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    I am going back to read what I haven't and will add to this.

    Ok, I posted on the other thread. Looks like Mikie, Pam and Leah had new posts also.

    Leah, I replied on the other thread to your suggestion about hair cuttings to keep deer away.

    One Potato, Two Potato. Remember that game of how to tell who wins? Or is it the one who
    loses. I think it ends with "you are not it".

    Love you kids. Please do go back and see if Mikie drywalled the plumber in the wall :)

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    The plumber is OK. I took a nice long soak in the tub last night to enjoy the new hardware and caulking. It's amazing what a diff new caulking makes. I'm actually getting pretty good at doing it freehand. I did get those little plastic square "shapers" from TV which will give a shape and size to any caulk job. I still wet my finger and finish it off to give it a smooth, glossy finish. Everything is dry on the other side of the wall under where the plumber installed the new valve so will be putting the drywall back in place today. I'll start early and get it in and taped and mudded. Later today, I'll get it sanded and mudded again. Tomorrow, I'll put the final coat of mud on it and, if it dries, I may even get it painted and everything put away in the laundry closet.

    I need to get out and look for cheaper car ins. tomorrow. It just keeps going up and up and up. The broker I've used for years, who also does our condo ins., doesn't seem to give a hoot now that the agency has been bought out by a big bank. No surprise there.

    I need to get my garbage and recycle stuff down to the dumpster before it rains. Yes, I love storms too but not long drawn-out gray days of ultra hot humidity and then just rain. I want sunny skies with huge cumulous clouds building until they can hold no more and produce thunder, lightening and downpours. I'm fussy about my rain :)

    So, if I hold up physically, I have the cleaning job on top of my cabinets, crown molding on top of them and plantation shutters for the front office. When all that is done, it will need to be cleaned in here. I dread dusting the tops of the cabinets. There are light fixtures and antiques up there in the kitchen along one wall. Along the top cabinets dividing the dining area, there is a collection of handmade pottery. When I had a family at home, I used to use that pottery but now, it's mostly just for show. My ex had a whole set of stoneware commissioned from a potter I like for my Christmas present one year. It's beautiful. I like handmade things.

    Didn't get to read last night--too tired. I went in to read in bed but got interested in a home renovation on HGTV and fell asleep. Every night, I thank God for my wonderful bed. I think I'm sleeping better and have a bit more energy. Hope so. Wishing for pain-free, energetic days for us all.

    Love, Mikie
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    So glad the plumber is fine! :) Mikie, I don't think you have any need to
    get into exercise programs (I think we mentioned something along the way)
    with all you are doing.

    In fact, I think you could earn some money hiring yourself out to your friends.
    Cause I have a serious feeling that they don't know how to do any of that
    stuff!! And they would trust having you in their condo during the summer.
    Just a thought :)

    Your pottery sounds so lovely. They had some of their pottery on the Q.
    Not as pretty as handmade no doubt but I did enjoy seeing how they used
    it for different recipes. As our diet here gets more boring and routine, it's
    fun to see things like we used to eat. Ok, we never did eat Monkey Bread.
    I will admit to that.

    I ran an errand today and came back to my messy abode and thought "It
    looks just fine!" :) It was bothering me that things needed to get done but
    no one is coming to our house before Thanksgiving, so no need to rush into

    I asked Twin how I looked at the wedding. I thought maybe I could trust
    her with the truth. Evidently not. She said I looked great. Then I asked "
    did you notice that I wasn't wearing glasses at all". Nope, she didn't notice.
    So, no trust there.:)

    I feel discombobulated (6 syllables) about what today is. It is Monday, isn't it?

    Later Gators,

  4. jole

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    Normally I wouldn't know....but yesterday was mammo day, and the first day of summer (I only know that because someone mentioned it at the hospital). So that must make this Thurs.

    Linda, no monkey bread?? How did your kids manage to get past childhood? Mine didn't think they would (lots of begging and whining), because it was only a special treat thing around here, but they loved it!

    My day started out well...got my kitchen straightened up and groceries put away from a few days ago. That was the end of the energy burst. Makes me want to cry cause I hoped for more. Maybe tomorrow.....

    Pam, do you feel like you're living the life of two people right now? Glad you're able to keep your perspective and get things accomplished.

    Mikie, glad you're feeling a bit better, and I can 'hear' in your 'voice' that you love all your jobs, and take pride in your accomplishments. Florida sounds so wonderful to me...flowers, weather, etc. Can you see stars at night though? I would really miss that.

