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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. spacee

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    Starting a bit early.

    Great posts from Rock Leah and Jole at the end. A very so-so one from me.

    Will try not to be DebbieDowner!!

    Love and Hugs to all!

  2. Ranigar

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    The sign is in the yard!Showing last evening after just being listed a short hr.I finished painting the porch rails just in time with a nice bright white.
    Huz needs to stain the deck maybe today but besides slowly packing up the basement workshop and garage we have done as much as possible.Thank goodness!

    Honestly this has been the most stressful time in our lives.I've just had to keep my eyes on the prize so to speak to get through.
    We turned on all the lights before we left,opened windows and had everything spotless before we left and all I could think was how are we going to do this every time.

    In the midst of this my old kitty cat passed away.Remember she was quite old.I found her in her usual spot not moving and knowing she was gone we took her to the vet anyway where my niece works.I'm sad about this but it was a blessing to not have to uproot her from the only home she's ever known on a stressful long travel.Things happen for a reason I guess.

    Jole that bonding time with your sister brings a tear to my eye.I can imagine the shock at discovering how far you had to go to return.Easy to do on such a nice day.Huz and I took Lily to the Lake park while the house was being shown and even though it's not my best time of day it was so beautiful to sit out by the water and listen to the ducks and birds.

    Thurs. we leave for Fl. to have meetings picking out cabinetry,appliances,colors,fans,ect.A breeze compared to what I have been doing.I hope the rain lets up by next week down south there.

    Linda sounds like your huz is taking on a lot especially with his partners possibly not passing.Are they going to still be there?

    Freida,Rock and Barry I have enjoyed your posts and glad to see you're all hanging in there.

  3. Mikie

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    Whenever we change Lounge numbers, I have a hard time remembering what I read at the end of the last one. Linda, hope this unretirement works out well. I understand your Huz because, even though I had "just a job" and that I had to quit due to SS fatigue, I missed going to work and seeing my coworkers and customers. It took some getting used to. On the positive side, I could lie in bed instead of getting up at 5:00 so I could open the store. I still love to bag my own groceries but it's hard to do as they just want to get you out the door. Of course, I don't think anyone can bag as well as I do, so I redo it out at my car :)

    Jole, I'm so sorry your sister's illness is getting worse. I'm glad you had this wonderful time together. Yep, I know that experience of forgetting that when you go someplace, you have to return. I'm glad you rested afterward. I heard on TV that global warming is causing crops to mature much faster this year. I think they said wheat is being harvested a month earlier than usual. Mom and I drove through those fields on our way to FL 15 years ago. The strangest thing was that we had to pay a toll to leave KS on our way to OK. Mom, being from NE, said that she would gladly pay to leave KS. I don't think the toll taker was amused.

    Leah, it's always good to hear from you. I know how finicky cats are when it comes to their food. Jeff told me that Tweety loves the mew Meow Mix with the soft centers. Well, I bought a bag and she ate some of the first bowl of it. Since then, she won't touch it and Sylvester doesn't like it either. The problem is that there are three of us feeding these kitties. I'm tossing it over the balcony rail for the other stray, Simon, who is too timid to come in. I doubt he is as picky.

    Pam, I'm so sorry for the loss of your kitty. Even when they are old, and death isn't unexpected, it's hard to deal with. I never thought after I lost my beloved Mr. Big that I'd ever love a cat again. Well, here I am totally in love with these two neighborhood cats. We planted a bush for him in our atrium stairwell. I put a little stone etched with "friend" on it under the bush. Perhaps you could plant something at the new place for your kitty. It is healing.

    At this point, I'm going to have to go back to the last thread and check it out. I'll be back to edit this post.

    Hmmmm, could have sworn Rock posted since my last one; however, my last one was just a "pop-in." I feel as though I've missed someone. I hope not. If I have, my apologies. My cold is better in a way. I think the allergies are the main culprit now. I won't be able to take anything for them for four days when I finally get my injection. I'm Herxing today which is a good sign. It means that the AV and my zapper have killed off a bunch of pathogens. As much as I hate Herxing, I am always glad to see that the little beasties are dead. I'll call next week to reschedule my shot.

