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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, May 1, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I thought I should put up a fresh new thread, since I neglected to do that last week.

    We are down to 8 now, and from the sound of it, tonight could be interesting. On the CBS site, they have the following synopsis:

    The pain keeps on piling up! Two Castaways' positions in the game are threatened in drastically different ways by serious injuries. The tears flow during an emotional family reunion. One Castaway goes from power-player to the most desperate of all. And in a season filled with surprises like blindsides and unexpected exits, the shockers aren't over yet!

    Please let that desperate former power player be Natalie! I want to see her gone!

    Also, while on the CBS site, I saw that they have a Ponderosa series. (The place the losers get sent.)I just had to watch Ozzie's arrival at the camp of losers. Ozzie is quite "the bird" lover. He displayed his bird for the camera on the trip there.

    I look forward to discussing the show with all of the gang later!

    Whoops, miscount in the title! I corrected it to 7.[This Message was Edited on 05/02/2008]
  2. kjade

    kjade New Member

    OK!! Well, my DVR screwed up again 4everkid!!
    Seems my lovely cable company switched the entire channel lineup (to make things easier for the consumer!!) so - that &**$%%@#&*#( DVR did NOT record the show tonight!! ARRRGHHHH!!

    Please tell me what happened tonight!! I want DETAILS!! Play by play!! I know you can deliver! I don't have time or patience to look it all up online. (you know why)

    Have I mentioned lately that DVR's are such wonderful pieces of electronic equipment? They are so great - you just push a button - that's it!! Then your favorite shows are THERE - for you to watch at your own leisure!! The BEST part is......I pay an additional fee each month on my cable bill to enjoy the privilege of a DVR! Isn't that nice?

    Well...this is partially my fault - I should have checked it before I went off to the store to make sure it was set up right, but I was busy researching you know who!! So I am slapping MYSELF in the face right now!
  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I am not very good at recapping all the details, especially tonight after Lost fried my brain. But I'll give it a shot.

    Right after tribal council, James had to report to the medical team. It turns out that the gash on his finger is infected. He gets treated and bandaged up, but with a warning. If it isn't better by tomorrow, he will have to get surgery and leave the game. Without surgery, he could lose his finger or worse, his hand. He is very worried, since he works with his hands.

    The next morning, Alexis falls and hurts her knee. She's limping, and it looks pretty bad, but no one checks her out, (unless I missed it).

    At the challenge, they played one of those games where everyone had to answer questions about their tribe members. Then he reads the questions again and everyone votes for whose name came up most.

    "Who does the most for the tribe?" (Everyone answers James, except James himself.)
    "Who never shuts up? (Parvati, unanimous.)
    There were many more I don't remember.

    Each castaway had an effigy (a likeness of themselves) with three ropes attached. When someone got a correct answer they got to choose someone and chop one of their ropes. Last effigy standing wins.

    But wait, there's more! Each person had a loved one there to visit. There was laughing. There was crying.

    Alexis wins the reward. She and her brother will be traveling to Jellyfish Lake to swim with the (non stinging) jellyfish. She gets to choose two others. She chose Cerie, (accompanied by her husband) who spared her with the final rope chop, and Natalie, (whose mother does not look at all like she came from Whoville.) Alexis chooses Amanda to go to Exile Island, where a new idol has been hidden.

    Off to swim with the jellyfish! They swim, they laugh, they build life long memories. Cerie has an epiphany. Maybe everything in the world is NOT all scary and ookey afterall!

    Erik, Parvati, and James return to camp and the medical team returns. James prays for it to be ok, but the doc informs him that it's too risky, he must have the surgery. He goes back and gives Parvati a big hug and Eric a fond farewell.

    James says, "I'd much rather have been voted out but I'm definitely ready to go get this thing fixed. Ain't no need playing with it, ain't no need fraternizing about it, just go and get it done."

    This is where I cried like a big baby. This was not what I had planned for James.

    When the jellyfish gang arrives back at the beach and finds James evacuated, Cerie starts to worry. With only one man left, they MUST not let Eric win immunity or the Black Widows will have to eat one of their own.

    At the immunity challenge, sure enough, Eric wins - shooting bottles with a rifle.

    Back on Exile Island, Amanda follows the clues and finds the final clue to the Hidden Immunity. Its back at camp buried under the flag! When she arrives home, she tells them she doesn't have the H.I. and empties her bags to prove it to them. Later she confided in Parvati to help distract the others so she can dig it up. Parvati and Amanda are BFF's now.

    Cerie, Alexis, Natalie and Eric decide to vote Amanda off. None of them hide it from her. She is the biggest threat and most loved by the jury. Parvati tells them she can not, and will not, vote for her BFF. Amanda try-ies to sway and guilt Eric, reminding him that she kept him safe into the merge. He tells her he is sticking to his decision. Next she tries to sway Cerie. Cerie fears a tie in which they will be forced to draw to determine the looser. She can't afford that, and must stick with the majority. We last see Amanda digging furiously in the sand below the flag.

