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  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Tonight: 316

    The members of Oceanic 6 discover how to get back to the island, but not all of them want to return.

    I wonder what 316 means? The flight number of the plane they fly back on? The bearing? Some reading from Ms Hawkings gargantuan pendulum gizmo? Maybe 3:16... John 3:16? (Amazing how well that passage fits what's going on right now on Lost!)

    I have a feeling "316" will mean a bunch of different things.

    I am anxiously awaiting tonights episode! I think its going to be another good one!
  2. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Suddenly they're throwing Christianity into the mix!

    Ms. Hawking is infuriating. She's so down to earth and normal on the one hand, and so inscrutable and unwilling to answer questions on the other. I wanted to hear a lot more explanations from her!

    I'm so glad Desmond got the heck out of there. If the island wants him, it can jolly well come and get him.

    That was SO cool when Frank showed up! My gosh! I wasn't expecting that. His line of "I guess we're not going to Gaum, then." was the best.

    Apparently Hugo was worried that the entire plane would crash. But it didn't seem to. It seemed more like the individual people were sucked out of the plane. But did they get their luggage with them???

    Why in the world would Jack wear a suit and tie???? Argh!!!

    Where do you suppose John's coffin landed? If he got to the island! Do you think Frank went there, too?


  3. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    You were right 4everkid, 316 did mean several things. It was the number of the flight they went back on. It was also clearly a reference to the Bible verse John 3:16.

    As usual, new questions:
    How did Kate & Hurley become convinced to go back?
    Why does Hurley have a guitar?
    Why is Sayid in custody? (much like Kate was in custody on Oceanic 815)
    What happened to Aaron? (I don't think it's good judging by Kate's red eyes)
    Who beat up Ben?
    Who are the new "red shirts" on the plane? (They guy who said "Sorry about your friend" to Jack)
    Why is Jin driving a Dharma VW bus?


    WHEN are they?

    I have a feeling they must be in the past since the VW bus Jin was driving was in pretty good shape.

    I liked the Wizard of Oz reference with the shoes. Christian's shoes were like Dorothy's shoes. They will take Jack "home".

    That's all I have for tonight. More later! Can't wait to hear from everyone else!

    Oh, Forebearance, you were right. I watched the enhanced episode of "This Place is Death" and Charlotte did say 'crazy man' not crazy old man. Good catch!
  4. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    We must have been posting at the same time!

    I think they have actually had quite a few Christanity type references previous to this. There have been lots of pictures of Jesus and statues of Jesus (even though many were filled with heroin). Hurley's mom's place was filled with Jesus pictures.

    Eko was a priest.

    It's always been put forth that Jack was the Man of Science and John Locke was the Man of Faith. Now they are forcing Jack to become a man of faith.

    Good observations. I'll post more tomorrow!
  5. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    There have been some bits and pieces of Christianity. Surely you haven't forgotten Mr. Eko and his Jesus stick!

    I was glad to see Des storm out too! I don't blame him. I doubt if he will stay gone though. Do you suppose it was Desmond who beat the crap out of Ben? (I hope so.) Was Ben coming after Penny?

    Interesting seeing the recreation of the original flight 815. Hawking told Jack it needed to be as much like the original flight as possible. I wonder how many of the things we saw were planned by the O6 purposely, and how many of them were by coincidence. It's like all the pieces were there, but the roles had switched places.

    Jack, in the same outfit.
    Sayid was escorted by (Marshall?) in handcuffs, instead of Kate.
    Kate was the depressed one, instead of Jack.
    Hurley had a comic book again.
    Another guitar, like Charlie originally had.
    Jack is the man of faith this time.
    Locke is the man in the casket, instead of Christian.
    Could Kate be pregnant with a Shepherd offspring, like Claire was?
    Probably lots more I missed!

    Cool how the opening scene was a duplicate of the opening scene of the pilot episode... Jacks eye - the trees above, the jungle around him.... running.

    Loved seeing Frank!!! All cleaned up and purty too. I hope he ends up on the island too. I think he will. He was supposed to be on the original flight.

    Finally, the answer to the mysterious white tennis shoes. One of the oldest mysteries.

    Strange how they got just sucked out of the plane. I think that the original flight 815 was not supposed to crash. Our Losties were supposed to end up there, but like it happened this time. Desmond caused flight 815 to crash when he didn't push the numbers. This time it went as planned. No screw-up to crash the plane.