    I have the plumber coming on Mon. The diverter in my tub/shower isn't working right. I went to Lowe's yesterday and got some nice new brushed nickel fittings. I had just bought a new hand-held shower head because I thought that was the problem. Oh well, I can reinstall it or keep it for when the one in the other bath gets old. The new one is just a shower head but it is beautiful and matches the rest of the hardware. I could probably do the work myself but I hate plumbing, it would take me forever, and if I had a leak in the wall, it would be a mess. Plumbing is one thing I have done but prefer to leave to the pros.

    At Lowe's, I bought a new plant for my lanai. The old one got too big for that small space. I took it downstairs for the atrium. It looks beautiful down there. Just doing that much outside caused me to sweat like crazy. For days, it's been gray and humid but with little rain. Our weather patterns have changed down here. Used to be that summer meant beautiful sunny days with a thunderstorm, with lots of rain, every afternoon. The counties around us are getting a lot of rain but not us. They have started spraying for mosquitos. It's been too hot to go out, even in the early mornings and evenings so, for me, the skeeters aren't that big a deal. I don't know how people lived down here before A/C and skeeter spraying.

    Well, being inside with my only activity running to the john, there isn't much to post about. Sending my usual healing hugs to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm sweating anyway so decided to go out and silicone the pieces of the face on the tree. It came out pretty good for a first try. When I do the one for the smaller tree, I'll have to put some curvature in each piece so they will fit on the tree. I can't wait for it to get dark so I can see whether the eyes glow in the dark and for how long. Once the pieces adhere, I need to run a bead of silicone along the top of each piece to keep rain out from behind them.

    I will rest and try to get through my library book this afternoon. I have all kinds of little chores and creative things I want to do but the book has a timeline so need to finish it. I don't do well having a cold this long; who does? If I can do even one tiny thing, it helps a lot.

    If I'm better next week, I'll reschedule my injection.

    Leah, you're right--there's no shortage of critters around here. Tweety either sleeps outside my door or comes in to cool off in the A/C. Both were in this morning. Sylvester is such a sweet cat too. He likes to play so I always play with him. Tweety seems to be bored with toys and prefers attacking her brother.

    OK, kids, I'm really signing off this time. Promise :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, sure had to laugh at that, and believe me, I've felt like that many times! I love the country living, love small towns, and at night I love being able to see the beautiful stars so clearly and the lights of towns 35 miles to each side of us. BUT....this flat land leaves a lot to be desired in the scenery department, and keeping the dust out of the house is impossible! And there is certainly not many cultural activities to be found. Not that I could enjoy them if there were these days....although NE is really not any better!!! :)

    Yes, I'm rested to 'normal' again. Wish we were all more satisfied with our 'normals'. I try to be thankful for the years I was able to raise my family, even if the energy level was low then too. Don't know how these poor young ones do it, sick and with toddlers. The time with my sis did, unfortunately, cause the depression to worsen. Wasn't expecting that. Should have seen it coming...duh!

    Pam, so sorry to hear about your kitty, but can understand the bit of relief you feel also about not having to worry about making it miserable with the move. Know that doesn't stop you missing it though. A good time to be so busy, I guess. Can't believe all you/hub have accomplished in the past few months with your home(s). You have to be very proud of your achievements!

    Linda, sounds like your hubby is going to be busier than ever. But I'm betting he's quite happy. Men usually have a horrible time with retirement, and now if he cuts his hours, it's all HIS decision! I want my hubby to slow down....really worry about him refusing to admit to his age and ailments, but also know if he did, he wouldn't last long. Some men have hobbies.......mine does not. We'd bug the crap out of each other probably..lol.

    Leah, I love the fact that you were able to get outdoors with your plants for a bit. It doesn't seem fair to have to suffer from such small pleasures though, does it? You are on my mind a lot when I'm having a 'down' day, and you inspire me to find something to be happy about.

