prescribe more ABX.

    The Detroit FFC doctor repeatedly questioned my use of minocycline. She thought it was undermining my candida treatment. We parted ways because I knew in my heart that this was something more than chronic candida infection and food allergies/intolerances. That was all they were treating.

    I was repeatedly told my Igenex test for Lyme was negative. Sometimes you have to go with your gut instinct or listen to that little voice in your head. I did not believe that EBV was the sole culprit pathogen to my ill health. Since I had done the candida diet and meds from 1981-1983 I knew it was not just candida.

    I was searching for a reason why I'd feel better on ABX and awful without them. With the help of others on this board, I pulled out the supposedly "negative" Igenex WB blot. My results were:

    IGM: ** 30 ++, **34 IND, ** 39 IND ** 41

    IGG: **31 IND, **39 IND, ** 41 ++ 58 ++

    Based on the revised WB criteria for Lyme disease on Dr Kent Holtorf's website, I am positive. The FFC protocol is based on the work of Dr Holtorf. He had CF and cured himself using the treatments he developed.


    1. Reflects antibody response to specific Bb antigens

    2. Different sensitivities and specificities of the bands

    3. Some bands are potentially seen in different bacteria- “nonspecific bands”

    4. Some bands are specific to spirochetes

    5. Some bands are specific to Bb

    6. Specific: 18, 23-25, 28, 31, 34, 37, 39, 58, 83 & 93

    7. Spirochetes in general: 41 (flagellum)

    8. First immune response if present is usually 41 and 23 KD bands

    9. Response to the 31 KD proteins is not usually seen for a year after initial infection


    1. IGG WB 5 of the 10 bands (18,23,28,30,39,41,45,58,66)

    2. Criteria based on early Lyme

    3. IGENEX adds 3 specific bands (31,83 and 34) and 3 non-specific bands (22,37,73)


    1. IGM WB 2 of the 3 bands 23, 39, 41

    2. IGENEX adds 3 specific bands (31,34 and 83) and 3 non-specific bands (22,37,73)


    1. IGG WB: 2 specific band criteria has demonstrated improved sensitivity and maintained specificity

    2. Can diagnosis Lyme if any one band (IgG or IgM) of 18, 23, 28, 39 or 58 kDa or if any 2 or more of the following bands are present; 30,45,41 and 93

    3. If negative or require further confirmation, can obtain IGENEX WB (adds specific bands of 31, 34 an 83, which are typically seen in chronic disease)

    4. Positive if any one band of 18, 23, 28,31,34, 39, 58 or 83

    5. If positive for Borrelia on any test, consider testing for neurotoxins

    6. Consider testing for co-infections

    7. Check for coagulation defect (See Hypercoaguable State in CFS and FM)

    Under point #2 it says Lyme can be diagnosed if any two of these bands are present. I have band 30 & 41 ++.

    Under point #4 it says that Lyme can be diagnosed if any of these one bands are present. I have band 58 ++.

    I began seeing a LLMD in Springfield, MO in April 2007. I am being treated with different ABX and a course of Flagyl to bust cysts. When conditions are unfavorable spirochetes convert into cysts and other forms. These must be destroyed otherwise the Lyme bacteria reimerges.

    The Lyme bacteria is very highly evolved and smart. It has 132 genes while the syphilis spirochete has 22 genes. Syphilis has a reputation for being very hard to kill and it has fooled many doctors. I think Lyme is the new great imitator.

    People with co-infections and Lyme are much sicker and more likely to be negative on tests. The different kinds of bacteria act synergistically. Many times in conjuction with candida.

    Most likely I have Babesiosis and Bartonella too. The main symptom of Babesiosis is heavy sweating. Bartonella in lymph nodes is identical to sarcoidosis. The two types of tissue can't be distinguished from one another by pathologists. Possibly I never had sarcoidosis at all.

    My LLMD treats for all TBDs without testing since the tests for those are as bad as those for Lyme or not very accurate. The ELISA test is a horrible screening test for Lyme. The Quest Western Blot for Lyme is about 30% accurate. The Igenex Western Blot is 70% accurate.