    I think that when they flew over the island, time flashed. There was a bright white light, just like the time flashes, then BOOM, they've arrived. For some unexplained Lostesque reason, only the people who belong there took the wild ride to the island. Glad to see that they ended up in the same time as the others, since Jin was there. I have been worrying about that.

    Did Jin know them???? Now I will worry about that all week.

    I think Sun, Sayid, Locke and whoever else, will turn up on the island. Someone will probably find an empty coffin, with no sign of Locke, like Jack did before.
  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member


    I think they are there during Dharma time. Sometime in the late 70's -80's. The Dharma bus was new and shiny then. Jin tonight and Daniel on an earlier flashback were shown in Dharma clothes. They must join up or something. Maybe they will stop flashing and stay in one place since Locke set the wheel back on its axis.

    Good catch on the Oz reference. I had a theory about the "magic slippers that take you home" too. But I thought it would be Christians white tennis shoes, and that they would end up on Locke for the ride home. Darn black shoes! So close.

    They have certainly covered a lot of bases with religion on Lost. Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Catholicism, Native American, Native Aboriginal, New Age, and even Cults. Something for everyone!

    I never read the Narnia books by C. S. Lewis, but the Lamp Post is a Narnia reference. In the book, "The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe," a lamp post marks the passage between Narnia and the real world. (The character Charlotte Staples Lewis was named after C.S. Lewis... Clive Staples Lewis)

    Your questions... don't all have answers.

    I suspect the woman escorting Sayid and the guy at the airport will be new characters. The female actress looked familiar, and they just focused on the guy so much.

    Dead Charlie told Hurley he had to go back. I wonder if he also suggested Hurley take along a guitar? Or maybe someone told him what Hawking told Jack - to recreate things as close as possible to flight 815, so he chose to bring a guitar, like Charlie did before.

    Why is Sayid in custody? Maybe they caught up with him for that incident we saw back at the motel. Or one of the other many killings he did for Ben.

    I am worried about what happened to Aaron. I don't like not knowing. I hope he's with his grandma... and safe there. I am bothered by the fact that Sun just took off, with no goodbyes to her daughter or her mother.
  7. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Jemenei, where are you?

    I just found something cool! I was looking at the screencaps to see if Jin had a job title on his Dharma suit. He doesn't, but he does have a Dharma logo patch. You can just see the edge of the center design, and it looks like a 5 pointed star! Maybe that little red star you found last week was a foreshadowing of the station Jin will work at with Dharma.

    Scroll down this page till you come to the pictures of Jin and the Dharma bus, and tell me if you think that looks like the edge of a star. Click on it to make it bigger.


    Also, further down that page, I noticed that bloody Ben is on a pay phone near a marina. You can see boats in the background. So I feel even more like Desmond may have beaten Ben up. I hope Penny is ok!! Desmond too. Poor Des isn't much of a tough guy, but I bet if someone threatened Penny, he would turn evil on them!

    It just clicked... I bet Desmond will have to return by boat, just like before!

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  8. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Oh my gosh! So many great observations!

    I had forgotten about all the previous Christianity references. Another one is the way the Losties would have disappeared from the plane would have looked like the fundamentalist concept of “the rapture” to the other people on the plane. Suddenly they disappeared.

    I think the statues full of heroin were Mary statues. But same idea.

    I don’t think, personally, that all the people on the plane went to the island. But I could be wrong. I had a bad feeling about the strange man who spoke to Jack in the airport. He seemed like the guys who were stalking Sayid. Maybe they work for Widmore?

    I loved Hurley’s comic book, too! It reminded me of the early days.

    Oh, I had not even thought about who might have beaten up Ben! Man, that is scary!!! I hope like crazy that Ben didn’t kill Penny.

    And oh dear, that makes total sense that if Ben killed Penny, Des might be so devastated that he would sail randomly into the South Pacific and run into the island. Gulp.

    Wow, that is amazing how much of the original flight was created.

    Oh, yeah, I agree that time flashed when the plane was in the “window” over the island. I am excited about seeing the Losties interact with the Dharma-ites. I always get a kick out of seeing the Dharma operation in its heyday. It’s such a blast from the past!

    It made me sad, though, that Jin had already become so paranoid and militaristic that the first thing he did was aim a gun at the Losties in the water.

    I mean, Geez.

    Although, the previous episode really explained why Danielle went crazy. What she went through would made anyone unhinged.

    I hope Kate gave Aaron to his grandma, too.

