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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Apr 17, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Wow, that caught me off guard!

    What were those last words Ozzie said to the camera before tribal council? Something about being confident....and how his group has played this game before and can't be fooled. Knowing how everyone thinks of him as such a Survivor pro, he must be feeling pretty foolish now.

    I missed the first 15 minutes. I came in where Eric was expressing his amazement at being surrounded by so many topless native women.

    The whole Jason and the donuts thing was pretty amusing. They all made a verbal agreement to not vote Jason out if he dropped out of the challenge. But like grade schoolers, they all crossed their fingers - like that makes it okay to go back on their word. Then, back at camp, they all went on about what a stupid move it was for Jason to trust them, trying to justify the fact that they all planned to stab him in the back.

    Wait a minute. Aren't these people always talking about how they don't want to be lied to. Lying and back stabbing are like the cardinal Survivor sins. But it's okay for them to do it because they all agree, and they crossed their fingers?

    Then Ozzie gets blindsided. He didn't even see that coming. And he is royally pi$$ed because one of the people he trusted, lied and stabbed him in the back! And that's NOT okay? Maybe that person crossed their fingers. Did he even think of that?

    Well, Jason sure was happy about how that turned out. And I loved the look on Amanda's face. That pretty much blew her plans. And wasn't Cerie in Ozzie's alliance at one time too? Is she gonna take any heat for voting out the great and powerful Oz, or just Parvati? From where I came in, it looked like Cerie's idea.

    Eliza the lone juror was having fun tonight! So animated! She looked good - all tan and spiffed up. I think she thoroughly enjoyed the fall of Ozzie.

    It will be interesting to see where it goes from here. This is a good season. So much drama!

    Now I need to go back and watch the first 15 minutes I missed.
  2. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I agree that Jason was a fool. He knows that not one of those people is his friend. And he knew how desperate they were for food. But I found it ironic that most of them agreed to keep him safe, with the intention of going back on their word, and how Ozzie was so infuriated that someone lied to HIM. And now, the ones who were true to their word, and didn't vote Jason out, are the ones that Ozzies allies will be mad at, for NOT lying.

    When the final tribal council comes, and everyone has their turn to comment on the behavior of the final contestants, lying and backstabbing is always a big black mark against them.

    This game is crazy!

    What will Amanda do now? She didn't join the girl power alliance when she had the chance. Will she try to now? If this girl power thing holds, I imagine they will target Jason and James next, then Eric. And with Amanda and Parvati being the strongest girls, they may have the edge in the physical challenges. Alexis seems pretty strong too.

    I would rather see Eric win than any of the girls. I don't think there is much hope for James unless he can turn a few people around.
  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Yep, you called it fighty. I will believe everything you predict from now on. I really thought Ozzie was smarter than that. But I guess the new puffed up Ozzie was just a little too confident this time.

    I loved him the first time he was on Survivor. Cute, good at everything, a hard worker, and kind of kept to himself. I liked him this time too, but these last few episodes, he was getting a little too pompous for his own good. I am disappointed to see him go though. I didn't like him as much, but I guess I still liked him better than most of these people. Even with his self pride, I was still rooting for him and James. Actually, I am surprised that he lasted this long, especially once he paired up with Amanda. That's never a good idea in this game.

    I am still marveling over the whole Jason thing. It's just hilarious how it all turned out. Everyone in the camp, especially Ozzie, was laughing about how stupid Jason was to trust them... And it turns out Ozzie was the stupid one who trusted too much.

    I say, they better watch out for mini Ozzie. Eric has been slinking quietly into the background, avoiding the drama. But he is a strong, athletic guy. And being thin and wispy helps in some of those stamina challenges. The girl power girls are focused on James and Jason, but Eric is a force to be reckoned with too.

    The way I see it, the only hope for any of the guys is if Amanda stays true to her remaining alliance with James and Eric. If they can convince Jason to join their team, it will be 4 against 4. If they can sway Cerie back to their side, they will have the numbers again. But will Jason trust the people who tried to vote him out? And would Cerie join forces with all the strong people? I really doubt it.

    Okay fighty, who's next to go?
  4. kjade

    kjade New Member

    YAY!! My DVR got the show this time!!

    Wow.....another GREAT episode!! This season really is pretty exciting, I must say. I really thought it was going to be Jason (oh, boy...any time I type that name, you know what I am thinking about!! LOL) - I felt bad for him. The others did appear so childish crossing their fingers.....I thought it was mean.

    But the "Great & Powerful Ozzie" finally had the curtain pulled on him! What an IDIOT!!! I cannot BELIEVE he did not use the idol? You are all right too.....he was getting a bit too smug for his own good! Did you see the look on Amanda's face? PRICELESS!!