    Leah, you always make me smile....love your little comments. Don't know if you've ever said...do you live in a small town or larger area?

    Rock, Barry....missing ya!
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    I do love Fridays. Yoga is the easiest class on that day :)

    Yes, Jole, you described how Mikie is doing so well. Her love of her 'jobs and
    accomplishments". That's neat for both of you!

    I keep writing myself notes about hair and deer and later it looks like I have
    written something in German though I don't know any German and I can't
    decipher it. (How's that for a run-on sentence?)

    Nope no monkey bread. Took the easy way out and did the Pillsbury (I think)
    canned sweet rolls. At the North Carolina Airports they have Cinnamon buns
    as a stand a lone eatery. Man, that is some serious sugar in those. Just
    the smell was heavenly. Which was all I got. Oh, no, I got hot chocolate

    Twin finally admitted that she was "over" housework too. Too many joint
    pains. Though she does still love weeding.

    Thinking of you all. Those of us who have posted and those who haven't.
    Love you! Hoping for good days!!

  6. Mikie

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    Well, once upon a time, I was a real "TGIF Girl." Weekend started at a bar after work for drinks to kick off the weekend. Now, I often don't know which day it is. I should as I read the paper every day. I just forget. Don't have a schedule. I've been in one of those phases where I don't want to commit to anything and hate having things scheduled. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and think this has something to do with a bit of depression. Oh well, this too shall pass. I prefer weekdays to weekends now.

    I do help, and offer to help, my neighbors with things I know how to do. I just can't take on heavy-duty jobs. It's getting to where I have enough to do just with my own projects. I'll be glad when it's all done (although, nothing is ever done :) Also, the older I get, the less perfect the results need to be.

    Linda, we never did the monkey bread thing either. When kids were little, we did a lot of the Pillsberry rolls. One of our favorites was the one with orange frosting. Now, there's just me and I hate to heat up the oven for pretty much anything. Ergo, the pottery doesn't get used. I'm glad I have a place to display the larger pieces because it is beautiful. My kids can fight over it someday :) It is dear to me because it was so thoughtful of my ex and he did it secretly to surprise me. I'm so impressed that you do yoga. I need to do it again. I tried the DVD with "easy" tai chi and my knees hurt again. I have one for yoga around here somewhere and think I'll get it out. My Wii has yoga on it too.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't believe that housework is soooo important. I like a shiny clean house but it's too much work to keep it that way all the time. I do one big job at a time and rotate the jobs. Some things, like recaulking the tub, make it look all new and I love that because it will last for a while. I got some new toilet seats on sale because my old ones needed replacing. These close themselves. I might have mentioned it earlier--can't remember. But hey, if I can't remember, perhaps no one else can either :)

    I'm sure you looked lovely at the wedding. I'm an only child so don't know much about dealing with siblings. I did compete with a cousin my age growing up. I can only imagine what goes on between twins. Yikes! From what you described to us, it sounded very pretty. My 50th reunion is in Aug. I'm not going to go. Too much pressure to look good and I won't be done with the shots by then. I can't afford anything right now until the shots stop. In fact, I'm going into austerity mode again. Spent too much on this plumbing project but it needed to be done.

    Jole, hope mammo was OK. I'm a bit overdue for mine but, as mentioned above, am not wanting to schedule anything right now. Yes, it was Summer Solstice. My Snowbird neighbor texted me to wish me a happy one. I didn't even think she noticed things like that but she knows I do. It's been in the 90's up in Boston so I'm sure it's obvious that it's summertime. It's hotter up there, and in Denver, than it is down here. There's a disorganized tropical storm in the Gulf area and it will, hopefully, bring us a lot of rain. All we've gotten, so far, is gray skies and humidity. Whine, whine, whine! At least, we get nice breezes.

    Yes, FL is a great place for me. It's not everyone's cup 'o tea, though. Summers are loooooong. There is so much humidity in the air that FL isn't good for stargazing like CO was. Right now, a piece of skycraft is passing close to the Earth and is, evidently, clearly visible. You can go online to find out when it passes over the larger cities. We won't be able to see it with all this cloud cover. In CO, we used to sit in our hot tub and watch satellites in orbit. They travel faster than aircraft.

