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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

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    This is a special off-season thread for those who are watching the Lost reruns on the SCI FI channel. Some of you may be watching for the second (third, fourth, fifth...) time, while others are getting LOST for the very first time.<BR>
    The first thing we should establish is if ANYONE reading, posting or lurking....ANYONE AT ALL.... is watching for the first time. If so, the viewers who have seen 4 seasons already will need to post spoiler free, to avoid ruining things for the new viewers. So even if you are lurking and reading and have no plan to post, you new viewers will need to post at least once, to let us know you are there. <BR>

    THIS SHOW IS ALL ABOUT HAVING YOUR MIND BLOWN BY SOMETHING UNEXPECTED, WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT. We long term fans don't want to ruin that for the new fans.<BR>

    Now.... if everyone here has seen the first installment, then you have met John Locke - the bald guy with the orange smile. I love that scene! Kate is so torn with her emotions, having to take the shoes off a dead guy. She so carefully and respectfully removes the shoes, and you can see that she feels so bad for this person. Then she looks up to see Locke, with his goofy orange smile. Who the heck is this demented fool?<BR>

    Pay attention to orange. There are a lot of orange references in this show. Not sure why. Orange juice pops up all the time, and bright orange clothing in the scenes. I read a theory somewhere that orange is a sign of a major lifestyle change. Someone has a whole website devoted to orange on LOST. So far, we see Kate drinking OJ on the plane just before it crashes. Obviously her life changed dramatically right after. And Locke with his orange - another even MORE drastic lifestyle change. Something to pay attention to anyway.<BR>

    I have been watching Lost since the beginning. I tape and watch every episode at least twice. Once for fun, then again for clues. Over the summer I have been re-watching from the start. I am up to the middle of season 3. I am not watching the SciFi reruns, but they are still fresh in my mind.
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  2. painterZ

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    good grief...how many times have I re-watched these episodes and never in a million years would pick up on the orange thing?..lol. My sis and ex-bil call me when LOST is running to go over details we've picked up but we NEVER get as much as you do 4ever! :) I'll just read your posts and pretend I'm really observant :)

    Good reminder of not spoiling things for others. I'll really have to keep that thought in the front of my mind.

  3. 4everkid

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    Hi Tleaw, Elaine, PainterZ!

    I would never have caught all that orange business either. I certainly didn't come up with the orange theory. I read it somewhere online over the summer. But I have been thinking about it ever since. I thought I would mention it to you guys, so you could keep your eyes "peeled" (a little orange humor) for orange references. It may or may not be significant. It was just someones observation and theory. But they had a lot of examples and it made a lot of sense.

    One example I remembered that fits into the idea of orange foretelling a major change in someones destiny was when Jin met Sun. He was strolling along and a pretty girl passed him wearing a vivid orange dress. He turned to watch her as she passed, and bumped directly into Sun. Big destiny event.

    Several years back, someone ELSE started a thread about an OJ on the Fuselage - that there must be some significance to it. There is a LOT of OJ drinking in the show! And since then drinks that look like orange juice.

    (Now I am going to word this carefully, so I don't give away too much for the newbies, but hopefully you will know what I am talking about) Remember what Juliet drank before she took the trip to the island? Remember what Ben had all over his coat when he landed on his back in that sandy place? That was mostly orange juice too.

    "Walkabout" (Lockes first backstory) was one of the 4 this week right? If you taped it, or can go back and rewatch, you have to check out the scene where Locke sees the monster, in slow motion. This is the scene where he "looks into the eye of the island..." so I wanted to see his face in detail.

    I was blown away by all the emotions that crossed his face in that few seconds. First fear, then awe, then something like love or admiration(?)and then a tear wells up in his eye. WOW! I was impressed that he could convey so much in such a short time. You have to see it in slow motion though to really appreciate it.

    The recurring themes of the show are going full blast right from the start: Black & white, good and bad, missing limbs, Daddy issues, the rain that foretells bad stuff, the numbers, and time.

    I didn't check out the sci-fi channels lineup this week. Are they doing pop-ups or anything else unusual?
  4. OliviaRose

    OliviaRose New Member

    You watch Lost too? WOW11 My daughter gets so scared..and loves it.I did pick up on some of the clues,like playing "Xanadu" by Olivia Newton-John.It;s about a make believe world.SWEET!!

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