1 Extra Percocet per day Help........

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    I am currently taking morphine sulphate er 30mg. 3 times a day, topomax twice daily, and percocet twice daily for breakthrough pain. I do see a pain specialist . I would like him to increase the percocet to 3 times daily but I'm almost afraid to ask. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to word my request?

    My appointment is coming up next Tuesday. I don't want to keep increasing the morphine if anything I would like to decrease it. Help Some one.
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    Many states are keeping databases of people who are on certain drugs. This is done in case the people start doctor/ pharmacy shopping. But it also means that the doctors know the government is looking over their shoulder on what they are prescribing and some doctors become hesitant to increase.

    Talk to the pain specialist honestly and explain about wanting to decrease the morphine and increasing the percocet. Some pain specialists instead then begin to look for other avenues of pain relief such as epidurals and other non-pill pain relief. If the doctor suggests it, don't fight it and go for it. Take care.
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    That is absolutely the worst reply you can give to someone, I'm sorry. Percocet is for breakthrough pain. It has nothing to do with anything else she is taking. The morphine is the long acting med, the Topamax is not a narcotic, nor really a pain reliever. 2 Percocet a day is really nothing for someone who is on strong pain medication. It's all relative so to be so judgemental towards someone is cruel.

    Spinal injections, nerve blocks etc. don't work for certain types of pain. Fibromyalgia pain is one.

    You are not her Dr. so you cannot tell someone what is enough, not enough or too much. Her Dr. has been prescribing. If he thinks it's too much, he'll tell her. She obviously has worked her way up to that dose. Nobody starts out there. For many people, they could not "tolerate' that, but as you know, once a person becomes used to a certain dose, they need more to get the same relief.

    I'm so sorry you got that reaction.

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    With you talking to your doctor about decreasing the morphine and increasing the percocet by one pill, how did you make out and was the doctor okay with that? Some doctors are very understanding with pain patients, while others (possibly due to medical insurance plans or government looking over their shoulder) make you jump hoops.

    Years back the pain management doctor wanted to do epidurals for my back (L-1 bone broken and never healed, plus prior back surgery). The medical insurance company insisted upon a course of physical therapy before they would approve the epidurals--so I had to do the course of physical therapy and then they approved the epidurals. The pain management doctor wasn't happy about it, but we had to go through with it in order to eventually get the epidurals approval.

    Good luck and I hope everything works out.

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    How long have you been on that dosage? If it has been a while, your doc should be ok with it.

    Pain docs know that percocet is one of the drugs that patients become tolerant to quickly. Id just tell him/her that it isnt having the effect that it once did for your breakthru pain. Good luck!