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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Kjade, did you watch Survivor last night? It was a pretty good episode. I really don't like Ami, so it was great for me how it turned out.

    Wasn't Ami just last week trying to vote Ozzy out? Then she was telling him how he could count on her...

    Poor young mini-Ozzie was scrambling to save his butt, spilling all the goods on Ami. I guess there was not much else he could do at that point.

    The scene where Ami approached Eric with her machete and THANKED him for trashing her to the other girls.... how because of him, she now had a tighter bond with them... so passive aggressive and ultra snarky. OOOOOH, what a bi+@#!!!!

    Then Eric waiting at the beach for Ozzie to return, so pathetic, yet it worked in his favor.

    Tribal council was a hoot! Ami looked so smug in the beginning. She was so sure she was now safely a member of the cool kids group, and that Eric was going to get the boot. Then when she began to realize she might not be safe - here come the great big crocodile tears! What WAS that? A last ditch effort to force the teammates into a pity save, or a hormonal explosion? Whatever it was - I loved it!

    So Eric's whole "teach me to be like you Ozzie" thing last week, that Cirie thought was so funny, really payed off for the kid! Ozzie chose well when he decided to keep his devoted puppy over the backstabbing Ami.

    And whether or not Ozzie feels like the leader of the group or wants to be...he is. Amanda and the others were so sure they wanted to keep Ami, till Ozzie batted his big doe eyelashes at her.

    Meanwhile, back at the other camp, Parvati has shown evidence that she has a brain! He idea to vote off the strong guys before the merge was actually a smart plan! She risks becoming powerless, unless all the remaining girls are lesbians, but would stand a better chance in the challenges. Unfortunately, it looks like her plan came a little too late. The preview looked like the merge is close at hand.

    Can't wait for next week!
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  2. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I was so SHOCKED when Jeff was reading the votes! That REALLY was a shocker! (and I am normally not shocked with the outcome of that show) My mouth was hanging open! NOW....the show is getting good again!!!!

    I did not care for Ami either. I kept trying to tell dh what was going on (while he was snoring) and I was explaining how sneaky she was. She was the one playing both sides against eachother. She turned on quite a few people. And yes, she was the one who had the idea to get rid of Ozzie. (DUMB girl.....why didn't she do it when she had the chance).

    HOWEVER....she DID always stick with them, and voted the way "they" (the cool crowd) wanted her to. Which I never understood. I thought for SURE it was going to be Eric (David Cassidy) last night. I felt so bad for him....with those big puppy-dog eyes! But how brilliant of him to use the only card he had in his deck! I cannot believe it worked! I guess you just don't turn on the "czar" Ozzie! Wow...did you see the look in his eyes when Eric told him what Ami had been saying? Glad HE didn't have the machete in his hand at that moment!!

    I agree - that scene with Ami and Eric was very creepy to me. She came off a little like an evil wicked witch there.

    At tribal council I really thought she had swayed them all, I really did. However, with all her behind the scenes antics, I really did feel she was telling the truth there. I am someone who has always been an outsider, and feels like no one likes me, so when she was saying she finally felt like she was part of the group, I almost could relate. Honestly, I felt bad for her when she got the boot. (although I always feel bad for the loser - I am a sap like that!)

    Did you really have to bring up Parvati? UGH - that girl irritates the living daylights out of me! She thinks she is so cute and acts like every guy just loves her....but you're right - she is kinda playing a little smart now. She does seem to be pulling the wool over big dopy James' eyes! Is it me or do you find it funny that they have to put his words on the screen b/c you just cannot understand one thing he is saying? Ahhh, I love him though...he is just so huge and cute! When I become famous, I want him as my bodyguard!!

    I cannot wait now for the merge - this should be good. Did you notice in the preview that poor Amanda seems to be a little jealous of that other girl? (can't recall her name right now...she is blond). I really hope that girl shakes things up with their little alliance.