    Rock, I'm going to have to get a list of your books you read! What interesting and funny tidbits you come up with. I can't get to the library, and ours doesn't send books, but I have my Kindle now and surely some of them are on there!

    Barry, you eat healthier than any of us I think. All that fresh fruit sure made my mouth water! The fruit in our small stores isn't very good, and we have a HUGE variety...bananas, strawberries, cantelope, watermelon, grapes...rarely any of it good. So I stick to mostly frozen. They at one time had a lobster tank in the bigger town store, but it smelled so bad it's been removed. No fresh fish here either. And since I don't eat 'red slime', there's not much left.......

    Harvest continues. No machine breakdowns yesterday. A week to go. Yes, Mikie, you're right. A warmer winter definitely caused this year to be much earlier. It ripened so strangely everyone thought their crops were dying! We'll see, but don't think the yield will be very high in this area. Just want to 'git r done'. Hugs...
  6. Mikie

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    I used to tease Mom about being a flatlander from NE. One thing I know for sure is that people from small towns in NE and KS are some of the nicest people I've ever met. There is a post about simple pleasures on the CFIDS/FMS board which is beautiful. I found that people from small towns take pleasure in the simple and beautiful things nature provides. They also look out for one another.

    Jole, find out whether your library participates in lending e-books for Kindles. You have to have an acct. with Amazon but most of us already do. Our library had handouts leading us through the steps. It's simple. Only thing I didn't like is that the books can only be borrowed for two weeks and cannot be renewed. You have to go in and get it again as though for the first time. Popular books have to be reserved and when they are lendable, the Kindle lets you know. All can be done from home. Not every book is an e-book but there are a ton of them available. I love it.

    OK still waiting for dark to come to see whether the eyes on the tree face glow. My neighbor didn't think much of it. When I told him about the eyes, he just turned and said, "Oh Lord!" He's in the next bldg. and doesn't have to look at it anyway. We are all excited about it here. I'll have to take a pic of it to send to the ones up North.

    Everyone, have a good evening.

    Love, Mikie
  7. rockgor

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    I remember scary faces on trees in The Wizard of Oz and
    Walt Disney cartoons.

    That's my post for the day. Don't gots no you know what.

    But I'm glad to see the rest of you are up to it.

    Saw a couple silly bits on the net. A postcard w/ a pic
    of the Eiffel Tower. The caption was "Greetings from
    Amsterdam!" Uff-da!

    And a sign with this encouraging message: Everything
    on sale at regular prices.

    Thank you; thank you. Glad you're enjoying the show.
    Come back for the eleven o'clock show if you can. Judge
    Judy and Joan Rivers will have a face off in a pool of
    lime green Jello.

  8. spacee

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    Loved all the sweet things the group of you said to Jole. Expresses my thoughts
    but that I can't put into words that well.

    The Tree Faces are just too cute. Mikie is always up to something creative.

    Decided my hair was too long for the wedding next week so went to my 'girl'
    who was running 1 hour behind. I held up despite the light and sound thankfully.
    Now, it's probably shorter than I would like. It's very hard for hairdressers to
    gauge 1 inch, I find.

    My reading while there, I gleaned a couple of things:

    A cat sleeps about 13 hours a day.
    A sloth sleeps about 18 hours a day.
    Which makes me a slothful cat :) Certainly this week anyway.

    What did Goliath say to the Loungers at Prohealth. Goliath down, you look
    tired to me. Kinda dumb, but I got a chuckle.

    Oh, I found out today how I think Huz's work is going to be ok. The head
    partner and his wife who is the office manager are retiring! Will take about
    6 months or so but hallejuhah cause I have heard nothing but complaining
    about this man and his wife and how they manage the company for 10 years.

    The 'Tax and Estate Planning" partner is going to 'buy them out" cause NO
    one else will. Which means with all this audit stuff, they will probably hire
    an auditor. And, guess what. One that Huz worked with some years ago
    lost his job when it was downsized and he is a great auditor. And about
    10 years younger than Huz. Love it when a plan comes together! Hope it
    does :)

    It would be very hard for huz to stay home. And I am so used to living in
    silence, it would be hard on me too.

