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    ~~ ~~~~ ~~ ~~~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~ ~~~
    ........... 4:11 "Cabin Fever" ............

    Tonight is a Locke-centric episode, a flash back....way back! We will be revisiting the freighter and searching for Jacob. So we may be witnessing all kinds of "cabin fever" tonight!

    Lockes episodes are always great, and I am REALLY excited about this one!

    This is the last episode before the beginning of the 3 part finale. And with things heating up on the island, it's bound to be intense. The writers have promised us lots of answers, and with only 4 hours left this season, there is a lot to cover! So hold on, I think we are in for a wild ride!

    See you all tonight!
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    I don't know about you guys, but my mind is blown! So many crazy things happened, I don't even know where to start. So I will just throw out some disjointed thoughts and observations to start.

    Horace tells Locke that Jacob has been waiting for him a long time. Apparently since the day he was born! Because there's Richard Alpert, the ambassador to the island peering in the window at preemie baby John! He's a miracle baby because he survived being premature, infections and other stuff.

    The theory that Ben is being replaced (which I have been thinking about all week) seems to be true. He told John, "I used to have dreams" right after Locke had the dream about Horrace. So I guess he doesn't anymore, huh? he also said to John, "the island wanted me sick and you well. My time is over."

    Mittelos has a school for special kids and a science camp for teens. Interesting. Have they been training and recruiting these special kids all along? I wonder if any of our other Losties went to science camp, or special school?

    Locke failed his first test by picking the wrong object as being "his own." Has Locke been reincarnated? Is this like the search for the new reincarnation of the Dali Lama, only Lost style? If so, who was he before? Himself, or maybe Jacob?

    Locke wants to be a hunter. Richard must not be looking for a hunter. He seems a little pissed that John picked the knife, and practically storms out. Years later, Johns teacher tries to convince him to go to science camp, where he can be around labs and beakers. He tells him he can't be a superhero. Locke tells him "Don't tell me what I can't do!" Obviously this kid can't be persuaded to do what someone else suggests for him.

    Ben gets chosen to be the leader of the island instead. But they are still watching Locke, the special miracle dude.

    So many years later, along comes creepy mysterious Abbadon, who suggests Locke go on a walkabout. Hmmm, that sounds like something an outdoorsman/hunter/superhero might like. Abbadon also mentions that when he went on a walkabout, he thought he was one thing, and came back another. he also tells him that the next time he sees him, John will owe him one. OOOOHHHH. When will that be, and what will he want?

    So John heads off on his walkabout, and rejected, ends up on this island, the walkabout to beat all walkabouts! He arrives a hunter, killing boar and trying to play the hero. But somewhere along the way, he became the man of faith. He proved he was what the island wanted when he asked the right question.... "How do I save the island?" A hunter would have asked, "How do we destroy the invaders?"

    Hurley sitting on a stump with Ben shares a candy bar. Priceless! Like a couple of tag-alongs. Ben knows his time is up, and he has been replaced. "Destiny is a fickle bitch!" Yep, Ben, you've been dumped for a better model!

    So where is Jacob? Why is dead Christian speaking on behalf of Jacob? And what's the deal with Claire? She's definitely not normal. She says, "I'm fine. I'm with him." I think she must be dead.

    Whats Frank up to? That Keamy is one scary evil SOB! I hope Frank is going to fly him into some other time or something.

    Was anyone else screaming at Desmond to get out of there and hide?!!! He was sitting entirely too close to that demented, gun-happy Keamy for my liking!

    And the final mind blowing moment of the night was the answer to Lockes question about how to save the island.

    MOVE THE ISLAND!!!!!!!

    Right at that moment, my brain collapsed! Then the phone rang. It was my DIL, an equally devoted Lost fan. We freaked out for a few minutes in unison. There was squealing, babbling, the sound of brain cogs turning, and a few dozen OMG's!

    This concept was brought up in discussion online waaaay back in the early days of Lost. The idea that the island could move around. But now, with all the time/space stuff, we have to ask, is it moving in location or in time, or both? And how exactly does one move an island? You can't stuff that in a station or through a magic door?

