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    4:13 "There's No Place Like Home", Part 2&3

    Well, here it is Lost fans - the day we have been both waiting for, and dreading. Finally, the big finale is at hand! But after tonight, we have another 8 months of long, miserable waiting.

    I am so excited about tonight! It's obviously going to be very action packed, and we are supposed to learn some stuff tonight. I hope they move the island tonight so I don't have to wait 8 months for that. And I hope we get at least a glimpse of where or when it moved to.

    I am preparing for both nail biting, and bawling my eyes out. Last year, they killed Charlie on the finale, so there is just no telling what will happen now, with all the armed mercenaries and explosives in the mix.

    Tonight begins early - 7:00 here in the central time zone. They will be re-running part one, with added footage to the press conference scene, that was cut out in the first showing. Afterwards, part 2 and 3 of the finale. So THREE big hours of Lost tonight! (I wish it was 3 hours every week!)

    I am pretty sure, from all the teasers, that our minds will be blown tonight. But we have a lot of time afterward to sort it all out.

    I hope everyone will join us here after watching to discuss the show. Even if it's just incoherent babbling. I hope all the lurkers will delurk and join in, so we can all be confused together!

    Now, lets MOVE THIS ISLAND!!!!
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    Warning in advance...this is going to be long!

    Sorry tleaw. There was so much to process before I could even begin to form any coherent sentences. Sorry there was no one here to chat with last night.
    Welcome confusedinPA! Glad you decided to join us!
    And welcome back Elaine! I thought we had lost you.

    Wow, what a great finale! I had to crank it back up and watch it again a second time! I feel very satisfied with that ending. Yeah, we are definitely cliffhanging, but in a good way. SOOOO much to think about over the summer, fall and winter.

    I am so glad that my little "save Desmond now" fantasy came true! I can finally quite worrying about him. That was a great reunion! I have a feeling Des and Penny will still be involved, since Ben is planning to kill her. Maybe my worrying isn't over after all. Penny or Desmond could be the key to finding the island again.

    The coffin reveal was crazy. I whispered, "its Ben in the coffin" to my daughter. Then Ben SPOKE. AAAHHH! Quick change to second choice..."its Michael!" Then Ben said "you all have to go back, even him." My mind was quickly sorting through all the male O6 who hadn't been mentioned..."It's AARON!!" Then the reveal that it's Locke! Holy crap! I was not expecting that!

    Here's what I think about that. Three years from now (island time) Locke will have to move the island again, and he will get trapped off island like Ben did. 15 years ago, Widmore, the leader at that time, lead a cracker-munching Ben to the Orchid and Widmore moved the island, got stuck off island and Ben took over. If Locke did have to move the island and leave it, I bet he became crippled again. He would never be happy off island, or wheelchair bound, so he killed himself.

    The scene with Sawyer sacrificing himself so the others could leave was so touching. I love Sawyer! He has become such a good and caring and selfless person. I felt bad for him, because he had decided to leave with them. Poor Kate.

    And poor Sun! What a heart wrenching scene, with poor Jin running to catch the helicopter. GO BACK!!! Throw him a rope at least!!! No wonder Sun is bitter and vengeful now!

    So Sawyer and Juliet think everyone on the freighter is dead. They think the O6 were on the freighter. Kate probably thinks Sawyer drowned at sea. I refuse to believe Jin is dead till I see his dead body! He could have jumped, right? If so I hope he had a raft, because now there is no where to float to with the island gone!

    So Charlotte has spent a lot of time trying to get BACK there? Hmmmm, interesting. She's a redhead like Ben's childhood sweetheart Annie. I wonder if there is any connection there. If so, he must not know, cause he tried to KILL her!

    I laughed for several minutes when Sawyer called Frank "Kenny Rogers." I'm still laughing.

    I wonder what Sun is up to with Widmore. I think she is going to pull a long con on him or something. I think he's the other person she blames for Jin's death. It was his boat the explosives were on, and his people who brought so much death to the island.

