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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, May 13, 2009.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Tonight, its 3 hours of Lost!

    First, a recap of course: "Lost: A Journey in Time"
    Then at the usual time, the 2 hour finale: "The Incident" parts 1 & 2

    It's going to be a mind blowing event! I am not going to say any more, other than a few viewing tips:

    Polish up those thinking caps.
    Put the kids to bed early and sedate the pets.
    Unplug the phone and barricade the front door.
    Get those fingernails clean - you are gonna be biting them off tonight.
    Have the tissues/hankies close at hand.

    This is the most emotional day of the year for me. I am so excited about the finale I can hardly stand the wait! During the finale, I expect I will laugh, cry, and freak out, multiple times. About 10:00 central time, I expect my brain to resemble bowl of cooked spinach. Following about 1/2 hour of drooling, mumbling and staring into space, unable to speak any words other than "Oh my gawd", the mourning process will begin. That realization that we will have to wait another long, miserable 9 months, dangling from the highest, pointiest cliff we have ever hung from, before Lost returns for its final season.

    Are you ready?
  2. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    but that wasn't what I was ready for. As much as I love LOST, I HATED that finale.

    I'm too ticked off right now to even post. I feel cheated.

    I did cry when Sawyer let go of Juliet. Noooooo!

    Can't wait to hear what you guys thought. Loved it or Hated it?
  3. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    My first thought after watching the finale was:

    "You mean all the battles over the island began because two guys sitting on a beach had a disagreement of some kind?????!!!!!!"

    Why did the two guys have modern American accents when they were in the 1700s or 1800s??? What era was that ship from? The spinning wheel was before about 1860.

    Let's see.... what else?

    I was vindicated about Locke not acting like himself!!!! It wasn't him!!!!

    Who in the heck are the people who carried Locke's body all the way to the Others???

    Did Richard answer their secret question in Latin??

    The statue wasn't Anubis! It's the crocodile-headed god, whose name I can't remember offhand.

    I actually felt a little bit sorry for Ben. He's not as powerful as he seemed at first.

    Why did Kate suddenly decide she wanted to blow up the bomb after all? That made no sense! I am going to have to watch the show again.

    How sad about Juliette!

    I tend to agree with Miles. I think the bomb was part of the big "incident". I don't think Daniel and Jack thought things through very well.

  4. hermitlady

    hermitlady Member

    I must admit, I was quite disappointed...actually thought it was a let down. The first time I've felt like that for a LOST finale. There was so much buildup throughout the season, and then it seemed to fizzle out tonight.

    I didn't really like all the love triangle stuff at all. The way they threw in Juliet's flashback to justify her insecurities about Sawyer seemed like an afterthought. A lot of little filler scenes like that made it frustrating to watch.

    Rose and Bernard were cute, but a bit corny. Kind of a nice way to retire tho.
    Vincent!!! So glad to see that dog, I knew he's show up.

    No Desmond?!? We have to wait a long time to see if he's still going to show up back at the island. Oh well.

    There were so many excellent epis this season, it's a shame the finale didn't feel right to me. I don't know why all the build up about Jacob, and tonight we see him out and about and touching every Lostie at different times in their lives. Just seemed kind of lame.

    It seems it's all about Smokey (in different disguises) vs Jacob, trying to figure out a way to kill each other. They have to follow "the rules" just like Widmore and Ben have supposedly been doing.

    So, now we know that Smokey appeared in the form of many different people in order to manipulate the people who saw him. We thought Christian was speaking for Jacob, when in fact it seems that Christian was Smokey in disguise. Also, Alex who threatened Ben must have been a Smokey character too.

    AND John Locke was being used all this time??? This was so sad to me. Even Richard who went to see Locke 3 times off island said he wasn't special. Now, we still have a dead Locke corpse and Smokey has taken the form of Locke since Flight 316 crashed. Hmmm.

    Juliet and Kate were wishy washy and kept changing their minds about Jack and the bomb. After Miles suggested that the bomb might be what caused the incident, everyone still went ahead and helped Jack.