    One more thing that I noticed....they just must be SOOOOOO hungry there! Did you notice how much they were just SWOONING over that nasty looking pizza? Did you get a good look at that pizza? It looked worse than the 99 cent pizzas I buy for snacks! Well, I guess anything looks better than a 2 pound RAT cooking over a fire, fur and all (that was GROSS!)

    How about our HE-MAN James opening beer bottles with his teeth! Hubby kept saying he was going to break his teeth. Geeez, couldn't they give them a bottle opener for those? Oh, maybe that will be their prize at the next challenge! Why didn't they just give them canned beer?

    Anyway, I am into this season now....like I said I think it's finally getting good now. So many previous seasons were just too predictable and as much as I love this show, I'd hate to say it has been getting rather boring and same old, same old.

    One last thought.....I have always thought Ozzie was so hotttt! I was jealous of that other girl (whose name I cannot remember) being alone there on that island with him. I often wonder what goes on that they don't show us? But then again, they all just must STINK, but do they all smell so bad that they don't notice how bad everyone else smells? Not being able to bathe or brush my teeth would make me insane.

    People laugh at me when I have gone camping, cause I am not the "camper type" - I need my make-up, hair dryer and scented lotions. Can you imagine ME on Survivor? No....my family can't either. Oh well, maybe it's just a dream after all.
  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Hey tleaw! Glad you decided to join us!
    I remember a guy sharpening a machete - I can picture the scene, but I just can't remember the guy! I will have to google him, or I won't be able to rest.

    I am also anxious for rat boy to use his immunity stick! That will be hilarious. What would really be a hoot is if Jeff accepted it.

    I missed seeing James pop bottles open with his teeth. I am thankful for missing it. I did catch the part about how Popeye wouldn't go in that water, and Jacques Cousteau would say "dayam!" Gotta love that James!

    Kjade - I have a bone to pick with you. David Cassidy??? I remember David. I idolized his hair. Not the guy, just the perfectly feathered hair. I strived to have his hair - every day. Now, are you sure you have the right 70's pop idol in mind? May I suggest Leif Garret, or the ever fading Peter Frampton? (Check my profile pic for a handy visual aid!)

    Yes, Ami was a sneaky alliance-switching, crap-peddling beast on her previous Survivor run. I have lots of left over dislike for her from back then.

    And you have a good point. Although Ami may have been workin' the tears (IMO) she DID promise to stay true to the alliance and never vote against them. Despite all the begging and pleading and puppy-dog-eye usage, Erik never promised ANYTHING. The kid may be smarter than they give him credit for.

    I was a little disturbed after his amazing superhuman feats at the challenge that resulted in a major chest wracking, that no one thought to ask if the kid was okay till they were back at camp. Even then it seemed like a very hollow pretense of concern. The poor kid nearly killed himself trying to impress those 3 uppity girls, and they can't even convincingly pretend to care that he was injured? Did anyone even give him a "good job Erik"?

    Those girls all throw sandbags like girls! I thought that was going to be a good challenge, and that people would be falling right and left. But instead of aiming and swinging the bags, the fools tried to throw them. The only person who really ever fell was spindly little Eliza. But then you could about blow her over or just look at her with force and she would go down.

    I always wonder about the stench of these people too. You know they have to smell bad. And morning breath all day long! I guess that's why the occasional shower reward is so gratifying. So pleasurable for some in fact, that it must be enjoyed topless!

    Now that these people have neglected to vote out the strong guys before the merge, it's going to be nearly impossible to get rid of them now. But that's okay with me. I would love to see Ozzie or James win. But then you never know...now that Erik has studied under the great and powerful Ozzie, and made no promises, he may outsmart them all!
  4. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Tleaw - I found him!

    Matthew Von Ertfelda (from Wikipedia)
    As the runner-up in the Amazon edition of Survivor (2003), he was one of the most memorable and colorful players in the game and became popular with the viewing audience. He had a strange fascination with his machete, which made almost everyone in the game question his sanity and social capacities.

    Once I saw his face, it all came back to me. Yes, he was one creepy dude!

