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    Tonights episode: "Jughead"

    Desmond goes in search of a woman who could be the key to helping Faraday stop the island's erratic movements through time, and Locke discovers the identity of the unknown forces who have been attacking the survivors.

    Tonight, Lost runs in it's regular timeslot, 9/8c.
    A rerun of #2 "The Lie" is on at 8/7c.

    Just read a non-spoiler review of tonights installment and it sounds like its going to be a good one! Surprises, developments, unexpected, hair-raising twists, a frightening bombshell..... Wow! I'm PUMPED!

    Think I will go sit in front of the tv and bite my nails in anticipation!
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    Wow! My mind is reeling!

    Everybody suspected that CW used to be an Other!!!!

    But we still don't know where the heck the Others came from.

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    Yes I did think that, Widmore was an "Other".
    He is older than Ben, so I am wondering if Widmore left, and so Richard needed a New, Non Island born Leader.
    Also, that would account for Widmore wanting that Island as bad as he did.

    What made me think that is lst season, when Ben and He had that Face to face meeting in his bedroom.
    When they said, things about "The Game" and it changing.

    Guess we will find out about, "The Others", and how they came to be on the Island.
    I still think that the Ship Blackrock, is involved, and that is why Widmore wanted that Painting.

    I just love Richard, he's got the Best Bedroom Eyes, I have seen since I was a teen, lol.

    I did catch, that John mentioned, he wouldn't be born for 2 years, so when Richard went to see him as a child, he wasn't sure if he was the "Man" he meet on the Island.
    Could be why John chose that "Knife", from the other articles he had.
    I think that is a Biggie right there.

    I am going to check out that scene again, because I think the other articles, perhaps belonged to, other people he was looking for.
    Like that Comic Book, hmmmm wonder who had that?

    Maybe Sawyer was reading it on the Island, and then during the Island's shifting in time, Richard found it, and in the future, He was looking for who it Belonged to.

    I hope Widmore dosen't find out about His Grandson.
    But he seems to know everthing dosen't he, just like Ben does.

    well, more thought going through my head, but I am starting to ache really bad.
    I have sever Tendionitis in my left Hip, to go along with the sever Arthrits.

    Yeah I would live on that Island, running, would be great, even if it was for my life, it's kind of what I am doing now, lol. :eek:)

    look forward to reading more Posts how your all's Take,

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    And do you notice, Sharon, that Richard always wears eyeliner! lol The better to show off his bedroom eyes! It cracks me up.

    I remember Richard looking through the nursery window at little baby John. Remember that scene?

    Those are interesting ideas about why Richard was having John look at those items. I wonder why Richard was disappointed that John chose the knife. I am still puzzled by all that.

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    Weird. I posted last night. Then today, I saw that my message was not here. I found it in a parallel universe where Forebearance's first post and my reply were the only two messages on a thread. I copied/pasted that post here:

    My mind is just plain blown! I will have to watch again, there was so much to take in, so much revealed, and all so twisted.

    I hear that the pop-up rerun revealed that Ms. Hawking's first name is Eloise, the same thing Dan named his time traveling rat back at Oxford. It seems to be the consensus that Dans mom will turn out to be Ms. Hawking. Everything fits, everyone agrees.

    Now we go back to the island 50's and see that Charles Widmore is there on the island - a young, cocky Other! Also there, and a similar age is the young girl who holds Daniel at gunpoint. He name is Ellie.... Could that be short for Eloise?????

    Dan remarked that the Other girl looked familiar. (Could you imagine her reaction if he asked, "Mommy, is that you?")

    We also learn that Widmore has been funding Dans studies in time travel, and is paying for the medical treatment of the girl who was messed up in Dans experiments.

    Considering that they are around the same age, both on the island at the same time, could Widmore and Hawking be Dans parents, Dan & Penny siblings???!!!

    Hawking is now working with Ben, against Widmore. But Widmore had Dan working to whip him up a time travel machine to get him back to his island. But something went horribly wrong for Theresa, (the girl in the picture/now sick) so that plan fell apart.

    If this is all true, does Dan know who his father is? Does Penny know her mother? Were Penny and Daniel born on the Island?

    So much to talk about - so little space and time. Still trying to process all this new info.

    (Third attempt now to get this message onto the right thread! What's up with that?)

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    Your posts are also ending up on that disjointed thread in an alternate world. The one that begins with:

    ""More Lost thoughts...

    I think that Elly, the blonde woman with the gun who took Daniel out to look at the bomb, is his mother.""

    It's over there on the bizarro thread.

    Go to your profile, find the posts that went to the wrong thread, and copy/paste them here. The way I got it to stick to this thread was to reply to the first post, my original thread starting topic. When I reply to the latest reply, it goes there for some reason.