    And what was up with Eliza when they read the vote? GEEEZ girl.....CALM IT DOWN!!! We all know you are stunned, but GLORY BE...SETTLE DOWN!!! (oh she annoys me....)

    James is by far still my favorite (that big lovable dope!) The best line of the night from James was "What the Nickolodeon is going on HEEAHHH?" I laughed so hard at that cuz I was thinking the same thing....what was with the colored water, or WAS it Nickolodeon goop?

    After watching the preview of next week, things do not look so good for the guys.....don't get me wrong, I am all for "women power" and all, but these catty women annoy me, and most of them are doing NOTHING but riding coattails, and flying under the radar. That tactic will only take them so far....we have seen it too many times on Survivor.

    Eric (LEIF - NOT David) is growing on me. That was funny when he ate that plant or fruit (what WAS that and where do I get me some?? LOL) and got really drunk from it. WHAT A LIGHTWEIGHT!!!! Ha Ha!!

    And Jason, Jason, Jason (sorry just had to type that name a couple times) - you need to smarten up a little Mr Gymnastics....this is a cutthroat game here! Not "oh, I will be nice and be your friend....I trust you all to NOT betray me because I am a nice guy....". Is he truly a "FAN"? Has he ever watched this show before?

    All I know is as much as Parvati irritates me beyond words, she is playing pretty smart. And I noticed that Cirie has finally conquered her "leaf fear". I could not believe she survived on her own on that island in that dreadful weather!! I had to give her credit, and I do think she was the mastermind behind Ozzie's departure.

    Ozzie WAS NOT a happy camper, was he? Did you see how he looked at them? If looks could kill, there would only be about 3 people left on that island. (And Jeff Probst would be one of them!)

    See you next week FANS!!!!
  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Fighty, did you mean Parvati instead of Amanda? I don't recall Amanda turning on Ozzie. But Parvati sure did. And the previews show James pretty mad at her for that.

    Tleaw, I missed Eric's salute. How cute.

    Kjade, I missed James' "What the nickelodeon..." remark. But I remember a part when I couldn't understand what he said.

    I forgot about Eric and the magic beans! At least he was good natured about the negative after effects. I forgot the name of it too. But the native kids sure seemed amused by him.

    Boy, Ozzie WAS mad when he got snuffed! You are right Kjade, that was one deadly glance. And he spread it around so everyone got a piece of it.

    I have never seen a jury member behave as Eliza did. What a drama queen! Can a person get kicked off the jury??
    Usually, other than an occasional eyeroll, the jury members remain very stoic. But not Eliza. She comes out all happy and waving at the group. Then the exaggerated looks of disbelief...I thought they might have to clean up some jaw off the ground in front of her. Her behavior was so unusual, I had to look up the rules.

    According to Wikipedia, Jury members are not allowed to speak or interact with the players still in the game; they are only there to observe the questioning and voting that occurs. They are not allowed to discuss their voting or issues with the remaining contestants, with other jury members, or the final players in order to prevent any possible cooperation or collusion from subgroups within the jury.

    Eliza was quiet, but there was a LOT of interaction going on. They may have to gag her back at the Ponderosa. I am glad I looked that up, because I always wondered if the jury members sat around and discussed who pi$$ed them off the most.

    Kjade....you and your Jasons. I can just imagine some week in the near future...one day, you'll be devastated, crying your eyes out, wracked with grief because your poor Jason got voted off. The next day, you'll be laughing hysterically and cheering because Jason got voted off. As they are carting you off to the funny farm, you will be mumbling, I love my Jason... I hate that Jason!... I love my Jason...
  6. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Yes, if you have any way to go back and watch the immunity challenge, it is worth it to see James say what he said. Also, it was funny when he was laughing at one of the girls for accidently dumping her bucket, then while he was laughing, he does the SAME THING!!

    I had to watch the show again the other nite so dh could see it (since he always falls asleep!)

    You are funny about my Jasons!! Hey, don't count mine out just yet!! Did you see my post on the AI thread about me inviting you to come join us?

    Hey, you never know.....we could have 2 JASONS as CHAMPIONS OF REALITY TV this year!! Wait....make that 3!! There is also a Jason on DWTS!!!

    (I don't think they are coming to take me away just yet, hahaheehoho)
  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Everyone plays dirty and then screams bloody murder when they get stung. The better one plays, the bigger a target he or she becomes. It's a balancing game to be good and not be a threat to everyone else. Arrogance will get one bounced pretty quickly.

    This is another show I love. I never miss it because it's programmed into my TiVo. OMG, TiVo has changed my life. I don't know how I ever lived without it. Now that all y'all talked me into buying the front loading washer and dryer, I don't know how I lived without them either.

