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    On monday I am going to file for disability. I wanted to know in you had a lawyer from the first time you started filling out the papaers if it would help the process moove more smoothly alone? And what all do I need. I knw that whn I call and get the stuff It will tell me but I don't know where my last W2's are as it has been 3 years since I worked . And my husband said that he would look for them lateron tomorrow.

    Ssso what all do I need for this. Just to fill out the first papers and have thedoctors filout their parts too? I kow that my sister had to have her doctor write a long letter discribbing her cnditition for th em to read and it really helped her alot.

    ARe they going to ask me to get a new updated MRI for my back, wrist , spine and knees? will they pay for it becausea at this time I am short on money and can't afford to have anther$800.00 bill for a MRI and the radiologist.? So if they ask me to have one will they pay for it or is it an out of pockent expence for me?
    When you get your disablitly do you qulify for some medical assistance for you doctors? ofr is this just wa wish for me? I really don't quite know what to do and how to do it , I just know that it needs to be done now the sooner the better for the family and me. But since i don't have any minor chuildren living at home I won't get alot of money about $429.00 a month but even that would be helpfull for me.

    Sorry for asking silly questions at 3 am in the morning. I am really going to bed now thanks so much .Rosemarie
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    Most lawyers will not take the case unless you have been denied at least once.

    Fill out all the paper work,sign all release forms.List every were you had test done.Labs hospitals.

    A letter from your doctor is a good idea.as far as your medical records they request them.

    If they send you for any test it is them who set the appointments and pay for it not you.So no need to worry about funds to pay for it.

    When I won in sept (had a hearing) it was retro to Nov.5th 2003.My Medicare was in affect from may.You do get Medicare .There is a waiting period of 2yrs.Than you can apply for the new script plan.Keep in mind you do have a little fee to pay for Medicare.I'm not sure what mine will be it will come out of my check monthly.

    If you have any other? let me know.I will try to help you.

    Good Luck
    And remember a lot of us had not given up and won our case.