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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Tonight's episode - "The Little Prince":

    Kate discovers that someone knows the secret of Aaron's true parental lineage. Meanwhile, the dramatic shifts through time are placing the lives of the remaining island survivors in extreme peril.

    As usual, they will be showing the pop-up rerun of Jughead just before the new episode. Since they gave out a major clue last week in the pop-up's, I will be watching this week to see if they reveal anything new.

    This episode will run over a few minutes, so if you are setting your vcr to tape, allow extra time for the ending.
  2. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi everyone!

    I'm surprised there are no comments yet!

    Well, this episode didn't quite grab me the way some of them have. Maybe there was a different writer this time.

    I was hoping that we would run into the survivors of Danielle's science ship at some point! Cool! Now I wonder what the sickness was that most of them died from. Could it have been the "temporal displacement" which is caused by the time travel the island is doing?

    I didn't know it was officially called temporal displacement until it showed up in the pop-ups on the rerun of the Jughead episode.

    I always suspected that we would see Jin again! Yay!!! (even before someone posted the spoiler-ish info on a previous thread)

    The other things I am wondering about are:

    Will Sun and Jin's daughter have to go back to the island, too? She was in Sun's womb, after all, when they all left. And anyway, would Sun go back to the island without her? I doubt it.

    Did Jack have time to go home and pack the things he would want to take with him?

    What would you guys pack if you knew you were never coming back to civilization again? I've been pondering that.

  3. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I think it's kinda of a connect the dots storyline , the way the Island is bouncing around an all.

    I think that maybe the Island is the cause of the problems of Childbearing.
    I' m thinking that if the Women were off the Island, they and their babies would have been ok.

    The thing is tho, that Danielle, did have her baby, Alex on the Island, so, that might shot that therory down, :eek:)

    I hope I wasn't the one who spilled the beans about Jin.
    I had read some TV guide articles, and was pretty sure he would be back.

    I think he jumped off the ship, just as the Time shift occured, and that is why, he meet Danielle,

    I still do not trust Ben. I think he sicked the Lawyer on her, to make her desperate enough to join the O6 in returning to the Island.

    Not to sure about Elly being Daniels mom, tho, even tho she said , so you had to come back, or couldn't stay away, can't remmeber her exact pharse,
    So I figured she did recongize him from another time.

    Have you ever read the" Langoniers" or seen the movie?
    It's about Time folding in on its self, and how some passangers on a plane was trapped, in the wake.
    I'm thinking that is probably what is happening with the Island and the 2 groups.

    First, the Others are seen, using bow and arrows, primitive, then they progessed to more Modern weapons.

    Well Widmore backing Daniels research, sure brings a bunch of Theriores, to mind, but the back is unrelenting right now,
    too much rain and wind here now, ugh?

    Look forward to seeing other Theories, about what's happening.

    I also knew Clare was going to be "seen" just didn't know how, thought it was prettry cool, how Sawyer saw Kate and her in the Jungle.
    Sure could see the emontions in his eyes.
    Love that Dude. lol

  4. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    This episode was a bit slower paced than the last one.

    Loved Sawyer! The writers said that he has really brought his acting skills to the table this season. I could see that in this episode. The scene with him watching Kate/Claire was so touching.

    Forebearance- I agree about the French crew and the sickness. She says she ended up killing them all, but if it was the temporal thing, they would have died anyway. I knew it was them right away when I heard them mention a few names. Montand - she said he lost an arm in the Dark Territory near the Black Rock. Hope we find out what happened there. Brennon - something about him having the key(s). No idea what that means. Robert - Danielle's lover/Alex's father. She was even carrying the music box that Sayid fixed for her. This should definitely be interesting!

    Poor Jin!!!! He has no idea what is going on. But he knew that was Danielle and that she shouldn't look like that - or be alive.

    I think personally that Aaron, Ji Yeon and Walt will all have to go back. They are all important players in this demented game. And apparently Aaron is the Little Prince, whatever that means. I am wondering if we will eventually see Christian or even his father alive on the island in the past, since we seem to have a 3 generation line of that family involved.

    Apparently Dan Norton is the ONLY Lawyer in LA. What's up with him being involved in Claire's mom's lawsuit, Kate's custody battle, and Ben's efforts to get Hurley released? I guess the involvement with Kate and Hurley are both jobs for Ben, since he is trying to get them all gathered to return to the island.

