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    "Follow The Leader" - Richard-centric
    62 minutes long

    Can't wait to see what a Richard backstory consists of. Usually we get to see the character as a child. Was Richard ever a child?

    Will we get to see young Richie in his all black nursery, peering over the rim of the playpen with his full head of black hair and those intense babe-eline eyes?

    Or will we get to see him take his first steps - both feet and head facing right, Egyptian style?

    Or maybe he was a Black Rock Buccaneer. Shiver me timbers!

    I would love to come away from this episode knowing exactly why Richard has never aged over the last 50 years. Is he a time traveler, is he undead, or is his agelessness due to something we never thought of? I hope they answer this, but I am telling myself they probably wont.

    Come on Lost writers... throw us a bone! We have been good fans. Answer just ONE big question before we head into the 3 season long hiatus.

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    Sorry to have mislead everyone about this being a Richard-centric episode. It has been listed that way for at least a few months. I am bummed because I was so excited about finally learning something about Richard, and didn't get to. It was a lot of Richard - he seemed to be in most scenes, past and present. But no flashbacks. :(

    Anyway..... this was a mind twisty episode! The scene with Locke1, Locke2, Richard and Ben has my brain in a loop. Back when the Losties started time tripping, Locke went back to the time when the beechcraft crashed and got shot by Ethan. Then he jumped forward in time, and Richard came along and bandaged his wound. Now we see what time that happened in. But we learn that Locke himself sent Richard with the first aid kit to otherLocke and told him what to say to him. "Tell him to bring the others back and die doing it.'' HUH??? It's another one of those chicken/egg events. Which came first - Locke being told to do it, or Locke telling Richard to tell Locke to do it?

    If this Locke hadn't sent Richard to tell otherLocke, what would have happened? He had already done it. Maybe I will be able to wrap my brain around this later.

    LOVED the scene with Chang questioning Hurley. Obviously Hurley isn't up on his historical dates, or very quick at math. "All right, dude, we're from the future. Sorry." And now we can mark Miles off the list of people with Daddy issues. That was sweet.Chang was a good Dad afterall.

    I find it odd that The Others moved the bomb into the tunnels under the barracks, then later end up moving into those same barracks.

    I wonder who built those tunnels and all the stuff underground. They have apparently been there a LONG time. I always figured it was Dharma who built them as a way to cross the island easily. But obviously they have been there much longer.

    I loved how Locke accused Ben of never being able to hear Jacob. I suspected the same - a lot of us did. What does Locke mean when he says he is going to kill Jacob? Kill the idea of Jacob by releasing him, or actually kill him?

    Poor Sawyer and Juliet. I hate seeing people I like get beaten. I would love to see someone beat the pulp outta Radzinski & Phil though! I hope Sawyer has a plan of some sort. If he & Juliet & Kate leave on the sub they will never find their way back, and be trapped in the 70's.

    I am not falling for Richards line to Sun that he watched all the Losties die. I think either he watched a lot of Dharma jumpsuit wearing people die, and assumed our people were among them, OR he thinks he watched them die when the freighter blew up and the helicopter was near it.

    Locke was very different. He is now confident and in charge. He seemed a foot taller and even somewhat intimidating. But did anyone notice how Richard seemed different? He seemed less advisory and more subservient. He didn't seem like the powerful, all-knowing guy he was before. Plus, he sees Locke as a problem. I get the feeling that the Locke he chose to be leader was the old Locke who was easy to mold. This new and improved Locke needs no advise. He is completely in charge. I don't think Richard saw that coming.

    Next week is the big season finale. Naturally, there will be a recap episode, "Lost: A Journey In Time" followed by "The Incident" parts 1 & 2. I am both looking forward to the big mind blowing finale, and dreading the long 9 months of Lostlessness that follows.

    Every year, the writers come up with a code name for the shocking scene in the finale.

    Season 1 "Bagel" (Walt is abducted by the Others!)
    Season 2 "Challah" (Penny's research team locates the island!),
    Season 3 "The Rattlesnake in the Mailbox" (Jack is flashing forward!)
    Season 4 "Frozen Donkey Wheel" (which no one expected to be a literal description!)

    This year, they let the fans decide. They took thousands of suggestions, picked their favorites, then let the fans vote on the final choice. The shocking game-changer scene this year is titled "The Fork in the Outlet." (because its shocking!)

    Sniff. sniff.... this will be our last Lost season finale cliffhanger. I hear we will be left more mind boggled than ever before. I can't imagine how they could ever top last seasons disappearing island! But I have faith that they will.
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    Well, this episode was really a mind-bender!

    Are they really going to blow up the island with a hydrogen bomb???

    Is John really going to kill Jacob???