    I can't believe they used an ACTUAL "frozen donkey wheel" to move the island!!!! That was the writers code name for the finale twist. A very literal code name. Why was it so cold down there, and then all the heat when he turned the wheel. Must have to do with that crazy negatively charged exotic matter that Dr. Edgar Halliwax mentioned in the Orchid Orientation film. Why does this dude have so many aliases, and why do they all have something to do with candles? (Marvin CANDLE, Mark WICKmund, Edgar HalliWAX)

    Loved the tears in Ben's eyes as he cranked that wheel. He loves his island, and doesn't want to leave. I'm still pondering the comment he made, "I hope you're happy now Jacob." I guess because it was Jacobs plan to move the island, and in Ben's mind he is the one making the sacrifice.

    Now we know where Ben came from when we saw him land in the desert of Tunisia. When he put on that parka, then cut his arm, that sealed it. He went from moving the island, directly to Tunisia, and never got to go back. Now he works for the island from the outside.

    The scene of the island moving was coooool! The shock on the O6 faces was priceless. Now we have to wait 8 months to find out where and when it moved to.

    So Locke (Jeremy Bentham) told Jack that bad things happened when they left, and it was Jack's fault for leaving. No wonder Jack is such a mess!

    When Kate got that weird phone call, it was a male voice speaking backwards. He said "The island needs you. You have to go back before it's too late." Then she goes into Aaron's room and sees ZombieClaire who tells her she can't bring Aaron back to the island. Ben tells Jack they ALL have to go back. Are there 2 island forces at work?

    What will happen when dead Locke returns to the island? Will he join the walking undead and become like Christian? Did Christian inhabit the island in the past, when he was alive? Did the island want his dead body back too? And how does Jacob fit into all of this?

    I'm very confused about this. Was Christian REALLY speaking on Jacobs behalf when he told Locke to move the island? He separated Aaron from Claire. Did he WANT Aaron to leave the island?

    Also very confusing...Ben gave Kate, Sayid and group permission to leave the island. Kate couldn't believe him. Neither could I. Now, in the future he says the island wants them all back. What's up with that?

    ConfusedinPA - When Michael kept trying to kill himself, Tom/Mr. friendly told him "the island won't let you leave." He had work to do. My thoughts on Christians remark last night is that Michael completed his work, and he can leave now. In other words, he was allowed to die.

    I don't think there was time for Jin to jump and make it back to the island in time. But maybe he jumped, and made it far enough to get moved along with it. The Hydra Island was gone too. So it depends how big of an area around the island the move effected.

    I would guess that it's Widmore and his people that are spying on Hurley, since he is still trying to find the island too.

    The Octagon Global Recruiting thing is a website that is somehow connected with Lost. The date and location given is the same as the big comic convention in San Diego where the Lost writers attend. They go into radio silence after the finale, and won't speak to the public till the ComicCon. Last year at the ComicCon, they revealed a botched version of the Orchid Orientation film to tease us. That's why everyone has been discussing the Orchid station and time traveling bunnies all season.

    I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has to say. What an action packed episode! I was so wired after watching it twice I was afraid I would never sleep again!
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    Good idea about Farraday saving Jin! I like that! I just feel like Sun should get a happy ending someday. And they can't kill off Faraday yet. It would be like killing off The Professor on Gilligan's Island. They just showed a blooming romance with him and Charlotte. I think you will be right!

    Yes, Walt did say that "Jeremy Bentham" had visited him. I forgot if he said what JB/Locke told him. He also visited Kate, Jack....and did he visit Hurley too?

    Strange that Hurley brought up Eko. That seemed to come from nowhere. It makes me wonder if all dead people are still functioning in undead form like Christian and Charlie.
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    You call THAT long??? Ha!

    I have a theory about Walt visiting Shannon way back in season 2. Part theory, part fact.

    The Others captured Walt because he was special. But he turned out to be too powerful for them.

    It was not long after Walt was captured that he appeared to Shannon speaking backwards and dripping wet. Translated to reverse, he told her "Push the button. Don't push the button- Bad." Three nights later, he spoke to her again, still wet and speaking backwards. He said "They're coming and they're close." She didn't understand him, but at least the little guy tried.

    In the season 2 episode "Three Minutes" Michael was captured by the others while searching for Walt, and taken to meet Mrs Klugh. She asked Michael questions about Walt. She asked him, "Did Walt ever appear in a place he wasn't supposed to be?" When she brought Walt out, he told his Dad they make him take tests. When he said too much, she threatened to put him back in "the room" (remember that freaky room 23 where they saved Karl from!?)

