10th Peptide Injection Already

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    Jam, thanks for the info.

    Ms, the vials are little brown bottles but I've never handled them. I see the doc for all my shots. Mine is called the HS serum, a broad-spectrum serum for immune and auto-immune illnesses. My doc does not have a list of other docs doing these. It's only by accident that one or two of them may know of each other. There evidently is no "master list." I've given out my doc's info and for Dr. Dakos for people to ask about other docs. I'm sorry, I just can't act on all the requests I've received to ask my doc for other docs' contact info but each person who is interested can contact Dr. Gomeringer's or Dr. Dakos' offices and talk to the office personnel.

    The FDA told Dr. Dakos that if he didn't remove all reference to peptides, they would shut down his website. The FDA recently approved this treatment, curiously just as Big Pharma has been developing their own peptide treatments.

    I wish I could be of more help. These treatments have been keeping a really low profile. My doc is not your typical doc in terms of attitude. He is really down to earth and likable. Dr. Dakos reminds me of my own Dad, a really nice person. Both are mainstream docs. Dr. Dakos had advanced bladder cancer and sought the treatment kind of as a last-ditch effort. After the treatment, there was no sign of the cancer. He kept after my doc for months before he finally listened and agreed to give the treatments a chance.

    This really isn't an alternative experimental treatment. It's been in use in Europe for more than 30 years with a ton of research to back it up. Alternative docs may be more open minded in the use of different treatments but this will likely become mainstream here over time.

    Good luck to you and, Jam, thanks again.

    Love, Mikie
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    talking about peptides Mikie, I decided to post about them on another autoimmune board, people with RA, SD, Lupus etc....

    A lot of interest was generated and drew much attention, 2000+ looks at the information. Many are suffereing with their issues and 2 so far have and are trying the peptides...

    Some feel that perhaps other things they are taking like LDN could be interfering with their treatments...One person has felt a positive reaction but has stopped at 3 injections for now. Her doc agreed to stop for now. I think she said they are sending samples of her blood to Oxford...

    The other person, I'll have to read her comments.....

    Quite a few on this board have or are taking abx protocol for their autoimmune conditions...

    So, I'm sure these peptides can help if they are the right peptide for the person, etc...
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    I'm sure as word spreads about this treatment, there will be increased interest. I don't know the skill level of all the docs who are doing it. My doc has to do a lot of continuing ed to keep up with the technology. I do think Oxford screens the docs who do their treatment carefully.

    Also, there are things which will stop the effectiveness of the injections. Any med which changes the cell wall or halts the efficiency of receptors on cells will render the injections ineffective. That is why I have to stop taking my meds before, the day of, and the day after the injections. I have to give the peptides a chance to snap onto the receptors. Peptides are like keys and the receptors are like keyholes.

    I hope this treatment becomes helpful for everyone who wants it and that it will expand to take in other conditions. I know that research is underway for Lyme, Parkinson's and Alzheimers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thank you Mikie and jaminhealth for your response. jaminhealth, I am located toward the top of CA, so LA is over a 10 hour drive. Do you know of any doctor in Northern CA that are offering these injections? Also, do you know if either of the doctors you listed in LA are mainstream? I have a local doc who is mainstream and I believe he would be open to then if he spoke with another mainstream doctor who has used them and had success.
    For that manner, anyone who knows of a mainstream doctor who is using them and can give me their contact info, that I could give my doctor, so he could consult with them, I would be VERY GRATEFUL! I would also like to know, from those of you that have used these, what type of testing did your doctors use to determine which type of injection to use on you. The doctor that I saw in the past used a machine that tests a person energetically to determine which one showed positive for a person. So am very interested to know how other doctors are testing for these.

    Thank you both again for your replies!!
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    jaminhealth would you mind sharing the link for the other autoimmune board you are on please.

    and Mikie, would you mind sharing which meds you need to stop before doing the injections. I have recently started taking a drug called gabapentin for full body Neuropathy pain and wondering if this would interfer with the injections.

    Thanks again for any info you can share.

  6. jaminhealth

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    are NOT mainstream, they are holistic/alternative MD's...I don't know any in No. Cal.

    Mainstream docs, I don't know....MOST don't think outside the box...

    My holistic rheumy showed an interest when I mentioned this to her, but don't know if she'll follow thru...these treatments take training... she spends a lot of time training in mesotherapy and acupuncture type work and prolotherapy.
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    Not just any doc can start doing the Oxford treatments. They have to continually update their education after being accepted. The two docs here are mainstream; I don't know about any of the other docs in the program. There are no tests required unless the doc thinks they may help diagnose the problem. I did have a CRP when my ANA came back neg. despite my having all the symptoms of Sjogren's. The CRP showed a high level of inflammation, consistent with an inflammatory immune response.

