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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Well, another season has begun and it's time to call the Survivor Fan Tribe to council! Looks like it could be an interesting season.

    *** Spoliers ahead! Don't read if you haven't watched!

    I don't know anyones names yet, so I have the Survivor site open too, so I can find the names of them to accompany the descriptions.

    I like Bob, (the spunky older fellow.) It looks like everyone there loves Bob too. Bob's tribe seems to be a good natured bunch. They get along and work well together. They chose a good strong group.

    Gillian, (the older woman), was also a good natured gal, but unfortunately didn't have the strength to match her character. And Randy, (head bandage guy) had it out for her from the start. Perky never works well in this game.

    I am not sure what this group was thinking when they chose team members. Crystal was a wise choice, but for her to pick a fellow Mom... that's not going to help win races. If they are looking for friends, they should join a book club. The idea is to pick STRONG players. Then they voted off Michelle, (bad attitude girl), one of the fastest ones up the hill in the beginning. They should have kept her for a while.

    I wonder how long Crystal, (the Olympic Gold Medalist), will be able to keep her secret. So far she doesn't stand out as a champion runner. Especially when she needed help climbing the hill. (Yep, blame it on the 10 lb shoes.) But given time, once they have a few speed competitions, it will become obvious that she is a threat, whether they know about her champion status or not.

    I am enjoying Charlie, (the gay Lawyer), and Marcus, (the cute Doctor)... Charlie's straight-boy crush. In spite of their different persuasions, they seem to be pretty tight buddies already. Poor Charlie, it must be rough, especially when Marcus is prancing around in his tight boxer briefs.

    Why would these guys show up for Survivor in dress clothes? And the girls in dresses? They must make the contestants think they are going out for a nice dinner - and spring the start of the game on them unexpectedly. If I was trying out for this show, I would always dress in many layers, for every level of the elimination rounds beforehand - just to be prepared.

    G.C. (the unwillingly appointed leader) - whatever made them choose HIM, the most insecure dude in the bunch? Not to mention how he just sat there and rested during the challenge while everyone was digging. They want THIS guy to lead them? I don't think anyone else wanted to volunteer and risk standing out as the "strong leader" stereotype. So they just coaxed GC into the position. Jeff Probst had a lot to do with pressuring them into it too.

    I think it was Dan, (another Lawyer), who got sent to Exile Island. I'm not sure if Dan is as smart as he thinks he is. The clue said ACROSS the water, bla bla bla... so he starts looking IN the water. ???!!! It seemed to me that if he would have just walked a bit further, he would have come to the obvious sand pit. Maybe they just made it LOOK close by in the editing.

    The two teams seem so unmatched. One team is doing well in the competitions and get along great. The other team, not so much. I have a feeling there is going to be a team re-mix on the horizon... just about the time the successful team gets comfortable.

    Anyone else watching this season?
  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Lives just down the coast from me in Naples. I think his arrogant persona is just an act. He was interviewed and it ran in today's newspaper. Actually, he has led a pretty interesting life.

    I love Survivor soooooooo much. The Amazing Race starts on Sun.

    Love, Mikie
  3. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Kid,,,You have summed up the first 2 hours very well!,,,,I'm most impressed with the alliance forming on the Kota Tribe with Marcus,,,Charlie,(Lol,, poor Charlie!),,is it Jackie and Erin? not sure if i have those names right,,,,,,They seem to be the most intelligent and i get the impression they will go far in the game!,,,,,,

    Randy,,on the other tribe will go far too i think,,,,after all he dimantled his glasses and made a fish hook,,,lol,,,I like Crystal too she has a strong influence on the younger tribe Members!,,,,,,,,

    like you say it is going to be an interesting season!,,,They pick the most interesting personalities to take on this game!,,,,,,,,,,Sis

    P.S.,,,Jeff Probst's was on the Rachel Ray show yesterday,,,He showed Photos of how they set up camp for the Producers the Camera people ,,,,the medics,,,etc,,,,it was very interesting,,,like a small city out in the middle of nowhere!,,,,,,Maybe if you google Rachel Ray show they might still have them up,,,,,,

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  4. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    I DVRed it and watched it last night. I too am amazed how after all the seasons, the new survivers NEVER learn anything about team picking or dressing.

    I guess the "MOMs" figure they will be less of a target if they surround themselves with other ladies of the same age range and physcial capability? Doesn't work if your team sucks so bad you have to go to Tribal Council every week!

    I couldn't believe they got rid of Michelle and not Gillian during the first vote. I think they would have had a pretty good chance of winning future challenges had they made a different choice.

    I think the tribe voted for GC because he was the most vocal about finding a leader so some smart-alec (not sure who it was) brought his name up and the others fearing their names would be brought in voted quickly for him... It was a very humorous moment because he honestly looked like he was about to cry when he was voted leader.

    ON the other tribe I got the feeing that Marcus and Charlie's relationship is doomed. Charlie appears very clingy and may need to be reassured of his position within the new "onion" allies. I think Marcus is a bit taken with Jackie and Charlie will begin to get jealous, starting a spiral of paranoia within the group. Just my prediction on that group.

    Well unless of course your prediction of a mix up soon takes place. It is probably likely to happen quickly in this season just to shake it up early. It makes sense because everyone has an idea of when things are supposed to happen based on past seasons and they have to keep it exciting and unexpected.

  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Mikie - I was reading Jeff Probst's blog on EW.com where he said this regarding Ace:

    "Not sure what to make of Ace. I love him on the show. He's gold. But I have the same question everybody else probably has... is the accent real? If not, how much effort does it take to keep it "on" all the time?"

    Any scoop from the locals on that? It would be not only hilarious, but possibly the first time anyone ever faked an accent on this show... if true.

    Jeff also mentions in his blog that the immunity idol on Exile Island is NOT that hard to find. Dan just overthinks everything.

    Sisland - You are right about Randy sacrificing his glasses to make a fish hook. He's a hero to them now. Now that Gillian is gone, he may be a bit less grumpy, and will probably go far.

    I think the alliance (onion ring?) is Marcus, Charlie, Jacquie and Corinne (which sounds like Erin). Corinne is a self proclaimed bi+c# and manipulator. She also uses her sex appeal to get what she wants. This should be interesting. None of this is evident yet, but that's what her profile says on the CBS Survivor site.

    Marcus was recognized as the state of Georgia's hottest bachelor by Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2006. I recognize his hotness too! According to Jeff's blog, half the production team and every female nearby while shooting on location wanted him....

    Justlooking - ... so if you are right, and Marcus likes Jacquie - while Charlie is drooling over him and Corinne is working him - there's no telling how much drama will ensue!

    Right now, tribe Fang would love it if they remixed the teams, since they suck at everything, and the stronger players are on Kota. But they may want to wait till more alliances are established before they split them all up.

    When they send these people off to start the game in their street clothes, it seems like one of the rewards should be appropriate clothes. I know if I were racing around on national TV in my wet, clingy underwear, I would NOT be at my best. Shorts, t-shirts and good shoes would be highly advantageous to the team who won them. But... I imagine the producers want them scantily clad to draw in more viewers.
  6. justlooking

    justlooking New Member

    which is why there hasn't been a Survivor-Antarctica.