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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, May 15, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

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    .... 4:12 "There's No Place Like Home, Part 1" ....

    Tonight is part 1 of the 2-part, 3-hour finale. Dorothy wakes up in bed after a long and fantastic dream, surrounded by.....wait wrong show.

    Tonight we will get to see how the O6 left the island. The big twist you may have heard about — codenamed 'Frozen Donkey Wheel' by Lost producers, wont happen till part 2 of the finale, two weeks from tonight.

    I am both excited, and dreading the end of the season, and another long, long hiatus ahead. But for now...Woo Hoo!!!... Its finale time, and we have 3 BIG action packed hours left!

    Will we get to see Locke move the island? I hope so - I can't wait! Where will he move it to? Or should I ask, WHEN will he move it to?

    See you all after the show!

  2. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Well, we saw them get back to civilization, but are still missing some pieces of the puzzle. All of the Oceanic 6 are so scattered out, I don't know how they will all end up in one place together to get rescued. Jack is out in the jungle near the helicopter with Sawyer. Kate & Sayid are in the jungle with The Others (in full backwoods uniforms again!)Hurley is at the Orchid with Locke and Ben. Sun and Aaron are on the freighter. And the island itself is about to move! Those writers don't make things easy for themselves.

    Jack did finally find out that Claire was his sister. And somehow Claire's mom woke up from her coma. Such a shame she didn't know she was standing a foot away from her own grandchild.

    Loved the new stronger Sun. Was NOT expecting that! Finally getting back at her father for ruining Jin's life. No more daddy issues for her!

    She sure made it sound like Jin really didn't survive. And with all those explosives on the boat, I am more than a little worried for Jin and Desmond. I started worrying when the first load of people to the freighter was Jin, Sun and several redshirts. The redshirts and the freighter people are expendible characters. Even Michael is pretty expendable now. Sun seemed to be moving away towards the edge of the boat. I could imagine her grabbing a life preserver and jumping to safety with Aaron. But Jin and Desmond..... Lets just hope Jin and Des come running out and jump into the ocean too! I will just die if Desmond dies!

    Don't know what Ben's plan is, but I have a feeling the motley band of Others will arrive just in time to save the day. Or will Sawyer be the one to save his buddy Hurley?

    What happens if they shoot Keamy? He has that device strapped to his arm. It that the trigger to detonate a bomb, or is it set to trigger the explosives back at the freighter?

    Poor Kate. Everyone had loved ones there to greet them when they arrived back home except Kate. Maybe that is why she is so attached to Aaron. She has no one else.

    I know they always leave us hanging at the end, but this really felt like a part 1/to be continued. Too bad we have to wait TWO weeks for the rest of the big finale.
  3. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    I spent most of the show wondering how those 6 get back together and then get off the island. You are right that they are so scattered right now!! And I am also worried about Des and Jin. Sun was talking like he really is dead. But you never know with this show!!

    Sun mentioned two people being responsible for Jin's death and that her father was the one of them. Who is the other?? Ben? Michael? Keamy?

    It was interesting that they showed Kate all alone when the others were greeting relatives. Sayid also didn't have anyone, but Hurley grabbed him and his mom hugged Sayid. So why didn't Hurley do the same for Kate? Were the writers trying to emphasize something?

    I am still not clear why Jack would not want to see Aaron. He now knows Aaron is his nephew. Is there something else we just don't know yet??

    Being a grandmother I really felt for Claire's mom not even knowing about her own granddaughter!! To me that's not even morally right for Kate not to tell her. I wonder if she ever will find out. I hope so for her sake.

    Maybe the others will come to Ben's rescue and Sawyer will rescue Hurley. Is the Island helping Jack recover faster? I can't imagine running through the jungle after having jungle surgery two days earlier!!!

    Those are my scattered thoughts for now.