    And I think Sun would have had time to fly home to Korea and back, so she could have said good-bye to her mom and daughter.

    The woman escorting Sayid reminded me of Anna Lucia in some way. Like she could be her sister.

    I had this mental image of some day in the future, when grown up Ji-Yeon and grown-up Aaron meet, and fall in love, and say “You know, I think our parents were involved in something strange once.”

  9. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I will make this short, lol, have huge cysts on my fingers, so makes it hard to type.

    I like some of the idea's you all have posted.

    Here's my take on a couple.

    I figured that the shoes, will enable John to get back to the Island, and to be able to walk again. Everything seems to be about Johns leg's, and so it makes sense about the Shoes, being importatnt part of his getting back.

    I think that maybe Charlette and Daniel may be Bro and Sis.
    That would explain why he had such a shocked look on his face, and also why Eloise had that unpleasant look when his name was mentioned.

    I think somehow, Bed, got beat up by Sayaid, in order to get him on the plane.
    Or Desmond did it, but set Sayaid up for it.

    I think the other passagner, with Sayaid, also knows, the other new guy that was also seated in their section.

    I thought that the case looked small, for a guatiar, but it could be connected to Charlie.

    I think that they might be back in the year 1951, only because of the Photo, and caption of that photo of the Island, that was Milatary,

    I Think maybe Eloise and Widmore are related, somehow, and that they found a way off the Island, then it changed time, and they couldn't get back.

    I think that because Jin and Sawyer knew each other, they are in the same timeline, maybe the Darma camp, and clothing and supplies, are there, but the Darma group isn't.

    last thought, I Think that maybe the Island is more of a way to hide, the org. Inhabaints, and that they adapit to the out siders lifestyle.
    They progressed, is what I am trying to say, darn pain meds.

    So each time they are discovered, they learn something new, and also find someone that they can turn to their side.
    Like Bed, and Locke.
    Now I think it's wanting Jack.

    sorry, if my post is full of mis sp, hope you understood, what I was saying, lol,
    Hugs to all and have a greatweek end.
  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Forebearance - Interesting thought on how the others on the plane would see our people suddenly disappear, like the rapture. I wonder if we will get to see that scene from their angle later.

    Another Langoliers reference: In the novel, an airplane takes off from Los Angeles and while in midair in travels through a time warp, leaving only a handful of survivors while the rest of the people on board disappear.

    I think you're right... If Ben had succeeded in killing Penny, it would make Desmond more likely to go back to the island. Or get drunk, pass out on his boat, and get drawn back. Man, I hope that didn't happen! I was thinking a while back, if Ben just convinced both of them to go to the island, he would, in a way be taking Penny from Widmore. Since Widmore can't go back, it would kill him to know she was there with Ben.

    I saw where someone posted the screencap of Jin showing his star emblem. They were calling it a "security" logo... no explanation how they came to that conclusion. That would explain his 'aim first' attitude.

    kjm - I see Jack as the doubting Thomas, and Locke as the soon-to-be-resurrected savior. Something has turned Jack around, as now he is willing to take the leap of faith and return, like Locke told him. But that doesn't mesh with the quote, in which Thomas goes with Jesus willing to die by his side. I wonder if Ben was referring to himself as Thomas, willing to leave the island in Johns place, hoping to spare Locke. (Could he have been thinking that when he turned the wheel???)

    Bruin - You poor thing, typing away about Lost with your engorged fingers. You are a true fan!
    Someone somewhere noted that every time John's path changes, his legs get injured - like the islands painful reminder, "I gave you your legs back... screw up, and I can take them back again."

    Eloise did have a non-caring attitude at the mention of her sons name. I figured it was because she knows all about this time loop stuff, and knows there is nothing she can do that isn't already laid out in the course of destiny. She can't go back, Daniel can't leave. Seems like she would ask how he is though... something.

    I wonder why Widmore just doesn't go back. He knows Hawking and where she is, and surely knows she knows how to get back. I think it goes back to the idea that once people leave, they can't go back, except for the O6. Would he die like Charlotte? Maybe he was paying these freighter scientists to go there and fix things so he can return.

    My son thought that was a violin case. I thought it was too big for that. Maybe it just represented the musical instrument. (Maybe it's stuffed with snacks.) Hurleys comic book was another Spanish comic, but different than the original one.

