11 doctors and counting...no satisfaction yet...

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    Hi everyone...I just found this site tonight for the first time. I went to Mexico for my honeymoon in October 2001 and got very sick (not Montezuma's Revenge)with a high fever, sore throat, flu-like symptoms. I received antibiotics in Mexico which helped. Upon coming home I was extremely exhausted and stayed that way. I was having pretty severe back pain and finally was diagnosed with a swollen nerve root in my thoracic spine. That was also treated fairly successfully. For the past 9 months I have been overly tired, running daily fevers, exhausted to the point of being unable to get out of bed, soreness in certain parts of my body, irritable bowels, etc. etc. etc. My rhematologist suggested looking into FMS, but I didn't pursue it at the time. My internist keeps saying it doesn't really matter what my diagnosis is because the treatment will be SSRI's (which I will not ever take again after a bad experience). I just jotted down some of the doctors listed in the referral section here and will be contacting them in hopes of getting somewhere. I think the people I work with don't get it at all - they think I'm some kind of hypochondriac or something. Note: I was NEVER sick before this. Sorry for the long message...I just wanted to vent. It's nice to read other people's stories..I'm not alone!
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    No, you are not a hypochondriac. I just got Dx 1.5 weeks ago. Been sick for 10+ years. Consider yourself lucky you got Dx'd this soon. Keep reading the board (I'm new too) and use the search engine.