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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by 4everkid, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    A year or two ago, I started a thread with the mention of an old favorite product I miss, the ORIGINAL Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo. You remember....the kind from the 70's... deep green, with the scent of sweet juniper, mysterious green herbs, and enchanted flowers? The bottle had a kind of pop art illustration of a girl bathing in a mountain pond, with flowers all around. "Come to the garden of earthly delights..." I LOVED that stuff! But sadly, it has been discontinued for years.

    I mentioned before that I had been watching it on ebay, but it was in high demand, and people were willing to sell their firstborn to acquire a bottle. At that time, I had seen a 8oz bottle sell on ebay for $113.00!!!

    The reason I am posting this again is twofold. First of all, it turned into a great discussion, with everyone's memories of of everything from Dippity Doo & go-go boots to big hair & neon leg warmers.

    Secondly, I saw an auction for a 3 piece Original Herbal Essence bath set go for a price that blew me away, and dashed all hope of me EVER finding a bottle for what I am willing to pay. See for yourself... some lucky auction winner was willing to pay $611.00 to relive that enchanting aroma! I wish I was filthy rich too!

    Go to ebay and paste this item number in the search box:
    (The link itself is so long it would make the entire thread go all wonky.)

    So what do all of you miss most from the past? What crazy fads do you wish you could forget?

    There was a family photo taken in 1972 with me sporting a new shag and a psychedelic mini dress. I would love to travel back and warn my former self that I will live to regret this choice of attire on that particular day.

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  2. ckball

    ckball New Member

    That must be some kickina shampoo, and yep I remember them. Sorry won't with that auction but maybe one day.

    I want my Barbies back!! Who would have known what they would be selling for now. My boss is a BIG Barbie collector and seller.

    What I would like to forget is in my profile. The hairdo, the hairdresser totally screwed it. It was suppose to hang in bouncy ringlets, but NO she wound them around and sprayed and pinned them in place. My hair was almost to my to my waist, I couldn't even sit up in the car,lol. I had to tilt my head sideways.

    The boy, well he was my first love, we had 3 years before he moved to Fl, did have a date with him when his dad died 10 years later. He came back for the funeral and we got reaquainted then back to Fl he went. He is now happily married in NC.

    So there is your laugh for the day, don't ya love the bunny fur? Carla
  3. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Carla, you are just adorable, and the boy is too, but the hair... WOW. I bet the hairdresser dropped to her knees and thanked the heavens above when you walked out with that masterpiece intact. That must have been a lot of work on that long of hair! And a whole case of Dippity Doo! It looks good for back then, but I can see how you would be disappointed if you were hoping for ringlet's. My daughter hardly ever got them to do her hair the way she wanted for dances. What's up with that anyway?

    I never had a Barbie - just her friend Stacy. I guess there were just other things that I wanted more.

    As an adult I have always regretted giving my Shirley Temple doll a pixie cut when I was little, like mine, and all the other dolls I had. The difference is, they all WANTED Pixie Cuts! And as a young hairdresser, I always did what the customer wanted! Now, if I had left the ringlets, she would have been worth a fortune now. But I would have lost out that great life experience. Not to mention, that was the only fun I ever had with that stupid doll. I was more of a stuffed animal kid.

    Don't let PETA see you in that rabbit fur! They will come hunt you down!
  4. poets

    poets Member

    Does anyone else on the board remember (back in the early sixties) a little doll by Ideal Toy Corp. called Tammy? I had her and her whole family. I had a Barbie too but Tammy was my favorite. I collect them now and have over 40.

