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    Tonight on Lost:

    "Some Like It Hoth" Miles-centric
    62 minutes

    Nope, that's not a typo. Hoth. As in the Star Wars Ice planet Hoth, from The Empire Strikes Back. Or the Norse god Hoth (aka Hoor.) Norse?? First we get Greek mythology, then Egyptian mythology, and now Norse?

    Okay, I'll play along.

    Hoth was a blind guy who was tricked by the god of lies Loki into shooting a missile that killed his brother. But he was punished by Odin who sired a monstrous son whose only purpose was to slay Hoth.

    I am not up on my Star Wars Mythology, but... Ice planet Hoth.... Ice... polar bears? Or there's the fact that the original Star Wars hit the theaters in May of 1977. I was there. And if our time traveling buddies could just hop a sub or a portal or a donkey wheel to the mainland, they could be there too! I could totally see Hurley being a big SW fan!

    Maybe in a few hours we will understand what this Hoth stuff is all about.
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    Well, you were right about Hurley, 4everkid!

    My big question after watching this episode is: Who are the guys in the van?????

    Another big mystery!

    Are the aggressive people on Flight 316 part of some group that is on Ben's side?

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    So Hurley is not a big Ewok fan. That whole Star Wars thing was hilarious!

    That was definitely the big question this week Fore... whose side is Illana & Bram on? (Bram is the big guy who was with Illana on the beach last week and who van-napped Miles in this episode.) At first it seemed like they were sent by Widmore, but now, who knows? I think they purposely confused us.

    Are they working for Ben? Or could they be working for Dharma, trying to regain control of the island and their facilities? After all, Ben & Widmore are both former leaders of the Others. Both have been banished and replaced, but both want to be back in control. But essentially, they were both originally working for the same side.... the island. (Kind of like Jack and Locke were. Enemies on the same team. Same goal, different methods.)

    So for me, the other big question is, who exactly are the two warring teams?

    I personally wonder if it is going to be Dharma on the side of technology vs Others/Losties on the side of the Island. The Others (with Locke as leader) and the Losties are more in tune with the island, and able to live in harmony with it. Dharma wants to use and abuse the island, using its magical properties for their own gain. They are very destructive. And Jacob hates technology. Ben has a chance at redemption if he follows Locke's lead as SmokeAlex told him.

    So I think the Others and Dharma will be at war in the 70's with the Losties in the middle of everything. I think they will flee to Richards camp. And somehow, during all this 70's chaos, the Losties will end up flashing back to 2007, and find themselves in the middle of another Dharma vs Others battle. Again, they will take the Others side to protect the island from the newly-formed, reconstituted Dharma.

    I also have this sneaking suspicion that we will find out that Widmore has joined Dharma. He has tried every other way to get back to the island. Why not join the other team? He has the money to fund them, and they know the way back. In 2004 he sent his freighter team to wipe out everyone, and failed. In 2007, maybe he tried a new way to get back. I would just love it if Widmore popped out of that big metal box on the Hydra beach! It would certainly be more interesting if he were actually on the island.

    I'm not locked into this theory yet.... just trying it out.

    I was waiting for Dr. Chang to get his arm cut off. (Back in the Swan Orientation film, "Marvin Candle" had a prosthetic arm.) We still dont have the answer to that, but Hurley's comments foreshadowed the answers eminent arrival.

    HURLEY: In Empire, Luke found out Vader was his father, but instead of putting away his lightsaber and talking about it, he overreacted and got his hand cut off. I mean, they worked it out eventually, but at what cost? Another Death Star was destroyed, Boba Fett got eaten by the Sarlacc, and we got the Ewoks. It all could've been avoided if they'd just, you know, communicated. And let's face it. The Ewoks sucked, dude.

    Basically, estranged fathers and sons should communicate, or limbs will be lost. Not to mention, something big could get destroyed, someone could get eaten by Smokey, and ...well.... I'm not sure who the Ewoks would relate to in Lost. Love the Hurley wisdom though. People need to learn to listen to him.

    Who else was hoping Miles would go inside and meet his baby self, just to see what would happen?

    Who else thought Hurley would shout out something and get them in trouble when the guy was carving the numbers into the hatch door?

    Good to see the return of Daniel... and with the scientists from Ann Arbor. That must be Gerald and Karen DeGroot, the founders of Dharma.

    Just sorry we have to wait two weeks for the next real episode. I am curious about this special next week. Something about the Oceanic 6 from another point of view. Sounds more interesting than the usual clip show.

