10 "Healthy" Foods That Are NOT Fibro-Friendly

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    By Sue Ingebretson

    If you’re like me, you probably get frustrated at food lists that disparage the very foods you like best. But there’s a reason why “Top 10 Foods” lists abound. The helpful ones are geared to propel you forward on your healing journey. They’re to serve as tool to give you quick and useful information.

    This list is assembled specifically for the fibromyalgia community in the interest of providing healing nutritional information.

    You see, we all want to feel better.
    We want less inflammation and pain.
    We want more vitality and energy.

    To understand the link between inflammation and our increased symptoms, we need look no further than what’s on our plates. What we eat relates directly to how we feel.

    To clear away some of the nutritional information clutter, here’s a list of 10 foods you probably THINK are fibro-friendly – but they’re not: Continue reading >
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    Radio: Diet has help me control my FM inflammation for many years. I have found that if i eat a low carbohydrate modified Paleo Pescetarin diet + Brown/wild rice really helps. I also utilize Elimination diet and learn that I had to limit all nuts and seeds in order to help balance my arginine lysine ratio.

    Infections may play a role in chronic inflammation inducing anti-citrullinated peptide antibodies. I will be posting information on how inflammation can convert arginine proteins into citrulline antibodies. The immune system often attacks citrullination proteins. These chronic infections could possibly be the driving force behind the hyper reactive immune system related to FM.

    Also, pro-inflammatory Arachidonic acid is another food group to think about...Please review these links...

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