    Sharonk - I agree that Ben sent the lawyer to force Kate on the run back to the island.

    I also agree that the island and its EM energy and exotic matter is the cause of the childbearing issues. But it still doesn't make sense. They can have the baby on island if it was conceived off island, like Alex and Aaron. Or if it was conceived on island, like Ji Yeon, they will be ok if they get off by the 3rd trimester. But they can't conceive and give birth both. And how does that x-ray of the woman in her 20's with the 70-year-old womb fit into this time travel stuff?

    Hmm, maybe the island is always moving through time a little, or like we learned last season, it is slightly out of sync with the outside world. The people look like they are not aging, but their organs are. As if that makes any sense!

    When Ellie said, "so you couldn't stay away." to Dan, most people are thinking she originally thought he was another army guy come back for the bomb. But then later she told Dan she didn't believe that him, a Chinese man and a British woman were part of the US military. But Daniel seemed to recognize her.

    It's funny... everyone jumped to the Ellie=Eloise conclusion, since they pointed out Hawking's name on the pop-ups. But they are never that obvious. We NEVER know anything beforehand. It could be a red herring. On the other hand, they look similar, have similar mannerisms and speech patterns.

    I haven't seen or read the Langoliers, but I know that the writers draw a lot of inspiration from Stephen King.

    Interesting anagram from this episode - the van Ben was driving had the name "Canton Rainier" on the side. This unscrambled spells "reincarnation". Dead Locke is being hauled in the back of the van. So the fans are speculating that this and Richard's test of young John (which is identical to the way the reincarnated Dali Lama is found) is a clue that Locke might be the reincarnation of Jacob. Or maybe he will be reincarnated once he returns. Maybe it has more to do with Aaron - the Little Prince. We shall see.

    Forebearance - what would I pack to depart civilization? Lots of pain meds, lots of chocolate, family photo's and my cats. If I knew I was going to THIS island... I would include a high powered flashlight, lots of batteries, a compact inflatable raft polar bear treats and a smoke alarm. I guess I would trust the island to heal me and provide food from the sky.

    Anyone have any theories on who was firing at our group from the second canoe?
  5. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Hi guys - Sorry I've been absent for most of this season's discussions. I don't think I'll be able to post lengthy discussions, but I'll post what I can. I have just had too much going on and can't get computer time. I've been reading, though, and as usual, you all have terrific observations and theories.

    I've been wondering about who was shooting at the canoe, too. When they started to do the time travel bit, I thought they would all end up in the water. Why did the canoe travel with them through time?

    Also, when Locke, Charlotte, Daniel & Miles were in the camp and Locke was talking to Richard Alpert and asking how to get off the island, they time traveled and all the huts and people disappeared. But Charlotte's hands were tied, and the bindings traveled through time, too. You saw Daniel go to her to untie her. Could it be that anything that our Losties are touching travels with them?

    I'm sooo glad Jin is alive. I'm glad he's speaking a bit more English, too. Rousseau is so light and bubbly and happy as a young woman. How different she is when we see her 16 years later. It's like two completely different people. I hope we get to see what happened
  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    TwinMa! We've been waiting for you.

    It does appear that whatever they are touching goes with them. I am hoping that they will make a visit to camp in the present time, so they can stock up on dharma food/supplies!

    Danielle is much different. I guess 16 years in solitary will mess up a person pretty bad.

    Here's my thoughts on the canoe people. I think it was the O6. Remember when Kate & Sawyer were slaves on Hydra Island and they had them moving rocks? Juliet told them they were building a runway. At the time, I thought she was being sarcastic. But now I wonder.

    I think the O6 will return to the island on Ajira Airways and land the plane on the runway at Hydra. Ben will have told them where to find the fleet of outrigger canoes, which they will use to sail back to the main island beach camp to look for their friends. For the O6, its 3 years in the future, so the Left-behinders are no longer there. Plus the camp is in disarray and looks like it has been attacked. They head into the jungle to find them.
    Meanwhile, our time skipping lefties arrive at beach camp 2008 where they discover the canoes with an Ajira Airways water bottle in one. They take one of the boats. Then the O6 return, thinking that whoever attacked the lefties just stole their boat. So they take out after them.

    We have seen a canoe similar to this before. Alex let Kate & Sawyer use if to escape Hydra Island if they promised to take Karl with them. Later we see Karl using it, then Charlie uses it to float out to the Looking Glass station. That canoe was not exactly the same, but The Others may have several boats we haven't seen yet.