    There really is no 100% accurate test to determine which infections are active in your body. Any test is measuring antibodies to a pathogen. IGM is immediate antibody response. IGG is delayed or after the infection antibodies. IGA is a measurement of the mucosal membranes.

    The first test I did with the LLMD was a 24 urine panel for hormones. I do not make any growth hormone so I was diagnosed with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency which is very common in Lyme Disease.

    I started on .02 mg of Norditropin HGH in June 2007. It's a shot that I do before bedtime. It's painless. The 5-6 crying jags that I had every day were gone in 2 days.

    HGH is released after exercise and during sleep. If you don't sleep or can't exercise than possibly you are deficient like me. The only way to know for sure it to have a stim test done by a conventional endocrinologist.

    I've felt for years that something is missing from my body that I really need. My sense of well-being was poor. I had crying jags for no reason. This went on for years in spite of trying almost every AD on the market with no help. This is something others with AGHD report.

    Without GH the body can't repair muscles while you are asleep. There's all sorts of other physical and emotional issues with Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency. Google HGHfoundation

    As with many other chronic disease like Lyme, CFS, FM, MS, ALS, autism, Alzheimer’s, and SLE, inflammatory proteins called cytokines cross into the brain and cause hypothalamus damage. In my case I have no HPA axis left since I'm not making cortisol, sex hormones like estrogen, progesterone or testosterone, DHEA, thyroid hormones or growth hormone.

    According to my FM doctor, low serotonin levels can result in non-restorative sleep, depression, increased stress, increased appetite, increased pain perception because of an increase in Substance P, and IBS. The decrease in serotonin and increase of Substance P may result in low Growth Hormone (HGH) production, which is characteristic in some cases of FM.

    In my case, saliva and urine testing showed that I have high serotonin levels and normal neurotransmitter levels. This explains why ADs have never worked for me. The St John's Wort this doctor prescribed was making me restless and crazy.

    My insurance company did not want to pay for HGH. A one month supply is about $300. I filed an appeal and went to see a conventional endocrinologist per the insurance company's request. On August 20, 2007 I had a stim test for HGH release.

    My new endo bet me one fancy imported beer that I would pass the test. Hmmm, I won a beer but can't drink it because of sulfites. He should really buy my LLMD the beer because he's the one that identified the problem.

    After 6 weeks of .02 mg HGH per day my IGF-1 rose to 173. After being off for 3 weeks it fell to 99 (normal my age is 118-298). I was just starting to feel really good and my hair looked fabulous!

    It was very curly and not laying flat. I noticed some areas of new growth over the bald area where it had all fallen out from my wonky thyroid after the tick bite. My hair used to have it's own zip code. To lose it and have a bad hair day was rough on top of felling awful.

    I had to quit taking HGH for 2 weeks before the stim test. All sorts of emotional symptoms came back in 2 days including the crying jags. I called the endo and he said I really needed HGH. Ya think?

    My blood was drawn at 10 AM then I took 6 capsules of L-Dopa for the stimulant. These are my results:


    10:00 0.3

    10:30 2.1

    11:15 1.2 (this sample was late due to clotted IV)

    11:45 0.4

    12:15 0.1

    Normal range for adults is < or = 10.0

    Cut-off for insurance company is 5.0

    Since I didn't even make half of deficient amounts my endocrinologist agreed with the LLMD that I needed HGH. The dose was raised to .3 mg. I restarted therapy on 9/5/07. My LLMD would like me to be on .4 mg but the endo won't raise it until I have another IGF-1 test.

    Repeat labs in Nov 2007, showed my IGF-1 was 153. The endo agreed to raise the dose to .4 mg. Now I need two 10 ml pens a month. My dose was eventually raised to .06 mg per day.

    Thyroid: The new endo switched me to 125 mcg. T3 + 50 mcg. Synthroid. After 3 weeks I became hyperthryoid with bad shaking and heart palpitations. I went back to old dose of 150 mcg.

    Hydrocortisone: Currently on 5 mg. 3 times per day. If I travel I take 5 mg. 4 times per day. If I get sick I double the dose. I feel best on 22.5 - 25 mg per day.

    The endo diagnosed adrenal insufficiency or Addison's disease. Now I carry a shot of Solu-Cortef with me for emergency use. If I am unconsious then my husband or paramedics are supposed to give me the shot. If I'm vomiting and can't take my normal dose of hydrocortisone I have to use the shot.

