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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Oct 10, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Hey Survivor fans!

    Just when everyone starts to get comfortable in the camp and alliances begin to form, they go and mix everyone up. Unfortunately I was also just getting used to everyone, so this is always confusing for me too. In case anyone else is feeling the same way, here is how it WAS, and how it IS now:


    The ORIGINAL tribes, in order of value to their tribemates:


    Kota = marcus, ace, bob, charlie, jacquie, corinne, sugar, kelly


    NEW tribes, (with former Fang in Caps, former Kota in lower case and alliances in parenthesis.)

    New Fang =
    (MATTY, [[CRYSTAL,KEN,G.C.]] kelly,) vs (ace,sugar)

    Matty lost his former allies in the switch. Jacquie got separated from the rest of her onion. Kelly joined with the former Fang members cause she hates Ace.

    Voted out - Jacquie


    New Kota =
    (marcus,charlie,corinne) vs (DAN,SUSIE,RANDY)+ bob

    Will Bob join the onion now? Did he already choose a side? Whoever gets Bob has the numbers advantage.


    Was voting Jacquie off a really stupid and misguided idea or what? She was one of the strongest players... and I liked her. Kelly on the other hand, was useless as a team mate.

    Okay... I think Kelly lied to Crystal & Ken about Jacquie being aligned with Ace and Sugar, to take the target off herself. Jacquie and Corinne were the outer layer of the Marcus/Charlie "onion alliance." And it was clear Kelly didn't like her.

    Matty praised Jacquie for her performance in the boat challenge, to which she graciously replied, "It's hard to play defense in that game." Kelly snottily lashes back with "Should-a, could-a, would-a...OVER it."

    Ohmygawd! I think SOMEONE has some jealousy issues. Like, whatEVER!

    By this time, Kelly had already laid the groundwork with her lie about Jacquie, and the wheels were in motion to have her voted off. She whips her forked tongue back in behind her pearly white teeth, no one the wiser of her deceit, and sweet Jacquie gets her torch snuffed.

    It didn't help Jacquie that Ken was drooling over Kelly and welcomed her into his fold of slackers. Now they are left with a team consisting of 2 or 3 strong players, and a bunch of useless, slack-jawed weaklings.

    Crystal better hope they give them some running challenges soon, cause she's not really coming off all THAT athletic either. She needed help to climb the hill in the first episode, and now she can't row a boat. But at least she's trying, unlike Ken, GC and Kelly.

    Poor Ken so wants a girlfriend out of this experience. First he bonded with Michelle who got voted off first, and now he has his sight set on ex-cheerleader Kelly, who is just working him.

    Focus Ken! You are here to win a million bucks. Accomplish THAT and the girls will find YOU.

    Randy seems quite content with his new position on the better tribe. He still has his original alliance, (minus Matty), plus the strong onion trio and Bob on his side. He seems a LOT happier. I can't imagine this tribe ever losing a physical challenge.

    So am I wrong about Jacquie? She was an onion-mate, right? Or was she also tight with Sugar & Ace? She stuck me as the type who would be sweet to everyone.

    Please just don't let this Kelly person win!

    All this thinking and sorting is exhausting!

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  2. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Kid~~~~You are so GOOD at this!,,,,it's almost like your right there with them all!,,,,,Yes! J.,,should have stayed and K. should have definetly been voted out!,,,what a mouthy little whiner she is!,,,

    don't look for her or Ken to be around very long!,,,,,Now GC,,,,has some charisma and can smooth people over ,,,,,he'll probably get to stay longer than K & K,,

    J,,,,was defenitly playing everyone! and was on the outer layer of the onion!,,,,Sugar is doing well,,except she told Ace about the Idol!,,,,i like her attitude!

    Randy really bought his spot on the new tribe this last week,,,,,with the 3 goals he made with the raquet,,,boat game,,,,,,,,,What an arragont fella!

    your right about Bob being on the outside of alliances,,,I think it's just his game stratagie,,,,,I believe he will go far in the game ,,,if he doesn't die of starvation first!,,,,,,Skinny!!

    This is going to be a Fun one to watch !,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sis
  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Bump!,,,,New episode tonight!,,,can't wait!
  4. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I haven't been watching this season, but isn't it on Thursdays?
  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Sorry Sis, it's on tomorrow night. I know how you feel... I spent the first half of the day thinking today was Thursday.
  6. sisland

    sisland New Member

    For some reason i thought it was Thursday all day,,,,FRYBRO,,,,FROG,,,lolol,,S
  7. SerenityPheonix

    SerenityPheonix New Member

    I cannot hardly believe my eyes... there are others out there that are just as into the show as I am.

    I actually tivo the show so I may be behind just a bit...I'll make sure to get caught up and come back to read up on the thoughts of all of you!!

    Alas, I am not the only Survivor fan!!! Right on
  8. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I loved that they remixed the tribes again. Just when they all felt secure and had things all mapped out.

    Hey Corinne.... shut up! You are a self proclaimed bitch. Do you actually expect EVERYONE to like you? So Suzie considered voting you out. Get over it.

    Does anyone else think Kenny should have just grabbed that hidden immunity idol at the feast and tucked it in his pants? Idiot.

    Crystal proves once again what a lousy athlete she is. She managed to hold those poles in place for all of a split second.

    I can't believe Marcus got voted off. I liked him, and he seemed to be liked by others too. But he screwed up when he befriended Crystal for being the cousin of a friend. So what! Is that friend more important than winning a million? And don't these people know that no secret is sacred in this game? Telling Crystal (who he doesn't know at all) his plan to oust Suzie and make Crystal #6 of the Kota alliance... just stupid. Why would she want to be #6 when she is at the top of her own alliance? Of course she went right to Suzie and used that against him. Suzie did the smart thing for herself in aligning with Kenny & Crystal. Otherwise, she would have been next to go. The Kota group would never have kept her around.

    Yep, Marcus got blindsided. He had no idea he was in danger, and it never occurred to him to use his personal immunity idol he has had since day 1.

    I feel bad for Bob now, the lone Kota member on the tribe of weaklings. Likewise, I feel bad for Matty, who can never catch a break. He goes from being a strong guy on a looser team, to being on a strong team of enemies.

    New Kota: Susie, Crystal Ken, and Bob,................ -Marcus
    New Fang: Matty, Sugar, Randy, Charlie and Corinne.

    I would love to see them merge now, for Matty's sake. If new Fang goes to TC, Matty is a dead man. If they were to merge, and Matty & Sugar align with Crystal, Kenny & Suzie, they would have the numbers over the remaining Kota 4 - Bob, Randy, Charlie, and Corinne. I like Bob & Charlie, but I would love to see Corinne and Randy go soon. Randy needs an ego deflation, and Corinne just needs a good bitch slap/torch snuffing. I don't want to see Crystal, Kenny or Suzie win, because they are worthless. And I think Matty & Bob both have excellent chances of winning immunity to keep them safe once they merge. I would love to see either of them win the game. I fully expect Sugar to be there in the final 3.

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