    That's my guess. I've seen other people suggest it is themselves in the second boat. That would be bizarre! Whoever it was, I imagine we will someday relive that scene from the second canoe's point-of-view.

    After reading some posts on Thefuselage.com, I am now wondering if "The Little Prince" refers to Aaron or not. The title is a reference to a book by the same name.

    The book is about a guy that lives on a small asteroid, and his job is to take care of it and protect it. Eventually he leaves and goes to visit 6 other planets, & each of them has a different person on it that he meets. After this he goes to Earth where he lands in a desert and meets a man. He tells the man about all of this and then he tells the man he is about to die, but he isn't actually dead it will just appear that way to him, and he is actually returning to his asteroid.

    Locke protects the island. He goes to visit the O6. He seems dead but may not actually be dead. He is returning to his island. Interesting.

    Then there is the can Locke found in the French wreckage with the word "besixdouze" on it. Besixdouze is the name of an asteroid discovered in 1993 that served as a tribute to the story "The Little Prince." In the story, the 'Little Prince' character lived on an asteroid called B612. B-6-12 is pronounced "besixdouze" in French.

    Those writers are crafty little devils! Sometimes we have to look a little deeper into the meanings of the episode titles.
  7. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I love the idea of the O6 chasing themselves! I can't quite wrap my brain around the time sequence, but I think it's possible. They wouldn't know they were shooting at themselves. I also agree that we will probably see this from the shooters point of view. That will be great. Great thinking, 4everkid!

    Holy cow! I didn't know all that stuff about the Little Prince! I couldn't figure out what the title meant. Boy, JJ Abrams, Carlton Cuse, and Damon Lindelof are really nerd supremes! Or geniuses! This is all stuff I have to chew on awhile.

    I have only watched each episode once, while it was airing. I have a pile of tapes that I need to watch a second time. Maybe if I could time warp myself, I could find enough time to watch them again!

    Oh yeah, what's the thoughts on Michael? Is he gone for good? Pretty hard to imagine that he was standing next to the bomb and survived. Plus Christian told him he could go. But we all know dead isn't dead on LOST!
  8. jemenei

    jemenei New Member

    I'm so dissapointed. I just wrote a whole post and then closed the window. Dumb. lol So anyway I used to be here but now I'm back in disguise! I've just been waiting for the Lost posts!!! I just caught up with the new season and I'm ready to go!!!

    So I was thinking too that maybe they were shooting at themselves but I couldn't remember other than when they left the other island (Kate and Sawyer I think) and Jack had to stay and operate on Ben...were they shooting then? Either that or somehow they are mixed up in time and shooting at themselves and don't know it. I love it whatever it is!

    I can't think of what all else I wanted to say. I know I had questions and no one can answer them like you guys!!!

    Also have you guys watched the cute little "LOST Untangled" things? Too cute and funny. If you haven't seen them they are on the abc site and I reccomend them!!!

    I can't wait for more!!! :)
  9. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I am having trouble making sense of the shooting at themselves idea too. The lefties have already traveled to the future to be in this time frame. So if it were themselves, it would have to happen to them in the future, for them to be there in duplicate. And when they reach the future, will the time traveling version of themselves still be there?
    Brain Fry!!!!

    It will be interesting to go back and watch the older episodes, now that we see these time travel events intermingling with them.

    I think Michael is really dead. Like you said, Christian dismissed him.

    Welcome (back?) jemenei! Were you posting before with a different name? Sorry about the lost post. I hate it when that happens. And it never happens when you post something short!

    I am pretty sure the canoe scene was in the future. The camp was there, but empty, so it had to be after they left it.

    I forgot about the "LOST Untangled" things. Thanks for reminding me.

    Come back and post again when you remember what you said. Glad to have another fan to discuss with!

    Has anyone thought about the Whispers lately? Now that we see people traveling back in time, lots of fans feel that the whispers in the jungle are the time travelers.

    Hey! Where are Bernard and Rose... and Vincent? Are there any redshirts left still? Someone needs to go check on them.
  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Just watched Lost Untangled. That was a hoot! The wobbling action figures cracked me up. Proof that there is someone out there who is an even bigger Lost geek than me.

    They need to get busy with a new edition of figures. Ben certainly deserves to be shrined in plastic! The freighties too! The recovering toy collector in me is itching to buy the whole set. I probably shouldn't. Next thing you know, I'd be making my own Lost videos.