    If I'm sick or stressed for any reason I double the dose of hydrocortisone. If I have a fever greater than 101 degrees I'm supposed to triple the dose. So far, the endocrinologist hasn't made any adjustments on the fever plan for my normally low body temp.

    In August 2007, my Hemex MOHCA (Markers Of Coag Activation) panel results are Fibrinogen (325 normal being 180-310), Fragment 1+2 (167 normal being 80-315), Thrombin/Antithrombin (2.2 normal 1.0-4.1). Soluble fibrin monomer is currently not available.

    I started heparin therapy on Mon Oct 15th. I inject a total of 10,000 units per day split into two shots. My brain fog improved within 10 minutes of the first shot. I didn't wake up with any fibro pain the next day. The pain starts to come back about an hour before it's time to do the second shot of the day.

    One physician has done testing with over 400 patients and found evidence of infections in 100% of the patients with hypercoagulation. That is encouraging! Research has shown the tender points of FM are low in oxygen. Too much fibrin interferes with the blood vessels ability to transport oxygen.

    To avoid bruising, I ice my abdomen for 5-10 minutes, pinch an inch and flatten my skin out to rearrange the layers of tissue, inject below the pinched inch and then ice again for 5-10 minutes more.

    I need to go weekly or biweekly to get PT checked until the correct treatment dose is found. I'd like to get the hereditary panel done to see if I have a genetic problem with fibrin.

    After getting a PTT and CBC, my dose of heparin was increased from 5,000 units twice a day to 7,000 units twice a day the first week. The second week it was raised to 9,000 units. The third week was 11,000 units. The fourth week it was 13,000 units. That was too high based on my labs so the dose was lowered to 12,000 units.

    I love heparin! My muscle pain is better. My brain fog is greatly improved. My fatigue is better. My neuro symptoms are better. Before heparin, I felt sluggish and now I have too many projects that I want to tackle but no time to do them all.

    I'm conviced that the reason why my candida IGM titers would not come down after antifungal treatment is because candida is hiding in the fibrin of my blood. I'm looking forward to getting rid of some of my infections. The only way to know is to get them retested but finding a doctor to run these labs will be difficult.

    In 2006, I took 9 months of Nystatin plus 90 days total of Diflucan. I've been on Nystatin and Diflucan both since April 25th, 2007 plus I had done 30 days in Feb 2007. My candida should be dead and buried by now! I finally got a negative IgM test in 2010 but IgG and IgA were still high.

    My FM doctor is convinced most women do not have candida. He did an expensive ELISA test which showed high IGM titers. He put me on 100 mg. Diflucan per day for 60 days. It was still high upon retest. Now I realize there is a synergestic effect between candida and borrelia (Lyme). They often hang out in the same cell co-habing with each other.

    My LLMD doses Nystatin differently that the FFC. He prescribed 4 tablets 4 times per day. Then 4 a day while on ABX with lots of probiotics. Finding one without corn, wheat, soy and milk is difficult. I like Renew Life brand and rotate the Va-Jay-Jay formula with the other adult 50 billion CFU product.

    I make my own yogurt using active cultures with Greek yogurt being my current favorite. I boil the half and half and strain it per SCD guidelines. Then flavor it with agave nectar and berries.

    Around Halloween of 2006, I started nebulizing 250 ml of glutathione twice a week. It takes 20 minutes. My MCS has "almost" been cured. My high EBV titers have dropped considerably. The viral shedding feeling is gone. So are the mystery sore throats.

    There are just two days a week that I struggle with perfume, chemical and cigarette smoke odors. When my husband smells like "Ode-De-Tavern" it's time to nebulize.

    Ode-De-Tavern is that odd mix of old body odor, cigarette smoke and industrial strength Pine-Sol which is unique to bars. I sleep like a rock on the days I use the glutathione.

    I am sleeping better than I've ever slept in my life. This improves my muscle pain levels. After a poor night's sleep, I do hurt all over the next day. Mostly I made tons of lifestyle changes to promote sleep like: I avoid using my computer at night; I don't talk on the phone after dinner; I need to give my body a chance to wind down in order to sleep ; I've removed all of the electronics from my bedroom and covered up the lights from things that we still have in the room. Things like the TV mounted on the wall.