    No surprising twist at all, I kept waiting for some unexpected mindblowing twist thru the entire show! I am a die hard fan and I just hope the last season will pull it together and amaze us all. For now, I'm a bit sad...because another season is over, and the Finale was such a letdown. Who knew? I'm sure many people were happy w it too, can't wait to hit the Fuselage tomorrow.

    Bye LOST.....see you next year. Hermit
  5. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi Hermitlady,

    I admit I loved seeing Rose and Bernard again. I'm glad they have been living happily with Vincent in their retirement. I couldn't help wondering where they got tea! lol

    To me, the scenes of Jacob visiting everybody and living in the base of the statue were the mind-blowing twist. I really didn't think that Jacob was a real, live person!

    And my mind is blown about the group of people who seem to be working on Jacob's "side" and the implication that there has been some kind of fight going on through centuries of time.

    Wait, why do you think that Smokey can assume human form???
    To me, that's not a known fact at all.
    Okay, maybe we've had hints at that, but no proof.

    You thought the other guy on the beach talking to Jacob was Smokey in human form???

    Yeah, I don't like the love triangle stuff, either. I was really hoping that Sawyer would end up with Juliette and just be happy.

    The big question we are left with is: will blowing up the bomb work? Will the past be changed? Was Daniel right about that?


    P.S. Also, I noticed that Jacob never ages, just like Richard. What is up with those guys??[This Message was Edited on 05/14/2009]
  6. Ninilchicken

    Ninilchicken New Member

    Miles was right, adding the bomb to the drilling causes the incident and time will move on as we saw it in Season 1. That's why Kate, Sawyer and Juliette helped Jack, Jack thought he would change the future and those 3 wanted it to stay the same, Miles planted the seed. When Juliette was hitting the bomb with the rock I was cheering her on. I thought this was a good show, although our struggle between good and evil is a pretty typical story line. Jacob thinks we have it in us, what a pot stirrer he is, time to bring in another batch of suckers and see if they do the right thing. I don't think the other guy is Smokey, they're obviously shape shifters if they can look like the other characters, another worn out theme. Now to sort out who was pretending to be who, was Christian really Jacob, can they only appear as people who are already dead?

  7. Waynesrhythm

    Waynesrhythm Member

    Wow, what a bunch of deep thinkers here! :) Can't say I get as involved as much as many of you do; don't think I have that much mental energy for it. Here's are a few of my thoughts however.

    Why in the world did Locke want to kill Jacob? Never got that part. I didn't think Jacob was all that lovable kind of person, but at least he didn't seem to have the kind of major anger issues that almost everybody else on the island has.

    Ben -- I think I liked him better when he was confident and full of himself. Unconfident and full of himself just doesn't do it for me.

    Finally, more than anything in the show, I keep asking myself why I continue to watch a show that always seems to have a lot of anger, a lot of violence, a lot of guns, and a number of characters who seem to have pathological inclinations to kill or maim other people.

    The best answer I come up with is that it comes across as kind of a jig saw puzzle. And I keep hoping I can piece it together to get some kind of sense of having sorted it all out. I'm thinking that probably won't happen. But I'll probably continue to watch cuz I'm kind of a sucker for shows that deal with time travel and/or has nice scenery. And I guess this has both.

  8. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I thought it was a good episode. The finale wasn't near as cool as last seasons disappearing island though.
    For me, it takes a few days for the information to settle into place, and to appreciate how the new info weaves into what we already know. Jacob & his dark companion, their conflict, and how his history fits into place with our Losties... well, it was like a big central piece of the puzzle was dropped into place.

    Opening scene: Two players. Two sides. One is light … one is dark. It's 1847. The statue is in full magnificence and the Black Rock is nearing the shore. We learn that Jacob brings people to the island and anti-Jacob doesn't like it. He's not crazy about Jacob either. He wants to kill him, but has to find a loophole in order to do so.

    Enter Locke... the loophole. According to my own understanding of this episode, Locke had to die in order for the bad guy to take over his body and kill Jacob. He couldn't kill him himself, so he killed him in Locke's form. From the time Locke's body returned to the island, what we thought was Locke was Jacob's nemesis.

