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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Jan 21, 2009.

  1. 4everkid

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    Finally, after the long 9 month countdown... its showtime!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tonight its 3 hours of LOST!

    Here's the lineup:

    Recap episode - "Destiny Calls" at 8/7c
    Episode 1 - "Because You Left" at 9/8c
    followed immediately by
    Episode 2 - "The Lie" at 10/9c

    So shine up the tv screen, polish and fine tune your thinking caps, and crack open a box of Dharma wine! It's finally time to get Lost again!

    Then when it's over and you get your jaw picked back up off the floor and your brain cells jump started, come back HERE to discuss.

    Returning fans, new fans, lurkers, and the totally confused - EVERYONE is welcome to join in the madness!

    See you all after the show!

    Edited to add - I just watched an interview with producers Damon & Carlton regarding season 5. They said that this season will be a little confusing at first, but it will all come together quickly. They plan to answer all the questions on the table without asking any significant new ones. There will be NO stalling this season.
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  2. Rafiki

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    Beyond the rock under the orchid was what looked just like a Dharma Wheel. What Ben Linus turned could be a Dharma wheel.

    Bit obvious but...

    Gotta go, commercial's over!


    ETA: The wheel represents not only critical moments (usually 3) in the teachings of the Buddha as in the above link but also the endless cycle of birth and rebirth.

    It seems to me there were also more than the usual number of references to "dependent arising" aka cause and effect aka Karma. Buddhism and Physics are such a great pairing!

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  3. TwinMa

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    I liked both new episodes. Just a couple of quick favorite moments from the first hour:

    Sawyer shirtless for the entire hour! Woo hoo! I"m glad no one would give him a shirt until the second episode. Although, maybe my contacts were just a little blurry, but did James look a little more doughy than last season? I'll still keep looking, though!

    Richard needing reading glasses to take the bullet out of John's leg. Priceless. I guess the guy does show some signs of aging.

    Rafiki - love those Dharma Wheel comments. The cycle of birth and rebirth is certainly explored many times on LOST. Good food for thought.

    I'll post more tomorrow. It's bedtime for me now. Can't wait to hear from everyone.
  4. 4everkid

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    Rafiki! I am glad you are back! Did you catch up on all the episodes or just jump in with the new season? I will have to read the link you listed when my brain cools back down. I have thought about you many times when Lost got really good. I was sorry that you quit. Glad you came back to give it another try.

    Great episodes. I couldn't be more thrilled with all this time traveling stuff. But it is going to be really hard to put things into words that make sense.

    A few thoughts:

    TwiinMa - Sawyer could be dressed in poop-soaked burlap and still manage to be incredibly hot. Shirtless Sawyer was the icing on the Lost cake tonight!

    Loved Hurleys choice of shirts. A yellow "I heart Shih Tzus".... and it fit!


    Could that baby of Marvin Candle/Mark Wickmund/Pierre Chang we saw at the beginning be a tiny newborn Miles? Miles or not, how did that baby survive?

    Was that Hurleys Dharma Bug that Candle was driving? Or do they have a whole fleet of them?


    When we see Daniel Faraday in the past with Dharma, was he really originally with Dharma, or was he there from the future infiltrating the Dharma group? I realize this is a question with no answer yet. We have seen him in 2004-05, 1996, and now the 70's with Dharma. Like Richard, he looks the same in all times. Could Daniel be an original native Islander? How did he know so much about the donkey wheel before Dharma even discovered it?


    I am a little confused about who exactly is moving through time - the Losties or the island. Maybe both? The finale told us that the island moved. This episode lead us to believe the Losties were moving.


    To all those people out there, (not you guys) that thought the writers were making this all up as they go, with no clear plan.... this episode should prove them wrong. The whole thing with Locke and the beechcraft plane is proof that they had a plan from the beginning. Incredible writing!

    Remember that episode from the first season (Dues Ex Machina) when Boone climbs into that plane and falls? Locke was having a "dream" in that ep of a plane flying over the island, and he set out with Boone to find it. Locke injures his leg and is suddenly crippled. They go find the plane, and Boone climbs up into it since John can't. It falls and Boone is severely injured, as was fated to be.

    In tonights episode, when Locke attempts to climb up into the plane, he is shot in the LEG and injured, mirroring the events of the future. Now he cant climb up into the plane. If he had succeeded, he would have altered the course of destiny. The plane would not have been up there to fall when Boone came along later. And Locke could have been fatally injured. Ethan's shooting John was like a course correction.

    In the future time line when Locke is with Boone, (In that season 1 episode) once Boone falls and things play out as fated, suddenly Locke can walk again, and hauls his injured buddy back to the camp. And the "dream" Locke had of the plane flying over was actually a memory from the past... what we saw tonight when he witnessed the crash.

