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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Apr 10, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I don't know why, but I am really in the mood for something different for dinner.... maybe some Boiled Bat Soup!

    That was an interesting turn of events at Tribal Council. Jason passed his immunity stick off to Eliza and she ended up looking like the fool. Not that he doesn't still look like a fool. (I can't help but notice, the kid is starting to look more and more like Mufasa the Lion King every week.)

    Jason is really full of himself now with his immunity necklace, and the fact that he beat out Ozzie. And Ozzie looked pretty irritated that he was beaten by a fan.

    Poor Amanda. Everybody wants her...except Ozzie. That was kind of funny that Parvati assumed Amanda would be ready to dump her current allies and join her and the Barbies. She had it all figured out before she even asked Amanda if she was in. Can't these people just say "no"? If by some miracle Parvati and Amanda make it to the end, they will have NO friends on the jury, only people they lied to and stabbed in the back. That is, if Amanda lets Parvati believe she is in the Barbie alliance.

    Eric must have been relieved to be blending into the background this week.

    Eliza cracked me up, lurking in the background, just within earshot. The only thing that would have made it funnier is if she had camouflaged herself in palm branches.
    Poor Eliza, she had such high hopes of overthrowing Ozzie and his followers. But she really needed to go home. She looks so thin and hungry.

    It should be really interesting now that they have merged. So many male ego's and manipulating bimbo's at work now. Ozzie's secret's out about the hidden immunity idol. Mufasa is all puffed up with the feeling of victory. James is all fresh and rejuvenated after a big meal of wet slimy Bat's. That odd Natalie just silently lurks, and really creeps me out! Alexis is hot for Ozzie. Amanda is out for jilted lovers revenge and Cerie is egging her on. And Parvati is the ally of the masses! She will probably be next to go, just for being so fickle.

    Creepy Natalie will probably win the million by lurking her way to the top.
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  2. fight4acure

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    Eliza knew the immunity idol was fake, yet she did not save herself by apologizing for wanting to vote others off. She should've came clean and excepted the fact that she did wrong, and make herself out to be the unliked player of the game rather than the strongest player.

    I cannot honestly believe that Jason thought he had the real immunity idol. He's seen the show before. I cannot remember if he was a favorite or a fan, but if I was on the island and I thought the immunity idol was not what it usually looked like, I too would pass it off for someone else to use. I think deep in his mind he did not think it was real.

    I know they want to get rid of Ozzy's power now. She went out with a bang, and that was awesome she said Ozzy had it!

    : )
  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    That was pretty stupid of Jason to think that stick was real. The prop people go to a lot of work to build all the game props and immunity idols to fit the theme, even the tree mail.

    What Eliza should have done, is kept her suspicions to herself and told Jason to give her the Immunity necklace, and shock the group by pulling out his "hidden immunity". He's so full of himself he probably would have jumped on the idea to trick and outsmart the others.

    "Skeletor qualities" is so true kjm! Especially her face. So thin and sunken that her eyes are almost bugging. Next time, she needs to fatten up before the game, so when she loses 11 lbs, it won't be half her total body weight. When she was lurking in the bushes with her googly eyes, I couldn't help but think of Gollum, in Lord of the Rings.

    Fighty - I agree. Eliza was stupid to link herself up with one unliked fan, especially once she learned the idol was fake. How did the two of them think they could accomplish anything?

    They should have tried to gather the fans together with Eliza and form an alliance. Because whether Eric likes it or not, Ozzie won't take him to the final three when he was aligned with Amanda and Cerie first. Natalie and Alexis could have been convinced that Parvati already had another alliance before them, and was untrustworthy. If they could have established a unified group of fans + Eliza, the numbers would have been an even 5 vs 5. Then if they could sway just one more favorite who wanted Ozzie gone, the fans could have taken over the game. But they didn't even try.

    I think they will be getting rid of Jason first chance they get. You KNOW Ozzie will want him gone now that the kid beat him at something. Unless he wins immunity again.

    The alliances have changed and overlapped so much, I don't know where they stand now.