    Last season, Locke learned he had to bring back the others, and die doing it. Richard told him. But Evil PosessedLocke was the one who told Richard. Christian told Locke the same. So apparently he is on the dark side too.

    Widmore told Locke he didn't have to die to complete his task, and gave him Abaddon to help him round them up. Widmore = good guy? He wanted Locke to return, so the right side would win the war. But he didn't know Locke would be possessed by evil when he returned.

    Jacob has been bringing people to the island for a long time. Anti-Jacob says they always bring destruction, corruption, and that it always ends the same. Jacob replies that it only ends once and anything before that is just progress.

    This makes me think that he is trying to bring about a Utopian society of non-destructive, good people. We saw that he seemingly hand-picked some of our Losties, and literally touched each one at a major turning point in their lives. Was that a magical, magnetic island beckoning touch or something else? Perhaps he passed on his blessing to his "children" like the biblical Jacob did. When Hurley told Jacob he was cursed, Jacob told him he was instead blessed. Maybe Jacob sees something good in each of these people and wants to offer them redemption.

    We have seen our Losties change into better people on the island. Con artists, murderers, etc... all good people now. Is this the progress Jacob was referring to? The Losties have not brought about much destruction. Only the destruction of technology that was unwelcome to begin with. Mostly they have only fought to survive. They lived in tents and huts, and wer good island people until they were provoked.

    Now Jacob has been stabbed by Ben. Is is really dead? Can he die? Who knows? But he did manage to whisper to his enemy (in Lockes form) that "They're coming." Who's coming? His hand picked chosen ones. The people on Jacobs list. The Losties are coming back from the past to fight this war and defeat evil.

    All clues point to Jacobs enemy being Smokey, in all his forms. He takes on the form of whatever dead body is handy, and when none are handy, he goes smoke-naked.

    We never saw PossessedLocke in Smokey's presence. SmokeAlex never made its appearance until "Locke" had left the area. When Ben went to summon Smokey through the magic Dharma drainpipe, "Locke" vanished into the jungle. In that same episode, Ben told Sun, "Dead is dead. You don't get to come back from that, not even here. So the fact that John Locke is walking around this Island... scares the living hell out of me." Shortly after that he announced, "..what's about to come out of that jungle is something I can't control." And out pops NotLocke!

    Was what Locke saw in season 1, when he looked into the eye of the island and saw beauty, the same Smoke Monster that we see? He told Eko that he saw a beautiful bright light. I wonder if he was seeing Jacob in his natural form that time. Have both sides been battling over Locke? The second time Locke encountered Smokey, it tried to pull him down into its underworld cavern.

    That was never Jacob in the cabin. It was anti Jacob. That's why he was trapped in... he was evil. But Ben never knew. He was only pretending to hear Jacob. Who trapped him in? Richard? Jacob? And did Richard know Ben was visiting the dark side at the cabin and pretending he heard Jacob? Did Richard tell him about the cabin? Lots of questions about this part! When we saw Christian there, was he the evil guy too? Has Claire been captured by the dark side??? More questions!

    I think Jacob has been in the shadow of the statue all this time. Only Richard knew apparently. He was the only one who could answer the question.

    TwinMa - I am sorry you were so disappointed. Maybe you are like me and need time for all the details to digest. I agree - Juliet and Sawyers final scene was heart wrenching.

    Fore - So you suspected Locke was not himself? I thought he was just a changed man filled with confidence and purpose. Some of the Fuse posters insisted he was possessed by Smokey. I had no idea. It must feel great to get some validation for your suspicions!

    Illana & Crew... who are they? Other than being on Jacobs side, I have no idea now. I thought they were NewDharma. WRONG again! It seems to hold true with Lost that who you think is good, isn't, and vice-versa. It started in the very beginning when we learned Kate was a convict.

    One of the croc headed gods is Sobek. Mans body/croc head. There is another, whose name escapes me, with a croc head, hippo hindquarters, and lion torso. I was SURE the statue was Anubis. Surely WRONG!