  4. painterZ

    painterZ New Member

    I enjoyed the show last night but wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat like I usually am. I didn't realize that this is actually part of of a three part finale...I thought it was two. Maybe that's why I found it intense but not OMG NO WAY intense.

    Ben still cracks me up saying "You do know those are 15yrs old." to Hurley.(speaking of the crackers) So moving the island is dangerous and apparently may go horribly bad and getting on the freighter is dangerous...do you think they'll answer this issue before leaving us hanging for the long, difficult hiatus? (referring to whether they try to move the island or not)

    Isn't Aaron the biggest five week old baby you've ever seen?!? Poor Claire. So do they have baby formula in that Dharma locker? How will they feed him? That kid must have eaten something because he's holding up his head without a problem :) In one of the flash forwards Kate and Jack were arguing when Aaron toddled out of the room into the hallway. How long are they supposed to be home before they realize they have to go back? If the island is moved how will they find it again?

    Well that's all my brain can handle at this moment. I'll see what else might be floating around in my head a little later.

  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    You asked about who Sun was referring to as the other person responsible for Jins death. I personally don't have a clue yet. But I caught the beginnings of a discussion on this subject last night on the Fuselage. Someone there suggested Jack. Sun seemed kind of cold towards him on the plane. (But then they all did. Everyone is in shock and Jack is all matter of fact about the routine they are expected to follow.) Sun was the only one absent from Christian's memorial service. (Or maybe she has already gone home to Korea by then.) No one but Hurley showed up for Jin's service. By now, the Fuselage posters probably have lined up more suspects, and reasons.

    Since Jin is on the boat, I assume at this point that its the explosives that will kill him. But the way everyone is so scattered around, there is no telling where Jin will actually be when and if he dies.

    Don't get the Jack/Aaron thing either. Resentment? Aaron represents the physical proof of his father's lies, deceit, and infidelity. HIS dad had a secret life with another family. That has to hurt. Maybe he's afraid that his feelings of resentment will affect his ability to be a good father figure to Aaron. In the FF with Kate, Jack seemed to need reassurance that he was doing the Daddy thing right.

    I'm not sure if the island was helping Jack heal or not. It only took Naomi a few days to recover from a punctured lung when she landed on the island. Locke woke up healed after the crash. Patchy seems to bounce right back to life. Whose side is this island on anyway? I guess it wants to prevent Jack from leaving.

    PainterZ - I am wondering what happened 15 years ago when Ben last visited the box of crackers. That was shortly after Danielle and her crew arrived on the island. Was that the last time the island was moved? Danielle also replaced the numbers broadcasting from the radio tower with a distress signal before then. I wonder if that ties in somehow. Maybe her call was working and the island had to be hidden.

    I think they will "move the island" before the end of this season. The fans would be raging mad if they didn't. They like to keep their remaining fans happy, I think. I think it will move, but we wont understand it yet.

    I have a feeling that the island will move about the same time the O6 happen to be the 6 in the raft. It was mentioned that it could carry 6. Maybe Jin makes Sun go back to the beach, since there are explosives on the boat. (Hopefully Desmond takes her.) Somehow the only people left at the beach are the O6 and the ones who choose to stay behind. And Desmond. (If I am going to make up an ending, I will keep Des safe in my version!) The freighter blows up, the island moves and all we have left is the 6 people in the raft. And then...

    BWOOOOOONK ...... The LOST end sound effect

    I never thought it made any sense that the people who left the island were the strong leader types, and their only Doctor...the people most needed there. But it makes sense they would be the last ones to leave, as 4 of them were busy taking care of island problems up till the last minute.

    It's really interesting how the FF's and the current island timeline have moved toward each other, filling the gap between with the missing details. Now, we have those two timelines just hours apart. I can't help but strive to figure out how to move the players into the positions that fit what we know is about to happen. Just putting that into words is confusing in itself.
  6. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Argh!!! Now that the flash-forwards are getting closer in time to the present, they are driving me crazy. I felt like saying "Just show us the events in order, please!!!"