    That statement of John's really threw me for a loop. I thought Jacob was dead already. And why would John want to kill him?? What possible reason could he have??

    Whatever reason John has, he seems to be heading for trouble. He's not listening to Richard and Ben at all. They might do something to him, I'm afraid.

    And also, it doesn't seem like John to kill someone who told him "Help me!"

    And I have doubts that Jack will be able to understand Daniel's notes well enough to do exactly whatever Daniel was going to do.

    I get the feeling that the tunnels were built by the same people who build the giant statue and the temple. I wonder if we will ever find out more about those people.

    How about that awkward moment when Kate joined Juliette and Sawyer on the sub? Talk about a romantic moment-crusher.

    I loved it too when Hurley caved under Dr. Chang's questioning. hee hee!

    I look forward to the "Fork in the Outlet".


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    Will John kill Jacob? I wouldn't put anything past this version of Locke.

    I always imagined that Jacob was trapped between __. Maybe he is an early time skipper who got caught between times, and is not solidly in either. Or maybe he, like Desmond and Minkowski, is a consciousness traveler. His consciousness traveled to the cabin while his body remained somewhere else in a coma or something. His consciousness is trapped in the cabin so it can't return to its body. He was a wise man, and knows everything about the island, so they keep his mind around to guide them. Maybe if his spirit is released, it will return to its body, but find that his mortal body died long ago.

    I have a bad feeling too about Locke. The fact that Richard is second guessing himself over choosing John to Ben, who always wished him dead... can't be good.

    I don't have faith in Jacks ability to understand genius Faradays notes either. He will screw up. He always makes the wrong choices.

    I hope that when the time jumpers make their trip back to 2007, they make a stop off at ancient island time, and also a quick visit to Black Rock times. I REALLY want a good look at these ancient, statue-building, tunnel-dwellers.

    I wish Juliet would have more faith in Sawyer's love for her. Just because he liked Kate 3 years ago, doesn't mean he still wants her. Sawyer doesn't act that way when Jack is around. This intense jealousy thing is not good for a relationship. Ask Jack.

    I was worried when I saw the sub pulling away from the dock. But then, I remembered The Looking Glass! I have NEVER believed that the sub made the entire journey between the island and the outside world. I think the Looking Glass contains some kind of electro-magical transport system that takes them 99.9% of the journey.

    We saw the trip from the donkey wheel chamber to the Tunisian desert, twice. And we know there are "places of power" around the globe.

    Hawking told the Oceanic group that the LampPost and the island were both pockets of electromagnetic energy that connect to others around the world.

    Issac of Uluru (Ayers Rock, Australia, where Bernard took Rose to be healed) told Rose, "There are certain places with great energy -- spots on the Earth like the one we're above now. Perhaps this energy is geological -- magnetic. Or perhaps it's something else."

    I believe there's more to the Looking Glass station than we have been told.

    The Looking Glass Station's purpose is supposedly for communications, and to guide vessels to the island. But it's logo is of a white rabbit in a black hole with a clock showing 8:15 as the time. What does any of that have to do with communications and guidance?

    Alices' looking glass was a portal to an alternate world where there are mirror themes, opposites and time running backwards. In another adventure the white rabbit lead her down a hole to a magical world, all the while concerned about being late.

    In my opinion, it couldn't be any more obvious that the Looking Glass is a portal unless they hoisted a giant billboard above it with the words, "ENTER & EXIT HERE".

    So if nothing else, the sub will have to make a stop at the LG. And somehow, this is when Sawyer, Juliet and Kate will make their escape. Whether the island magic projects them back to the beach, or they make a swim for it, I believe that somehow they will escape and it will happen at the LG.

    Half the theories I come up with, I expect will be wrong. Because the writers are THAT good at coming up with ideas no one thought of. And I love it when they blow my mind like that. But I am convinced the LG is a portal between the island and the outside world. If I am wrong, then I am storming down there, finding that writers room papered with notes, time lines and family trees, and pointing out to them how this is SUPPOSED to be!
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    I wanted to mention something that I missed, just in case you guys missed it too. In the scene where Hawking shoots Daniel, afterward she asks Richard for a moment of privacy with Charles. They are whispering softly to each other while Jack is asking who Widmore is.

    Now I didn't hear this while watching, but Charles said to Eloise, "What? Are you insane? I'm worried about you. Not in your condition."

    So apparently Eloise is pregnant. I was sure Daniel seemed older than 30. But it was stated that he was the youngest graduate ever from Oxford. So that must be Daniel she is pregnant with. How sad that she killed her own son before he was even born. So much for hopes and dreams for the baby's future. On the other hand, that seems too obvious, on a show where the obvious is never the answer. Could it be someone else? Penny? Who knows with this show?

    Anyway, shes pregnant. Just wanted to pass on the news.