    First there was Ozzie/Amanda/Parvati/James.

    Then when they got split up it changed to Ozzie/Amanda/Cerie/Eric.

    Meanwhile Parvati dumped James and formed Parvati/?Amanda?/Alexis/Natalie

    Not to forget the egotistical alliance of ONE - Jason!

    As it stands now, it looks like Ozzie and Amanda have all the power, plus Parvati, if no one figures out that she is in two alliances. If they were smart, these people who are lower on the totem pole of their own alliances should band together and oust the ones in power. James, Eric, Alexis, Natalie and Jason VS Ozzie, Amanda, Cerie and Parvati.

    But they wont do that. James is not much of a schemer. Alexis is all goo-goo over Ozzie. Eric also worships the great and powerful Oz.

    If James can make it to the final 3, I think he would win simply because he has never lied to or manipulated anyone. He is liked by all. Which makes him a threat! Plus he is strong and athletic, so he's in danger unless he gets in tight with an alliance.

    My brain hurts!

    The Survivor site on CBS.com has a video clip of "the Ponderosa" that's interesting. That's the place the jury goes and waits out the rest of the game. I always wondered where they went. Right now, Eliza is there alone with a huge stock of food and hygiene products to herself. Not a fancy place.... but anything would seem like the Ritz after sleeping in the mud and eating bat soup!
  4. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    The question for the winner always comes down to, 1) should the judges chose the one who outpowered everyone, made enemies with everyone, and still made it to the final two, or 2) should the judges chose the one who stayed under the radar? Usually they do not see someone who stayed under the radar as a strong player, so most the time it is the one who excells the best in challenges. So, get Ozzie out, get Jason out, and get James out. Then may Erik or one of the girls can excell and win. But the question comes down to, who's the strongest and yet still survived.

    Most the time they'll pick the one who stood out rather than the one under the radar.

  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Thank you so much 4everkid for the update on Survivor! My STUPID DVR (again the dumb contraption I was praising weeks ago) did not record the show. I don't know why? I had AI set up to record, so I think it bumped Survivor for some reason. Who knows with this stupid electronic equipment! (or maybe the dumb blonde that is programming it....)

    So I see that Eliza got the boot? Not surprising, I guess. She was an easy target. I WISH I could have seen the part where Mufasa (funny) used the fake idol. Did he know it was fake, or did he really think he was helping Eliza?

    Oh well.....guess I can't comment much more since I missed it. Can you watch it online, I wonder? I will have to go see.....I just HATE watching anything on my computer though.
  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I am starting to look like the biggest tv nerd EVER on this board, with all my tv program threads. I'm going to have to come up with something intelligent and thought provoking to post, just to break the mold.


    I agree with your take on the jury. Plus, it depends on the personality of each jury member. I don't think the lazy people or "under the radar" people deserve to win either. Like if Natalie the extraterrestrial were to win, I would be fuming for weeks! Has that girl ever spoken a word? (I think she communicates with her mind.) I don't want someone like her to win because she is like a total stranger. I know nothing about her.

    We can't get James out! I like James! He may be the only contestant with a heart.


    You can watch it online. I hate to have to stoop to that too. But it would be worth it just to see James eat slimy bat, and Eliza's hilarious lurking!

    Survivor and AI were on at the same time last week. I don't know anything about DVR's, but with a VCR, you can only choose one thing to tape at a time.

    Jason believed the idol was real and told Eliza he would give it to her if he won the other idol at the challenge. And he did. When Eliza saw it, she told him it was just a stick. But she decided to take a chance and play it anyway, and used that opportunity to rat out Ozzie for having the real one.


    I loved James' attitude about the bats. Poor big dude was probably hungry! Is there some reason he would choose Bat over fish though, or coconuts, or dirty beach sand, or cave mold? The only way a bat would ever enter my mouth is if I were paralyzed and someone stuffed it down my throat. Funny that he said it taste's like rabbit. I will take his word for that.

    I am about as adventurous as you. I nearly drowned just watching that immunity challenge!

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