    At tribal council, James joins the jury with his rolling IV unit. All is well, all limbs and appendages intact. Amanda accuses Eric of betraying her. She helped him when he needed it, then when she needed his help, he denied her. He doesn't give in. Amanda and Parvati both look very sad, and the jury looks shocked that Amanda is targeted. The votes are cast.

    Jeff makes his usual call for the hidden immunity, and there is a long, dead silence. Finally Amanda pops up and says, "about that, Jeff...." and brings forth the hidden immunity in all its glorious primitive beauty. She announces that she didn't lie to them, she really didn't have the H.I. when she said that. A look of sheer terror darkens the faces of the others as Jeff reads the final votes.

    The jury is dancing with glee inside their respective heads, glad to see that someone was finally capable of not only bringing the idol along, but actually USING it.

    4 votes Amanda - 2 votes Alexis. Alexis does the walk of shame.

    So we went from 7 survivors, down to 5 in one episode.

    It kills me to see big strong teddy bear James have to give up the chance to win a million so he can continue to dig graves back home. All because of what started out as a little cut on his finger. Maybe there will be some special prize for him at the reunion. The "strongest, most helpful most caring, most laid back, most loved by the viewers and tribemates, with the most sucky job to go home to" award! Surely they have one of those!

  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Will have a target on her back. She is a favorite with the jury. Anyone wanting to get to the final two will want Natalie or Parvati because they are the Evil twins. Natalie is worse and Parvati does have her good side. She is an excellent player. I don't think anyone can win against Amanda if she is in the final two. Last night was another good blindsider. I also hated to see James go.

    Love, Mikie
  5. sisland

    sisland New Member

    Kid~~~Your Description is Better than the Show!,,,,Loved it!,,,,I hated to see James go toooo!,,,But the Little dance Amanda did when hauling the H.I. in took the cake!,,,,,,,,I'm just really worried about her getting voted off next week now!

    she's actualy from the Montana area so i have a Favorite in her,,,,,remember she made it to the last 2 last time,,,,,,,i hope she wins,,,,,,,but also it would have been fun to see James in the final 2 also!,,,,Hope he wins something like you say!,,,,,,Sis
  6. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Ok, we are all just a little nutty on Suvivor Island. (I've been a Survivor fan since the get go.)

    James said: I could lose not only my finger but my hand and I work with my hands.

    This appears to make sense to me.

    People on the island (no, not the LOST island!) say that James needs his hand because he works with it.

    4everkid said something similar so it musta, kinda made sense to her, too.

    Hello! It's a game and a HAND! Yes, it's potentially lots of money BUT whether of not you use your hands at work you kinda want to keep them!

    My favourite is Ciree. I really wanted her to win last time. I don't know why she isn't more popular. She's so sane and rational and normal. Maybe that's her teleproblem.

    Using both hands 'cause I like them,

  7. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    I may just give up watching TV and simply read 4everkid instead. You do a great job.

    Can you do recaps of The Office, too?



    PS Don't want to pollute the LOST thread with my attitude. Last night was a pretty good episode but I am still totally over it. I watched it from first episode with such avid attention. I love the whole genre of the desert island, castaway, thing (always have) and I love puzzles and I love many of the disciplines they reference from quantum physics to philosophy. I know this is a heretical thing to say but I'd still love lost if this were the final season and they were going to wrap it up.

    shhhh! don't tell anyone!
  8. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Not James!!! NOOOOOOO!!!! He was my pick to win the whole thing!!! Why, oh WHY can't my favorites EVER win these things? WHY??? And to go out because of an injury! I'm glad now I missed it.....I probably would have cried like a baby too! That reminds me of that guy from Season 2 (was his name Michael?) who had to leave cuz he fell in the fire - I remember being so upset that they did not allow him to return after he was treated.

    Thank you so much for the great "play-by-play"!! You did a GREAT job! You and Laura (lgp) really ought to be reporters for reality TV!! I don't even need to search the web for info - thank you - now I can do other things!!

    I laughed out loud when I read what you wrote about Natalie's mom not being from Whoville!! HAHAHA!! That was good! Natalie is very creepy, isn't she? Oh and how funny that Amanda found and used the Idol! Maybe I am starting to like her a bit now.

    I think next should be Parvati (at least I hope) or Natalie - I know this is Survivor, but she seems to get too much pleasure from being a snake, and that bothers me.

    Thanks again Kid!!
  9. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Yeah, I gained more respect for Amanda last night. She handled the situation well. She was deceptive, but did not actually lie. She tried to coax her former allies back, but didn't throw a big hissy fit when they refused. And she actually showed she had some brains.
    I was surprised Eric didn't stick by her, but also impressed that he didn't. Why should he trust her? Jason learned the hard way that no one is trustworthy. Eric was honest with her, and to the point, but stuck with the majority. Of course, he will need to keep winning that idol to stay in!

    Next week, May 8th, Survivor is on at it's normal time. But 3 days later, on SUNDAY the 11th, it's the final episode and the reunion show. This 3 hour finale is on opposite Desperate Housewives and Brothers and Sisters. So if you are a fan of all 3 shows, you may have to make arrangements to tape something.

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