10 Tiny Price Increases That Seem Bigger Than They Are

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    I got to thinking recently about tiny price increases that seem bigger than they really are. For example, every time gas goes up about 10 cents, we all start bracing for the end of the world. Since I'm a freelance writer, I decided to put together an article about it: 10 Tiny Price Increases that Drive Us Crazy (http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/311837/10_tiny_price_increases_that_drive.html).

    When we slow down and calmly think about how tiny these little price increases are, they don't really seem so scary afterall.
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    I like your name, that is my son's name too.

    I have a thought about the 10 tiny price increases. I didn't read your article, so I'm just responding to what you wrote here. This is just my perspective and may be different than other people's perspective.

    It isn't the 10 cents/gallon that I have to pay extra. It is the 10 cents/gallon times the millions of gallons of crude oil that concerns me. I do believe alot of this money is going to be spent on war in the MiddleEast.

    THAT does scare me. As a US citizen, I believe I am being forced to support BOTH sides of the war. I am financially supporting our troups, and I am also supporting the oil cartel.

    This rise in fuel prices causes a dominoe effect. The farmer planting the fields pays alot more for his fuel. This increase has to be passed along. We see it at the grocery store.

    We see the price of airline tickets going up. Everything that utilizes transportation from the place of production to the place of retail sales is affected.

    We aren't talking 15 gallons in our personal car, we are talking about tankers of petroleum and a shift of global power.

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  3. jameswithers

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    I like how you see the world as an interractive whole. I thought your response was very interesting.
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    Interesting James how we don't hesitate to pay more than the price of a gallon of gas for a 16 oz Latte at Starbucks. That's about $29.00 a gallon! We should be able to fuel a rocket that travels through time for anything that cost $29 per gallon!
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    My hubby ACTs like he had had a cup of rocket fuel after drinking Starbucks coffee! ha, ha
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    it's interesting that I read somewhere that per oz., printer ink can cost more than gold... not sure if that's true, but if it's anywhere near, it's rather overwhelming. When I think that I pay even $15 per refilled cartridge and how much is actually probably in there... well, it has slowed down my printing out things, that's for sure! I'm about to learn how to do it myself, in all seriousness.

    Also re gas prices, what's NOT counted is the extra $$ paid in taxes now and in future for defense of oil supplies wherever they are, including the middle east.... about 10+ years ago, I believe it was figured out to be equal to about $5/gallon. Hate to think what it is now... maybe $30-$50/gal. with the Iraqi war...

    All the best,

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    Hey, you just have to be educated, smart and flexible in today's economy.

    Hey, take Halliburton for instance. They got the contract to repair the oil fields and refineries in Iraq. And, also, they got the contracts to supply refined oil to Iraq if the fields and refineries aren't repaired.

    I love the way that inflation rate is now "core inflation" and is calculated with everything in it......except the cost of fuel and housing.

    Hmmm, I was wondering the other day if more politics could be discussed on the board. It seems like its useless to think that politics anymore important than just an intellectual amusement for the common people nowdays.
    "They" do what they want to anyway.

    We're Doomed!! Laughing hysterectly,, mr Billl

    Oh, associatedcontent an interesting site. Might give me a place to vent when have inflicted myself enough on members of Prohealth board.
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    Everyone here gives the coolest responses. You all respond the way my brain works: from one subject to the next. I find myself amused throughout the day as I think about random little fascinations, and I'm glad to see that others do too.

    As far as the political ramifications of these tiny increases on the economy, I am quite intrigued by everyone's insightful remarks. I didn't really consider how these increases are motivated by political forces, but it's really quite true.

    I think library fines have been my real Achilles heel. It seems like everytime I check something out, I'm at least a day or two late on it, if not a week or two. I justify the fines by saying to myself that I'm just helping the city to maintain its facilities. Maybe subconsiously, I think I am improving the city like a patron saint, and for this reason I let the books be late so that I can pay the fine.