    I take Klonopin and don't have to stop it prior to the shots. I do have to stop my BP meds and I stop everything else just to make sure. Anything which changes cell walls or interfers with receptors in the body will stop the injection's effectiveness. Anything which affects the immune system cannot be taken near the time of the injections. The doc can tell from one's list of meds and supps what cannot be taken.

    Some of the docs doing these will see a patient and take his or her history and give a shot. Then, the doc will send the serum to one's local doc for injection. So, you might call the docs in the LA area to see whether they know a doc closer to you or whether they would consider seeing you once and sending the serum to your doc.

    Used to be that the docs in the program could send plasma to a lab in Europe for an assay that would help determine which serum would help. A serum tailored to an individual could be made if none existed which would work. That lab is now closed. If one is sick due to an immune or auto-immune condition, the HS wide-spectrum serum should be helpful.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks again for both of your replies. I also had heard one could send in a blood sample to have a serum made, but did not know that lab is now closed. I have not heard of a SAM-HS before, but have heard of SAM-U which is a universal one, which sounds like it would be like your HS . Do you know what HS stands for? The ones I am fiamilar with is the SAM-AL for allergies, and the SAM-DR which is for any type of drug induced autoimmune, and I believe the one for Rheumatoid arthritis is SAM-RH. I know they make one for MS but don't know what the label is, most likely SAM-MS.
    I would really like to know what the HS one you are using stands for.

    Thanks for your info
  9. Mikie

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    I really don't know. Wish I could help.

    Love, Mikie
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    jaminhealth - I made contact with Dr. Greens office today, and they are using a different product. Theirs comes for Switzerland and was developed in Thailand. The SAM injection were developed at Oxford University. Interestingly they both cost $300 an injection.
    The company they get them from has a website: http://www.rms-peptides.com/index.php?request=regenapep

    I wish the SAM company had a website.

    Just thought I'd pass this info on
  11. IanH

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    Do you know which peptides are being used?
  12. msxxxx

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    I don't understand the question about which are being used. They both are being used, just each by different doctors. Hope that helps
  13. IanH

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    There are over 9700 different peptides in the body ranging from neuropeptides, immunological peptides, digestive peptides and many different specific organ peptides, many of which are hormones like insulin. Each endogenous peptide is made by a gene which, if not functioning properly may make a faulty protein. Peptides are assembled by RNA from the amino acids. Peptides are proteins but are called peptides because they are small molecules, usually up to about 50 amino acids long. Some peptides used in medicine are exogenous peptides being derived from sources such as milk or other animal sources.

    Also SAM usually stands for self assembled monolayer a term derived from amyloid peptides in alzheimers research.

    A commonly used peptide in cancer is the HER2 peptide usually along with a VEGF peptide inhibitor.

    What I would like to know is which of these 9700 peptides are being injected and then I can follow up on the rationale for using these peptides.

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  14. Mikie

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    The peptide sequences being used is proprietary info and closely held. In fact, before I could start the treatment, I had to sign a paper that I would never try to find out what is in the serum. I believe the concern is that Big Pharma will copy the peptide sequences and make a fortune out of all the research done by Oxford. They are careful about which labs they use to prepare the injections.

    Actually, Big Pharma is researching and producing their own peptide injections. One for Lyme is now in human trials. I believe that this treatment will be important in treating disease and Big Pharma sees dollar signs in the future. I can only imagine what these injections will cost when produced for profit. That is one reason I wanted to get mine now.

    That the FDA, which is run by Big Pharma, has approved this treatment tells me that they are getting ready to bring it to market as soon as possible.

    Love, Mikie
  15. I don't know what happened... I wrote a reply to your post a couple of days ago via my phone, but when I checked back, it wasn't there... So here I go again...

    I'm so happy to hear you're getting such good results from the peptide shots! I started taking the peptide shots in the fall of 2010... only did mine for 6 months, per my doctor's instructions. I do think they helped some. But then 2011 was such a super stressful year (3 deaths in our family in the span of 6 months, my daughter's wedding, and a long trip for help with my CFS, among other things) that I think the results were skewed by the immense stress.