    I remember the Herbal Essence. I loved it. There was also a shampoo out back in '74 that was called Earth Born. They had Green Apple, Strawberry, and I think one more but I don't recall what it was. It smelled so good.
  5. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    and I so remember the Herbal Essence shampoo in its dome shaped bottle. My mom used to buy this other shampoo that we loved called Luster Creme --it was light pink and came in a milky white jar; you had to dip your hand into it and take out a little shampoo. Then there was HappyFace Washing Cream which was like a cold cream that we would use to take off our make-up. My mom still searches for dippity doo since she still sets her hair in those hard plastic rollers with bobby pins!! Oh and who could forget those bright red cans of Just Wonderful hair spray!! I also vaguely remember the soap dish in our bathroom was milky white with little cut out circles around the rim; my mom said that dish actually came in a box of powdered laundry detergent.

    My FIL has a bunch of black handled steak knives that looked familiar to me. I remembered my parents had them too when I was little--they were actually given out in the gas stations years ago--one knife per fill up. Does anyone remember that? Fun stuff!!!


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  6. zenouchy

    zenouchy Member

    If you look at the bidding history on the Herbal Essence 3-piece bath set, the bidding jumps from about $50 to $300, than doubles to $600! Someone must have REALLY wanted that.

    The packaging is so cute (definitely very 70s), but I hope they aren't going to actually open it up and use it (I wouldn't think so, but ya never know!). That must have been a really potent scent. (I wonder if it smells the same after 30 or so years though....?) I guess our nose is if more powerful than we think. :)

    I definitely don't miss bell bottoms. The fashions they have in the stores are really annoying now, and a bad retro fad---all the super big and bright geometric shapes are tacky-looking to me. I like bright colors, but this is overkill.

    Something you don't see anymore that I loved as a kid are those "slip n slides". You put them out on your front lawn, add water and slide down on them for hours of summer fun. We used to have a blast on those. Anyone else remember them? Fun post, 4everkid!
  7. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    I had a shag haircut for most of my youth, I think that it is called a mullet now>>>lollol.

    One of my favorite toys was silly putty, I loved the smell and the feel of it. Not to mention if you rolled it out just right and the flattened it you could get the whole Peanuts comic strip on it.

    I also wanted the Chrissy doll the one where you could make her hair grow by pulling it out of the top of her head. Back then she was about $40. Needless to say, I never got one. Boo Hoo.

    Fun thread.


    Oh how about the pet rock, I didn't get one of those either, my Mom said if you want a rock, go to the front yard and get one, Man she was mean....lolo
  8. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I think I remember the Chrissy doll. Was that the one that was a big doll that you styled the hair or was that the Barbie doll where you pressed the belly button to make the hair pull out? Or was that Tressy? I'm getting confused now!! I had a very blond big doll (not Barbie sized) named Velvet and you could make her hair grow. She wore a navy blue velvet dress. I also had a doll that I loved named Thumbelina who I idolized but my mom thought was quite ugly. My sister had a doll named Kissy that I remember was all the rage and I think she came in a red and white gingham dress.

    What freaked me out as a kid was a few of my friends had these life-sized dolls that could actually walk if you guided them by the hand. They gave me the creeps and I always thought they were staring at me!! Truth be told, those dolls would probably still creep me out today--LOL!!

    However, I must tell you guys this. My all time favorite toy as a child was a battery powered, purple velvet 'Dino the Dinosaur' from the Flintstones that would run across the floor and yap, yap, yap!! Does anyone remember that toy?


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  9. greygodess

    greygodess New Member

    I remeber Tame Creme Rinse. My mother used it on me as a kid. I had a Chatty Cathy and Barbie, Midge and Skipper. Every so often I catch a whiff of the scent of the Barbie doll and the memory comes back.

    I remember bell bottoms, hot pants, halter tops, long flowered dresses. Also Nehru jackets and leisure suits.
    Also lace up granny boots. I think I was a hippy.

  10. poets

    poets Member

    I remember all the things you mentioned and I had them all. I WAS a hippie. Guess you can say I still am. :eek:)


    P.S. But my Dad was the one who wore the leisure suits![This Message was Edited on 06/14/2008]
  11. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    I knew this would be fun! You guys have brought back a bunch of great memories.

