100 YEAR LIE anyone else reading it?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by victoria, Mar 16, 2007.

  1. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I just got this book out from my library, haven't had a chance to start it yet actually, but it seems like it is more than backing up my fears about our environment.

    Here's some reviews about it:

    The Hundred-Year Lie:
    How Food and Medicine Are Destroying Your Health

    by Randall Fitzgerald

    From Publishers Weekly:
    This provocative and frightening look at the synthetic chemicals used by the processed foods, pharmaceutical and chemical industries delivers an excellent, up-to-date summary of "what is really in our food, water, vitamins, prescription drugs, childhood vaccines, cosmetics, and in our homes."

    Former Wall Street Journal investigative journalist Fitzgerald (Mugged by the State) takes aim at the belief that "lab-created synthetics are as benign as—and more effective than—naturally occurring foods and medicines."

    The "hundred-year lie" dates from 1906, the year Congress enacted the Pure Food and Drug Act. Utilizing a range of articles from science journals and government reports, along with interviews with scientists and environmentalists, Fitzgerald looks at synthetic chemicals—from artificial sweeteners to antidepressants—that are diminishing our health.

    Throughout, Fitzgerald explodes various myths such as that one right dose of a particular drug works for everyone and that all food additives have been tested for safety.

    Still, Fitzgerald's faith in Eastern and other natural healing processes will not convince everyone. The author concludes with practical steps for "choosing a diet of pure foods and a lifestyle free of synthetics."

    Book Description:
    Combining the impact of the classic bestseller Silent Spring with Fast Food Nation, The Hundred-Year Lie presents a devastating exposé of how chemicals in everyday products are ruining our health.

    Over the past one hundred years, we have been guinea pigs in a vast chemistry experiment that uses our bodies, our health, and our good will to test the proposition that modern science can improve upon nature.

    In The Hundred-Year Lie, investigative journalist Randall Fitzgerald shatters dozens of myths being perpetuated by the chemical, pharmaceutical and processed food industries.

    Find out why you would never be FDA-approved—and why humans are becoming one of the most polluted species on the planet:

    • The average American now carries a “body burden” of 700 or more synthetic chemicals, including Teflon, plastics, and dozens of pesticides.

    • Musk fragrances used in detergents and air fresheners are not filtered out by our current water treatment facilities, ending up in our drinking water.

    • The artificial sweetener aspartame, an ingredient in 1,200 food products from diet drinks to chewing gum, has been linked to eighty-eight toxic symptoms.

    Fitzgerald not only sheds light on the problems we face from the unprecedented chemical onslaught, he presents suggestions for what we can to do to turn the tide.


    Amazing but not surprising. I tIS a fact we have a lot of chemicals in us that were not present 100-150 years ago, ever. The presence of so many chemicals in our bodies that were never there before cannot avoid having an effect on most if not all of us...


  2. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    I was just thinking this because of your post on honeybees under the autism thread. I will be getting and reading this book.
    Thanks for the tip.
  3. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    I will look for this when I have a chance.

    It is my belief that we are sick because of a lot of this burden. How can we not be??
  4. 2shasta

    2shasta New Member

    Victoria, great post. I have just recently gotten involved in writing on this website. I do not only believe I lived this 100 year lie, I went after my company to prove it with a worker's comp case. I worked in the semicinductor industry making chips for cellphones, I became ill as soon as I transferred there in 95. With a group of employees I worked with we gathered an enormous amount of informmation proving they were allowing us to work in some very unhealthy environments. I won my workers comp, but lost my part of the case to try and prove they CAUSED MY FIBROMYALGIA. CHRONIC FATIGUE AND MULTIPLE CHEMICAL SENSITIVITY SYNDROME. They mediated an agreement with me and admitted they caused A respiratory condition, which even to this day I HAVE GREAT LUNGS! It was their exit INSTEAD OF CAUSE FOR Fibro, CFS, MCSS. I was paid not to talk to the media, not to talk with my co-worker's, not to do alot of things.
    But, to this day, I have never given up my free speech rights. I had an investigative reporter I was working with and apparently I was told she was backed off by some high state officials. In America, we are so bought off with
    the connections of the chemcial companies, the pharmaceutical, the food and drug you name it they are all connected. I grew up in and near OIL refineries, TIRE refineries, Chemcial refineries and I knew all the red flags went up when I entered this unsafe place to work.
    The only changes in my health that have even helped me with my illnesses, is my diet, I went totally organic and whole foods, I keep away from JUNK or processed foods. Whenever
    I splurge I just pay a huge price for that indulgence. I also can not take any drugs due to reactions to all of them so far. My take on this subject is WAIT TILL THE NEXT ONE HUNDRED YEARS AND WHAT WILL BECOME OF OUR GENES?
  5. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I agree, our gov't has let industry get away with way too much. I don't understand how a gov't can knowingly let others experiment on the population, our own or others. It is also strongly suspected if not proven that mycoplasma was weaponized and basis of GWS, and probably Lyme and a bunch of other pathogens...

    The new facility in Colorado is expressly for weaponizing these and other pathogens, all of which they named... I can't imagine what they didn't name, don't want to either.

    I think we as the human race will be our own demise. Gov't and industry does not seem to realize they are poisoning their own descendants.

