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    Can anyone explain what 024 is? I ask my pharamancy about it and he said he never heard of it before. I know it comes in creme but does it come in another form and does it help.
    Thank you
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    I use the 024 spray also. It is an oil mixture. Camphor, peppermint, eucalyptus, etc. I love it! It smells pretty strong...like BenGay...but it feels sooooo good!

    I got it at CVS for about $20. Good investment!

    God Bless.
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    Gave myself a migraine today. I've been feeling well lately and really overdid it -- son's birthday, etc.

    So, in addition to the migraine, my back was hurting. There is a permanenet knot in my mid-upper back that I just consider a permanent fixture. New pain was radiating from there.

    Went to RiteAid, bought 024 in the spray form -- sprayed some on. SO strong! VERY strong! I went straight from there to another place to shop, and men were circumventing me, LOL.

    BUT... my migraine went away, and that permanent knot went away (I mean, it's with me always -- I don't even count it anymore) and the radiating pain went away.

    Less than an hour ago, I spritzed my shoulders and lower back. LAAAAAA! I feel great. LOVE it!

    However, if I wear this in public, I'll be emptying rooms.

    If you have trouble with men hitting on you, this is better repellent than pepper spray, LOL.

    Back to the original question, "What is it?"

    Active ingredient Camphor 3.1%. Inactive ingredients are natural healing and aromatic oils.
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