    More 316/ 815 parallels:
    Ben was late, like Hurley originally.
    Jack reading a letter, like Sawyer.
    Ben was the con man, like Sawyer.
    Sun has Jin's ring, like Rose, who had Bernards.
    Jack the drug addict, like Charlie.
    Jack & Kate slept together the night before the flight, like Boone & Shannon.
    Ben got in a fight at a marina. Boone got in a fight at a marina with Shannon's boyfriend.
    So far, I don't know of anything to represent Michael or Walt.

    I found Jins reaction to Jack, Kate and Hurley odd. It was like he didn't recognize them. Maybe it took him a few seconds. I wonder if when the O6 arrive back on the island, we will find out that 3 years have passed for the left-behinders, who have been working for Dharma all this time. Jin didn't just acquire a uniform and his own van overnight. Maybe that's why it took a few moments for him to remember the 3. A long time has passed since Locke went to fetch them. The LB's probably gave up on them long ago.

    I wonder about Jacks grandfather, Ray. There has to be more to him than just providing the shoes. He tried to run away. He plans to try again. He said, "One of these times, I'm actually gonna get away. They won't ever find me either." I wonder if he plans to go to the island. We have three generations of Shephards involved with this island. Will Ray make the 4th? I have long suspected that Christians body was brought BACK to the island, like Locke. So was Christians father also involved?

    Jack is doing a good job of staying sober. He fixed himself a drink for breakfast and another at the airport bar, but never took a sip of either.

    Hope you feel better soon SharonK!
  11. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    You don't sound confused at all.
    Maybe it has to do with both: Jack is the doubting Thomas to both Locke & Christian. But I think that's about to change. Now, he seems to have switched over from the man of science to the man of faith. Going back is a huge leap of faith for Jack, when there is nothing scientific to proove that Ms Hawking can really get them back in the way she describes. (Take something of Christians for Locke, recreate the scene of 815, etc. and you will magically return to the island to save the world.)

    I totally agree that Christian was brought back to life by the island. And it seemed gradual, with him being more spirit-like at first, to more real now. I also feel that he was probably a former island inhabitant. Maybe when certain islanders leave the island and die, the island brings them back. Former leaders perhaps? The good people?

    I also wonder if this explains Jacob. Could he have been brought back to the island and reborn, but someone trapped him in the cabin where he cant get out and resurrect to completion. Or maybe Jacob didn't have the "magic shoes" when he returned, and something "unpredictable" happened. He's still caught in the spirit world.

    Turns out 316 meant a bunch of things! The flight # of course and the John 3:16 Bible reference, but I read a few others. On the day this episode aired, there were 316 days left in the year. Plus, if you take the total number of passengers from flight 815 and subtract the ones who left the island alive, you get 316. Thats 324 - 8 = 316. (Not counting Aaron who wasn't born yet.) That last one may be coincidence. The days left in the year... who knows?
  12. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Wow, I love all the profound theories going on!

    I see what you guys mean, that Christian's name and the introduction of Jack's grandfather must have some significance. Ooo, to think that Christian is the right age to have been a member of Dharma! He could have done it in his youth, before he met Jack's mom, for example.

    Ooo, the idea that Daniel and Charlotte could be siblings! Or that Widmore and Eloise could have been spouses/lovers.

    That sounds like such a plausible theory, that the Left Behinders have been living and working with the Dharma-ites for three years! That makes total sense!

    I keep feeling like we are circling finding out what the ancient temple was used for. Maybe it was used for bringing people back to life!

    Did anyone do the origami project on the Ajira Airlines website? I just did it this morning, and I'm pondering if it could be a clue, and if so what it could mean.

  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Yes, this episode had brought forth a lot of great discussion. It seems now that with each new show, we get a few more pieces to the puzzle. We still get new questions, but that's part of the fun. Even with the new questions, the overall picture is becoming more complete.

    I am also dying to know more about the temple. Well, actually we don't know anything about it yet. I read that what we saw is just the outer wall to the temple, and that there is much MUCH more to it. Of course, I don't know what. But it got me all excited anyway.

    Your theory is good - the temple bringing people back to life! Maybe we will get to see that happen.

    I haven't done the origami project. Now I am curious. Now I will have to go look!