    This is the theory part --- I think while the Others were experimenting with Walt and helping him to strengthen his powers, he was using his abilities to warn his friends through Shannon. Ben didn't like that. He couldn't trust him. So he tried to brainwash him in room 23. When that didn't work either, he made plans to get rid of him that would work to his own benefit.

    Ben was heard to say that "Walt was more than we bargained for." So he decided to use Walt as a bargaining chip to get Michael to bring Jack to him. Someone who could be useful to him with his need for surgery. He needed Kate and Sawyer, so he could use them to manipulate Jack. Once he had Jack, what HE needed, he could bid good riddance to Walt.

    Over last summer's hiatus they showed mobisodes called "Missing Pieces" online that were little short film clips they made to fill in gaps and answer minor questions. Also to keep us occupied over the long hiatus. I hope they do that this summer!

    In the 6th one titled "Room 23" the plot went as follows:

    Ben arrives to an urgent situation at Room 23. Juliet is there and tells him that he (presumably Walt) has done something again and that everybody is too scared to go in there. Juliet suggests that they could bring him back to Michael, but Ben refuses, saying that Walt is special and that Jacob wanted him there. Juliet brings Ben outside to show what he has done: a group of dead birds lay on the stairwell.

    See all the "Missing Pieces" mobisodes here:

    So Jacob wanted Walt, but Walt proved to be an uncooperative holy terror. His allegiance was still to his castaway friends and he couldn't be changed. So Ben arranged to send him off the island.

    I think Walt will play a huge part somewhere down the line. All that "special" power, just waiting to be put to good use....

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    I was so Happy, yes I did tear up, when Desmond and Penny finally were reunited.
    I suppect that Desmond will have to be protecting her from Ben now.
    I think he's up to it, after what they have been through.

    I too am wonding if Jin, managed to get off the Boat in time.
    I remember seeing, Daniel sitting in a Chair watching TV, in an earlier show, so I think they may have been caught up in the "Wake" of the Island being moved.

    I knew it was either Ben or John that was in the Coffin, when they first, showed, Jack going to the Funeral home, and no one else showing up, or so he thought.

    I also suppected, way back that there was some sort of time travel or teleaportation, to get on the Island.
    I was glad to see my hunch was right, but I do think there is way more to that storyline.

    SO now we know that Ben got off the Island, but can't go back to it.
    I wonder if "Richard" had visited him, when he was young, just like he did with Lock.

    They probably tested Walt and decided he couldn't stay there, so they let him go with his Dad.
    There's more to that storyline, I bet.

    With Jacks Dad, telling Michael he could go now, just before the blast, may mean he isn't really dead.
    Hoping the same for Jin.

    I am digging, Sun's revenge, and I think she is tricking, Widmore, as I think he would be the 2nd one she held responsible for his, "death".

    I think next season, we will see more of Sawyer, in some form of Leadership, thrust upon him, tho.

    It's going to be hard to wait for the start of the next season.
    But lately, it seems time fly's by for me, wasn't it just a short while ago, that we were celebrating NewYears, lol.

    I like reading the Post's, but will probably, not be posting to much, my Life, has been turned upside down lately, an I don't have the time like I used to, to spend on the computer.
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    I am so glad you found time today to drop in. I have been wondering about you, and missing you here. It is time consuming to discuss Lost! It takes time just to gather all the jumbled thoughts and put them together.

    That scene way back with Daniel Faraday crying was strange. It was presented to us as a flashback, when Abaddon was gathering the scientists to send to the island. But with this show who knows? He sure seems to know a lot about THIS island. And his little notebook is filled with equations and warnings to himself concerning the island and its weirdness. I wonder if he has been here before. He cried at the news of the 815 crash with no survivors, as if he knew them.

    I think you are right about Daniel! Maybe he was close enough to the island to move with it. If it went back in time a few years or months, and he knew the right bearing to follow to get home to the states,(and he probably would) he may have been crying because of all the stuff he went through on that last day, seeing so many people die, and leaving his girlfriend Charlotte behind. He probably felt guilty for being the only one who really knew what was going on with time, and not being able to warn them.

    Very confusing with the time loop stuff, but it makes sense, in the context of Lost. You're GOOD Sharon! We NEED you here, solving mysteries!