    I am going to post on the other board about MAF878 being sold on ebay by
    Dr. Enlander. But wanted you all to know that Dr. Enlander does not think
    that we who have autoimmune problems should use it. I don't plan to but
    thought I would pass the info along.

    Love you kids SOOOO much! And so sorry if I left off any person who posted
    at the end of the other thread. We enjoy reading everydobby (Rock says) so

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Rock, a pool of lime Jello? Wow! I'd pay to see that. Joan Rivers is 78. She really doesn't look it but with all the procedures she has had, it's no wonder. Judge Judy has a home in Naples just down the coast from me. Several of my old clients lived in her hood. They said they hardly ever saw her at the country club. She and her husband have a boat and when they are here, I understand they are usually out on the water.

    Linda, it really does sound as though things are coming together. Sometimes things happen just like clockwork. That's how it was when Mom and I moved to FL. I hope it's like that for Pam. If you want to be sure your stylist really does just take an inch, ask her to cut it dry. Wet hair pulls up when it dries. Or, if she will only cut it wet, have her pull the top up where you can see it and show you where she is going to make the cut. It's so humid now that I'm tempted to just let my hair curl up. It won't hold a brushed out dry job anyway. BTW, I loveth your joke.

    Last night, we had a storm to beat all storms, except hurricanes. There was a funnel cloud over in the Cape so we were under a tornado warning. The storm brought 1.2 inches of rain in a very short time. There were strong winds, thunder and lightening. I love a good storm. When I got up and looked, the tree with the face was still wet and the bark was dark brown. The face really stood out and was very spooky looking. I'll have to wait until it is dry to silicone over the tops of the pieces to keep rain out. The eyes start to glow before it is dark and are done by the time it is really dark. We'll have to shine a flashlight on the faces for a bit so we can see them glow in the dark.

    It's sunny today with some cloud cover. We might get more rain later today. It's sooooo good to see the sun. Between my cold and the gray skies day after day, it was getting downright depressing. Now, we have Red Tide. No wonder my allergies have been so bad. I'm going to try to get my injection on Wed. I'm hoping this rain washes out the Red Tide.

    Wishing y'all a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Ranigar

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    Thank-you so much for your kind words about my poor Hope.I miss her and have nice thoughts of things she did as I keep busy.Have to be out at three today people coming through again.The comparable house around the corner has an open house today which should bring us some buyers interested in seeing ours.Huz has dental surgery Mon. so we said no appts. so I can leave Lily home and huz can rest after.

    Jole I don't know how I feel about all that I've achieved these past few weeks.Amazed at what I've managed,horrified,stressed,sad for myself.It's been to much to ask of ones self when you have this illness but necessary so I try not to think and become overwhelmed by it all.It's not ending and more is coming so I just do what I can do.We stained the front porch yesterday and huz wanted to leave it to me while he did another chore but I said no I can't roll the stain on but I will tape and stain the outside edges the roller won't reach.I just could not do more then that.

    The one visit by the relocating buyer gave positive feedback.He loved the house but is worried his big truck won't make the curve into our garage.Realtor said don't be surprised if they come back to town for another showing.That scared the bejesus out of me.I'm not ready to move yet!What are they going to tell you anyway your house is a dump?If it sells it sells.

    Love the tree face!

  11. jole

    jole Member

    It's not even noon, but I'm back to bed. Rock, definitely know how you're feeling, and I'm betting Leah is the same.

    Linda, great news for hubby, and I hope it happens! Sounds like a great solution!

    Mikie, thanks for the tip on the ebooks...doubt if our small library has it, since it doesn't even have a web page....lol. Would love to see the faces, such a unique idea.

    Pam, I say keep on going girl, because I'm afraid once you stop that hectic pace everything's going to hit bottom for you. Just think in small increments.....moving is ranked in one of the highest stressors.....and as much as you might want to move, you will miss your home and community. Grieving includes lots of things. Hugs....