    It's almost like time is folded and things in different time frames are happening simultaneously - directly affecting each other. Like how Desmond suddenly "dreamed" of his meeting with Daniel at the hatch. The memory didn't click in until the event happened again on the island when they traveled to the past.


    It was wild seeing Ms. Hawking there at the end with Ben, calculating the next opportunity for the island to be located, and where it has moved to. Ben's got 70 something hours to gather the O6?!!! (Glad they won't spend all season with that part!) Just who is this woman? And does she really need a hooded cloak to do her job?


    I am not sure I trust Sun now. She seemed very suspicious.


    Hurley really took that "if you see Ben, do the exact opposite" thing to heart. I can't believe he turned himself in for a crime he didn't commit!


    Desmond is supposed to find Daniels mother at Oxford. Could his mother be Ms. Hawking? She was photographed at Oxford with Brother Campbell, the monk guy. Maybe that's how Daniel knows so much about the island.


    Loved Sawyers nickname for himself when he was banging on the hatch door. "Open up! It's the ghost of Christmas future!"


    I will stop here, before I take the server down with my rambling. I definitely need a second viewing to process all of this.
  5. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Cool, Rafiki!

    Ooo, 4everkid, I love the idea of MIles being Dr. Chang’s son. Didn’t Charlotte say something about being born on the island? What if Dan was, too?

    Yeah, I wondered the same thing about whether Dan was time traveling when we saw him as a Dharma worker.

    Let’s see, we know the island moved at least once through space. But now it seems to be moving through time and possibly space. We don’t know that because every piece of ocean looks like every other piece of ocean. As far as I can tell!

    They must have been near Africa when the place crashed. Eko’s brother was flying out of Nigeria, right?

    Yeah, Desmond’s timely dream was spooky.

    Who was Ms. Hawking in the past? Was she the woman who sold Desmond the wedding ring for Penny? Could she be Dan’s mother? LOL about the hooded cloak comment.

    Yes, Sun seems suspicious now. What is she up to?

    Why why why did Hurley choose to take Sayid’s advice instead of the advice of all the dead people who told him to go back to the island and avoid the police??? I don’t know which was the right advice to take!


  6. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I think it was implied that Charlotte may have been born on the island. I am beginning to wonder if Dan & Miles were too.

    Yes, Ms. Hawking was the woman in the jewelry store who Desmond tried to buy a ring from, when he flashed back to 1996.

    I don't know what Hurley was thinking. Dead Anna Lucia told him not to get arrested! But when he is faced with that, or going with googley-eyed Ben, the biggest liar on the planet, I guess he felt he was choosing the lesser of two evils. He got himself thrown in the asylum because he felt safe there. Maybe he thinks he is safer behind bars than with Ben.

    I am going mad trying to figure out why the Others don't move through space/time with the Losties! They may be moving, but not the same - since Locke was with them when the first move happened, then alone afterwards.

    I wondered if it was because they were born there. But with the hints that Charlotte was born there, that doesn't work. People who have never left? Nope, Richard leaves all the time. People who have been vaccinated against the sickness?? Hmm. Claire, Aaron and Desmond all got shots, but they aren't around to see how this affected them.

    Here's a way-out thought. Maybe the island is moving in time and the others are moving with it. But the Losties are out of sync, moving to a different time.

    Do you suppose what we are witnessing is another "incident"?

    When Richard gave Locke the compass, telling him that he would not know Locke the next time they meet, it makes me think that somehow they will be moving to a point in time before they ever met. That would have to be way back in time. John was born in 1956, and Richard was there. It would be cool if they went back to the Black Rock time, or the ancient times when the statue was built! And even cooler to see Richard there - looking the same.

    Where is Frank the helicopter pilot now? I hope he isn't gone for good. I liked him. Maybe he will be the one who flies them back to the island.

    Isn't it great to know that we only have to wait a week between episodes?
  7. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Yes, I'm glad we only have to wait a week!

    Great thoughts, 4ever! That is a good idea about the Others being in sync with the island, and the Losties being out of sync.

    What bothers me is why is the presence of all the crash survivors required in order to stop the time travel madness? It doesn't make any kind of sense to me. (as if time travel makes sense! lol)

    It would be cool to go back to when the statue was built! Or to the time of the Black Rock.

    I want to add that I am of the impression that the Dharma Initiative has a fleet of VW minivans. I think we saw more than one in some scene once.

    And those soldiers who grabbed Sawyer and Juliet looked like World War II soldiers to me. Maybe British ones? That would make my dad happy, because he always thought those numbers and some of the stuff on the island was WWII related.

  8. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Well, I watched it again tonight, and caught something that slipped past the first time. When John asked Richard where he went, he replied, " I didn't go anywhere John. You did." This sounds like the Others stayed in place when the Losties moved through time.

    I am no less confused though.