    Could you solve the smoke monster thing for us too?

    Very few people suspected Locke to be the one in the coffin. You should get a prize for that! I was just sure it would be someone who knew the way back, and whose death caused Jack to lose hope of finding it again.

    Christians final words to Michael seemed to me like permission to die now. But the writers are so good at presenting things so they can me interpreted in several ways. I would love to see him survive, for Walt's sake. Maybe he jumped, fast and hard, and made it off in time. Maybe he survives Patchy-style, missing some parts, but still kickin'. I would love to see Walt reunited with his daddy when he returns.
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    Wow! As I was watching the show, I kept thinking "This is so exciting!" I was practically bouncing off my sofa.

    For one thing, the image of a dweeby little guy turning a giant wheel to move an island has got to be one of the best things ever on TV! What a moment.

    I, like a fool, had always assumed that the survivors finding a way home would be the resolution of the plot. Silly me! lol

    I have to think about it all some more.

    What a great reunion between Desmond and Penny! Awwwww! That made me really happy. At least someone gets a happy ending.

    Is Sun going to become an evil character now?? I find it more comforting to think of your suggestions above that Sun may be going to con Mr. Widmore. I hope she blames Widmore and not Jack for Jin's death.

    It's great to see Sawyer becoming a hero. I wonder if he and Juliet will hit it off. Juliet seems to be the type who is never without a boyfriend.

    I wonder where the island went????? I hope not somewhere cold!

    One thought I had was Hey, that could explain how Mr. Ecko's brother's airplane got onto the island. If the island was somewhere closer to Africa at some point.

    Wow, I love the theory that Mr. Widmore was the leader of the Others at one time but moved the island and so had to leave it. That is a cool thought. It would explain a lot.

    Didn't Ben seem to give up his position as leader of the Others easily? I guess it was worth the sacrifice to save the island, to him.

    I hope Ben doesn't kill Penny! I wonder where Desmond and Penny will go now? Will they live on the boat?

    Oh yeah, one more thought. Did it bug anyone else that the show skipped a week while the survivors were on Penny's boat? It bugged me because we have been following these people nearly every hour of every day for months now, and they just skip a week?! I want to know what happened during that week!

    Maybe it was boring stuff like resting and eating, but I still want to know. I want to know how they thought up their cover story.

    Okay, I'll quit for now.

    I miss Dar and Molly. Why did they leave?

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    Diane, They did the "mobisodes" over the summer, and were called that because they were mini epISODES you could watch on your MOBile phone. I didn't realize until it was alomst over, that they were available online too. Look for the term "missing pieces" when you get to the site though.

    Forebearance - Don't know exactly what happened with the twins. Apparently Molly got banned and Dar left in support. I will sure miss them here. I wish people could just get suspended with an option to return later.

    That was a riveting episode! I kept looking a the clock and thinking, we still have a whole hour left! We still have a half hour left! So much happening, and I didn't end up feeling like it was only 10 minutes long. I wish it was always 2 hours long!

    The scene with Ben struggling to move that donkey wheel with tears falling, was very touching. He loves the island and really doesn't want to go. I actually felt sorry for him.

    I am curious about Desmond & Penny too. She's in danger with Ben on the outside hunting her down. The only place they would really be safe, is on the same freaking island Desmond wanted so bad to leave. But I LOVE that they were reunited, but can still remain in the story.

    The more I think about it, it's going to take all of these people working together to find the way back. Not just the O6. Walt with his special powers, Penny with her big bucks and connections, maybe Hurley's numbers, possibly Sun's connection to Widmore and what he knows, Ben of course...

    I imagine next season will be set up differently, with the O6 and their hunt for the island being the present, and maybe the island being flashbacks, or forwards (???). Or maybe there will be no more flashing at all.

    Interesting idea, that the island was somewhere else when Yemi's plane crashed! People have suggested similar thoughts with the Black Rock too. It finally feels like we are getting enough pieces of the puzzle to start to put some things together.

    I don't really see Sun as evil, but out for revenge. She sure has come a long way from the weak willed person she was when she landed on the island. A mere woman - expected to do as she was told without question.

    Once we saw a few flash forwards, it became clear to me that they belong on the island, and I want to see them all get back. Its strange - not how we are programmed to feel about people stranded on an island. Usually, you want them to get off. But with these people, they are better people on this island, and their lives are more fulfilling.