    It's a good post - we need it HERE!

    The writers answered one of the biggest mysteries of Lost in an interview recently. They confirmed as a fact that Richard does NOT wear eyeliner. Hmmmm. They also lie a lot.
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    It must have been one of those supersized episodes. Yes, more stuff happened. Did that happen real time, or through tivo. I have heard a lot of tivo watchers get the last few minutes cut off. It's never over till you see the LOST end title and hear the BWONK sound effect.

    Anyway, thanks to Lostpedia.com, here's the transcript from the rest of the episode, starting with where you got cut off:

    RICHARD: Look, I... certainly don't want to contradict myself, but... we have a very specific process for selecting our leadership, and it starts at a very, very young age.

    LOCKE: All right. All right. What year is it right now?

    RICHARD: It's 1954.

    LOCKE: All right. May 30, 1956--2 years from now--that's the day I'm born--Tustin, California, and if you don't believe me, I suggest you come and visit me.

    (Locke smiles at Richard, then perks his ears up and looks around. It's not tinnitus--a high-pitched humming pervades the Island.)

    LOCKE: Oh, no.

    RICHARD: What's wrong?

    LOCKE: It's about to happen again. You need to tell me now, Richard. How do I get off the Island? Please! Tell me!

    (The humming transitions into a rumbling; the rumbling grows louder and the scene is bathed in white light. The light envelopes everything, and when it subsides, Locke is left standing alone, sans tent, sans camp, sans everything but a few palm trees and, some paces away, Charlotte and Miles, still bound by their hands. Locke turns several times, then folds forward and puts his head in his hand.)

    (Not far away, Juliet, Sawyer and Faraday recover from the flash.)

    SAWYER: You all right?

    JULIET: Yeah. I think so.

    (Faraday spots Charlotte not far away.)

    FARADAY: Charlotte!

    (He runs to her.)

    FARADAY: You okay?

    CHARLOTTE: Yeah, I'm fine.

    (Faraday touches her arms and begins unbinding her hands.)

    MILES: Yeah, me, too. I'm great, too.


    (Charlotte smiles gratefully and looks for a moment as if she is in ecstasy. Faraday touches her hair. Then her eyelids flutter and she stumbles. She turns away, begins bleeding from both nostrils, and seizes.)

    FARADAY: Charlotte.

    (She gasps and falls forward. Faraday kneels and turns her over.)

    FARADAY: Charlotte! Charlotte! Charlotte! No, no, no. Look it. Hey. Look at me, look at me.

    (Juliet and Locke come running in concern. Faraday gently shakes her.)

    FARADAY: It's okay. It's okay. Charlotte!

    (He picks her up and hugs her close to him.)

    L O S T

    Here's the promo for next weeks episode, "The Little Prince"

    (In case anyone is ever interested, Lostpedia.com has a transcript of every episode. You go to the episode page. Then in the right column, under the picture and the episode credits, there is a link to the transcript for that episode. it comes in handy for me all the time.)

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    Okay, here's the post I added this morning:

    More Lost thoughts...

    I think that Elly, the blonde woman with the gun who took Daniel out to look at the bomb, is his mother.

    I keep being surprised at the stuff that Daniel knows and hasn't mentioned to anybody!

    So Charles Widmore was a jerk as a young man, too.

    Aw, it was so cool that Desmond and Penny named their son after Charlie. But I just realized, he could have also been named after his grandfather. Gulp.

    I just don't think those two skeletons found on the first season of Lost are Jack and Kate. Because I don't think a person can be in two places at the same time. I don't think both Jack and dead Jack can exist at once. There are rules, as Dr. Chang said.

    And how did you know that Dr. Chang's first name is Pierre, 4everkid?
    Would a man named Pierre name his son Miles? It sounds probable.

    You know, thinking about how old Richard might be, and the fact that the Others have to learn to speak Latin, well..... the last time period when educated people felt they had to know Latin because it was the language of culture was the 1700s. Gulp again.

    Could Richard be that old? Or could he have been on the Black Rock? Maybe the early 1800s would have been a time when some people still felt they had to know Latin. I am leaning toward thinking that Richard must date from the same time as the Black Rock. Oh, and maybe Jacob does, too.

  9. Forebearance

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    Lol, 4everkid! You're creating quite the speculative Other soap opera on the island. Who is the parent of who? "As the Other World Turns"!

    I love the idea of Penny having been born on the island! I had never thought of that before. I was only thinking about maybe Dan, Charlotte and Miles having been born there.

    I just can't see Dan as Mr. Widmore's son. He doesn't look like him at all. Hmmmm. I can't stretch my brain that far!

    It is so cool when we finally start getting some answers from the show.