  14. jemini

    jemini New Member

    Hi fellow Losties! I love all the LOST words LOL :) Okay first off I just read the post about the oragami project so I went back to the Ajira website and I watched the intro video again and when I was watching I caught a quick glimpse of a guy with a sign like he was waiting for someone by the baggage claim! Did you guys see that? I might have missed it in a post but I was so excited I had to post that first. I wanted to try the oragami before I posted anything but now I couldn't help myself cause I didn't want to forget. It is right before the girl says "Welcome to Ajira Airways" and his sign says something in another language and then 316 and there is a date in the bottom right of the film that I can't make out like on a video tape. Looks like maybe 1/29/2009 but I'm not sure. Now I'll look for the oragami and then I'll edit my post.

    I too think Hurley's case is full of snacks. Thinking as the chubby girl I am I'd want to be sure I was prepared with some snickers and protein bars handy in a large waterproof case!!! ;)

    Edited to add that I have spent a minimum of 30 minutes working on the oragami LOL needless to say...I quit! :)
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  15. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I like the idea of Hurley's case being full of snacks, jemini! It would certainly be practical for the island. I'm starting to get annoyed because we never see the Left Behinders eat or sleep. Geez!

    I'm sorry the origami project didn't work out for you. It makes a ball, and you look inside the ball to see the printed boarding pass on the inside of it. I noticed that the folds all converge on the word "GUM" which I'm guessing could be the abbreviation for the Guam airport.

    So maybe it's no big deal, since we already know that the airplane is headed to Guam. But it was kind of cute.

  16. jemini

    jemini New Member

    I'm glad to know what it said at least. I tried and tried and couldn't figure out that stupid little cube for anything! LOL I don't know who has the patience for that oragami business but more power to them! I've seen such beautiful things made before and didn't have a clue how much went into them!

    So Guam it is! I like looking around at the Ajira site anyway to look for clues. I like the easter egg site that was posted too! Thanks for that!!! Lost is so much fun. I really do wish I had someone in person to watch it with but you guys are even better than the next best thing :)
  17. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I have been thinking a lot over the week about Bens reference to Thomas. I think Ben was referring to himself.

    The story has told us that you can't go back to the island once you turn the wheel. We don't know the consequences of going back, but I assume death.

    Ben can't go back without dying either. That is why he told the story of Thomas.... how Thomas was never acknowledged for his bravery. Thomas wanted to go with Jesus to Judea, knowing he would probably be murdered there. Ben wants to return to the Island, knowing he will die there. But it's for the island. He allowed Walt to leave, and gave Kate & Sayid permission to take the helicopter and go. He is cleaning up his mistakes by trying to deliver them back.

    Its amazing how one Bible reference can have so many meanings in one story!

    All along I have been thinking about how John is going to be reborn when he returns to the island- hence, the reincarnation clues.

    But Jack is also being reborn. He has chosen to leave his medical practice behind and go back to the island...blindly believing that a pendulum and a recreation of events will guide them back through the looking glass.

    When we see him awake on the island it seems like a rerun of the pilot episode. But it's different. He has a sense of purpose about him this time, as opposed to the fear he showed in the pilot. He runs through the jungle, makes a poetic leap of faith into the lagoon below. Washed clean by the island water, he is baptized anew, a man of faith.

    Oh the symbolism!

  18. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    Just wanted to say hi. I've been enjoying your posts. I did try to post a long one the other day on this thread, but it disappeared into thin air! UGH!

    I LOVE LOST!!! I watch each episode at least twice and travel around the internet following all the intricate theories people come up with. Such a huge form of entertainment!

    I hope we'll see some more good stuff tonight. I wonder where/when the other Losties on 316 will show up. It reminded me of Star Trek the way they just seemed to "beam down" to the island! I kind of had a feeling that was what would happen, we don't need anymore plane crash victims running around down there!

    That Mrs. Hawking gives me the creeps, and her teeth were way too white! Desmond sure didn't seem happy to see her again either! I hope the theories I've read that think Ben tried to kill Penny aren't true, but I do hope we'll see more of Desmond (he's such a cutie).

    Can't wait for tonight's epi, I don't even watch the previews so nothing is spoiled!
  19. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Yay! Hermitlady is back! I have been wondering what happened to you!

    I have a problem everytime I post here, since the new board switch. When I click to post my message, it takes me to some blank page. Here's what I do to work around it.
    I type up my message, and when I am done, I right click & pick "select all", then right click "copy".
    Then I have to hit the back button twice, back to the sign in page, and sign in again.
    Then I go back to the reply page and right click & "paste" the post I just copied, type a new title, and click submit immediately. It's like the site wont keep me signed in, no matter what I do.

    In simpler words, always right click/copy your post before you submit it, just in case.

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