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    I seem to remember from some long ago episode that the Whidmore Foundation was one of the supporters of the Dharma Initiative. Hmmm. It was in some Dharma publicity film, I think.

    Wow, Marvin Candle had a prosthetic arm???? I didn't notice that!

    I wonder why he kicked his wife and son out. Did he lose his mind at some point? Is Miles going to have anything to do with Dr. Chang losing it?

    That is great analysis of the foreshadowing that Hurley's comments might be!

    Bram and Illana and Cesar seemed to not know Ben when they were all on the beach together. If Ben knew them, we know he could easily fake not knowing them. I suppose they could have never met their boss and have taken orders through intermediaries.

    But I like your theory about an eventual Dharma vs. Others battle, 4. I'm not so sure where the Losties would come down in such a battle. Some of them are pretty involved with Dharma now.

    I stayed up last night to watch Michael Emerson's appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show. It was so strange to see him acting friendly and smiling, just like a regular person. It was a cute interview. I actually like Michael Emerson a lot, but he'll forever be associated with his character. Can you imagine being married to him??? lol

    Oh yikes, I just thought of something. What if "the incident" or Dr. Chang's injury turn out to be related to the Losties going back to 2007? What if they cause a big mess by time traveling out of there?

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    I'm such a LOST slacker! I haven't posted in a few weeks I don't think. I had company and this and that. I'm going to catch up today and I'll come read the posts and hopefully add something! If I was smart I'd read the posts first so I'd know what to look for but I like to be surprised :) See you all soon!
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    Yeah, up until we learned that Widmore was a former Other, I always thought he had some connection to Dharma. Widmore Industries either sponsored or manufactured the balloon Henry Gale came to the island in. Plus, some of the games outside the show itself mention that WI has ties to the Hanso foundation and Paik Industires.

    I wonder if we will learn that the women & children of Dharma were sent off island for safety reasons, and sworn to secrecy. Chang appeared to love his son. So maybe what Mama told Miles was all a lie, so he wouldn't go searching for him. Charlottes mum lied to her.

    I also wondered, (if Illana IS connected to Ben) if he knows them, but they don't know him. That might explain why he tried to raise suspicion concerning Locke. He still wants Locke out of the way, but can't kill him himself.

    Even though the Losties are all cozy with Dharma now, I think that's about to change. Now that the evidence is out that Sawyer and Kate took Ben to the Others, things are gonna get ugly. The fact that LaFleur is mingling with the lower "workmen" is going to look real suspicious too.

    I am anxious to learn about "the incident" too. With them digging and building the Swan, and the Orchid, and considering that Jughead is buried somewhere on this island, there is no telling what could happen. Electromagnetism, negatively charged exotic matter, and a bomb... Oh my! And like you said, the Losties leaving this time could create some problems. I suspect that the incident will be what sends our people back to 2007.

    I walked in just as Michael Emersons segment on Jimmy Fallon was ending last night. I was so mad I missed it. But after I read your post, I went to the NBC site and watched the 2 part clip. That was fun! Loved his creepy reading of "Little Boy Blue." I have seen interviews with him before, and it is weird to see him being a normal nice guy. When we see him attempting to be a normal guy on Lost, he is still very abnormal. Like last week on the beach when he told Illana and her buddies to have a great day.... it was just bizarre coming from him. Ben uttering niceties is just unnatural.

    Come to think of it, that scene was about him offering to help them move the big mysterious metal crate. He asked what was in it, Bram told him just some stuff they needed to move, Ben offered to help, and Bram said no thanks. I wonder if Ben knows exactly whats in there, but was testing to see what they would say. Its not like Ben to go skipping merrily away when there is a box full of secrets. I am so confused. I can't decide whether these people were hired by Ben or Dharma.

    You know his wife in real life is the woman who played his mother on the show, right? Good thing they never had scenes together with both as adults. That would be weird for them.
  7. Forebearance

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    LOL Only Ben can make "have a great day" sound sinister!

    Wow, Michael Emerson's wife in real life played his mother on the show??? How about that!

    I wondered why Ben was being so helpful and pleasant to the Illana Bram crowd that was congregating around the crate of whatever. He usually has an ulterior motive for everything he does.

    That's a great idea about the women and children being sent off the island before the incident happened. Maybe the incident affected the fertility of women on the island, too.

    On a different tangent, do you suppose Penny is dead or alive?

  8. 4everkid

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    I am hoping Penny is still alive, since we saw that he couldn't shoot her when he found that she was a mother. But he had his arm in a sling when he got on the plane, so his injuries were greater than what we witnessed.