    One thing I wanted to add was that after seeing Desmond in a disheveled state so often, it was nice to see him looking all well-groomed, with his sunglasses on and everything. Sigh.

  10. 4everkid

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    I am way behind. So I am responding to the comments in the whole thread.

    I wonder if the items Richard showed young John each symbolized roles. Man of science = vial of granules, Man of Faith = Book of Laws (another name for the Old Testament), Hunter = knife, Athlete = baseball glove, Leader/guide =compass, Slacker = comic book. Just kidding about the slacker role. It probably had to do with the title, "Mystery Tales" and being a lover of the unexplained or something. Richard needed the person he chose as leader to be a leader type, not an athlete for instance.

    Or, if it's like you said, and they each belonged to someone on the island, The comic book could have been Walt or Hurleys. The Book Of Law had to be Eko's. Remember when the tailies found a box of things in the arrow station. Included was a hollowed out bible containing the missing piece of the Swan orientation film. Eko told a story to John from the Book of Law before giving him the missing piece of film.

    Forebearance -
    Now that we know that John invited Richard to his future birth, it explains why Richard was so disappointed that little John chose the knife. He expected him to pick the compass, since John himself gave him that compass. When John chose the knife, it caused Richard to question his specialness, since the kid didn't even remember. And why didn't he? Baby John had drawings of Smokey on the wall. Maybe the knife has a bigger meaning to him that Richard is unaware of. Or maybe he just thought the knife was cool.

    It looks like, from the preview, that they may exist on the island with their past selves. Hard to tell though from the preview flashes they give us. I guess as long as they don't run into themselves face-to-face...

    Pierre Chang - I think we learned his real name in the 2008 comic convention video that was posted online. Chang was a theoretical astrophysicist recruited from Ann Arbor, Michigan to work for Dharma. See or read about that video here:
    And yes, "Miles" does sound like a name "Pierre" would pick!

    The Black Rock set sail on its final voyage in 1845. If Richard came with it, he is at least 160! Maybe that's petrified guyliner he's wearing! Or it's futuristic eyeliner, designed to never wear off, (made by Mad Max Factor!)

    "As the Other World Turns"! YOu're killing me! I am spewing coffee out my nose now! How about "AnOther World?"

    I won't even go into the "Widmore's his own grandpa" theory that's floating around! (It starts with the question of whether Pen & Des were married yet, and if the baby took his father or mothers name....)

    There is a lot of discussion about this whole Young Widmore and Hawking, Daniel, Penny mess and some are even throwing Charlotte into the mix. After much thought, I am leaning towards Widmore & Hawking being either friends or siblings. Young Widmore yelled "Shut up, Ellie", which sounds very brother-like. Everyone can't be related. I still don't know what I think. But I still suspect that Penny & Dan were island born natives.

    Have to agree on your thoughts on the cleaned up Desmond.

    Kina - You should call ABC Canada and demand that they stop chopping off the end of Lost! How dare they? I believe you can watch the episodes online at abc.com, if you want to catch the end of it. Do they show the pop-up reruns before the new episodes in Canada?

    A few random thoughts:
    I hope Ben has left Ms Hawking's place by the time Des & Penny arrive! Ben is out to kill her!

    Wonder what became of the Jughead? Is that what Dan & Charlotte disarmed last season at the Tempest station. They said they were stopping a deadly gas from going off. Was that a lie? Other theories include: it was buried under the Swan behind the concrete wall. (Seems like it would have gone off when the hatch blew and destroyed the whole island.)

    Where did the compass originate? Present time Richard gave it to Locke. Locke goes back to 1954 and gives it to Richard. Neither had it till the other gave it to him.

    Cant wait to find out who else is on the island in the past. Will we find young Christian there.... young Paik?
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    Yeah, I wonder what became of "Jughead" too! Where could it be buried? I'm assuming the islanders did bury it.

    And one other thing that has always bothered me..... why are the Others not nice people? Why are they so militaristic and cult-like and hostile? What is their deal, anyway? They act like they are doing some big important mission, but we've never known what it is.
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    I just came across an interview with Nestor Carbonell, the guy who plays Richard Alpert. The interviewer asks him the million dollar question. I thought of you guys. So here it is, from the horses mouth:

    Q: At the TV Critics Association press tour, some reporters asked if you wore eyeliner, which Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse denied. What do you think of this?

    Carbonell: My brother sent me this link about the TCA, where you guys were at. Someone had asked about whether I was wearing eyeliner. I think Carlton came to my defense, and he said, "He's 100 percent sans makeup" or something like that. I could see why some people would think I have eyeliner on because [my eyelashes] are dark. Especially the bottom row, they're pretty dark. I've been dealing with it since I was a little kid, and so to me it's very funny when it comes up, especially at TCA. My brother told me to look online and sort of Google something about that, and my name came up as a couple things. One of them was Maybelline Man. I've been dubbed by some people as Guyliner. It's very amusing.