    I wonder if Ami still has her girlfriend that came to visit her on Vanuatu. Cause if they broke up, she and Matt would make a great couple. They could cook meals together, chopping veggies with their machetes, give each other machete haircuts, or even trim the shrubbery together! It would be a match made in heaven.....that is until their first argument. Who would be the sole survivor?
  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    I have no idea why I kept thinking David Cassidy! Oh my! I guess I WAS thinking Leif Garrett! Sorry....I'm not that up on those guys (and I don't think I know who Peter Frampton is either - is he in The Who maybe?)

    4everkid - that pic in your profile is HYSTERICAL!! I was laughing so hard when I clicked on it - I even had to call dh in the room to look at it! OK!! From now on, I will only refer to Erik as "LEIF"!!

    BTW...how did you do that in your profile with 4 different pictures? Do you have some sort of program that does that? Also, I just realized that I have been spelling Erik as Eric. Ooops - another mistake. Well, at this point I am not going to go back and edit my other posts - who cares if it's a c or a k anyway??

    I am so happy we have another Survivor fan here!! Tleaw....You made me laugh with your remark about James having good dental coverage as a grave digger!! I too cannot wait for that guy (what is his name?) to try to use his "Idol"! THAT should REALLY be good! Oh, that sneaky little Ozzie! What a pro! I also remember the weird guy with the machete, and could not remember who it was until 4ever posted that it was Matt! That guy was CREEPY! I do remember him as the 2nd runner-up in the Amazon. Didn't Jenna win that year?

    4ever - that was soooooo funny what you wrote about Matt and Ami! WOW....what a GREAT couple they would be! Sooo funny.

    Ok, about the challenge, and poor EriK (see I spelled with a K) - when he slammed that wall with his chest, MY chest started to hurt! I felt so bad for him because he was trying so hard, knowing he HAD to win for his team (since he had those weakling women over on the sidelines throwing those bags - that WAS a pathetic display) and you are right....NONE of them asked him if he was ok! What a TEAM they are huh???

    About Eliza (since you mentioned her name) - is she super annoying or what? But at the same time, I don't hate her because she is not part of the cool crowd. "Spindly" - funny word for her. Yeah, hey why did they bother with those sandbags to make her fall down? Why didn't they just take deep breaths and BLOW! She would've fallen for sure with that!

    Oh, and you just reminded me about James and his Popeye comments - that man really cracks me up! And did he hit anyone with his bag during the challenge? I would've thought he could take them ALL out!!

    Did you see the previews for next week? I am so excited to see Amanda getting jealous and insecure!!!! Looks as though she is "riding coattails" again! First Todd's, now Ozzie's. Boy she is an expert at that!

    Ok, you can take that pic out of your profile now, but I'm curious how you did that! (hope I didn't insult David Cassidy and his perfectly feathered do!)
  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Yeah tleaw, I am glad you found your way here too. Kjade and I figured we would have to chat this one out alone. Who is your choice to win this game? I like Ozzie and James. But I guess I will have to see who is still standing in the final 3.

    Kjade - I just saved the 4 pics then pasted them together on one page with my Photoshop-ish program.

    I get a 30's vibe from you, am I right? I figured that if that's true, then you might not have your 70's pop idols all straight.

    I saw David Cassidy on Oprah a few weeks ago. The feathered hair is gone - now he is dead to me!

    I was secretly calling Erik "Frampton" but then I stumbled across Leif (pronounced Layf) and now it's a toss-up.

    Peter Frampton was a big solo rock star in the mid 70's with the "talk box" that made it sound like he was singing through the guitar. Remember the song, "Do you fee-eel like we do-oo" or "I want you-oo-oo-oo-oo to show me the way." Frampton is old and lacking "big hair" now too, but he IS on a Geico commercial:

    I was spelling him Eric too. That's what he gets for being non conventional.

