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    Wow, this weeks episode really goes to show that you can never tell what direction this game will take. The great and powerful Kota onion is rotting from the inside-out.

    I hated to see Marcus go last week, and now Charlie, such a good natured, happy guy. But as much as I liked them, and as much as I don't really care for the weaklings on the other team, it will be worth it all just to see Corinne and Randy get their torches snuffed. MAN! I strongly dislike those two! Why? I don't think there is enough space on this site to cover all my reasons.

    I will admit I was doing my evil, sinister laugh when Corinne was calling Sugar a moron, when in fact Sugar held the entire game in her hands. Sugar is well-rested, well-fed and has an immunity idol. Plus, she holds the swing vote. Corinne has.... well... a high level of self esteem. That's about all. I will say, Sugar is not the moron.

    And Randy..... Randy, Randy, Randy. SHUUUUUUUT UUUUUUP! When Matty was trying to make that final shot with the slingshot, Randy just had to be right in there telling him how to do it, I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle him. Charlie is trying to mediate and get them to work as a team. The whole thing was absurd! It was like 3 angry Pollocks with one lightbulb, already half screwed in. They were standing right OVER the target! Was there really a need for instructions???? A second opinion? Any thought at all? I bet it took everything Matty could muster, not to reel around and launch that ball down Randy's throat. Then, finally it's in, and they win. Yay! No, wait... still arguing.

    In spite of all that extreme negativity, Matty managed to put his heart and soul into his cultural experience by outdancing the native dancers. Meanwhile, Randy is convinced one of the native women is hitting on him. Uh huh. Yeah Randy. They go for guys like you. Then we get a touching scene with Corinne and the darling cherub-faced 2-year-old who has latched onto her. How sweet. Maybe Corinne has a heart after all. No. Wait! The whole thing is marred by her announcement that she doesn't like kids and how crazy that this one chose her. Heartless.

    Loved Bob, as usual. Loved his Martha Stewart of the Jungle, homemade immunity idol! A lovely, nature inspired piece, with a primitive, Gabonesque playfulness. On a necklace no less! Even I'm convinced its real! I will look forward to seeing what comes of this.

    Loved the immunity challenge. Go girl power! It was great seeing Suzie and that "moron" Sugar be the only ones who could start a fire.

    Kenny finally gets his revenge on Charlie for taking the immunity idol last week, resulting in its launch out to sea. He convinces his buddies that Charlie is the mastermind of the other group, and must go. Somehow they believe him and decide to go with that plan. Then, amazingly he convinces them to go with the name Nobag. Nobag? No comment. Whatever.

    Randy used the Tribal Council to spew his Crystal hate. I remember that they didn't get along, but I am not sure why he hates her this much. He was bordering on bigotry when he griped about Crystal and GC's "posse" or "gang" in the original Fang group. Uh, we call that an "alliance" Randy.

    I almost think Charlie is happy to be heading off to the Ponderosa to be with his pal Marcus. A million bucks or two weeks with Marcus. That would be a tough decision for anyone.
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    Hi Kid!

    I just love your wonderful analogies of all that's going on in this season! You nail it everytime!,,,,,and may i say with a great sense of Humor!,,,,lolol,,,,,,Mr. Randy and Ms. Corrine are the 2 people whom i wish to see voted out soon too!,,,,,,,,,,What a joke they are!,,,,,Kenny,,,,,Bob,,,,,Susie,,,,,Matty,,,,Sugar,,,,,,if anyone of these people win this season i will be very Happy!,,,,,,The Imunnity (Fake) Necklace made by Bob as you say looks like something Martha would Teach us to make!,,,,,Pretty Good!,,,can't wait to see what happens!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Sis
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    Randy really got the Axe!,,,,,so sneakie and such a wonderful thing to watch!,,can't wait for the next episode!

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