    No wonder no one can find it!

    I remember that once, a long time back, one of the writers added to the end of some statement, "...IF it IS indeed an island...." At the time I wondered if it was attached to the mainland on the far side. But that seems silly now. Now I REALLY wonder what they meant by that. And if it was just something said to confuse us.

    Now I really suspect its Ben in the coffin. He died being the only one who knew how to find the island, leaving Jack with no hope, and resulting in his attempted suicide. How will Jack EVER find the place, if it can be moved?

    If the 4th episode from the end of the season is like this, can you imagine what the cliffhanger will be like? Man, it's going to be a loooooong summer, fall, and most of winter waiting for season 5! I am already stressed out about it!

    Great episode!

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    had one last night too so trying to watch the show was pretty impossible. I need to watch it again whenever my eyes decide to focus.

    4ever...I'm not sure Ben can die. Granted the passing of the torch may be taking place but can't he still jump to wherever he wants to because he's in the flash forwards...right? And I still think that it has to be Micheal in that coffin. Whoever it was only had a pine box and seemed to be in a struggling area. His mom and son didn't want anything to do with him either. I'm pretty sure that they said the the deceased came from New York. Who knows? :) I'm getting my flash forwards and flash backs all swirling in my head.

    I'll watch it again and see what else I notice:)

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    PainterZ, yeah, you're right about the shabby coffin, and the seedy area of town where the funeral parlor was. But, the ff where we saw the coffin and Jack suicidal, was the furthest point into the future , and all the Ben ff's have come before that in time. Plus, Ben had lots of aliases, maybe one from NY, (but then would Jack have recognized the alias name in the obit?) Also, if Ben had no friends off island, and thought he was invincible, who would pay for a fancy coffin?

    Just working it out in my head...arguing with myself.

    Michael works just fine too for my "Jacks last hope to find the island" theory. I go back and forth between Michael and Ben as the dead person. But will Michael even survive the freighter? If he died there, would anyone bother to send his body back or notify his relatives?

    Ben couldn't die if he still had work to do for the island. And theres this game between him and Widmore. He's too much a part of the whole storyline to have him die before Jack and whoever try to return to the island. I can't imagine this show without him.

    So basically, neither of them work, and both of them work.

    About that obit... I just found this on Lostpedia:

    "Although the obituary shown in "Through the Looking Glass" names the deceased as Jo[.. ..]antham who died in "The Tower" (Apartments?) on Grand Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, it has been stated by the producers that the obit will be rewritten for a later show, and the one in "Through the Looking Glass" should be considered a prop only."

    So all we have to work with is what was said....that no one showed up for the funeral, and he is neither friend nor family to Jack.

    This show makes me crazy!

    Hope you feel better soon Painter.

    Molly, doesn't it feel good to convert a normal well balanced person into a Lost fanatic? I have converted a few myself. I taped all the episodes for my son while he was in Iraq, knowing he would love it. And he does. Then when he got married, I converted his wife. Now, my daughter has my tapes and has been converting her friends, and I know I had a small part in that too. Ahhhh, making people crazy, one person at a time.

    You better go check on Dar! She may be cowering in a corner somewhere, giddy, drooling and frantic, mumbling "we must move the island... we must move the island...."
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    Did you guys notice all the easter eggs this week?

    When Keamy pulled out the folder detailing the second protocol, it had the Dharma Orchid Station logo on it - same as Ben's parka had.

    When teen Locke got pulled out of the locker, we got a glimpse of a Geronimo Jackson poster (just like the album found in the Swan Hatch collection!) Taped behind that was a photo of Sir Richard Burton, an English explorer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, ethnologist, linguist, poet, hypnotist, fencer and diplomat. He wrote Arabian Knights.

    Loved the comic book! "MYSTERY TALES - What was the secret of the mysterious HIDDEN LAND! Does it pay to ignore the VOICE OF WARNING?" We see a terrified man looking out the window to see a city floating on a cloud above the city.

    If I was the kid, I would have picked that item!

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    Move the island?????

    Wow indeed! What an episode.