    Bed is calling......hugs to all
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    I just can't believe that "we" are selling a house!! "WE" have never done
    that before, have we? No, I don't think so. I do remember Rock and Gordon
    moving (and what a tough deal that was) when Gordon's mom passed. They
    moved to her house. But this is our first sell.

    As you can tell, I am excited about it! Pam, to me, reading your posts
    for quite a while now, You seem to have more energy for some months
    and then for not. Ok, duh. Now it is coming back to my brain that Spring
    and Summer are better for you. Well, what a lucky time to be doing all
    the work then! When you get to Florida and it feels like summer year
    round maybe you will have 12 good months! I know not good as normals
    but you know.

    I have been so busy visualizing packing. Or rather what clothes I should take.
    Mainly pjs. So that when I got up to throw them in the case, it was quick as
    a flash.

    I even had time while watching a movie on demand to try nail polish combos
    and even decided one one. At my age a ridge filler is a must, I noticed. Which
    mine is a pale white (can white get any paler). Maybe thin white, so that one's
    own nails show through a lot and then a coat of clear shiny hardener. So glad
    that is decided :)

    Yes,Mikie,you are so right about hair curling up and that needs to be considered
    when cut. I like this length so much I had Huz measure it from the crown. She
    used a flat iron on it. (For those that don't know that takes every bit of curl out
    of your hair and makes...flat. Hence Flat Iron). Kinda like the 60's when girls
    ironed their hair. AND I think she cut it with a razor which she has never
    done before.

    Well, all I can say is read her kid books, give the kid gum and go back in the
    kitchen and watch a movie with same kid and the hairdresser will give you
    the 'works".

    Thanks for the kind words about Huz's job working out and how things sometimes
    just fall into place like your mother move to Fl, Mikie. I did tell Huz that I
    think he needs to have someone else cut out lawn (notice I did not say grass).
    He agreed. He has liked getting out there all by himself to commune with
    nature but time comes when you can't do it all. He may hire someone to
    cut the weeds but the lawnmower is going to stay put till it rusts. Huz,as
    you know, doesn't get rid of things. Or sell them even. Thinking of the
    30yo reel to reel stereo we have in the basement.

    Thanks Leah for your extremely quirky way of expressing your thoughts on
    matters and turning ppl's statements around so we get an entirely different
    slant on the subject at hand. A+++ for your posts.

    Ok, time to put up or shut up.

    Love you all so much,

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I always read the Sunday paper and do the "New York Times" crossword puzzle. Sometimes, I get through it and sometimes, it stimies me. Oh well, it makes me think and that should help this poor old brain. I watch reruns of "Mad Men" before "CBS Sunday Morning" comes on. Then, I watch a couple of political news shows before I get going. By then, it's almost noon. I want to clean the lanai today but it's supposed to get to 94 and it's humid out. If I do it before the hottest time of the day, around 2:00 p.m., it won't be as bad. Then, I can drag my sweaty bod in and take a shower. By then, I'll be ready to hit the hay.

    Pam, hope Huz's dental surgery goes well. You have been amazing getting ready for the sale and all the work you have done. I hope you are managing to get some rest in between. I also hope things work out so that the closings and move are perfectly timed. I also hope our FL climate helps you feel better. I feel much better here.

    Jole, I'm sorry you are so tired. I think we all can empathize with that. I've spent so much time lying in bed or on the sofa lately that I think they need to be added as part of my address (123 Main Street, #123, the sofa). I wish you could download books from your library but it isn't all that great. The books I want either aren't available or there is a waiting list. I'm not a patient person and don't like to have to wait. The prayer for patience: Lord, give me patience; give it to me NOW!

    Leah, that joke made me laugh out loud too. I think I used to know a large cat named, Goliath. I've always enjoyed doing silly things and having some whimsy around me but now that I'm old, I have time to do them. Of course, time isn't the only factor; I have to also have the energy to do them. Lately, with this cold, energy has been in short suppy. So, I've tried to do things I can do on the sofa. I put together a necklace for a friend and I knitted two potholders. When I told my daughter that, she said, "Mom, we have to get you out more." Ha! Ha! If I had the energy to get out, I would.