    I find Eliza annoying too, but not as much as I did on her first Survivor. I always wonder how these weak, frail people like her and Chet and many others, ever got on this show, or why they wanted to. Or people with a fear of water (and leaves) like Cerie. Contestants who make it very far in the game always end up with a "starving child from Africa" physique. When they start out that way, it's almost painful to watch them as they get thinner and thinner. I almost expect Eliza's mother to show up via helicopter with a big batch of fried chicken for her poor starving little girl.

    To be fair though, Cerie has come a long way from her leaf phobia. I was impressed with her trek through the jungle with Ami. The place was filled with terrifying leaves everywhere! But Cerie is now Tarzanna, queen of the jungle. No leaf will stop her on her quest for the elusive jungle crab!

    I had to go to the Survivor site and rewatch the preview to see the jealousy thing you mentioned. Yep, that should be fun! Amanda may have to strip off her top again to win her guy back. That seems to be the way her mind works.

    While there, I had to check out a few other parts again. I still think Ami arrived at TC feeling pretty safe. Once Ozzie started talking, the reality kicked in and the tears started. I love it when people feel secure and look all smug, then get voted out!

    What was that merry little skip down the forest path that Ami did after her torch was snuffed? It was like she was on the way to grandma's with a basket of cookies or something. I don't think I have ever seen an exit quite like that one.

    I fancied up our topics subject line to attract attention. I know there are more Survivor fans out there!

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  7. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I don't like Ozzie, and I sure don't like Eric. Eric is a k'niving you know what. The reason people turned on her is because she was an easy target. She made herself vulnerable by showing her strengths. When the union is created between both tribes, ozzie will soon lose all his powers, and little ozzie will cuddle with anyone with the new group power.

  8. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    A few episodes back I was so happy that cruel fire fighter got taken out. He was so mean to that gentle, kind and loving man, who was too weak to hold up the tribes competitions. Rushing the man into the wooden fences was so mean. I'm suprised they allowed such violence.
  9. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    tleaw - You crack me up with your tea and blanket, indoor plumbing and well covered buttcrack! I like to keep mine concealed at all times too, as do most people. But I have seen more cracks, cheeks and boobs on Survivor than I can believe. Every week, I find myself at some point in the show, analyzing the clothing they are wearing and whether or not it was well chosen.

    If someone forced me out of my recliner and onto Survivor, I would arrive dressed in lots and lots of layers, all with good coverage, wet or dry. Like a weeks worth of clothes! But they would all be put through a rigorous buttcrack test first! IMO the girls all need one-piece suits, and the guys all need trunks with suspenders.

    Fighty - I think that Ozzie is less lovable this time because whether he knows it or not, he is the puppetmaster of his tribe. Last time, he was quiet and kept to himself more. But I still like him. I like James a lot too. But I could change my mind in a second!

    It is going to be hard to knock Ozzie out since he has the hidden immunity idol. Plus, he has a strong chance of winning the other immunity each week too. He excels at everything! The only way to vote him off is to catch him when he doesn't win immunity, and trick him into believing someone else is going so he won't play the hidden one.

    I went into a long rant about that Hulk firefighter guy a few weeks ago here! I disliked him from day one. But that challenge incident where he dragged poor Chet around like a sack of trash - that was it! I wanted the guy dead by then! He could have picked Chet up and carried him and accomplished more. It was like an evil, demented, rage tantrum. I don't even think he cared about winning as much as demonstrating how strong he was and what a useless dead weight Chet was. I hope they come down hard on him at the reunion show!

    One more thing... When Erik had that chest-on-collision it was pretty sad that no one seemed to care. But I kept waiting for Cerie to go over and check him out - see if anything felt broken. She is a nurse afterall. But nothing. I think it was Ami who said, "are you okay?" and he kind of whimpered a little and said "no, not really..." and lifted up his shirt. But no one offered the slightest concern or went to see if he was visibly injured. Cerie should have felt his ribs for him. I just can't believe people could be that cold.

    I hope Erik's mom has a chance to give those uppity girls a few strong words for ignoring her boy when he was hurt!