    Love, Mikie
  8. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    So true Mikie! There is a real art to being good on Survivor, yet quiet and humble enough to avoid banishing. James has been pretty good about being strong and laying low, so far. Plus, at this point in the game, they need to start thinking about taking someone everyone dislikes to the final 3, and less about alliances.
  9. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    As the previews show the girls wanting to get rid of the men. If they were smart, they'd get rid of Amanda first, because she can tell all to her old alliance. But they might rid off one of the men, just to show some girl power.

    Mikie, What's a TiVo? I've heard of them, but I don't know what they are. Is it a playback TV?

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    TiVo is the brand name. They are digital video recorders (DVD's). They have a built-in chip and can hold hours of recorded programs. I have an HD TV, so I can't record and hold as many hours as those without HD TV's. My DVD is integrated into the cable TV box which delivers the HD signal. They newer TV's can receive the signal without the boxes. Also, one can buy a separate DVD unit. If one does that, however, one may have to pay a monthly access fee. I just rent mine from Comcast.

    I simply click on the guide and click on any program I want it to record. I can also program it to automatically record my favorite programs each week.

    DVD's also allow one to pause any program and go back to it later. I use this when I get a phone call in the middle of a program I am watching. You can also back up any show you are watching and replay it. Great for sports or if you miss something.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
  11. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Mikie, that sounds so nice! I want a TiVo now. :)


    OMG, I cannot believe Jason was so stupid not to play the immunity idol. They were all shocked that he didn't play it. James would've went home.

    Thank God Erick won the immunity. Such a birthday boy!

    Funny how James said he'd eat the bat soup. :) Ha ha! He's my favorite in the game, but I believe he'll be going home next week, if he doesnt' change some of the politics going on.

    Silly, silly Jason thought he was safe tonight.


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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Those women are blindsiding the men. Poor Jason; I don't think he's the brightest bulb. So naive and trusting. That one girl is getting way too powerhungry and cocky. And I thought Parvati was bad!

    Love, Mikie
  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Wow, I never liked creepy Natalie. But I have to say, I liked her better when she was lurking, podlike and silent. She is an evil bi+<#! My daughter, StillAkid, said Natalie looked like she came from Whoville. Although she rarely watches Survivor, at least she knows who to pick on!

    I'm glad it was Eric's birthday, and they let him stay safe. I have grown to like the kid. I want James or Eric to win.

    James, James, James...why are you NOT even trying? He could have gotten Amanda and Eric, who were his allies "yesterday", and tried to come up with a plan to keep them all safe. They could have sat Jason down and given him a quick lesson in wise-the-heck-up, and at least had even numbers. Then they could have at least tried to coax Cerie back to their side. But even though he knows he is about to go, he didn't even try!!!!

    And Eric... don't you realize that you will be the first or second person to go next? Why are you siding with the girl power team?

    Jason, why are you so incredibly stupid? Why are you trusting anyone in this game?

    Everything I ever felt about Ozzie being such an incredible Survivor player was completely erased by his behavior last night. Obviously he is still enraged. It's one thing to be sorry you lost, but to launch the finger was uncalled for. At the final tribal council/reunion, they need to give him the award for being the poor sport/sorest looser ever.

    Did Ozzies foul attitude rub off on Eliza, or did she get a talkin' to from the Survivor bosses?

    Speaking of the final TC/reunion, this is going to be a good one! Ozzie will have plenty to say for sure. Hopefully Jason will have a few words for Natalie. And I hope they all gang up on The Hulk, bound him up and drag him down a gravel road.

    When Jeff brought out the plate of bats, and everyone groaned, I said "Give them to James! He'll eat them!" Then immediately, James said "I'll eat 'em." I died laughing inside my head!

    I sure hate to see James go, but if he doesn't do something fast, his island days are numbered. I assume they will put another hidden immunity on exile island, so maybe he will have a chance to get that, or the regular immunity. Ditto all ove the above for Eric.

    Maybe James could fake a birthday!

    Whatever happens, please don't let the newly hatched Natalie of Whoville win this game!!!!!! Stuff that girl back in her pod and float her off the island, quick!
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    What always gets me is that by the time they have the reunion, most of them all make nice with one another, no matter how angry and bitter they were during the contest. I think the producers egg them on. It makes for more dramatic TV.

    I'm sooooo thankful that we have TV to get our minds off our miseries. Sometimes, reading is just too difficult when we are really tired. Our computers are a God send too. Without this board and my research, I could never have achieved any healing at all.

    If I ever win the LOTTO, I'm gonna be "Ms. Techno Gadgets Galore."

    Love, Mikie