    Linda, Most of us living in condos have all our landscaping needs met through our dues. If I owned a home, I'd just pay to have someone do it as part of the expense of ownership. I think it's just too hard, after a certain age, to keep it up. Of course, the landscapers aren't perfect so I always end up doing a little extra trimming, fertilizing, etc. It awfully hot and humid to do much of anything right now. I do make exceptions for decorating the trees with faces :)

    Tomorrow, the plumber is coming and I'm excited to see my new fixtures. As y'all probably remember, a couple of years ago, while I still had the energy, I redid parts of my kitchen and baths. I painted the bathrooms; put up new light fixtures; put a frame on my really big mirror and replaced another; painted the vanities black; and added granite tops, new sinks and brushed nickel faucet sets. What I didn't do was anything in the tub and shower. The tile is still really good so the new fixtures will look great, and complete the look, in the guest bath. I try to keep doing a few things at a time to keep the place more up to date. I think I will likely leave this place feet first but one never knows. It wouldn't take too much to get it ready to sell.

    Wish I knew what I want to eat. This is my usual pattern: I start to get sick and I crave carbs; I eat a lot while I'm sick; and, when I'm better, I don't want anything and when I have to eat, nothing tastes good. I have a lot of fresh fruit and I will be eating that.

    Hope everyone is having a pain-free weekend. If not, warm and healing hugs to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just finished cleaning the lanai. It's a small space so the chairs have to be stacked and moved around. Thank God for my floor cleaner. I clear a space, run the floor cleaner and come inside for some A/C and ice water under the ceiling fan. Then, when that area is dry, I move things back and clear another space, etc., etc., etc. I a sitting here now with an ice pack on one side of my back. This probably wouldn't seem like such a big deal to a normal but to me, it's HUGE.

    I don't use the lanai that much in the summer but the glass sliders are on the livingroom wall and I look out on it. It's really just an extension of the living area. It was so filthy that I couldn't take it any longer. It is so pretty when it's shiny clean. I know it won't stay that way long but, at least, I can enjoy it for a while. Maybe it'll stay clean long enough so that I can get other cleaning chores done inside. It really is a depressing spiral. I remember Erma Bombeck who said she hated housework. She said, "You have to make the beds, vacuum, dust and do the dishes and three months later, you just have to do it all again."

    I'm definitely going to let my hair go curly for the summer. Why swim against the current? I'm trying to make things easier on myself.

    So, once again, I send y'all my love, hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yep Linda that is true.Spring and summer are the best for me but I am amazed I could push this hard and not pay yet.I love that we are all moving together.Do I submit my colors and tile choices?Mikie is on the right track with the brushed nickel faucets.Huz threw me with talk of bronze finishes yesterday.I told him really because my notebook is filled with the nickel.He said I was right and should go with that.I like the look but bet we have to pay more because the contractor choices are chrome.I looked up the nu. and they are pretty plain anyway.Have to be careful with that or the cost on those details can add lots of money to the budget.

    I can't believe the use you're getting with that little cleaner.Gotta get one of those for all the tile I'll have to clean.Today we are resting.Niece is supposed to drop by and hasn't yet so I'm waiting to put on more comfortable clothes.

    Huz will be knocked out for root canal and if they give him any more Vicoden he can start his own Co.He says it doesn't help so he goes without.I can't take it either so I'm going to stop filling the script.This little itty bitty tooth implant is getting ridiculous and very expensive.Both his parents were practically toothless and it is his biggest fear to look like they did.He won't consider dentures.

    Linda that is how I pack to.All the planning is in my head for each day I'm to be gone.Then I start my list.I'm wore out before I get started.Linda and Mikie are both curly heads.I have stick straight hair and wanted curly.Always want what you don't have right?

    We have to hurry back from Fl. for SIL's B-day party and niece's Wedding.Drs. appts. and painter.Then DS moves into his new home.I'll let you know when we get a bid on the house.

