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  1. gongee

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    I purchased 024 and used this morning because I was hurting badly in my shoulders and my whole back. The pain did go away, but I am left with a tingling sensation radiating all over my back and shoulders down into my leg. I called my
    son who is in med school and he said it sounds like referred pain to the nerves, but he didn't think it was anything to be too concerned about unless I had a lot of weakness or numbness. I was just wondering if anyone else has had this problems using 024. It actually feels like I am using the TENS unit with the electrical stimulation without the unit.
  2. shalimac

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    I've tried O24 and on my body it felt like mentholatum, but did nothing to reduce the pain. Hope many of you find relief when using O24.
  3. gongee

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    Well I'm still tingling today and it kept me awake all night. I called the customer service dept for this product and the lady I talked to said that it may be the Rosemary Oil that is in it. She was unable to use it too. She also said to take a shower to see if that would help some, but she doubted it since that was yesterday evening when I talked to her and it had been applied yesterday morning.
    It was so bad yesterday afternoon and last night I thought I was going to have to go to the ER. This morning it is still tingling but with not as much strength, or I am just getting use to it. If it is still tingling and numb Monday, I will be at the doctors. I will NEVER use 024 again that is for sure and I will be sending it to the company to get a refund with any doctor bills I have to incur. I guess this is a good lesson that even if something is natural doesn't mean it can't hurt you.
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    More to the extent of numbness. To me it's actually a welcomed effect. The only problem I have with 024 is the absolutely obnoxious smell!! When I'm in that much pain that I decide to use it, I gotta turn all fans on and keep my inhaler on hand. Yuck!
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    I sure hope your "tingling" feeling has subsided by now! I've used the stuff a few times now with very good pain relieving results and I've never had a reaction like you describe. Perhaps as was just mentioned, you are allergic to one of the natural ingredients?

    Other than the first 20 or 30 minutes (when the smell is at it's strongest), I think the stuff is great. Good Luck!