    HermitLady - I was also expecting to see Desmond return. But glad to see what became of Rose, Bernard and Vincent. They became Island senior hippies.

    kjm - I am also wondering how the Black Rock ended up in the jungle. Guess we will have to wait 9 months to find out what the white flash Juliet caused when she exploded the bomb resulted in. YOu have a lot of good thoughts to address, but I need a second viewing.

    Deidre - I agree that Miles planted the seed that changed the minds of those who were hesitant to help Jack. I got the feeling most of them wanted things to stay the same.

    Wayne - Even though Ben seems pretty broken right now, it wouldn't surprise me if he still had a few tricks up his sleeve. I also wonder if we will see him rise again to something great.

    I see Lost as a big puzzle too. We can't stop watching because the picture is becoming more complete all the time. I think in the end, we will get all the answers we need to the big questions. But there may be a few lingering questions that remain unanswered. That will give us something to obsess over long after the final season ends.

    My keyboard is smokin hot and needs a cool-down period after this whopper of a post!
  9. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Yes, Kina, I wondered if that ship on the horizon was the Black Rock too! I’ve been dying to find out how that ship got on the island since the first season.

    Thank you for translating what Richard said in response to the secret question! Cool!

    I have a gut feeling that Jacob was a good guy.

    Boy, you’re right that if the Losties succeeded in changing the past, it would cause all kinds of complications. Yeah, wouldn’t the island have a serious hole in that area, and wouldn’t there be a major radiation problem??

    And if the bomb didn’t change the past, then they have all just killed themselves! Ack!

    Oooo, that’s an interesting idea, Deirdre, that Miles planted the seed of the idea that the bomb already happened in the past, so they need to do it to make sure everything happens as it did.

    Wayne, since I found out that Locke’s appearance was being used by somebody else, maybe that guy on the beach long ago, I wonder, too, what his beef was. Had he been holding some kind of grudge against Jacob for centuries?

    Yeah, Ben is really defeated right now. I agree that he seems more pathetic than anything.

    Boy, I sure agree that this show is more violent than anything else I usually watch. I got hooked on Lost, but I don’t like all the guns and hostility, either. It seems like the season finales are always especially violent. Ugh.

    At least the writers of the show have promised us that everything will be explained in the last season and that it will be very satisfying.

    Thanks, 4everkid, for the summary and for your interpretation of events!

    I looked up crocodile-headed gods and found Sobek, too. Although I noticed that Sobek doesn’t have ears that stick up, and this statue does. Hmmm. Those ears look very dog-like.

    Well, I didn’t know that “Locke” was a different person! I just thought that he wasn’t acting like himself. He used to be a compassionate person, and it seemed unlike him to want to kill someone who had once told him “help me”. At least he must have thought it was Jacob who said that, as we all did.

    What makes Lost fascinating for me is that we can’t figure out who is good and who is evil, and most of the characters can’t figure it out, either! They seem just as lost and possibly mistaken as the viewers are!


    P.S. Jorge Garcia said on a late-night talk show that he begged the writers to tell him what was in the guitar case, and they wouldn't. So then he begged them to at least tell him how heavy it is, so he would know how to carry it. lol
  10. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    I do think that the ship is the Black RocK, it does make some sense, since, we now know that Widmore was on the Island before, and he bought something at an Auction, trying to remember, but I do think it was a Phortriat os the ship.

    I haven't been postin much, but have been watching the show, and I think some of the ideas that I had way back when, were pretty close if not right on.
    I keep a notebook, lol, to remind myself, good old fibrofog, gets me a lot these days.

    I plan on rewatching this season's show, over the summer, so I may change my mind again, lol, lol,

    Just love the Mystery of the whole show.

    I can't wait to find out about that Bomb, tho, it was blown up, but then 30years later, it comes back, hummmm. ????
    Have a great summer all.

  11. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I'm back to correct myself. Locke didn't kill Jacob, Ben did. And Jacobs nemesis is not occupying Johns body, his body is still there... still dead.
    (I think I need a new thinking cap before next season. This ones worn out!)

    This other, NonJohn, evil-possessed thing that LOOKS like John Locke is something else... An apparition? Shape shifting smoke?