    There is a discussion about WHY the O6 have to go back on the Fuselage.
    Some think they are the islands constants.
    Someone suggested they each represent a number of the Valenzetti equation... the 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42 numbers. (Hope it's not that. I didn't pay much attention to that game.)

    The theory I liked is that they all have some important task to complete in the future on the island. If they aren't there to do it... well, as Ms. Hawking would say, God help us all.

    This makes the most sense to me - at least more than the constant thing. It reminds me of what Ms. Hawking said to Desmond about how he had to go to the island, push the button for three years, and turn the key, and if he didn't do that....
    Plus, all this talk for years about how you can't change destiny. They weren't supposed to leave.

    About Adam & Eve, the pair of skeletons they found in the cave. Now that we know what we do about the time traveling, they are more intriguing than ever. If Adam & Eve are Jack & Kate, maybe they have to come back, travel to the past and correct something, and die doing it. People have speculated about A&E being J&K for a long time. Just now, it makes more sense.

  9. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I am not able to sit for long, so I won't be posting to much,
    I do have some new thoughts tho since the show has lined up with past seasons,

    Now we get to have fun figuring out, what the Heck is going on, :eek:)

    I wanted to mention that I thought it was the Losties moving through time,

    When John saw that airplane crash, I got the feeling, that the Island, being moved, may have caused that crash.
    Remember John was the one who had to find the airplane.
    He couldn't walk , untill he did, he had to be lying down to see it in the tree.
    So this time when he saw the plane, I think they were both moving through time,

    another thing that got my attention, is that both John, and Ben were Born to soon, wonder if that had anthing to do with them being chosen?

    I too think that Daniel went back in time, to correct things,
    and Charollet, (?) was on the Island before, maybe one of the org. Darma group, or she was lost during an experment, and needs to get back to the Island.

    So many thoughts, and I am going to enjoy every min. of the show.
    I am pretty much bed ridden right now,
    today, the Dh is taking me to the Hosp. for some X-rays of my spine, and my right Hip.

    Hope its nothing but the bad weather.

    What if, We could get on an Island like the Losties, think maybe We would be cured, (wink, wink, lol)

  10. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Sorry you are feeling so bad. It must be awful, not even being able to sit comfortably. Hope they figure out whats wrong and that its easy to fix, so you will feel better soon.

    Interesting theory that the island moving might have been responsible for the beechcraft crashing. With all that blinding white light, and invisible energy blowing everywhere, you may be right!
    Somewhere on the Fuselage, I was talking about how it seems like time is folded, and things of one time frame directly affect another time. Like how Daniel Faraday inserted himself into Desmond's past, affecting his future. Or Locke's attempt to climb into the plane causing him to be temporarily crippled the next time he sees it, so he wont try it again. In both cases, someone from the present went back to the past and affected the future.

    Same thing, kind of, with the plane. The island, moving back in time to the exact moment the plane flew over affected its flight path or control gizmos, causing it to crash. Nice catch! I haven't seen anyone mention this possibility yet.

    Yes, Ben & John were both miraculous preemie babies born 2 and 3 months early. They had a lot in common. Both had mothers named Emily, EXTREME Daddy issues, and both were responsible for their fathers deaths, to please the Others.

    If I had the option to go to the island to get cured, I think I would just stay home and suffer. I would rather pop a few pain pills than have to run from the smoke monster, the paralyzing Medusa spiders and those flaming arrows! Way too much stress!

    Looking forward to tomorrows episode, "Jughead".
  11. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    I have to add one more thing about these first two episodes.

    My favorite part, by far, was when Hurley finally broke down and told his mom the truth about what went on. And his mom believed him! It's an incredibly powerful thing to be believed by one's mother. Bless her.

    I feel like that might be important some time. She's going to be the only non-crash survivor who knows that info.

    Great observations, Sharon! I did not notice that both John and Ben were premature.

    I like the idea of the Losties needing to get back to the island in order to do some specific thing, 4ever. Good theory! I wonder if Desmond is included. I hope he doesn't have to stay on the island forever.

  12. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    That scene with Hurley & Mom was a great scene. I felt relieved for him, that she believed him, and grew to love her more.

    Hurley's quick overview of life on The Island, was a hoot. That's somewhere we fans have all been before. Trying to sum up Lost, which we KNOW is an amazing show, but sounding like a complete lunatic in the process. I think the writers put that in as a shout-out to us. "This is how crazy you sound."

    I hope Desmond is free to go when he's ready. He did everything the lady told him he had to do already.
  13. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    that given the ages, mainly Pennys, that she just may have been born on the Island.
    She is over 20, and Widmore has been looking for the Island for 20yrs,

    Which makes me wonder, was she born on the Island?
    They have a prob. with "Birthing" so that dosen't compute for my brain.

    gotta go back ache again.

    Have a great Sunday,