  16. jole

    jole Member

    Isn't that funny, 'cause I feel that way too! It's so much more fun to do it this way, without all the work Pam. And I love picking out your fixtures! Doing it for myself is sooo stressful. What was fun in my former life is now a headache if it involves more than one choice. We upgraded our faucets in the bathroom this summer. I love the bronze!~but not the price, so we also went with the brushed nickle. And according to all the magazines it must be the 'in' thing, 'cause that's what seems to be shown the most right now. See how good ya are??

    The next time I need major dental work, I'm going to ask for laughing gas. Know someone who says it's wonderful! My dentist uses nothing but injections, and I do fine, but do get my money's worth out of the arms of the dentist chair...lol. Think I leave a permanent hand grip in them.

    The steam cleaner sounds wonderful. My vacuum has a cleaner also, but the entire thing is so heavy. Doing my floors is the very hardest chore, and would love to be able to afford a housekeeper. Takes me two days to vacuum one room! When my kids were small I'd do my entire house every other day. Soooo hard not to compare then and now.

    I have a question.....when you're in a lot of pain, are you freezing cold? My hubby can't understand how, when it's 93 outside and 80 inside I can be wearing flannel jammies and have on a jacket. Well, I don't understand it either, to be honest, and was just wondering if I'm the only one like that.

    Made it to see the grands today. Not to church for the Confirmation (I can't do crowds), but to their home after for a couple hours. Although there were so many people there I sat out on the deck. People complained about the heat, and I was perfectly comfortable....lol. Nice advantage, I guess.

    Son and wife are thinking of starting a business. They take the idea and blueprint to the city council this week. They want to take an old empty building and turn it into a couple apartments upstairs, and a coffee shoppe/baked goods shoppe on the main floor, plus a convention room. Will see what the city thinks of the idea. The town is fairly small, but they think it'll work since they're close to a larger (college) town.

    The funny part of all this is...he's exhausted from working 6 days a week, 14 hours a day. Well, I'm really not sure but think this new venture will probably amount to about the same. Only difference is he'll be the boss. Our entire family is busy trying to come up with a name for the place.....lol.

    Tomorrow will probably be a horizontal day again, but today was really nice! :) Hugs to all.......Jole

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Jole's son is who we are starting the business with. Wow, we will surely
    be goliath down with all this going on. Hope it goes really well and they
    have a successful business (with us).

    I wear flannel pi's and a flannel robe year round. When they come the fabric
    is heavier and as it washes it get's thinner until it is the summer flannel pi's
    and robe. Though I must be fooling myself cause I wear both kinds year
    round and a big fluffy robe over it all in the cold spells.

    Yes,Mikie, a normal would have done in no time what we do with breaks
    inbetween. I had the "i wish I had someone to clean this house" feeling
    this weekend but I will have to remember Erma's saying. The every 3 month
    one. Very Funny,

    Sounds like 'we' are all good for the brushed nickel and glad you are watching
    the prices, Pam cause we don't want our money wasted!

    Lately I have been feeling pretty good at first in the am. I think "boy, I am
    going to get something done today". By the time I have eaten that feeling
    is gone too. Well, horizontal time can be good if we have something cheery
    to do. Mikie, you do amaze me that you work with your hands so well. You
    mentioned that the injections had helped the arthritis in your hands. That
    helps a lot.

    Hope your injection Wed goes well. I hope I have the right day.

    Have found that wearing my darkest glasses and earplugs and sitting is
    just about as good as lying in a dark room for 45 mins. Handy little thing
    to know.

    Oh, are we getting dental work too Pam! I had that laughing gas many
    years ago when it was new and the dentist was just trying it out. I liked
    it so much that I asked them to use it on Huz but to not tell him. LOL
    Course they didn't.

    One DS after having his wisdom teeth out was so high on something that
    he was singing the Star Spangled Banner on the way home. I wasn't
    sure he knew all the words but he did.

    Ok, I do not have curly hair. Nor do I have straight hair. I have this weird
    wave that curls too tight and then all falls out within 6 hours. So, if you
    were to see me on SKYPE as DIL did this am, you would have said (as
    she did) OH, your hair is so short. But if you saw me 6 hours later, you
    wouldn't even notice. Or even think that I had done anything with it.