    I know your frustration with lack of energy. It's so hard to see what I want to do versus what I can do. Every now and then, I start going and just keep going until I overdo things and then end up on my back. The spirit is willing but the bod is weak. It's like we can never count on anything. When the shots started to make me feel better, I just expected that I'd continue to improve. That hasn't been the case. Overall, I'm better but not as good as when I first started the treatment. Again, whine, whine, whine! I laughed when I read that you put away things the next day after shopping. I actually leave things in my car until the next day, or the next, or the next...

    I am on an austerity program now but I had ordered one last thing from HSN. I have these great glasses but if I fall asleep and they move off my face, they get all out of alignment. It's a pain to get them fixed. So, I ordered the reading glasses from the Joy Mangano set. That woman is a whiz. She's a millionaire just making things we need to make our lives easier. Her readers come in 3.5 magnification and that's next to impossible to find at the drug store. The set has six pairs of readers in different colors and one pair of sunglass readers. The end cost, with S&H and tax, is about $7 a pair. They have the spring-loaded hinge and are very comfortable to wear but stay in place. Now, I can read lying down without worrying about my glasses. I really don't need them in every color but I figure I can have a pair always handy. No more messing up the expensive ones.

    Gotta go sand the drywall patch. It isn't going to be my finest work but I don't care. It's inside the laundry closet. The heighth of the dryer and my ironing board against the wall will make it impossible to detect. Cats have already been in for milk, playing, and a catnip high. They get their treats when they leave. Yesterday, Tweety came back in and napped all afternoon in the A/C. She and I both slept. I'm trying to learn from her :)

    Rock, Leah, Pam and Barry, and anyone else who stops in, I send my usual warm, healing hugs; prayers; and love. Hope y'all have a great day!

    Love, Mikie
  7. Mikie

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    I know my exhaustion isn't causing me to feel a bit depressed because I've been exhausted before without feeling in a funk. It may be due to stopping the Synthroid and going back on the hormones. In any case, it's just depressing!

    After I sanded the drywall patch and put another coat of mud on it, I decided to clean the baths. They are isolated and can be cleaned. Shower and tub areas were already clean so there wasn't that much to do. It feels good to have something clean. Perhaps if I can just do one or two things a day, I'll feel better.

    I may be able to sand the patch and paint it without another coat of mud. I hope so. I want to get my dryer put back.

    I figured out why the cat is depressed. She's used to having her adoring audience out on the balcony all the time. Someone is almost always out there. Now, it's just hot and dead. No wonder she's bored. She's back inside with me, dozing in the A/C.

    DD sent pic of GS in his fencing getup. He looks so cute. I think he wants to be Puss in Boots.

    Again, sending my best to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  8. spacee

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    Personally, I disagree with the Pharmacist. Course, I am not trained in
    that field. Have only taken the stuff for over 20 years. And then all of
    us are different.

    I wish I had more to offer you than to just say "I don't agree". I know
    Pam has posted about long spells of the dryness and her docs relate it
    to sjogrens. I'm not sure that Pam even takes Klon. She might not.

    I know brand name Ultram interfered with one of my meds. Maybe a
    hormone and caused a deep depression for about 9 years. But generic
    Tramadol does not. Strange. But now I take a tiny bit of Elavil to help
    the serontonin level be up to a more normal amount.

    But, yes, we try tons of things trying to figure things out.

    I can't say that I am happy now but I do feel peaceful which is a lot
    better than depression.

    If you decide to try to go without Klon, you might find Robutussin (for
    sinuses) might make you sleepy. Therefore easier to taper off Klon.
    It worked for me accidentally and I got off all Klon, but then realized
    after 6 weeks that I really needed it and started it again. Again, we
    are all different.

    Again, my guess, but I think almost any pharmacist would think getting
    off Klon would be the 'answer' to our problems.

    How long would you say this negative thinking has been so bad? Weeks?
    Months? Even years?

    I remember Dr. Nancy Kilmas saying ppl with this illness live in such
    isolation that it is very, very hard to do. That is so very true!

    Love you, dear One and we do think of you and are here to hear.
    Hopefully some others will have something better (wiser) to offer you!



  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I didn't like posting on that kindle sorry for word mixups.Word correction kept changing the word color to colorado.The kids were just having us read a bunch of off colored word corrections
    they found on a website devoted to just that.

    No showings scheduled for today Sat.The realtors office sent a Mrs. Fields pkg. addressed to DS for his surprise visit the other morning .Browies,cookies and muffins that was nice.

    Everything is set to go down south and I feel so less stressed.Tree outside in the yard scared poor Lily she didn't know what to make of it.I'm just going to take it day to day and really most of the big projects are done.Painter comes Mon. and DS starts moving out next weekend.