    I would like to have seen a glimpse, at least, of what went on on Penny's boat. The writers did have to cram a LOT of info into that finale though. With 3 hours of their well planned season getting cut with the writers strike, they had to cut some stuff out and move some stuff till next season. That's probably why that boat scene got skimmed over. Can you imagine if they HADN'T gotten permission to extend the finale an hour longer? I don't know how they could have done it.

    I still find it intriguing that the writers know exactly how many hours they need to tell the story to completion. The 3 lost hours will have to be made up somewhere, or they cant do it right. And last year when they met with ABC to set an end date, they needed to know the exact end date, and were so pleased with they got it. I guess it will all become clear when the series ends.

    The Fuselage site has been down for 3 days! It's killing me! I know a lot of other people feel the same way. Horrible time for a site crash - right after the finale, when people are dying to discuss it and brimming with ideas.

    I'm just glad I have you guys here to chat with!

    TwinMa is on vacation in DC, so hopefully we will hear from her soon. I am hoping PainterZ and Hermitlady will pop in and share their thoughts too.

    Forebearance - you get the grand prize for perfect attendance on the season 4 Lost thread! That's right! You get a lifetime supply of fishbiscuits, for being here every week! Keep an eye on your back yard - they will be dropping your prize from the sky when the next food drop rolls around.

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    They were doing expermints, like with time travel and teleporation, and they used some Rabbits.

    I also think that is why the Losties were seeing, animals, like that Horse, etc.

    Bit of triva, Remember, the song, White Rabbit, I think that was a play on that song, I think the lyrics would fit.
    btw, Gracie Slick, who made it popular, is my 3rd cousin.

    I had meet her back in 66 when they were playing at a little club in SF.
    At the time tho, I didn't know we were related, altho she does resemble my Mother, and one of my sisters.

    SOme day, I should write her, as I am doing some Genelogy on my family.
    We have a Cousin in common, John C. Breskinridge, who was a VP, jst before the Civil war, a Southern, oh well.
    lol, lol,

    Anyway, back to Lost, I am really courious, about, what Sun is going to do.
    I also hope that they aren't going to have Sayid, track down Desmond and Penny, now that he seems to be working for Ben.

    I think they may get back to the Island, but when and How, hmmm, going to be fun finding out,
    if we can wait that long, :eek:)

    Wish the Twins were still with us, as well as Jill, I miss them already.

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    Tleaw - I am glad you are finally going to quit reading midnight porn, and get serious about researching Lost!

    I know I have mentioned this a billion times here, but check out lostpedia.com. It is very thorough when it comes to Lost details. You can type "Richard" in the search box and see everything there is to know about the never-aging, Maybeline-lashed Other. Then you can search "bunny" and read about all the white rabbit references.

    Bunny 15 - Last summer at the comic convention in CA, the writers released a "rough cut" version of the Orchid Orientation film. In it, "Edgar Haliwax" was holding bunny #15, when another bunny #15 fell from above. Chaos ensued. He freaked out because the two should not see each other. Apparently he feared a time paradox - the bunny seeing its own self while time traveling. The version of the film we saw on this episode was the final cut, with the same bunny.

    Bruin63 - I love the song White Rabbit! One of my all time fav's! It's a reference to both Alice in Wonderland and the drug culture of the 60's. With all the Alice in Wonderland references in this show, it should be the Lost theme song! That's too cool that Grace Slick is your cousin! I do genealogy too, but the most interesting person I have in my tree is Paul Revere, who is my 4th cousin 5 times removed. I'd trade him for Grace Slick any day.

    It never crossed my mind that Sayid would have to hunt down Penny! I hope that never happens. If it does, I can't imagine Sayid going through with that, if he knew she was Desmond's girl. Her death would not be for the good of the island or its inhabitants - just for Ben's own revenge. Hopefully Sayid will make that distinction and refuse.

    I am so glad I started taping Lost from the beginning. I had to catch the first 6 on reruns, but I have every episode. The DVD's are so expensive!

    Diane, I have never watched Lost online, but they would be full episodes. Less commercials too, hopefully!

    I am so glad to hear the Fuselage is back up and running! For me, having no Fuselage is like watching only half the show and having a power outage.