    After "Our" wedding, I think I am going to grow it out again so I can
    wear it up with a clip or ponytail.

    That was cute that you felt comfortable in the heat, Jole and glad you
    could at least make it to see the grands.

    The guy is coming in the am to fix the driveway he put in two years ago.
    It was wrong within a couple of months and I am sorry we didn't call him
    sooner but I guess other things were going on. He guarantees that he
    won't wake me up. That would be about the same as guaranteeing that
    aliens were landing tomorrow too. Oh, these salesmen.

    Ok, we will call it a night unless Rock or Barry show up from the west

    Love you all,

  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    OK I'm thinking maple cabinets group.Not the really light maple or the darker like cherry.I don't really care for white.Baths I'm leaning toward that color too.White wouldn't be so bad in baths but not partial to it.Countertop will be Quartz in a creamy tan pattern.Are we good so far?

    DS is staying with his sister Sat. night before heading to the airport for home on Sun.He has requested that she make sauerkraut balls and wants deep fried cod.He thinks you all eat fish regularly a friend told him.She asked me what is he thinking.Those two foods don't go together and are so fattening.She makes really good sauerkraut balls so that's why he wants that.

    I told her everyone has a certain idea about how you live in Fl.I used to think decorating was flamingo's and palm trees were the theme in every house remember?Well DS thinks ya all eat seafood everyday.I told him I have noticed cod sandwiches on several menu's more so then around here.I'll break it to him today that you live just like we do up here pretty much.DD thinks it's hysterical.

    Rain today.My back and legs told me so around 3 this morning.We need the rain.Hope no thunder while we're gone Lily does not like it and the cat isn't here to keep her company.

    Have a great day everyone.

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Jole that is so exciting starting a business.Best of luck to them.I live in a small town and our local coffee house does a great business.The people remodeled the upstairs and have an apartment there.It's a nice place to meet up and has internet access.

    A bean plant in the window box.That could get very interesting.Beans at your fingertips.

    Huz is home and completely out.The bill says he had an extra IV of sedation for 15min.$62 worth anyway.Good thing DS was there to help walk him to the car.Tooth was saved so that's good news indeed.

    Lil goes to the groomer tomorrow so she'll be nice and pretty for my sister and DD next week.I'm at the in between stage of a haircut where it's to soon to cut and will be to long before time to get home.

    Freida you add positives to all our lives.

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Uff-da! Been a busy day. Gordon and I pruned the magnolia tree.
    And it's 76 degrees out. I coulda used a mint julep after that.

    We also went to two clothing stores, two markets, two libraries
    and one candy store: Mary Sees. Why so many twos? Cause
    we couldn't find what we wanted at the first stop.

    Mikie, had any reactions to your tree faces? Do people come out
    at twilight to view them? That would be Tree Faces of Eve, yes?

    Saw a cartoon that made me think of you. A new (to me, anyway)
    comic strip call Argyle Sweater. Two toilets are reading their
    mail. One says, "It's from Sheila. A Dear John letter."

    Pam, who is your hair cutter? Maybe you can get a two fur one with
    you and Lil. Remember, if you decide you hair was cut too short,
    you can always wear a cloche hat. My uncle used to say they called
    'em that because women wore them cloche to their head.

    Freida, yes, old age is freeing in some ways. One doesn't have to care what
    other people think, and a lot of annoying relatives are dead. Too,
    (Peg Bracken used to use "too" as a conjunction) one generally
    doesn't have to go to work anymore.

    Barry, we are hoping for another fauna report. What's going on
    with the birds, foxes, cats, and Richard?

    Somebody started a post using "Kudos". This moved me to
    think of antelopes and resulted in:

    The Kudu is an antelope
    With stripes upon his backside.
    He boasts a set of twisted horns;
    Without them he would lack pride.

    The Kudu live where it is hot
    In places like Botswana.
    Their horns are used to make Shofars,
    And blown on Rosh Hashanah.

    Better post this and go before it all blows away.


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