    My LLMD had me start on European Lipoic acid or ALA. It makes my urine smell sulfer-ish like I've been eating a bushel of asparagus. He increased my dose of glutathione from 8 treatments a month to 12.

    Beating this illness is tough. Finding doctors that are willing to work with you is the biggest challenge. I've had to piece together my protocol by doing research at Google University. I spend about 3-4 hours per day online reading publications and medical studies.

    I have found that medicine is 20% factual science and 80% guess work. Most doctors have no idea what to do with this DD so they continue to make fun of us rather than admit they don't know everything.

    This is a multi-system disorder. There is no one size fits all pill that you can take to be fixed. If that were true I'd have fixed myself in 1981. It's a matter of chipping away at all of the facets of you illness.

    If you have migraines deal with those first. Changing my diet was tremendously helpful. So is getting enough sleep. I take Ambien CR 12.5 mg, 600 mg. 5-HTP, Valerian Root 1,650 mg and Melatonin 9 mg. That's enough sleep meds to put down a small elephant but it keeps me asleep for 6-7 hours. If I wake up I have no trouble falling back to sleep.

    If you have IBS deal with gut issues. Once I cut out milk from my diet the endless hours spent in the bathroom were gone. Plus I figured out that Nexium was causing some of the problem too. If I cheat and eat pizza then I do get constipated. The misery from the return of gut symptoms is self reinforcing. Is one slice of pizza worth all the bother?

    At some point everyone with this DD must deal with balancing the hormones, treating underlying infections (viral, bacterial or yeast), food allergens, GI issues, nutritional deficiencies, pathogens hiding in fibrin or hypercoagulation issues, sleep disorders, muscle or joint pain, feeding the mitochondria or energy producing cells (they are probably being poisoned by infection) and neurotoxins. Reducing your load of environmental toxins and eating organic food can be nothing but helpful in the fight.

    Current Medications/Supplements:

    Alpha Base without iron 1 2X

    B-100 Complex 1 1X

    Magnesium complex 1 2X

    L-Glutimate 1 4X

    Candida: Nystatin 500,00u 1-2 tablets 4X

    Diflucan 200 mg.

    Babesiosis (Lyme coinfection): Prior treatment: 120 day cycle of Azithromycin 250 mg. 2X and Malarone 1 breakfast, 1 lunch, 2 dinner. It must be taken with fat for absorption.

    Jan 2010 -- new Babesiosis protocol from new LLMD to be taken 2x per day (am & pm) in a 6 week cycle on M, W, F:

    Week 1:

    Mepron: 1.5 tsp

    Azithromycin: 500 mg

    Malarone: 4 per day

    Artemisinin: 500 mg 5 pills

    Flagyl: 500 mg Th & F

    Week 2:

    Mepron 1.5 tsp

    Azithromycin 500 mg

    Malarone: 4 per day

    Artemisinin 500 mg 7 pills

    Flagyl: 500 mg Th & F

    Week 3 & 4 NOTHING -- with labs CBC & CMP during week 3

    Week 5 & 6 repeat weeks 1 & 2

    Lyme/Bartonella: Rifampin 250 mg. 2X + Flagyl 250 mg. 3X per week, Zithromax 250 mg. 1X, IM Claforan 1-2 shots per day

    MCS and AV: L-Glutathione Nebulizer 5 mg per 100 ml per ml 3X week (this means I get 750 ml of inhaled glut a week)

    Gut Issues:

    Ultimate Flora 50 billion 1 X

    Ultimate Flora Va-jay-jay formula 50 billion 1 X

    Saccharomyces Boulardii 1X

    Vitamin C-1000 Buffered Powder 1 tsp 2X per day

    Homocysteine & Mitochondrial Support:

    Compounded Methyl B-12 25 mg/ml Inject 1 ml IM every day. Started this on 12/19/07 with a small herx or reaction to the shot. Then moved to every day on 1/29/08.