    Huz can do a lot Mikie but drywall is not one of them.He will hire out if possible.The jobs he does aren't very smooth or even looking.Good job that you're so talented.

    No klon for me I take xanax in a pinch but wish doc would allow it.I dread next appt. trying to get a refill because it does come in handy sometimes.

    Frieda sounds like you are worse then usual.I hope it doesn't last to long you were just enjoying your scene out the window.

    Jole is it hot where you are?We missed the extreme heat being in Fl. and now it's cooled off some.I kept saying to sis how nice it was breeze and all.She looked at me like I was nuts and said you're kidding right?She said it's hot but I thought it tolerable.

    Lots to do today laundry,clean the RV and put it back in storage.

    Hi Rock and Barry,I have to go back and catch up.
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I was so pleased for about a week. I had some energy and could
    post again. Alas, it all seems to have evaporated like the snows of

    Pam, I thought that 'Colorado' was probably auto correction. I saw one
    in a newspaper years ago. "These issues are not all African American and
    white, you know."

    Mikie, I'm glad your plumber isn't walled up like that poor chap in A
    Cask of Amontillado. Or, on a lighter note, like Ethel in the wallpapering

    Freida, I wish we could somehow send you some energy: powder, pill,
    elixir, whatever. Life is hard enough w/o these DDs!!!

    Jole, I think monkey bread was invented after my childhood. I have
    a vague memory of somebody bringing some to the office once. I can
    see how kids would think it's fun.

    Spacee, I have heard "one potato, two potato" etc. Never knew it
    had anything to do with a game though

    Hi. Barry. Here's the local wildlife report. Yesterday we had a squirrel
    in the backyard. Couple days ago a hummer sitting on the same wire.
    Last week a pair of yellow butterflies flitting about. And last night, the
    grey kitty stopped by for middle of the night nourishment.

    Bestus to allus
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Two posts in a day because I was so deprived.Freida I have never been prescribed klon but when I first had such severe leg cramping I tried a friends script and it helped relax me.I get really painful dryness issues that you speak of and I'm not on klon.My skin needs a ton of moisturizing everywhere sometimes twice a day.Even then I get scaly patches here and there that drive me crazy.My mouth and eyes are the worst.There isn't any appetite because everything tastes like sawdust.I take Evoxac and others take Salogen do you take either of those moisture producing drugs?I can tell when my next dose is due.3 a day and I wish it was more even though it causes me to feel that I'm burning up.

    Rock I never knew about auto correct until last week.Loved your black white analogy.Huz is chopping up the tree himself with a chainsaw.It's not a huge tree at least so no need for a tree service to be called.

  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hope I can remember what I said. Hmm.

    One thing I was writing about is Orbit White Bubblemint gum. It has a sugar
    alternative which is not good for us. I think Rock did research on it and
    confirmed it. However, it's the only thing that gives my mouth moisture
    and I can't be with out it.

    Like earplugs for my ears. Bubblemint is for my mouth. I think others find
    it that way too cause it is obviously the #1 seller at the store (they get very
    low in it at times).

    On the tv there was a woman shrink saying that the happiest couples have
    'space' in their relationship. Imo not if one of them is very isolated. That
    dr I mentioned said she would rather have HIV than CFS because of the isolation.

    Pam I found the off color corrections a hoot. That's cause I don't have kids
    young enough for it to be a worry. And that you were cool in Florida was
    so funny too. If I believe our weathermen and you KNOW I do (wink), spring
    is our dry time and therefore no cooling rain. So, perhaps now is a great
    time to move down.

    Rock, I loved your sign off. Bestus to allus that really sums it up well.

    Here is the game. Everyone holds their hand made into fists in front of them.
    The chosen person starts hitting (not hard) on the fists with his/hers and you
    say " One potato, two potato, three potato, four, five potato, six potato, seven
    potato, eight potato more, (still doing the hitting of the fist thing) say "you are
    not it". I think not being "it" in the game was a good thing.

    Oh, and Frieda, I have been to every kind of counseling there is and I totally
    agree. If we were able to be normal, we would be thinking of other things a
    majority of the time.

    My latest thing to try is the Transfer Factor Essentials sold here. I have taken
    the targeted TF's which have helped. But this one is suppose to help raise
    our level of NK (natural killer) cells which I am low in. LDN is cheaper and
    does the same thing but requires an rx and compounding pharmacy.