    Claire must be dead. There is no way she should have survivied the house blowing up. Plus whatever his name who sees dead people from the freighter was looking at her strange. And Molly's right, Claire would never knowingly leave Aaron behind. What an odd look on her face too! Never saw that look before.

    Locke must be something special alright! Interesting history he has. Funny thing, his mom sure didn't look preggers when she was dancing in front of her mirror to her 45 records as she was preparing to go out that night.
    And she was 6 months along too.

    Thanks 4everkid for all the details. I would really be lost without this post.

    Gotta go,
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    When Locke was entering the cabin Tom was trying to talk to me. I told him to be very quiet and watch everything that happens in the cabin. Last time Locke went in there stuff happened so fast, my head was spinning! So here the three of us were staring at the screen looking for anything and everything because everything means something!!

    I was so surprised to see Jack's dad and then Claire!! Was expecting Jacob. What is up with Jacob??? And how gross was it to see Locke dig thru the dead people looking for his clue. While Ben and Hurley share the candy bar. Too funny!!

    that's it for tonight.

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    Hi you guys!

    Here are my thoughts before I read this thread:

    Wow, things are moving fast. I guess the writers had to condense the action and leave out some of the usual charming moments.

    My thoughts:

    Claire is acting awfully dead.

    Keamy is a monster as a human being, but what a great employee he is.

    I liked that moment when Hurley shared his candy bar with Ben.

    So we are now getting some of the answers about how Ben came to be the leader of the others and the way the island power structure works.

    The man who was John's orderly seems like the human manifestation of Smokey to me. I don't know why exactly. Maybe it's something in his eyes or his general menacing air.

    So John was being watched from the time he was a baby by the island people! What did they think he was? How did they know? Oh, I guess they traveled back in time to influence events. What do you guys think?

    Being some kind of "chosen" one is pretty spooky.


    P.S. Okay, now that I've read your comments, I agree with everything everyone said. Yeah, a Tibetan Lama! That's what the "chose the object you own already" test was like.

    I'm freaking out too about "move the island". I love it when they throw us for a loop! Just when we are getting answers to some crucial questions, we get more questions! lol
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    1) Can anyone explain to me how the doctor washed up dead when he was alive on the freighter? Am I confusing a flash foward with present day time? That one freighter dude told the Doc that he washed up dead. I'm sooo confused.

    2) What is up eyeliner dude's name again? He seriously needs to stop using liquid liner and go for a softer color in a pencil...don't ya think?

  10. 4everkid

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    I have been deep in Lost research tonight. Hubby is out playing cards, so I can go into super Lost geek mode!

    The similarities between Ben and Johns lives is amazing!

    *Mother -Emily L.(Locke)
    *Born 3 months early
    *Daddy issues - father hates him
    *Mother called out "Call him John!" as he was taken from the hospital room.
    *Meets Horace Goodspeed in a dream, who directs John how to find the cabin
    *Kills his father to prove himself to The Others

    *Mother -Emily L. (Linus)
    *Born 2 months early
    *Daddy issues, father hates him
    *Mother called out “Call him Benjamin" just before she dies.
    *Father meets Horace Goodspeed on the road, who later tells him about the island and Dharma
    *Kills his father to prove himself to The Others

    Looking at the timeline and where Ben and Locke's pivotal moments occur in time, it seems as if it's Locke they really wanted on the island. But he is hard to convince. Meanwhile Ben is born with similar miraculous attributes, so he becomes the new chosen one.

    Locke is born in 1956 - a miracle baby!
    Richard visits him in 1961 to test him and mentions school for special kids. Locke fails the test and chooses the wrong item.
    Ben is born the next year, 1962 - a miracle baby!
    In 1970, young Ben arrives on the island
    1972 teen Locke is urged to go to "Mittelos Science Camp", and refuses.
    About that same time, 10-year-old Ben sees his dead mother outside the sonic fence and meets Richard. He wants to join the Others but is told to be patient.
    In 1992, Ben kills his father, the purge takes place, and he joins the Others.

    Since all attempts to recruit Locke have failed so far, Ben becomes the leader.

