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  1. 4everkid

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    Tonight: "Namaste"

    This episode runs 62 minutes long. We can't complain about not getting our full hours worth! Lost is always supersized.

    Tonight it looks like there will not be an enhanced rerun of LaFleur. I think they did that last week in place of the new episode.

    See you all back here after the show!
  2. Forebearance

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    Nothin from nobody yet, huh?

    Well, I guess I'll say that the past few episodes have felt like we are just filling in the blanks on the timeline. I haven't felt the usual sense of being shocked and trying to figure out puzzles. I am sort of waiting for something new and big to happen. Like seeing the inside of the Temple, or finding out some big thing about the Others.

    Maybe as the show gets closer to the end, we will run out of mysteries. The Kate-Jack-Juliette-Sawyer love quadrangle is losing its interest value to me. I'm not sure I care any more who ends up with who.

    Well, maybe I'm having a bad CFS day and am just feeling jaded! lol
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    I have to agree, but imagine the adrenaline rush and the "oh my gawds" when it's just one lightening bolt after another next year. I'm kind of glad I have to watch it on line the next morning, so I can get to sleep Wednesday night.

    I wonder why Sun clobbered Ben instead of taking him back to the big island, he did say that IF she wanted to see Jin again, another something up his sleeve. Christian was very much in the physical world, handing the photograph to Sun. He was always real hands off before, I wondered if you could put your hand through him.

    Still no sign of Bernard and that group, I liked those two characters, most of them must have gotten picked off by the flaming arrows. I can't remember all the names, but it was cool seeing the guy designing the dome for the stuff at the hatch, goes along with my theory that the others had to stop the Dharmites/termites when they started digging too deep into the island, extermination was the only solution. Why didn't that guy say Sayid was dressed too nice to be a Hostile?

  4. 4everkid

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    That was kind of a slower episode, compared to the others this season. I guess they are setting things up for the next batch of episodes. Getting all the players in their places, and introducing a few important people.

    I was thrilled to see Sun whack Ben like that. Loved it! I think that explains why when reborn Locke saw him he was in such rough shape. Not from the plane crash, which was actually just a rough landing, but from Sun. She got the info she needed from him, the directions to Othersville/Dharmatown. No need to bring him along. Besides, he was just downright creepy in this episode! Sun's whacking reminded me of how Ben strangled Locke as soon as he got the info he needed from him.

    Dont forget, we saw Christian holding baby Aaron on the night he coaxed Claire to go with him. But you're right Deidre, he never seemed physical before.

    Did you guys see the wisp of smoke leave through the door when Christian took them into the room? Smokey seems to be hanging out with Christian. Or maybe he IS Christian....

    I agree, it was cool seeing that it was Radzinski who designed the Swan. This is the same Radzinski who later became Kelvins partner in the Swan, pushing the buttons. He was the one who began the project of the blast door map, which Kelvin later took over. He also edited out a part of the Orientation film and hid the part he cut in another station. (It was the part that warned NOT use the computer for any reason other than to enter the numbers.) He ended up committing suicide while Kelvin slept.

    We originally thought Radzinski was making that map as he discovered the other hatches, and that it was a map for himself. But obviously that was wrong. He probably knows everything about all the stations, and must have been drawing that map for someone else to find later. His paranoia about hostile spys explains why he drew the map on the blast door, where no one would ever see it unless they were in the Swan during lockedown/food drops when the blacklight came on. But why did he think someone would need to know the layout of the islands stations and the location of various tunnels, vents, burial sites, and all the other stuff it included?

    Did he survive the Purge because he was in the Swan? Did he know it was coming and go there to hide? I think he must have known the Dharma group was killed off. Maybe the map was for any Dharma people that might come along in the future. But why cut out the part about contacting others with the computer. Maybe he was afraid a hostile would find the Swan. And if they did, he hoped his people would find out when the intruder used the computer.

    How are Sun, Frank, Ben and Locke going to find the others when they are in separate times?
  5. 4everkid

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    Loved the song playing for the new Dharma initiates - "Ride Captain Ride... upon your mystery ship. Be amazed at the friends you'll have here on your trip..." How perfect!

    The whole Jack Kate Sawyer Juliet thing was weird and uncomfortable.
    The scene with Jack intruding on life at home with the LaFleurs, was just painful. Here's poor Jack, who just gave up his normal (although miserable) life to come back to redemption isle to save them. SAVE them. And they are all happy and cozy in their little Dharmatown love shack. Sawyer criticized his leadership skills, then "off you go." Jack did handle it well. He seemed like a new man. He didn't get all hot and react like he would have in the past. And Sawyer was right. Harsh, but right.

    Funny how Jack ended up a "workman" ... a janitor. That had to hurt his ego.

    It is going to be weird seeing them interact with Little Ben, knowing the horrible person he grows up to be. And interesting to think about the possibility that the grown Ben we know has known these people all along, from his childhood. Some things are bound to suddenly make more sense. I am waiting for that to click in though.
  6. 4everkid

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    Sun wasn't born till 1980, so that's not the problem.

    I read someone elses theory that made sense. The thing that makes Ben, Frank & Sun different from the rest is that they weren't personally invited by John. It was Johns job to bring the O6 back, not Bens. John never spoke with Sun. He didn't invite Ben or Frank either.

    Its just a theory. May or may not be right, but I thought it was a good one.

  7. 4everkid

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    Yeah, maybe they don't all have to have been rejected for the same reason. Sun not bringing back the baby would make the island mad - I think. (As if I know how the island thinks.) But If I were the island I would say, "One baby left here, I need at least one baby back."