    Folapro 1 tablet 1X

    Hypo HPA axis/hypothyroid:

    Liothyronine (T3): 175 mcg. 2X (compounded slow release)

    Levythroxine (T4): quit taking -- I don't convert it to anything useful -- all this does is raise my blood pressure and heart beat

    Hydrocortisone 10 mg 4 am, 10 mg noon, 5 mg 3 pm. (plus extra 2.5 mg if stressed, running errands, going shopping,or to the doctor, etc. This stops the next day fatigue problem)

    Solu-Cortef Emergency use

    Compounded hydrocortisone works better for me than Cortef but I do have 5 mg. tablets of Cortef as needed for stress, travel and illness

    DHEA 25 mg. 3X

    Norditropin HGH .06 (injection) 1X

    Also looking into fluid balance issues of excessive thirst, frequent urination, may do a water depravation test for vasopressin levels.

    Iodoral 12.5 mg (iodide/iodine supplement)

    Hypercoagulation: Heparin 12,000 units 2X (injection)-- I did heparin shots from Oct 15 '07 to Aug 31 '08. My issues with hypercoagulation are now gone. My IgM candida titer finally is normal but I'm still on ABX so I need to keeping taking anti-fungal meds.


    Atenelol 50 mg. 1X

    Imitrex 25 mg. as needed -- only when it rains or snows now -- instead of a box a week I use a box every 5-6 weeks.

    Immune System & Osteopenia:

    Vitamin D3 5,000 iu 2X

    Mega EFA l 1,480 mg. 4X

    Forteo 20 mg sub-Q 1x (finished 20 months of therapy 5/2010 -- my bone density is up 50%)

    Pain -- Sacro-Illiac Joint Dysfunction (SIJD) + 6 spine fractures at T10, L1, L2, L3, L4, & L5:

    Opana ER 40 mg. 3X

    Percocette 7.5 mg/325 mg 6X

    Premature Menopause:

    Progesterone (SL) 100 mg. 4X Days 17-27

    Estradiol 75 mg pellet implanted in hip (2/23/10)

    Testosterone 125 mg pellet implanted in hip (2/23/10)

    Sleep Initiation & Duration Insomnia:

    Ambien CR 12.5 mg.

    Melatonin 9 mg.

    5-HTP 600 mg.

    Whew! Big bucks here for lots of shots, lots of meds, and lots of supplements. It's working!!

    UPDATE: December 28, 2011 -- My current LLMD has removed many medications/supplements from my protocol. I am off all anti-biotics, antivirals and anti-fungal meds.

    Alpha Base without iron 1 2X (multi-vitamin)

    B-100 Complex 1 1X

    Magnesium complex 1 2X

    MCS: Gone only use Glutathione in Nebulizer 1x per week Fatigue: Compounded Methyl B-12 25 mg/ml Inject 1 ml IM every day and Folapro 1 tablet 1X;

    All hormones are compounded:

    Liothyronine (T3): 200 mcg. 2X

    Levythroxine (T4): 75 mcg 2X

    Hydrocortisone 10 mg 4 am, 5 mg noon, 10 mg 3 pm. (plus extra 5 mg if stressed, running errands, going shopping,or to the doctor, etc. This stops the next day post-exercise or exertion fatigue problem.) Compounded hydrocortisone works better for me than Cortef.

    DHEA 25 mg. 3X

    Norditropin HGH .06 (injection) 1X

    Progesterone (SL) 100 mg. 4X Days 17-27

    Estradiol 75 mg pellet implanted in hip

    Testosterone 125 mg pellet implanted in hip

    Iodoral 25 mg (iodide/iodine supplement)

    Hypertension/Migraines: Atenelol 50 mg. 1X

    Imitrex 25 mg. as needed -- only when it rains or snows now -- instead of a box a week I use a box every 3 months.

    Immune System & Osteopenia: Vitamin D3 5,000 iu (winter M,W,F 10,000 iu)

    Pain -- Sacro-Illiac Joint Dysfunction (SIJD) + 6 spine fractures at T10, L1, L2, L3, L4, & L5:

    Opana ER 40 mg. 3X; Percocette 7.5 mg/325 mg 6X; Soma 350 mg 6X per day

    Sleep Initiation & Duration Insomnia:

    Ambien CR 12.5 mg; Melatonin 9 mg; 5-HTP 600 mg