    I personally am expecting the Hume family to show up on the island. But no telling what will happen then.

    What better way for Ben to stick it to Widmore than a call to say, your daughters dead, and I have your grandson here on the island you cant find. A double-evil-whammy! I just hope that doesn't happen!
  9. Forebearance

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    Yeah, really!

    Another thought: what is with all the hints of an upcoming war between two mysterious "sides". Who is on which side? And which side do we want to win? And how can we, the audience, have an opinion about that until we know what the purpose of the temple is???

    We don't know the most basic thing about this island!!! What is it used for???

  10. 4everkid

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    It is weird to be waiting for this war to happen, no knowing who the two sides are, and what they are fighting over. Here's my theory.

    Last summer there was an alternate reality Lost game called "the Project". It had to do with reviving Dharma and involved participants applying to join. Players went to a website, dharmawantsyou dot com, and took a series of bizarre tests to see if they were Dharma material, and what job they were most suited for.

    Anyway, that makes me think that in the story of Lost, someone, somewhere is trying to revive the Dharma Initiative. Makes sense. After all, they spent all this time and money building all these stations for research. The island is still there. The properties they were studying are still there. The only thing missing is the Dharma scientists and workers that were killed in the 1992 purge.

    Unfortunately for Dharma, the hostiles are still there too. And Dharma has a bone to pick with them, to say the least. Hence, the war.

    So, in my opinion, it comes down to this: The Hostiles/Others/Natives live in harmony with THEIR island and want to protect it. Dharma comes along in the 70's and starts digging, building, plugging up, etc. (They built the Swan over the electromagnetic source, the Orchid over the donkey wheel...) They tried to live together by setting boundaries, but Dharma broke the rules. The Swan is in hostile territory, as may be several other stations. We haven't found out yet what provoked the purge, but it probably had to do with territorial issues and danger to the island. Somewhere on this island, Jughead is buried, so digging and poking around could be very dangerous.

    Now, in 2007 a war is coming. Locke is back from the dead to lead the Others, and Ben is supposed to follow him without question. That's one side for sure.

    They have been leading us to believe that Ben & Widmore are on separate sides... until we learned this season that Widmore was once the leader of the Others too. He SHOULD want what is best for the island, and be on the side of the Others too. They are his people. I think their fight has been more personal - who gets to be the leader. Turns out they have both been replaced by Locke, the rightful leader. Widmore did say he wanted Locke back on the island, so the right side would win. He apparently has no faith in Ben as a leader.

    Now we have Ilana & Bram on Hydra Island, armed and hostile, and guarding a big metal box. Now that we know Bram is not on Widmores team, I think they are working for Dharma. I think they have been sent to wipe out the Hostiles, to prepare for the arrival of Dharma: The Next Generation.

    So its Others VS Dharma, Nature VS Technology, Faith VS Science. It already happened in 1992, and its happening again in 2007.

    I think Ben & Widmore are going to have to put aside their differences and work together to protect the island.

    The Losties are caught in the middle of all this. In the 70's, they are working for Dharma. But when Horace finds out he has been conned by them, things will get ugly. Once they find out the Losties lied, it will be assumed they are Hostile spies. I think the Losties will end up either flashing out of there, or fleeing to the Others side. Then when they return to their own time, they will have to join the Others and follow Locke (even Jack, who is now more emotionally equipped to do so) to fight for the good of the island.

    We have been lead to believe all along that Ben is bad, the Others are hostile, and the peace-loving Dharma hippies are the good guys. I suspect that we are going to discover that Dharma was more dangerous than we realized and that Ben was right all along... The Others are the good guys.

    A few other points:

    Why DID Dharma build the Tempest station with the poison gas? Were they planning to wipe out the Others all along, until the Others used their own weapon against them?

    Jacob hates technology. Locke pointed out to Ben twice that the island wouldn't want Ben living in a fancy house. The island didn't heal Ben when he lived in Otherville. Richard and the Others left Otherville and went back to nature. Good move on their part, IMO, if they want to stay on the the island's good side. Same with the Losties turned Dharma. They have to get out of Dharmaville if they are going to survive.

    This is all just my opinion based on what we know so far. I don't read spoilers. So if any of this turns out to be right, it will be a miracle. I am rarely able to outguess the writers. They always somehow manage to take the story in a direction no one ever imagined. But this time, I am trying to ignore what they have lead us to believe and see where that gets me.