    I loved the new stronger Sun too! Wow, she's changed!

    I will die, too, if they explode Desmond!!! Argh!!!

    The part where they showed a picture of the Oceanic Six washing onto an island with a rubber life raft type of thing made me worry a lot about Desmond and Jin.

    Apparently there are still plenty of original crew members on that ship. Although they're all 'red shirts'.

    Why are the Others always so darn hostile??? What is their problem??? Ben is practically one of the family by now, he's spent so much time with the crash survivors.

    And also I'm worrying about Juliet. I really want her to get home to see her sister and nephew.

    Sawyer is becoming downright likable!

    Yeah, it does seem immoral for Kate to keep Aaron as her own child. Why was that necessary?

    Oh good point Dar about the island maybe helping Jack recover faster!

    I am still really puzzled about why the Oceanic Six will have to come up with a cover story!

  7. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I wonder about the cover story too Forebearance. I used to think that maybe someone threatened them...if you tell about the magical island, we will kill your friends.

    Now I'm not so sure. With the moving island as part of the big picture, who knows? Maybe the island is no longer there. Maybe its there, but it's 200 years ago and our left-behinders are now raggedy, barefoot, jungle hostiles with no memory of the future. There is just no way of knowing where these writers are going with this.

    I kind of like how they are going about telling this story - from the outside in, sort of. I've never seen anything like this before.

    I posted a theory the other day on the Fuselage that got pretty positive responses. I was thinking about Richard Alpert and how he appears to never age. Now with all this time travel involved in the story, I suspect that Richard is time traveling. He exists at one point in time, (maybe in the future) and he is traveling back to all these points in the past. He might be going back to previous times to set things in motion to achieve some end purpose. Finding the players....putting them into their positions. (Ben, Locke, special people guided to be on flight 815, etc.) We assume he lives on the island now, but perhaps he only traveled to the present.

    Maybe Abaddon works in the same way....from a fixed location in another place in time. Course correctors? Is it their job to guide people down the paths that lead to achieving the end goal, whatever that may be?

    Interesting note about Richard's name:
    (In real life, a person by the name of...)Dr. Richard Alpert (born April 6, 1931), also known as Baba Ram Dass, is a contemporary spiritual teacher who wrote the 1971 bestseller Be Here Now. He is well-known for his association with Timothy Leary at Harvard University in the early 1960s, both having been dismissed from their professorships for experiments on the effects of psychedelic drugs on human subjects.

    I don't know how all THAT fits into Lost, but I do find the title of his book interesting, especially in light of my time travel theory. "Be Here Now" - Richard APPEARS to be here now, but maybe he actually exists in a different time frame.
  8. mollystwin

    mollystwin New Member

    Yep, I wonder about that too. Sun doens't seem too happy about the cover story at all. And she did seem a bit snappy at Jack when she said that they were all in shock. Maybe she is mad at him and he is the other one responsible for Jin's death. Or just leaving him behind maybe??

    Richard and time travel. I don't know why I didn't think of that sooner. That sure fits with his non aging and popping in and out everywhere.

    Forever, I sure hope that Desmond doesn;'t get blown up too! I want him to get back with Penny. And be OK. We don't see any of that in the future shots though. Maybe they are saving that for a surprise. Or maybe that's why they have to go back.
  9. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Remember how Charlie was able to slap Hurley when he appeared to him at the mental hospital? Maybe Charlie was time traveling, too, from a time when he was still alive.
  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Wow Forebearance, that's a great theory!!!! Charlie said, "I'm dead, but I'm here." It makes THAT statement make sense. COOOOOOOOOOOOOL!

    Maybe Christian too, since he was able to hold Aaron. Maybe even Jacob.

    This fits in with the time loop idea....that they have all lived this before, and keep repeating the cycle. And maybe with this electromagnetic, time-tripping, island anomaly, they can jump between loops and try to correct the course of events.

