“the treatment of people with m.e. is a human rights violation”

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    By doctors and by relatives. I actually wanted to sue my relatives for what they did and tried to do to me when my mother passed away, but my lawyer said he can't do anything about "verbal abuse". It wasn't just verbal abuse, it mental cruelty, plus they tried to steal my life insurance money by making a bad attempt to get me to give them power of attorney over me, claiming that I'm not physically sick and that our illness is only mental. Being told to never speak of the illness again and to never dare give them anymore information on it. And being told that I'm faking my illness and CFS is a fake disease. They did alot, for which I will go to my grave hating them for.

    Doctors have definitely violated my rights. When you go in and they say stupid and cruel things, definitely. Being yelled at because I refuse to take antidepressants. Being told that CFS is a "wastebasket" disease and I should exercise. Yeah, there's a lot.

    I really long for the day when all these people have to eat it. Now that GWS is official, I believe we won't be too far behind.
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    I feel your pain, I appreciate your anger. I too have been forced down that road; the dead end, where hope is abandoned, and where those that purport to love you most, turn their backs when your are lower than you have ever been before. Who would blame us if we never smiled again.