    Poets - So if we all show up at your house, you have enough Tammy dolls for us all to play, right? I'll bring enough pixie stix and wax bottles for everyone!
    I remember Tammy, but I never had one. I liked the Liddle Kiddles...tiny little dolls in plastic perfume bottles or lockets that smelled wonderful. I only had a few, but the spoiled neighbor kid had them all. My daughter got me a few a while back, and they still smell good!

    Earth Born also came in Apricot and Avocado. I had forgotten it till I looked it up and saw the Apricot. That rang a bell, and another aromatic memory. (Who picks avocado, when there are three fruity scents to choose from?)

    ConfusedinLA - I loved Lemon Up too, with the big plastic lemon lid.
    Clackers were great! I remember in Junior High, all the boys were making them in shop class, and eventually every classroom was filled with clacker-whacking kids. Then they banned them in school. I still have a lava lamp!

    Lgp - Luster Cream and Happy Face...both familiar names I had forgotten. I remember some shampoo having a dome shaped lid, but I don't think it was H.E. It always looked like this:
    Of course, later they came out with a new shampoo called Herbal EssenceS,(plural) changed the formula, the scent and everything.
    I think I still see Dippity Do at CVS Pharmacy (formerly Osco, and Skaggs) They still had a few dusty old bottles of Herbal Essence well into the 90's, and a few other retro products. If I had known then how much people would pay for them now, I would have bought them all!
    I remember my parents getting free stoneware plates, bowls, cups, etc. every time they went to the store. We had a big set.

    Zenouchy - I saw that with the bidding. I always wonder when people pay this much for the stuff, if they are buying it for them self to use, or to collect, or if someone is buying it for a gift. Some of the people that have sold it say it still smells good. I would hope so, at least for the person that paid $611 for it! The artwork reminds me of all the Peter Max poster art that was popular back then.
    I loved bell bottoms back then, but not so much now. They bug me. They never got the new bell bottoms right either. Ours were cooler.
    Slip-n-slides were great. I figured they still had them.

    bevy - I guess the shag is kind of similar to the mullet. It seems like there were different varieties of shags too. I know mine looked nothing like my friends.
    Love silly putty!!!!! And what about that toxic smelling goop that came in a tube. You would put a blob on the end of the enclosed straw and blow toxic balloons with it. Then you could wad them up into a little gum-like blob. Wow, the things that passed as safe toys back then... Also the big 2.5 inch Whammo Superballs! You could take a kids eye out three blocks away!

    lgp - I had one of those creepy walking dolls. I hated her. She got lots of whipin's from me. I had Thumbelina too. I loved her though. You could wind her up and watch her squirm! My mom agreed to get her for me only if I would never suck my thumb again. It worked! I still had her in the 80's when my oldest son was a tot. I let him practice caring for the baby when I was pregnant with his brother. He loved her too and dragged her everywhere with him. (Not so good at caring for the baby after all.)Sadly, she's gone now.

    GreyGodess - I had Chatty Cathy too! She got the signature 4everkid pixie cut along with Shirley Temple.
    If you were wearing and Maxi dresses and granny boots, you were definitely a hippie. Did you have the love beads too? I was a tad too young to be a hippie, but I had the love beads and pretended to be one.

    But I had culottes and a fall/wig! I thought I was cool. Actually, I think I will add those to the list of things best forgotten.

    Mustlovedogs -Body On Tap, beer shampoo that smelled nothing like beer... that was great stuff! I saw that for sale on the Vermont Country Store website for about $15/per bottle. They also carry Lemon Up (sans the lemon lid), Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific, and even Psssssst, for the lazy shamooers.

    All right....where are all the 80's kids? I know you are out there laughing at the oldtimers. You with your cockatoo bangs and Punky Brewster-ish, non-matching, neon shoestrings. And you 50's kids - the poodle skirt, princess phone, Beehives and Butch Wax generation.... come in here and fess up!
  12. poets

    poets Member

    Oh yeah, I'd have enough Tammy dolls for a whole crowd. All together I have 300+ dolls. From a Chatty Cathy piggie to five of those big walking dolls. I collect them from the early sixties to the early eighties. Name a doll from that era and chances are good I'll have it!

