1 day of fun 2 days to recoup 2 days of fun 3 days to recoup

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Greenbean7, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. Greenbean7

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    Everything that's fun causes major flares! My DH says it's a trade off and I guess he's right, but man it would be so much easier if I could stay home instead of coming to work! (Well, except I don't have a computer at home and I would miss everyone!!)

    The first weekend in May I went to the Guide Dogs for the Blind graduation with my sister. It is in Boring, OR, which is at least 4 hours from home. I left home at 7 and got back around 9:30.

    It took me all day Sunday to recoup and then on Monday I got a migraine and was off work half day on Monday and all day Tuesday.

    This past weekend, Friday and Saturday, I had a wood carving rondevous and drove 45 miles one way for both days and carved most all day for both days. Sunday I woke up with a headache and exhausted. I spent all day in bed but made it to work Monday and Tuesday thanks to Maxalt and Fiorinal.

    Seems like every time I have fun I have to pay for it. Makes having fun a lot less fun!

    Next Wednesday I am going to the airport (45 miles away) to be there when my Mom comes back from a year with my little sis in VA (we're in Washington). Mom will be going right to an assisted living place and it will be quite stressful. Even though this isn't going to be fun I know I will pay for it for a couple days after.

    So, I guess I just need to start planning my sick days to follow all my fun days!

    Anyhow, just needed to vent. I know most of you are in the same boat and we're just to tired to row!!


    Choose joy! (But plan ahead!)

  2. Yes usually thats how it works, but I am still waiting for my good days.
  3. laceymae

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    I can't remember the last time I had fun...

    I am about to crash right now and I don't think I can prolong it.

    Everyday it is getting to be harder to get out of bed.
    I know I need to give in and go to bed, but I feel so guilty while everything is so messed up aroung here.

    I don't know why I can't give in to the pain and tiredness.
    I told hubby last night that I have pushed myself about as far as I can, but I keep thinking if I give in to this that I have lost my battle.

    just be glad for the good days and here'e wishing you more..lacey
  4. sisland

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    There is just no middle ground with this disorder! unless it's 85 degrees out ,,i can plan on the same thing! When it's alittle warmer out then my pain level is way down,,,,,,

    I can plan on going to the lake for 2-3 hours etc,,,,,,,so unfair to all of us who want to actualy have a good life and be able to participate like all other pain free human beings!

    I always tell myself it could be alot worse,,,,,,that helps alittle!,,,,,,,,,,,,,S
  5. Greenbean7

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    I know my DH is going to want to go fishing this weekend and I like to go, but I would rather wait until we can take the motorhome. That way I can veg in the MH if I want and don't have to traips along if I'm just too tired.

    I think he's beginning to understand a little more how tired and hurting I get.

    He checked out some fishing sites yesterday but didn't find anything he wanted to pursue. He's dead set on sturgeon fishing which I have no interest in. I would rather go trout fishing!

    I'm planning ahead and resting now!

    Any suggestions on how to keep from exhausting myself? Anything I might be able to do ahead of time?


    Smile on purpose!
  6. ckball

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    I haven't worked since 2002 and I still do the same thing when working on my house or glass. On days when I know I have n appt or have to go out, I do as little as possble the day before. Go to bed a little earlier maybe.

    I over did myself over the weekend and have been paying for it since. I managed to make it to Wallys today, after nearly 2 hours and 150 bucks later, I am back on the couch with a person taking a rod stuck in the middle of my back just turning and turning. I just took my meds so hopefully it will ease up.

    I hope you have a good weekend what ever you decided to do. BTW I love fishing too but had to sell the boat when I came back to KY. Just a small open tri hull but had no where to put at my mom's house. Later-gator CArla
  7. sisland

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    Maybe if you take one of thoes folding chairs with you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The new kind where they have an unbrella top on them,,and find something to put your feet up on ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a good book and hopefully a restroom near by!,,,,,,,,,,just an idea ,,,,,,,pack a water bottle and a bag of snacks! Do your pups get to go with?
  8. hugs4evry1

    hugs4evry1 New Member

    That's how my life was going before this major flare started in 2004.

    I had to plan my life around recouperation and it worked for awhile.

    Just be careful....no one wants a major flare like this.

    And always remember that little magic word, 'no'......


    Nancy B
  9. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Thanks everybody!

    Sis - The dogs go when we take the motorhome. I can't handle them both if we don't, no place for us to just chill. Aster, the lab, thinks everytime the lure hits the water she's supposed to retrieve it. She also goes nuts when she hears or sees any birds in the water. She's sure DH is out hunting! Silly puppy (she's 11).

    I'll take a chair and a book and my water, etc. Just hope we go somewhere with shade! I want to go to Lake Easton and fish for trout. DH can go to the river and fish for sturgeon when I'm at work. He went on Tuesday and checked out a couple places and I would be just as happy if he went by him self. He has been scouting out MH places though and that would be ok cuz I would have my little house and fuzzy kids.

    Hugs - I'm practicing the "no" word! No, nope, huhuh, can't, won't, and you go ahead! Pretty good, huh!

    Thanks all for your support and suggestions. No one else really understands what happens to us when we over do it. Closest is my older DD. Sis tries but she really doesn't get it and hates to have anyone talk about being sick.


    Choose joy!