    Stay tuned and I will let you know what I think. (As far as the other TF's
    our immune system gets used to them after a while and one has to keep
    that immune system guessing...so that's why I'm doing this).

    Bestus to allus!

  13. jole

    jole Member

    I feel so bad for you, and totally get what you're saying. When I was diagnosed with FM/CFS they sent me to a psych for my 'depression'. I went for 2 years, and had 5 different therapists during that time. The first said I was bipolar and put me on meds for that. The 3rd said absolutely not, and took me off. The 5th actually listened to me, and understood when I said I was not 'depressed', but frustrated. When you can't sleep, everything seems worse, and is worse. It reminds us we aren't who we were, and throws our limitations in our face.

    It's really hard to be cheerful when the exhaustion is so bad it's difficult to remember to breathe, and I know you get that way. Guess I just want you to know I'm sending you hugs and empathy.

    I've never taken klonopin, but do take xanax...wouldn't sleep at all without it! Although it seems to have a 'window' of time where it works. Dark room, quiet, and if I get interrupted with a phone call, etc. after I've taken it, the sleep effect is gone. I also take it during the day for panic attacks. I would think the klonopin would work the same, and can't think it would cause any dryness. But as Linda says, we are strange creatures.

    I wish the docs would listen to you. So upsetting to be treated as though we can't think (well, usually I can't...lol) or that we aren't in tune with our bodies. Guess it's just easier for most of them to ignore us than it is to admit they don't have a clue. It's awful to leave their office feeling worse than when you go in, because it's so degrading and insulting to not be seen as a person.

    You, my dear, are my inspiration.....hang in there......it seems everything cycles for us, and soon enough it will be something else. Glad you're talking about it with us, it helps to know you're not alone. Hugs...
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  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I don't stop by for a bit and, wow, lots of posts. That's good to see.

    Leah, I'm glad you come here because, yes, you are an inspiration. I hope our posts help you too because we all need to remember that we are not alone. In a world of "nomals," we are the only ones who understand. Hope and pray you are better.

    BTW, I decided to try to wean off my Klonopin once and asked the pharmacist about it. He told me I was addicted and we had an argument in front of employees and customers. He refused to believe that psychological addiction and physical dependence were not one and the same. He's a stubborn idiot. If he had thought about it, if I were addicted, I would not be trying to wean off. Last time I got the prescription filled, the pharma co.'s insert stated that they are not. I put his name on it and left it for him, explaining to the tech that he had basically called me an addict.

    I believe that some docs and pharmacists are illogically afraid of the benzos, like Klonopin and Xanax. It probably comes as a result of years of Valium abuse, a drug in the benzo family. In any case, their fears are unfounded in most cases. Dr. Cheney wrote an important paper on how Klonopin protects our brains' neurons from early death. Klonopin stops the misfiring and overfiring of the neurons. That's why it helps with sleep; it calms the brain and allows it to go through the normal sleep wave patterns. It also helps with pain signals in the brain, muscle cramps and sensory overload. It also helps my tinnitus.

    Pam, I'm drooling just thinking about a Mrs. Field's goodie basket. Mmmmm! My drywall job is waaaay below my stds. but since it is hidden in the laundry closet, I'm gonna let it ride. I would be embarrassed if someone saw it and knew I did it because I usually extol my drywall skills (I gotta stop doing that :) I've just felt so exhausted that I only want to get my dryer put back. I need to rest before starting any more jobs, especially ones which show :) I hope you don't overdo it cleaning up the RV and working on the house. Be sure to get your rest too.

    Rock, I'm so sorry your energy level is low too. I hope you get your energy back. It's just so hard to be tired all the time or get just enough energy to tease and then, have exhaustion come crashing down on us again. I've been fighting this for several months and have a new concern about what it may be all about. I'll splain later, Lucy! Glad you have wildlife to help you cope. It is a God send for me. Only problem is that we've created a monster by doting over Tweety. She is soooo needy, and it's worse now that all of us aren't out on the balcony to continually pet her and rub her belly. Glad the little gray kitten came by. Poor old Simon came by last night looking for Tweety and Sylvester. I threw some treats down where he could get them without exposing himself from out of the bushes. He did look up at me but then ran. He is a strange-looking cat. His face is more human than feline and he has beautiful blue eyes. Jeff feeds him in the bushes down there so he can eat in private. Tweety is curled up at my feet as I type.