    2000 Locke gets shoved out the window and becomes crippled.
    during rehab, Abaddon suggests Locke go on a Walkabout.
    2004, he tries, is rejected and ends up on the island. Suddenly he is cured! A miracle man! Now they want him again!

    We know we have two players, two sides, one light, one dark.
    I am trying to figure out where all the players belong. So far I am thinking this:

    Ben, Richard, The Others, control of the Orchid
    Widmore, Abaddon, Dharma(?), control of Oceanic(?)

    Ben's team is obvious. Widmore, not as sure. But here's what I think.
    We know Abaddon is connected to Widmore because he recruited the science team to take the freighter to the island. I think they are connected to Dharma for a number of reasons. Since Ben killed off Dharma, and Widmore is his enemy. The second protocol folder Keamy had, had a dharma logo on it, and other stuff I cant remember.

    Richard tried twice to recruit Locke to the island, but had no luck. When he was a child and Richard showed him the items, John paused at the book, but then chose the knife. He was supposed to pick the book and knew that, but really wants to be a hunter.

    Later Abbadon, working for the other team, appeals to Locke in a way he can relate to, suggesting the walkabout. He tells Locke, "It's a journey of self-discovery. You go out into the Australian Outback with nothing more than a KNIFE and your wits." He finally tells him "When you're ready, Mr. Locke you'll listen to what I'm saying. And then when you and me run into each other again... you'll owe me one."

    Thats the scary part! John doesn't know he made a deal with the dark side. He tried to go on his walkabout and ended up on the island. But now he is healed and can walk again. He can hunt, gets to use a knife....everything he wished for.

    But now, when he sees Abaddon again, he owes him one. And if he doesn't pay, do you suppose he will lose his ability to walk???

    Both sides want control of the island. Both sides want control of Locke. Abaddon got Locke to the island, but now Ben is trying to get Locke to take his place as leader to keep him on their side.

    I am trying to make some sense of all these details, but it's possible that tomorrow, I will see things an entirely different way. Now I must stop before I have a brain aneurysm.

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    PainterZ, you slipped in before I returned.

    The dead Doc was a time mystery. Lat week, it was established that although he was dead on the beach, he was still alive on the freighter. Then Keamy killed him. No flashing forward or backward...just a mystery. Until we understand how the time distortion works, we won't understand.

    Eyeliner dude is Richard Alpert. In the future he will become the first male model for Maybelline for Men! "Maybe he's born with it!"
  12. Forebearance

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    Thank you for explaining who eyeliner dude is! lol

    Ooooo, your comparison is eerie, 4everkid. I'm not feeling so sure that there are good guys and bad guys in this war. Both sides seem both good and bad.

    Both sides have been ruthless in an "the end justifies the means" kind of way.

    We don't know what Mr. Widmore's story is. He said the island belongs to him. He owns the log from the Black Rock. I think it's possible that his ancestors had some connection with the island. Hmmm.

    Maybe that's why the Dharma Institute located there. The Dharma Institute seemed like good, innocent people. Or at least, people with good intentions. I wonder why the Others felt they had to kill them?

    We know that Mr. Widmore and Ben both have some reprehensible qualities, as human beings. I'm not sure whose side to be on!

    Ooo, yes, it will be interesting to see what happens if/when Locke meets Mr. Abbadon again. Oh yeah, it was the hint of smoke on the the door that made me think he was Smokey in an alternate form.

    I've been doing my own pondering on this latest episode.

    What I found myself thinking about was the crew on the ship. How many of them are left, besides the mercenaries? Is there anyone on board now besides Michael who came on the boat?

    What I was thinking was, now that the captain is dead, I bet Desmond could drive that ship. What if Sayid comes back with a load of survivors, and then for some reason the ship takes off for home?

    That would leave the mercenaries and the remaining Oceanic survivors and the Others on the island to battle it out forever. Yikes.


    P.S. I read in the newspaper yesterday that the next two seasons of Lost will be 17 episodes each, instead of 16, to make up for the two episodes that this season was shorted. Yay!!!
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