    Poor little Nestor. Could you imagine the crap the boys gave him in middle school? Thankfully for him, he wasn't cursed with really red lips and sparkely blue eyelids, along with those lashes. The kids would have beat him to a pulp!

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  14. Bruin63

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    He has Beautiful eyes, and no I did not think he wore eyeliner.

    I dated a very Handsome young man , who had Eye's like that,
    he also had very Dark hair, almost black.
    Blue eyes, too.

    So when I see, "Our Richard" I think of my Denny, lol.
    btw, he married a classmate of mine, oh well,

    Also his Aunt was an Olympic (sp) Swimmer, who still lives in Long Beach and swims the Bay Channel here in our Napels area.
    just in case you wanted to know, lol, :eek:)

    I do hope he is a Good Guy, RA, and I think that with all the weird happenings that go on , on the Island may make him not so trusting at first.

  15. Forebearance

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    Thanks for the observations, Sharon!

    Hey, did you guys see that the actor who plays Walt is appearing in commercials for "Tyson's Anytizers"? Every time I see it, I go "Walt!"
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    Sharonk, (I'm responding to your post from the other thread...)

    YOu said:
    "".... given the ages, mainly Pennys, that she just may have been born on the Island.
    She is over 20, and Widmore has been looking for the Island for 20yrs,

    Which makes me wonder, was she born on the Island?
    They have a prob. with "Birthing" so that dosen't compute for my brain.""


    I looked all over Lostpedia, and there is no date for when the reproductive problems began. But I have been doing some searching there and have figured out some clues. I don't think that they have always had this problem on the island. I suspect that "the incident" was the cause of the fertility problems.

    A few dates:
    Dharma is founded 1970
    The incident happened sometime before 1980
    Dharma is ended by the purge 1992

    The Others are made up of a mixture of native born folks, and people who came from off island. Some were former Dharma, like Ben, and some were captured from the survivors like Cindy and the kids.

    If you look at the pictures of all the Others, it appears that they are all over the age of 25, except for Alex & Karl. Alex was conceived off island. Karl could have been a Dharma workers baby who came to the island. Twenty five years ago from the present island time would be around 1980. So we can safely say that all of the Others (except Karl) were born before 1980.

    No one knows exactly when "the incident" was. But the Swan Orientation film, explaining the button pushing protocol that went into effect as a result of the incident, was dated 1980.

    Any one younger than 25 except for Karl, that we've seen on the island, came from or was conceived off-island.

    So I suspect that the incident was the cause of the reproductive issues, and that it happened sometime shortly before 1980.

    Conveniently, most of our Losties births fall before that. Charlotte was born in '79, Kate & Hurley- '77, Jin-'74, Sawyer- '69 and Sayid-'68. Jacks age has not been given, nor has Penny & Desmond, Daniel or Miles. But it's safe to say all these folks are older than 25, present island time. So if I am right, and the fertility problems began around 1980, then any of these people's births could fall safely before the incident, and they could turn out to be island natives.

    Did that make sense?

    We don't know when or how Widmore left the island, or how long it was before he began searching for it. But if all that works out, Penny could have been born there. Widmore could have taken her when he left, and waited around a while before he began looking for the the way back.

    So sharonk, I think your theory is very possible.

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    I think I saw that commercial! I saw who I thought was big teen Walt in some commercial anyway. Don't remember what it was for though.
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    I just found out that the next two episodes of Lost are 62 minutes long. Just thought I would warn you in advance that it will go 2 minutes over the top of the hour. I don't get why they are cutting you off before the end there in Canada. Here, the show following Lost just has a few less commercials to make up for it.

    Just in case you need it, here's a link to the transcript page:

    They are getting pretty quick about getting them up. You might have to wait till the following day.

    Have you called the station to complain?

    We had severe weather during Lost once, and there was a scroll across the bottom of the screen and a map of the warned areas in the corner of the screen. I emailed the weatherman and asked him to get rid of it till Lost was over. (We have to be able to read the Korean subtitles!) He emailed me back instantly, apologized, and within a minute the stuff was gone! I couldn't believe he did it!

    Same thing last week - more severe weather. I walked through the room and saw that darned scroll, before Lost started. But when Lost began, it was gone. Then it was back afterwards. He remembered! I love that weatherman!
    I have stated to my family, for the record, no amount of severe weather will separate me from Lost. I will NOT go to the basement if a tornado comes, as long as the tv still works. They may find me dead, 5 miles away in some field after being carried away in a twister, but I will still be clutching my tv!