  11. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Ohhhh, I never thought about the book "The Little Prince". Cool idea! That makes more sense, since this episode wasn't really about Aaron that much.

    Did you guys notice that Aaron is played by an actor with the last name of Blanchett? Could he be related to Kate Blanchett?

    I really don't remember Danielle saying that she killed all her fellow crew members! I was shocked at that statement. I thought she said that they all died of the sickness. But you know how CFS brain goes as far as remembering things.

    I am interested to know more about them.

    I've been puzzling over who could have been in those canoes that ended up at the beach camp, in the future.

    Wow, that is a really good question about Bernard, Rose, and Vincent! Everyone was together when the flaming arrow attack happened, right? So did they get lost at that point? It seems like all the "unknown" survivors have been killed off by now. No more expendable people left. Except for Others.

    And my gosh, think how difficult it would be to get Walt and Michael back to the island. I agree that I feel like Michael must have died in the explosion on the ship. He was right in the room with the explosives.

    Boy, this is frying my brain. But in a good way.
  12. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Forebearance - Danielles story was always a little sketchy. Her team, all but her for some reason, contracted "the sickness" and several of them died. Near the Black Rock they had an unexplained encounter. She said, "It was them. They were the carriers. The Others." She believed that they got the sickness from The Others. She also claimed she had never seen The Others, only heard their whispers. (We have always assumed her others are the hostiles. But now, who knows?)

    Anyway, several of her team died. Then she killed Robert and the remaining members of her team. She felt she had no choice. She worried what would happen if they got rescued with this sickness. That was all according to what she told Sayid.

    Her message at the radio tower was not consistent with her story though. In it she suggests that Bennan is alive, and "has the keys." She also says that "it (or he) killed them all" and that "it (or he) was outside her location when she was recording her message."

    She was aware of Smokey and referred to it as the security system.

    Danielle was 7 months pregnant when they arrived on the island. About 6 weeks later, she left the message at the radio tower. Three days later she had her baby, then after a week, she saw a pillar of smoke and the others took her baby. But she never saw them, only heard them.

    Very fishy story. So it will be interesting if we get to actually see what really happened. But with them skipping through time, and never staying very long, I don't know how they could cover it all.

    You're right about getting Walt to return. It's not going to be easy to get him away from his grandma. But Locke visited him, so I figure Walt knows he has to go back.

  13. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Wow, I did not remember all that Danielle stuff! Thanks for that, 4everkid!

    I never did read or hear a complete translation of what Danielle recorded at the radio tower. That was very interesting. I hope we get a better explanation of everything some day.

    I hope we get to see more of the French scientists in the next episode. I want to see what drove Danielle insane! Maybe having to kill her husband/lover? But I agree that with all the skipping through time, it adds such a layer of confusion to everything. We only get short bits of any one story. Sigh.

    If the Others were already stealing babies by that point, had they already lost their ability to give birth?

    I wonder when in time Danielle's ship crashed.

  14. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    4everkid - Good recap on Danielle's story. It helps to be refreshed.

    Forebearance - Great question about the baby stealing! I saw the Lost Untangled clip on the ABC Lost site. They said Danielle's ship crashed in 1988. They said Jin was thrust 20 years into the past. The Lost Untangled clip is pretty funny. It's only 4:21 minutes long, so take a look at it, if you haven't already.
  15. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Ditto: Good question about the baby stealing.

    By 1988, Dharma was going full swing, so they should be there on the island.

    I watched a preview of the next episode (titled "This Place is Death") and it looks like we get more time with the French team. Maybe the time jumps will slow down a bit so we can get more out of them.
  16. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I have been thinking about the time difference between the left-behinders and the O6. A few days have passed for the lefties, while 3 years have passed for the O6.
    On the island we see Locke headed for the Orchid to do whatever he is going to do to leave. Off island, we see the O6 gathering to return.

    What will happen when they come back? Will they return to futureIsland2008, while our lefties are lost in the 80's, the 50's or sometime else? How will they get back in sync with each other?

    Will they all be skipping around to the same times? Or worse, what if the skipping stops and like a big game of musical timeline, everyone stays in the time they are presently in? How horrible would that be? Jin & Sun, Kate & Sawyer, Aaron & Claire... together on the island but separated by time.

    Like there aren't enough current mysteries without worrying about future problems.....

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