    When Desmond first traveled to the past, when the hatch blew, he had memories of the future. So maybe past Charlie kept the memories of the future too. He knows whats going to happen later to the others, and knows that they will need Hurley there to save them.

    Maybe when this happens, and they physically die before the point in time they traveled to, it makes their self in the future seem all ghosty-like, and not 100% fully manifested.

    Great thinking Forebearance! You should go post this on The Fuselage. Do you ever read or post there?

    I have been wondering about this big island move and where we are going. All along we have seen bits and pieces that reference ancient times on the island: the statue, the ruins, the Black Rock, etc. It seems like if this island was going somewhere in time, it would go back to where we could see the natives and their 4-toed god, and the Black Rock gang. And to see our left-behind Losties thrust into the middle of it, would be mind-bendingly crazy.

    Or, maybe they will go back to Dharma time. Maybe our Losties will be "the hostiles".

    I just cant wait to see what happens when they move this big green hunk of nature!

    Dar, I keep telling myself that Desmond will survive somehow. He is too wrapped up into the story. He's connected to Widmore and Penny and Libby. Penny's in the middle of this big search. They cant just drop all that. Plus with all the work that went into his time travel stories, and building up this huge love story, they can't kill him off. Too many loose ends. Too many fans NEED to see Des & Pen reunited. And again, they have to keep the fans happy.

    That's what I keep telling myself, for reassurance.

    Maybe Penny will swoop in on a helicopter and save our people on the freighter, just in the nick of time! That would be cool. Save Desmond now! He is just not cut out for this life of danger and adventure. He pushed his buttons and paid his dues. Let the poor guy go live his life now.
  11. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Thanks, 4ever!

    But the problem with that theory is, if the people who appear aren't ghosts, why did Widmore hire Miles for the freighter team? And who's doing all the whispering?

    Curiouser and curiouser.

    I haven't ever read the Fuselage or any of the Lost web sites. I was afraid I'd read a theory and mistakenly think I had seen it on the show and get mixed up. lol My brain is a sieve! But maybe I will get around to checking them out this summer. It will be a long break for Lost fans.

    I like your plea to save Desmond! Very convincing!

  12. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Maybe there are ghosts, AND time travelers. Miles communicated with Naomi's spirit after she died, and he heard the voices/whispers of what happened with Danielle and Karl. They are dead, but he hears them.

    But that seems to be entirely different than what we are seeing with Charlie and Christian. They are walking around, looking solid and alive, interacting with people and touching things.

    He told Sawyer that Claire went off with someone she called Dad. He didn't say anything about him being a spirit. He could have said that. Because earlier that day Sawyer saw how he reacted when they came across the spot where Danielle and Karl were killed. Sawyer saw first hand that he has a connection with dead people. Miles proved himself when he heard them, knew their names, and THEN uncovered their faces - people he had never met.

    So why not just say Claire went off with the spirit of some dead guy, if that's what he thought? Of course Miles could have copped an attitude of non compliance after how Sawyer was bossing him around that day.

    Over at the Fuselage, I usually stick to the current episode thread, and just read the discussion and speculation of whats happening now. I post some too, if I have something new to add that hasn't been said. For some reason, it helps me cement the details of the episodes to memory to read and discuss them. It's just like what we do here, only with a lot more people. Occasionally, I will go to the theories board and read some of those. (I tend to forget those immediately though.) I am just more into the current discussions. So far, I haven't had any trouble keeping the real events separate from the fan speculation.

    I had some creepy dream about Ben last night. I was completely weirded out when I woke up, with his googely eyes still in my head. But now, thankfully I have forgotten it. Why can't I dream about someone hot, like Sawyer?

  13. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    lol I've had Ben show up in a dream, too. It wasn't creepy, though. Just kind of neutral.

    Okay, good point about Miles not saying Christian was a spirit. I'll have to think about this some more.


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