10th Peptide Injection Already

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    I used to see Dr. Gruenn, now Dr. Green - many years, starting with Dr. Gruenn. I did all of my injections - total of 11, since I combined numbers 11 & 12.

    Sorry about the OA issues - :(

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    Is dr green in no cal. i have been severely ill w/me/cfs triggered by tooth abscess for many many years....desperate to get well. my doc is very open minded but needs a point of reference to start with/from.

    did u get well from dr. green's injections.

    can you give me more info re: dr. green; so i can have my doc talk to her/him?

    also ms have u tried the homeopathic remedy you are describing to us.....did it help u. i have a hard time with any new meds.supple/herbs.......very

    thanks, lisa
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    Yes the homeopathic treatment has helped me. Be advised that it has a stimulating effect of causing the body to start moving out toxins, which is why I only use 1/3 of the suppository form. So detoxing can at first cause a feeling of things flaring up some at first, then things started settling down and improved. I have stuck with a low dose because my situation is a very overactive immune system, with very high inflammatory responses occurring. I am still using it.
    Do you live in northern California? If so what doctor are you seeing, and where is he/she located?

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    Congratulations, Mikie, on finishing your treatment! I am so happy to hear that you have gotten symptom relief from it! Woo hoo!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It sounds like a very promising treatment, at least for people who respond to it. I wish it were available in more places.

    I wonder if Candace Pert's peptide T is one of the peptides that might become available soon. I don't know if her company would be considered Big Pharma or not.

    Best wishes on recovering from your fall and from the hurricane.
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    Thank you so very much for you kind good wishes. I really appreciate them. I still have two injections to go. The last two are done six weeks apart instead of a month apart. I am starting to recover from the fall at long last. Thanks again.

    Peptides are used in all kinds of things, including cosmetics. The ones used in the Oxford University treatment, which I am getting, are specifically sequenced peptide chains. They are synthesized by labs which make them into the sera for the injections. So, when I hear of a peptide treatment, I'm not sure it's the same thing.

    I think I'd be feeling a LOT better had it not been for the fall. Just two days ago, I started to get some energy back, as my doc promised I would. Even my vision changed. I looked out the window and everything looked like Technicolor. Yesterday, I cleaned all day. So, I'm hoping that now that the effects of my fall are diminishing, I'll really start to feel well.

    Warm hugs and good wishes,

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi Guys! I'm new in this forum, I'm from Argentina so my english is not good (sorry for that) . I opened a new account 'cause I have all the same symptoms and diseases that Mikie, and I need help! My history with this disease is long and painful . As a child I was operated for scoliosis, a year ago my legs werw mysteriously paralyzed, I did three months of rehab and I walked (now I have tingling and numbness), in the middle had herpes 6, chlamydia, candida, e. coli, cystitis. That bacterial cystitis was transformed, according to doctors, in interstitial cystitis. So my bladder is ok but I have a terrible pain that I can not lead a normal life. And in the treat by Mike Sep 17, 2007 he had a similar problem in his bladder, I want to know if you healed with 90 days of Bactrim! And what is this peptide injection?
    Excuse me if I bored you, but I need someone to help me, my doctors tell me "no cure", "this is what touched you", my family and friends abandoned me because they don't understand that I get and the type of disease. .. and sorry my english again ;)