    I just started the peptide shots again (mine come from a lab in France, though). It is the SAM-HS peptide shot, too. But the doctor I originally went to for help in 2010 is 3 hours away, so his office sends me the shot through the mail each month. I had forgotten that I was suppose to get off of my digestive enzymes 3 days before and an hour after the shot till I read some of your posts! Now I feel like I wasted my money on the last 2 shots I took (starting in June)! But thanks for the reminder!

    Do you have to get off of any supplements too? I just want to be sure nothing is getting in the way of these shots working. The only "meds" I'm on, besides supps, is my thyroid replacement and bio-identical hormones to help with menopause. Also, is there a web address for your doctor? I may want to call and see if he does phone consults if I'm able to fax him my info and test results. He sounds like a really good doctor, and the specialist in CFS/ME that I went to last year (that is 12 hours away) doesn't do the peptide injections.

    Thanks for any info you can share, Mikie! And I hope the fatigue that is hanging on gets much better too! Thanks again and God bless!

    Hugs and Blessings,
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    Can you please share what doctor you are currently getting your peptide injections from that mail them to you? If they come in small brown glass vials and the label says "SAM-HS" they are the same type of injection that Mikie has been referring to. I also use these in the past, I used the SAM-DR. It helped some, but like you, other issues caused me not to get the full benefit. I now want to try the SAM-U or maybe the SAM-HS, if only I can find someone who can explain the difference to me. They were developed in Oxford, but are produced and sold out of a different country, so perhaps France is where there lab is.
    If you would please share the name of your doctor, and where he is located, and if he has a website or phone you can list that you are currently getting your peptide injections from I would greatly appreciate it.

    As far as how to use them, one needs to fast (water only) for 5 hours before and 2 hours after the injection. There should be no adrenal shots or supplements 1 day prior and 1 day after the injection. No fish oil one day prior and 3 days after and no enzymes 1 day prior and one day after the injection. That is the information I was given, and there are no other supplements stated that should be avoided. The rational is that these supplements suppress inflammation, there for prevent the peptides from finding all the white blood cells that are causing the inflammation, so avoiding each for the designated time allows the peptides to find and bind with all white blood cells that are causing the inflammation. I hope this offers some help

  17. Mikie

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    So good to hear from you but sorry for all you've been through. I hope things are getting better for you.

    I stop taking everything except my clonazepan (Klonopin). If I get a headache, I can take acetaminiphen as long as it's not the morning of the shot. I have to fast until one hr. after the shot.

    I hope the shots will help you. Keep us updated.

    Sorry this is so short but am preparing for the hurricane

    Love, Mikie
  18. Thanks so much, Mikie and ms, for the helpful info!

    Ms, the doc who sends the injections is Dr. James Carter and his clinic is in Mandeville, Louisiana... about 45 minutes north of New Orleans, just west of Slidell, La. But I did have to see him first and get some testing done, initially. I don't know what part of the country you're in, but either way, I hope you can find someone to help you! God bless you!

    Mikie, I'm praying for you with this hurricane bearing down on us! Let me know how you make out! I'm probably going to have to evacuate and I'm not in very good shape to do so. (Uuugghh!) But take care and be safe! Praying this system falls apart or at least doesn't strengthen as is predicted! God be wit you!

    Hugs and Blessings,
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    Thank you Shel for sharing the information about the doctor that you gets the injections through. Can you tell me what type of testing he did to determine which type of SAM to give you? I would be interested to hear from everyone that has used any of the SAM injections what type of testing was done to determine which type to give you.

    Mikie, I learned from one source that for the SAM-HS , the HS stands for Homeostasis. At least that was what I was told, but it sure is hard to get any information on these

    I hope both of you do well with the hurricane and suffer no damage. Prayers are sent your way to both of you. I believe strongly in the power of prayer!


  20. Thank you so much for your prayers! I'm sure Mikie has lost power by now with the storm hitting south Florida right now. I'm in northwest Florida, so I'm trying to decide where to evacuate to, if it comes to that.... also trying to get packed and prepared... not easy with this disease! But looking to the Lord for guidance.

    I can't remember off the top of my head exactly what kind of testing my doc did. I would need to try to look for the paperwork and am not able to right now with this storm approaching. But as soon as I can find out, I'll let you know! I completely understand your eagerness to find something to hopefully help you feel better! Wish I could be more help right now! I'll try to find out after the storm passes. Hopefully we won't have a lot of damage or problems to deal with here once it passes.

    But thanks again for your prayers! I also believe in the power of prayer! God is my refuge and strength.... I may not know what to do, but my eyes are on Him! Praying for Mikie as well and all of us in the path of this storm. God bless you, ms!

    Blessings and Hugs,

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