    This AntiJacob character has assumed the form of John Locke to freak Ben out. And it worked! It "scared the living hell out of him." Ben, seeing Locke return to life made John Locke seem very special, and someone to be feared. It all played right into AntiJacob's plan to convince Ben to kill Jacob.

    Mr. Dark has probably been assuming forms of others, but I am not sure yet who.

    Dead Christian lead Jack to the caves. He lead Claire away, left Aaron behind and told John to move the island to save it. He told Michael "You can go now" when his work was done.

    Christian told Locke in the donkey wheel chamber that he was supposed to move the island, not Ben. I wonder how things would have gone if Locke had been the one to move it originally.

    Christians appearances off island made Jack think he was still alive and made everyone else think Jack was crazy. Jack lost his reputation. Was this to manipulate Jack into returning to the island?

    Christian appeared to Sun & Frank and showed them the picture from 1977. He told Sun if she ever wanted to see Jin again, to go to Ben's house and wait for John Locke.

    Now.... I can't decide if Christian is working for the good side or the bad side. None of the things he has said or done seem especially bad. Knowing now what became of Locke once he returned makes Christians remark about Locke having to die being a "sacrifice" seem suspicious. And him telling Sun to follow Locke to find Jin - also suspicious. But not suspicious enough to deem him possessed by evil... just yet.

    Yemi seemed evil though. And considering that Yemi's visit with Eko ended with Eko getting killed by Smokey, I think it's safe to say SmokeYemi was a bad guy. SmokeAlex was bad too. She told Ben to follow Locke, which resulted in Jacob's supposed death.

    I stumbled across the picture 5-year-old John drew of a man being attacked by black smoke. (You can see it on Lostpedia.com on the Smokey page, near the bottom.) Is the bald stick man in the drawing himself? How would little John know that this would happen to him 50 years later?

    So much to think about over the hiatus! I saw a theory that the Locke we have been seeing isn't Jacobs enemy/smokey, but himself traveling through time. 2008 Locke is dead, but this Locke is him traveling to the future before he died. Interesting..... but I haven't gotten around to contemplating that one yet.

    I also saw a theory that the setting off of Jughead will reset the timeline to the day of the crash with all memories intact. That might be interesting. Much better than them landing in LA, strangers. Could we have all the dead people back too? They could just set up camp and stay on their own side of the island. Befriend the Others, avoid the smoke monster, & rescue Desmond from the hatch. They know the heading to leave the island, so Des could sail home to Penny and they could all live happily ever after.
  12. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Hi 4,

    That's a good question about Christian. I've been wondering that, too. Which side is he on, or does he have his own agenda? And is he really Christian, or somebody else assuming his form? He seems to have this wise thing going on where he appears and gives people answers with great authority.

    I thought that when Jack saw him in the hospital, Jack didn't think Christian was alive but thought he was being haunted by his ghost. Just like Hurley thought the dead people visiting him weren't real, corporeal beings.

    Wow, that's an interesting theory about the nonJohn being the real John who is time traveling. Whoever he is, he seems to be staying around for now.

    I think that if they succeed in resetting time, they won't get to keep their memories. That sounds like it would be against the rules.

    I've been pondering something that I want to ask you all:
    What is the one question that you most want to have answered in the final season???

    I mean, there are SO many unanswered questions. But out of everything, the one that bugs me the most is: Why were the numbers 4 8 15 16 24 32 being broadcast from the island's radio tower? I've been wanting the answer to that from season 1!

  13. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Fore - That's a good question. There are so many unsolved mysteries, its hard to pick one.

    I want the goods on The Island. I want a name, so I can quit capitalizing The Island. I want to know if it some type of sentient being, like we have been lead to believe. The Island doesn't WANT the Others living in houses. The Island won't LET people die. It BRINGS people to it. It HEALS people. It has motivations, abilities, and seems to have a conscience.

    This place is more than just a chunk of land. What or WHO is it, and how did it come to be this way?
  14. Forebearance

    Forebearance Member

    Ooo, that's a good question, 4.

    Anyone else have a burning question they hope is resolved?

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