    When we first learned about Frank, I figured the island wanted him. He was supposed to be flying 815, but called in "sick". Then, after the crash, the first thing Smokey did was get rid of the pilot who filled in for him. I saw Franks eventual arrival as kind of a course correction.

    And why not Locke? He was supposed to bring them all back, and die doing it. He did his part, so why is he in a different time?

    Everything tells us they are in a loop, repeating what already happened in the past. The fact that the O3 are in that picture proves that they were part of the past. Maybe Sun never played a part in the past, and isn't needed there. Or, maybe Ben screwed things up by turning the wheel and getting involved. Maybe in the previous loop(s) Sun never returned to the island.

    Another possibility is what Ms Hawking said about how all 6 had to return or "the result would be... unpredictable." So maybe since they only had 5 of the 6, they ended up with an incomplete transfer to 1977.

    So many possibilities, and no one to tell us if we are on the right track.
  8. Forebearance

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    My thought was that since Sun wasn't pregnant, the results of the return to the island were "unpredictable", as Ms. Hawking said. Just my 2 cents.

    The one surprising thing to me was to find out that Ben had met Sayid in 1977, and had not revealed that he knew him in 200? when the plane crashed on the island. Ben is really a master at keeping info to himself. Geez! And like you said, young Ben surely met the other Oceanic survivors and Miles and Dan at Dharma.

    It makes me re-think that time when the Others were collecting names of the people who had been on the plane. Maybe Ben was looking for names he knew. Young Ben is going to know Kate and Hurley and Jack now, too.

    What do you suppose happened to Dan? That was pretty mysterious.

    i noticed the puff of black smoke following Christian! Creepy! And I noticed how solid and alive Christian seemed, too. Amazing.

    Thanks for all the info about Radzinzky, 4ever. I had forgotten all that. I wonder if we will ever find out who "he" was that Desmond was waiting for.

  9. jemini

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    I haven't read the posts yet cause I haven't watched #9 yet but I'm going to and then I'm going to catch up! I just wanted to check in and I'll read and post tonight after I watch! :)
  10. 4everkid

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    I can barely contain myself till Wed night rolls around. I don't know how you can wait Jemini!

    Fore - its weird how many things look different now, knowing that our losties were there in the past -like you said about Ben knowing them and never mentioning it. Maybe he can't, or it might bring about some change. If they knew they were going to get thrown into the past, they might try to avoid letting that happen, then everything we know now will have never happened this way.

    Another thing... the fact that Ben chose Jack, Kate & Sawyer to capture. The same people he knew ended up in the past. Wonder if there is any connection there. He did say that he needed a surgeon, plus Kate to make him comply, and Sawyer to make her comply. But still.... odd coincidence.

    I can't remember if I mentioned this here or not, but I was confused by the little red-headed girl Daniel saw when they arrived at Dharma town, that he thought was Charlotte in 1974. Her file that Ben had said she was born in 1979, so I thought, its impossible for that child to be her when she isn't born yet.

    Funny thing - I was listening to one of the podcasts of the producers answering questions and this one about Charlotte's age came up. Turns out, when the actress, (who was born in 79) saw that her character was supposed to have been born in 1970, she freaked out. It was one of her first scenes, and she said "I wasn't born in 79!" She felt playing a character several years older than herself was either not believable or not desirable. So she just took it upon herself to change it without telling anyone.

    They laughed and joked about it... how it never occurred to her that this date might be important, that they pay ANY attention to dates on this show, that they would be time traveling, and that later after her character dies, that date would actually be important. They said it should have been caught in editing.

    So theres one mystery solved!
  11. jemini

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    I have to wait until I can watch it and it will be quiet and I can stay awake lol My dad doesn't watch it regularly so Wed. night we watch something else and I record it and then I have to wait til I have the house to myself to watch it so it is like a game to see when that will be. Plus if I watched it at night I wouldn't remember by the next morning what happened. I got to watch it and now have read up here.

    Nothing really stood out to me I guess this episode. Poor Syied though. I liked it when Sun whacked Ben with the oar too! It was just kind of moving along with no particular excitment showing huh? It was good though. I'm excited to see what happens next! I felt sad for Jack when he saw Juliet and then Kate standing out on the patio or whatever. Sawyer is still in love with her. I wonder what will happen with them. Juliet looks so pretty and happy though. I'd like to include that I do know they are not real cause I sure do sound like I am there on that island with them huh? I am one with LOST!!! Thanks for all the insights everyone!!! I'm gonna check out the podcasts now!!!
  12. 4everkid

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    You're right, not much happened, or at least not much was revealed in this episode. It makes me nervous, because there are only something like 25 hours left to tell the rest of the Lost story. And I feel like there are LOT of things left to cover.
    But then I guess since we have devoted so much time to the O6 getting off the island, and then back again, it's not that out of line devoting one episode to getting them all in place in the past, processed and assimilated into Dharma.
    There were a lot of good emotional scenes. Everyone still has feelings for the person they cared about 3 years ago, but Sawyer & Juliet seem pretty settled and content. I feel bad for all 4 of them.

    Jack, Kate and Hurley must be wondering why it was so important for them to return. I know I am anxious to find out why. What does destiny have in store for these people? Is it going to be something major they did before, that we have already seen the affects of in the future? Or is it something they have to change?

    And I still can't help but wonder what Smokey has in store for Ben. Ben has done a lot of things to screw things up... letting Walt leave, allowing the others to leave on the helicopter, turning the wheel when he wasn't supposed to, and returning to the island when he is supposed to be exiled. I still don't think the island will want him back. With what little we do know about Smokey, I expect Ben to get judged by Smokey like Eko did.