    I don't check the VIP section there too often, but I see that Jorge Garcia (Hurley) is still very actively replying to fans questions. Terry O'Quinn (Locke) is very good about responding too. The rest, not so much. I think its really cool that those two make time for the fans like this. Of course they can't answer anything they have been sworn to secrecy about, but the fact that you can actually speak to them and get a reply is pretty cool.

    Sharon - Have you had any contact with Jill lately? I had hoped she would be able to pop in and share her thoughts with us this season. She always has such great insight! I hope all is well with her. To the newer Lost posters... Jill (llama) hosted the Lost thread last season, but asked me to help her out with it when she began suffering from horrible migraines. If she ever returns and wants her thread back, I will graciously step aside. If she just wants to chat, thats fine too. Would love to hear from her either way. Jill...are you out there?
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    Aw, thanks you guys, for the tasty fish biscuits! I am enjoying them a lot. As well as the 15 year-old saltines. (How could you even tell the difference with saltines? lol)

    That's a brilliant idea, 4everkid, about the survivors having to use all their skills and special powers together to get back to the island.

    I've been pondering what it would be like for them to all go back to the island and spend the rest of their lives there. Would you want to eat Dharma food for the rest of your life??? And hang out with dead people? And never see your relatives again?

    are they not supposed to spend the rest of their lives there? That was an assumption on my part. Are they only supposed to go back to the island until some thing is accomplished?

    Did whoever arranged for the faked crash site (Widmore or Ben) do it because it would allow the survivors to stay on the island forever? Maybe it was meant to be a helpful thing, instead of an evil thing. It blows my mind.

    I wonder what will happen to Dan and the raft full of red shirts.

    I hope Jill will get well enough to join us again.

    I bought the first two seasons on iTunes and it was not too expensive and it was nice to watch them without commercials. That's how I got caught up in time to begin with season 3 on TV.

  12. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    What is really confusing me the most right now is Jacob/Christian/Ben/The Island, and the whole you can't leave/you can go now thing. Even that statement was confusing!

    Supposedly, they are supposed to be there, and the island doesn't want them to leave. And now, the ones that left have to go back.

    So why did Ben tell Kate & Sayid that they can get their friends, take the helicopter, and leave the island? He also let Michael & Walt leave, knowing Jacob wanted Walt.

    Why did Christian take Claire with him, but allow Aaron to end up with the group leaving? And when Ben is telling FutureJack that they must all go back, Claire is telling FutureKate that she can NOT bring Aaron back.

    In the final episode of "Missing Pieces" last summer, we see that in the moments before the opening scene of the pilot, DeadChristian tells Vincent the dog to wake up Jack, because he has work to do.

    So basically, the island wants them all there. Ben lets them leave. Christian wants Jack there, but he and Claire want Aaron gone. Jacob has a list and we don't know who's on it.

    So I am thinking...the island wants these people there, for some reason, to work for the good of the island, then die there.

    Ben must not be working entirely for the good of the island anymore because he has allowed its chosen ones to leave. I think his first mistake was letting Walt leave. Because of that, he fell out of favor with the island. Struggling to hold his position as leader, he only made things worse by putting his own needs first. Now, he's banished. That part makes sense to me.

    But I don't get where Christian fits in and whose side he's on.

    When Locke finally went to meet Jacob and find out what to do, he finds Christian. He has no idea who this guy is. He has never met Jacks father. He wasn't there when Miles announced Claire went off with someone she called "Dad". He just sees a kindly white haired man who claims to speak for Jacob.
    Then when he emerges to tell them that he has to move the island, he never tells Ben that it wasn't Jacob he spoke to. Ben assumes Jacob gave this order. Would Jacob himself have given the same instructions?

    So where the heck WAS Jacob anyway? Isn't he supposed to always be in this cabin, trapped by the ring of ash? Did something happen to disturb the ring that bound him there, and he took off? Why is Christian in his place, calling the shots?

    So does Christian have the same agenda as Jacob, and is he really speaking on his behalf? Does Jacob and the island also want Aaron to stay away? Did Jacob really want the island moved, and Ben to be the one moving it?
  13. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Good questions! It's very mysterious. We have a lot to think about this summer. I can't keep track of who wants what and which side might be the side I would want to cheer for. Whew!


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