10th Peptide Injection Already

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    Thank you mikie for sharing your info on your progress with the injections. I check in every now and then to see how you are doing. I appreciate your efforts immensely.


    I am kind of in the same boat you are. I live in Southern Oregon and I need something closer than LA. I could have sworn I had a name of a doc in the bay area but I cannot find it. The next best thing is the Gerber Medical Clinic in Reno, Nevada, 775-826-1900--he has a website--http://www.gerbermedical.com/. He calls his tx amino therapy and it is buried under therapies he provides (I think). If you follow through please share how it goes.
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    Ms, sorry, we must have been posting at the same time as I didn't see your post. We didn't lose power here--yet.

    Shel, I hope you didn't have to evacuate after all. My prayers go out to all in harm's way.

    I cannot take anything except my Klonopin and acetaminophen for two days before, the day of, and the day after my injections. I must fast for six hrs. before my 9:00 a.m. shots and not eat anything for an hour afterward. This may be a bit different for each doc.

    I wish I'd get over my head injury faster so I could tell just how much the injections have helped. Actually, except for fatigue, I don't have any symptoms from my illnesses. The cognitive and memory symptoms are from the head injury and are improving. I think the fatigue is improving a bit too. Doc says fatigue is also from the injury. Only time will tell. I've been very sick for a very long time.

    Wishing everyone well who decides to do this treatment.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Jam, I think we're going to the same docs. I just concluded my peptide injections. Originally, doc said 1 injection of 1 vile, per week, for 6 weeks. Then, changed it to 1/2 vile/2x/week for 6 weeks. Just for kicks (since I felt NO change - boo), I did 1 whole/last vile yesterday morning. Nothing. If anything, peptides may have made my sinuses less inflamed - but not really sure of even that :(

    Going to "check-in" with doc today and let him know - all my money spent was for not, and to mention the type of peptide Mickie has been using.

    On another note, been trying ionic detox foot baths. Results of first 2 treatments indicated liver very toxic, kidneys somewhat, some candida and some mucus. Maybe I'm too toxic for ANYTHING to work ? ? ?

    Hmmm, what to do. . . ?

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    and if you are seeing Dr. Gruenn, I've seen him a lot over the years and not now...How many injections did you have already.

    For me, I just couldn't financially justify these....my Grape Seed Extract does so much for my immune system and all my other supps...

    It's the messy arthritis and all the structural changes since hip replacement....

    I'm embarking on acupuncture now, staying with Meso Injections and doing what I can for the OA mess....

    I've done an ionic detox foot bath, and I don't know what to say about them. A friend did a lot of them and they are costly. Anyway....jam
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    thank you Mikie for telling us about this treatment. I am too ill to say much more right now but just wanted to say thank you for your efforts. Perhaps one day I will try these.

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    Thank you for your kindness. I hope that everyone who wants this treatment can have it and that it helps. I know the injections have made a huge difference but, because of my recent fall and head injury, it's difficult to tell when I'll be at least 80 percent, if not better. I don't call this treatment a "cure." It is supposed to train the body to produce healthy peptide sequences and, thus, healthy amino acids/proteins. I don't think it addresses the underlying genetic problems. Still, I have no more symptoms from my conditions. The faigue I have, which is getting better, is from the concussion. My cognitive and memory functions are improving too. It's just taking a lot longer than I wish.

    All along, I have wanted to document my progress so that others can see what one patient's experience has been. We are all different but, according to my doc, my progress has been pretty typical of his patients on the treatment.

    Love, Mikie
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    I am some what familiar with ion foot baths. There is much controversy over them largely due to the misguided lies so many that provide them tell. First their are benefits to ion footbaths due to the negative ions generated in the water and taken into the body. Negative ions have great benefits to the body as they cause a lot of releasing of toxins and aid in repair of damaged cells. Negative ions are generated naturally by waterfalls, the oceans waves, and other areas of nature (all apart of Gods plan). The feet are one area, but certainly not the only area of the body that toxins, especially metals, are released. The down side is that while footbaths negative ions do cause releasing of toxins, not just in the feet but all through the body, they are simply release, not bound with anything, like glutathione, therefore much of what is released just gets moved around and absorbed in other areas of the body. That which does get released into the foot bath is so microscopic it can not possibly be seen, anymore that one could see what gets released from the skin in the water from a warm bath, or in their urine for that matter. The junk you SEE in the water after an ionic footbath is corrosion from the parts of the bath system, and NOT from your body, that is where the lies come in. The water would look the same if the bath was run for the same amount of time with no feet in it.
    That said, all sources of negative ions have healing power to the body.

    Thank you for sharing your information. I have been aware of Dr. Gerber, and wondered if you knew he has been stripped of his medical license, due to causing the death of several people. That is why he practices under a homepathic license. Have you ever been treated by him? If so were you pleased with the results?
    If you should ever happend to come across the name of a doctor in the Bay Area, please post! Thanks again for your post.

    It would be nice to get a list complied of all the doctors as we become aware of them that use these SAM injection, as a resource for those who want to find a doctor that has them. I am surprised there are not more doctors in CA.