    I have six lava lamps, beaded necklaces, long dresses and an old Wildcat stereo record player. (The old drop down turntable
    type.) I even have a plastic "plant." Walk into my bedroom and you've entered a time warp!

  13. mylilcherub428

    mylilcherub428 New Member

    circle circle dot dot now I got my cootie shot

    I remember getting and giving lots of cootie shots

    The bigger your bangs the better

    had to have jelly shoes and leg warmers

    I also remember rolling my socks down

    I actually heard on the radio some scientist is saying 80's hair went against evolution because beuty is about being symetrical and 80's hair was lopsided

    most of the toys I played with then arew back care bears my lil pony. I think they figure when the generation would have kids and come back out with the toys cuz they know we would just have to buy them

    my fave song the bangles walk like an egyption lol-Kim
  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I had forgotten so many of these things, love silly putty to and the toxic blow up stuff. Maybe that's what is wrong with us,lol. We've been chemicaltized, my new word,hehe.

    How about necklace candy,then BIG jaw breakers, last all day for a nickle. Do you remember melmine or melenac (sp)plastic dishes, also a gas station give away.

    We ate off of those for years, they were a wild looking blue patteren, then mom up graded to Corell. I still have those as she gave me a set when I got married in 1973. It has the green leaf patttern.

    I work in a antique shop and she loves 50's 60's stuff.

    My boss is selling someone's Barbie collection, remember the black vinyl clothing carrier? $50 and you can have it back. The person has more 80's Barbie's stuff, like the limited edition collectable stuff.

    My boss collects old Barbie stuff and sold some of it off last year to make room for her new baby. She sold the outfits with shoes and accessories for and average of $100 each on Ebay. She had about a dozen or more. I watched the bidding, unreal that people would pay that for these little outfits, but they did.

    Anyone with long hair then pull it up into a ponytail on top of your head then roll it with those big purple rollars stacked up? They were almost as big as coke cans,lol.

    Oh those chinese rubber band things, you would make a jump rope of sorts out of rubber bands then take turns- oh I am at a loss for words right now, does anyone know what I am talking about. I would sit for hours and tie the rubber bands of all kinds of colors. It took 3 people to play the game 2 would stand with the rubberbands around there ankles and the 3rd person would use their feet to pick up and cross the bands and jump, someone help me PLEASE!!! I played it for hours tho.

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane this is a great thread-Carla
  15. 4everkid

    4everkid New Member

    Wow, Meg! You weren't kidding about that collection! I bet your hubby hates it! My sis-in-law used to collect dolls, and my brother hated them, cause they had all the good seats in the house and he wasn't allowed to touch them.

    For a joke, I made him a doll of his own. My goal was to make a hideous doll she would hate. It was a goat boy made of rabbit fur, dressed like my brother and named after him. You know those little cylinder things that you turn over and they make animal sounds... I put one of those inside "Stevie the goat boy" so if you turn him over and spank him, he "baaaa's" like a goat. It was the coolest doll ever! I hated to give him up! My sister-in-law was supposed to be disgusted at this beast of a doll, but instead, Stevie became more like a beloved son, with his own special chair.

    I would love to see all your dolls and hippie accessories! I bet your collection is worth a fortune! I had some talking doll I think was named Sister Belle - hard stuffed body, giant head, yarn hair, with a striped dress and mitten pockets. You got that one? I didn't like her much. She was like a mutant... not quite stuffed and not fully doll either. And you can't do a pixie cut on yarn! But I did whack her pony tail off. I guess I am like the arch nemesis of all doll collectors. I am a little ashamed of my former hairstylist self.

    Patti - I can still remember the scent of that Crazy Foam! It smelled good. I saw the guy with the longest gum wrapper chain online. Its 10 miles long and $74,000 worth of gum. Talk about an obsessive hobby! I was lucky if I had the attention span to make it long enough for a necklace.