    Wow, between the stiff plastic Barbies at the other camp who stared like zombies while Kathy had a meltdown, to these coldhearted mean girls who couldn't walk a few steps to check out a fellow teammate for broken bones... I don't think there is a compassionate girl in the whole bunch. They are like pod people. Or pod bimbos! I definitely don't want any pod bimbos to win this thing!

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  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    tleaw - What? You can't break a log with your thighs? You poor thing. How do you get by?

    Yes, Ozzie and James seem most deserving, since they are both so good at everything, work hard and don't stir up trouble. I am torn between the two of them. But James really got to me when he was so sweet to Kathy when she had her meltdown. He was the ONLY one who showed any compassion. Little stuff like that wins big points with me. Plus, I already liked the guy a lot.

    I think Amanda has been bad for Ozzie. He doesn't seem to pursue her as much as she throws herself at him. In the real world, I'm sure he would love this! But in this game, with a million bucks at steak, I imagine he feels like she is making a bigger target of him. Everyone is always threatened by couples. I would love to see him back away from her to save himself.

    I am not sure what I think of Rat boy yet. He seems a little cocky. He is so proud of his immunity stick! And he sure worked hard to impress the team during that challenge. Even though he won it for them, I don't think it was enough to erase the image of his rat-gnawing feast.

    I really don't think any of the fans have a chance. The favorites are too set in their alliances. Once they merge, if Ozzie, James and the bimbo twins, Parvati and Amanda are still together, it will be hard to split them. Cerie thinks she is safe, but I bet she gets knocked down a few notches after the merge.

    But with this game, all it takes is one good lie being caught or a moment of distrust, to change everything around.

    There is supposed to be a big blunder coming up with the hidden immunity that makes James' from last year look like nothing. I am looking forward to that. It would be pretty funny if Rat boy switched his stick with Ozzie's real idol, and when Oz went to play it, it was fake! Not much chance of that happening though. Have they ever said if idol stealing is permitted?
  11. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I totally agree with everything you have said, except for Erik. One thing though. Ozzie was really smart in putting a fake immunity idol there, but to go back and see if someone took the bait was rather risky. Smart, but risky. I forgot who took it. Was it Erik? Update me again please.

    I hated that fire fighter. To think use to go around saving lives. I hope he's not still a fire fighter. He really put Chet in great bodily harm, and I was shocked they showed it on TV. I'd be suing him big time for that, if I was Chet. I bet the lawyers lined up for him when he got back. The only thing Chet did wrong is show sensitivity to the male gender. So what if he's weak, it gave that man no rights to treat him like a sack of garbage. I don't think anyone likes that fire fighter, which is why they voted him off shortly after losing the competition. there are words for him to describe him that I would get banned from here if I used them.

    I think Ozzie, once a pupet master, will lose his grips once the tribes come together. He will no longer be holding the strings. Others have him as the pupet master now only to avoid the radar of being a target.

    Ozzie will get foolish and not use the immunity idol in time, and/or he'll use it and they'll just vote him off the next time around, I think anyways.

  12. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Fighty, It was Jason the rat boy who found Ozzie's fake immunity stick. He has bragged to the camera about it a few times, which makes it even more hilarious.

    I am not sure what I said about Erik that you disagree with. I will admit I like him more than Ami, but other than that, I have no strong feelings of like or dislike for him. I just find him amusing. He does work hard and give it his all in the challenges, but he comes off as kind of a pathetic lap dog to Ozzie. I think he is butt kissing his way up the ladder.

    I do however, feel that someone, anyone, should have given him a "good try" for his effort to win the challenge, and dredged up a bit of concern for his injury. I would have felt that way about anyone in that situation though.

    Has Ozzie told anyone he has that idol? I can't remember. I am pretty sure he didn't mention it last week to his exile island mate.

    I can never understand why, when someone gets the hidden immunity, they tell their closest allies. It seems to me that it would be better kept a total secret. I guess they can use it as a bargaining tool, like "if you stick with me, I will let you use this if needed." But if it were me, I wouldn't want to have to share it, ever.

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