    Another note, to anyone interested in trying something different to see if it helps, I have learned that a doctor in Switzerland has been having much success in treating autoimmune by using a homeopathic that stimulates the peyer's patches in the small intestine. Peyers patches is a name of small intestine mucosa lymph follicles, so named after the man who discovered them. The job of these lymph follicles, at least in part, is to identify all the different types of antigens that travel through the small intestines, and communicate to the the developing white blood cells, so that all antigens are identified and responded to correctly. The homepathic product on the market is called Pleo Reb. It comes several different ways, one is a sip, also a capsel and as suppositories. They contain peyers patch extract of 4X.
    I have been trying these, and chose to use the suppositories, since oral homeopathic can be effected by so many things, this is the easiest to use, if one doesn't mind the "yuck" factor of using suppositories. It is also the only one that can be divided up to use a smaller dose.
    They are very stimulating so it was suggested to me to start with just 1/4 to 1/3 of one at first and work up slowly. I have been using 1/3 and sticking with that for several weeks and have seen some improvements. It is used in the evening, after one is sure there will be no more bowel movements before bed. I use it just before dinner. The idea is that it works, over time, to reprogram the white blood cells
    The doctor in Switzerland is Dr. Thomas Rau of the Paracelsus clinic.

    This is info I found online about what they treat:
    for peyer patch PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:

    • chronic and recurrent inflammations
    • including disturbances in the humoral body defense
    • gastrointestinal conditions
    • chronic hepatitis and angina lacunaris.
    • Rebuilds the immune system and is for all chronic and recurrent inflammations.

    Some site listed it only to treat nausea and vomiting, but are are correct.
    One might want to google Pleo Reb to get an idea on the price. I get the pack of ten suppository for $33. and since I use on 1/3 each night, the box last one month.
    Just thought some might be interested in this info.
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    I used to see Dr. Gruenn, now Dr. Green - many years, starting with Dr. Gruenn. I did all of my injections - total of 11, since I combined numbers 11 & 12.

    Sorry about the OA issues - :(

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    do I gather the peptides didn't help (that much)...

    Have you considered Grape Seed Extract? Lot less money and pretty darn effective for a lot of health issues...
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    Is dr green in no cal. i have been severely ill w/me/cfs triggered by tooth abscess for many many years....desperate to get well. my doc is very open minded but needs a point of reference to start with/from.

    did u get well from dr. green's injections.

    can you give me more info re: dr. green; so i can have my doc talk to her/him?

    also ms have u tried the homeopathic remedy you are describing to us.....did it help u. i have a hard time with any new meds.supple/herbs.......very

    thanks, lisa
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    Yes the homeopathic treatment has helped me. Be advised that it has a stimulating effect of causing the body to start moving out toxins, which is why I only use 1/3 of the suppository form. So detoxing can at first cause a feeling of things flaring up some at first, then things started settling down and improved. I have stuck with a low dose because my situation is a very overactive immune system, with very high inflammatory responses occurring. I am still using it.
    Do you live in northern California? If so what doctor are you seeing, and where is he/she located?

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    Congratulations, Mikie, on finishing your treatment! I am so happy to hear that you have gotten symptom relief from it! Woo hoo!

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It sounds like a very promising treatment, at least for people who respond to it. I wish it were available in more places.

    I wonder if Candace Pert's peptide T is one of the peptides that might become available soon. I don't know if her company would be considered Big Pharma or not.

    Best wishes on recovering from your fall and from the hurricane.
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    Thank you so very much for you kind good wishes. I really appreciate them. I still have two injections to go. The last two are done six weeks apart instead of a month apart. I am starting to recover from the fall at long last. Thanks again.

    Peptides are used in all kinds of things, including cosmetics. The ones used in the Oxford University treatment, which I am getting, are specifically sequenced peptide chains. They are synthesized by labs which make them into the sera for the injections. So, when I hear of a peptide treatment, I'm not sure it's the same thing.

    I think I'd be feeling a LOT better had it not been for the fall. Just two days ago, I started to get some energy back, as my doc promised I would. Even my vision changed. I looked out the window and everything looked like Technicolor. Yesterday, I cleaned all day. So, I'm hoping that now that the effects of my fall are diminishing, I'll really start to feel well.

    Warm hugs and good wishes,

    Love, Mikie

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    Hi Guys! I'm new in this forum, I'm from Argentina so my english is not good (sorry for that) . I opened a new account 'cause I have all the same symptoms and diseases that Mikie, and I need help! My history with this disease is long and painful . As a child I was operated for scoliosis, a year ago my legs werw mysteriously paralyzed, I did three months of rehab and I walked (now I have tingling and numbness), in the middle had herpes 6, chlamydia, candida, e. coli, cystitis. That bacterial cystitis was transformed, according to doctors, in interstitial cystitis. So my bladder is ok but I have a terrible pain that I can not lead a normal life. And in the treat by Mike Sep 17, 2007 he had a similar problem in his bladder, I want to know if you healed with 90 days of Bactrim! And what is this peptide injection?
    Excuse me if I bored you, but I need someone to help me, my doctors tell me "no cure", "this is what touched you", my family and friends abandoned me because they don't understand that I get and the type of disease. .. and sorry my english again ;)