    Kim - I think you are right about the toy marketing to the kids of former fans. I think the whole Star Wars movie/merchandising universe works according to this rule. Not to mention the return of retro fashions. About the time the 70's kids had teens, the bellbottoms made their big return. Now, the bright vivid 80's colors are making a comeback.

    Carla - I have a friend who also makes tons of money buying Barbie accessories at garage sales and selling them on Ebay. If you liked Chinese jumprope, you probably had a Skip-Bo too!

    Diane- I loved Earth Shoes, and swore I would never wear anything else. I did though. Then I bought a vintage new pair on Ebay a while back, and they were the most miserable shoes I have ever experienced. I don't know if my feet got too old to appreciate them, or what. The arches were so high it was like walking on baseballs. Recently, they came out with new Earth shoes...still the negative heel, but revamped to be more stylish in the 00's. I'm sticking with my Croc's though!

    Your mention of Lite Brite made me think of Colorforms! Another choking hazard by todays standards. It's surprising that we survived all these toys!

    Something that our generation had that kids today lack, is imagination. The ability to go outside and play all day, with nothing. We made mud pies and lawn salads. We would play Gilligans Island, with an all Gilligan, Mary Ann and Ginger cast. Maybe a professor too. (No one wanted to be the Skipper or the Howells!) We played Lost In Space. We climbed trees a lot. We made up games the whole neighborhood could play, or had carnivals with contests and prizes. We didn't care what clothes we were wearing or if our shoes were cool. We played all day till the streetlights came on. Then we went home. Childhood was different then though, back when it was still safe to go outside. I miss those days.
  16. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    I remember bell bottoms -- and that special version, elephant leg bell bottoms. I remember my mom taking me shopping and we found a particularly amazing pair...like neon yellow with flowers 'planted' all along the bottom, with them sort of growing up the legs. Can't believe my mom actually bought them for me! Somewhere there is a picture -- if I find it, I'll post it.
  17. poets

    poets Member

    Oh yes! Sister Belle. I know which one you're talking about. They're so ugly they're cute. I don't have one. I keep trying to get one on Ebay but I always get outbid. It's hard to find one that's in good shape.

    My husband doesn't say too much about the dolls anymore. He knows if things ever get too awfully tight financially he can get the money back out of them. I'd love to have seen Steve the goat doll. I'll bet he was a scream!


  18. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I still have the Chrissy doll!
    About 15 yrs ago I put her out at a garage sale and some sweet woman brought her back to me and said "um, I don't think you want to sell her, she's probably worth some money" I wonder how much???

    I remember Bonne Bell lipgloss in the big huge tube. Watermelon was my favorite. I think they also made some in a little tin that you would slide open.

    I was watching "That 70's Show" one day and they have the same ice bucket in their kitchen that we had growing up..the green background with white daisies. That kind of freaked me out.

    I loved the old TV shows. They were so nice and 'clean'. I remember coming home from school and watching Bewitched. The TVland channel is great for viewing all of the good oldies.
    Seeing "Get Smart' coming out in theatres soon brought back a lot of memories as well.
  19. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I cracked up at you mentioning the old tv shows like Bewitched. Just had a good laugh with my girlfriends from elementary school the other day, talking about watching 'Dark Shadows' every day after school. I so clearly remember the episode where Angelique rose from the dead; I was terrified--absolutely convinced that she was behind the sofa in our basement!!! My mom had to come down the stairs and check it out to reassure me that Angelique wasn't there!! But I kept right on watching that show, day after day, as did my girlfriends. Really funny stuff!!

  20. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    those cute cloche hats of the twenties and thirties.
    And Charleston dancing. Just seemed like so much exuberant fun.

    More up to date, guess I miss the pastel lipsticks and mini skirts. Fortunately, the hopeful music of sixties and seventies is still available. Sigh:) Bill

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