    I know that when I finish the protocol I'm doing (Marshall Protocol), I am going to take 3 weeks to go to such a place as the Hippocrates Institute... the author found that after only 3 weeks there, his blood analysis showed a reversal on many substances.

    On some substances he showed up as higher, but was told it was because it was being released from tissues... and he was going to continue with the program to get as 'clean' as possible.

    Hmmm, where's Erin Brockovich when you need her...

    all the best,

  6. mindbender

    mindbender New Member

    Years ago, many of us thought we had won the fight for freedom of alternative health measures, like supplements, which have been classified as "foods" by the law called the DSHEA, making them available to all with no restrictions.
    Today I heard about CODEX for the first time but it has been on the horizon for quite awhile. It has to do with the World Trade Organization, the UN, and the guy who started it ran the company that made the gas used in German concentration camps & was convicted of war crimes.

    It classifies nutrients/foods as "toxins" making them potentially vulnerable to laws limiting, restricting &/or illegal altogether.
    Meanwhile, big pharma has been buying up companies that make supplements too.
    CODEX affects us in many ways, all bad. If you want to know more & do something to stop this before it becomes mandatory, December 31st, 2009.
    Google codex to find out what it is.

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  7. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Our congressman was against it, unfortunately he just died from cancer, so not sure who will be taking his place or what his/her stance will be.

    Actually I've done postings in the past about this and for people to write their representatives in washington.

    Maybe it's time to do another one tho.

    Thanks for the reminder,
  8. cjcookie

    cjcookie New Member

    his Natural Cures Book. Several of you called him all sorts of names.
  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Is he the guy who does 'infomercials'? I hardly watch TV, so haven't listened as I pass over those/most all channels; but curious, what did he do to detox?

    I am convinced the raw food diet is a great way to detox, just find it difficult to do at home in present state/condition (both me and home LOL); have done vitamins etc ad infinitum for years, looking for a solution since I was never right after having mono for a year when I was 18-19, along with hepatitis and meningitis (the type associated with mono).

    I have endometriosis, which has been linked with dioxin in the environment. Interestingly, the Candida diet is a big help for that and fatigue and brain fog. And the Marshall Protocol is working for me, so sticking with it (and they also recommend low sugar diet).

    .... but planning on going to a raw foods 'spa' afterwards just for general health purposes.

    And/But the more people come out with the truth and publicize it, the better, eh?

    all the best,

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  10. artichokegirl

    artichokegirl New Member


    I just started MP. Was wondering what improvements you've seen and when you think you'll be done. Thanks! AG
  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Jamin, I feel so helpless when I watch stuff on TV or read books like this, about our environment and food 'stuffs' that it depresses me ... but sometimes it only takes a few to change things. Look at MADD. . .

    Actually if/when I have the energy, I'd like to become more politically involved in getting Lyme more recognized, every week I read about someone dying or comitting suicide because of Lyme and/or its complications because it is not recognized until way too late in the disease process. I feel blessed that I had the knowledge to get my son tested when his local doc had no idea what was wrong with him.

    Artichokegirl: I have been stalled at Phase 1 for way too long, about to move into Phase 2. What results I got immediately:

    I had a LOT of stiffness in my hip joints - took aabout 10 steps to allow me to straighten totally, was worse than my then-88 yo MIL; it all totally disappeared after taking the benicar only, and only after a month of that.

    Then after adding and pulsing the mino, I found I had slowly had to go off all thyroid meds (was on 3 grains/180 mg of Armour) bit by bit as I became hyperthyroid otherwise... now take nothing. I believe I was also feeling more energy too...

    at least until 'life' interfered.

    I believe I'm ready to start Phase 2 now, have re--pulsed the mino without too much problem... crossing my fingers... and looking forward to future gains.

    Hope it works for you!

    all the best,

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  12. artichokegirl

    artichokegirl New Member

    Hi Victoria,
    Thanks for the info. Do you know if MP has worked on the endometriosis for anyone? That's an issue for me, too. Thanks! AG
  13. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I agree, most all my older relatives seemed like they aged so well and gracefully, as did the neighbors where I grew up. Of course there were some who didn't. But I think we have to remember too that they were the survivors of childhood diseases that we are immunized for nowadays so perhaps our parents etc were the stronger ones geneteically. But IMHO later generations are not going to do as well overall as "they" are predicting because of these pollutants in our environment.

    Artichokegirl -
    I don't know about the endo responding to the MP, haven't actually thought about it for some reason, good question! I guess I've lived with it so long, even have it post-menopausal (no surprise) I just 'live with it'.

    It might come down to what is causing it... since it is at least partially or mostly due to chemicals like dioxin in our environment, we all probably need to detox and live as free of environtoxins as possible. -- which is pretty hard to do.

    If pathogens play a part as well, it seems one could at least do better with the MP ... and my guess, sigh, is that there will be a heap of sub-groups with this dx. CF/FM has been tied to endo, one survey said about 80% had it.

    You might want to do a search at the marshallprotocol site-- if you do, would you please let me know? If I have energy at some point, I will also try to look.

    all the best,

  14. artichokegirl

    artichokegirl New Member

    I did the search and didn't come up with much. I do remember someone saying their menstrual issues dissipated on the LAX DVD.

    Also, I've read that endo. can be the result of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which is thought to be the result of an infection. If that is the case, I would guess it might bode well for MP improving those symptoms. If only I had a crystal ball!

    Good luck on phase 2! AG

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