    Linda, are you getting a lot of this rain from the rain bands flying off of Debbie? We are soaked and it's going to be continuing for several days. There have been a couple of toradic circulations and tornado warnings but nothing close to us here. As Debbie moves north, we should dry up a bit. Don't know whether it will cross FL going east or head out west to TX. I have enjoyed the days in the 80's and not the 90's.

    Jole, I know a lot of us get about the same help from Xanax as from our Klonopin. It was my therapist who first read Dr. Cheney's paper and suggested to my PCP that I get an Rx for Klonopin. My current doc, who is a specialist in our illnesses, thinks the same as I do about my Klonopin--it's a God send. I lucked out in finding a good therapist who helped me with grief I was dealing with at the loss of my old life.

    OK, guys, my new thought: I just got an e-mail from Rich, the founder of PH. He is seeking donations for new research into CFIDS/ME because it has come to light that these conditions are likely far more dangerous, and in some cases, lethal. We are prone to non-Hodkins lymphoma, which isn't news, but it seems that the liklihood of developing NHL is greater than previously thought. We know that many infections can trigger cancer and we also know that with our impaired immune systems, many of us suffer from chronic infections.

    As y'all know, my last two injections do not seem to have worked. My bloodwork, taken within days of the shot before last, showed elavations of my WBC. This is one of the symptoms of NHL. Of course, I might have just been fighting off an infection but I am going to ask my doc about it. I can't feel any enlargement of my lymph nodes so it may not be NHL at all. I have had itching and strange things growing on my skin, along with some night sweats, also symptoms. I'm not one to be convinced that I have a condition just by reading about it. But, I do consider my symptoms and what they may indicated. It is the bone-crushing exhaustion which has me most concerned. In any case, I didn't want to bring this conversation down but felt I'd let y'all know about this.

    I will be painting the baseboard in the closet today and moving the dryer back in. I will put the doors back on the closet and call it "good." Reminds me of some of the worst landings I used to do when I was a student pilot. I invoked the pilots' mantra: Any landing you walk away from is a good landing. I say, "Any repair which is hidden and doesn't show is a good repair." My stds. are slipping in direct relation to my slipping energy. Right now, I had no stds. at all :)

    It seems we are all dealing with exhaustion and/or pain right now. Depression is always just around the corner. So, my prayer today is especially for all of us.

    Love, Mikie
  15. jole

    jole Member

    a few days ago if it's hot where I live. Ummm...yep! It was 109 yesterday and 108 today, with horrible winds. The wind feels like it's burning your skin. It's been so dry we have cracks in the ground over an inch wide, and hardly any green grass. It snaps and crackles when you walk. We've been very fortunate to not have had any fires in this area. I feel so badly for the ones that are forced to leave their homes, like in CO. I missed the 'Dirty Thirty's', and if it weren't for the different way of farming we'd have them again.

    The poor animals.....although the dog and cats are in the shade, and I give them cool, fresh water every few hours, they're still lying there panting just waiting on evening to get here :(

    Leah, your biscuits sound good. I just got a recipe off Pintrest for biscuits. Makes a large amount to keep in the pantry, then just add moist ingredients to the amount needed when ready. Can't wait to try them. Our family all loves biscuits, and I don't have much luck with Bisquick. Not as good as my aunt always made, so will try these.

    Mikie, that was interesting about the NHL. I had that leukemia scare last year, and need to get my blood work up again. The 1st oncology doc said I had leukemia; 2nd one said no, just what he called 'abnormally normal' platelets. When my PCP got the report from the 2nd one she said, okay, not gonna worry about that anymore. I'm not quite as nonchalant about things as she is.....lol.

    Although I really don't worry about my health as much since my sis was diagnosed with ALS. I know it's not wise, but I've kinda decided when my time's up, it's up. And to be honest, some days it doesn't seem like it's worth the trouble going to docs anyway. Wow, am I in a mood......

    Anyway, I hope your dryer is back in its home and you can do laundry again. That's my agenda for tomorrow. Today I cleaned a shower (most of it), still have the floor to go.

    Do any of you belong to Pintrest? My DD (of course) got me started on it, and they do have some good ideas....crafts, clothes, DIY projects, recipes, cleaning tips, etc. Well, I now make my own cleaner for counters, tub, shower, etc. It consists of a solution of 1/2 blue Dawn detergent and 1/2 vinegar. Spray it on, leave it for a bit then wipe off and rinse. It really takes off the scum and shines things up, and the faucets look wonderful! The vinegar smell is strong, but much better than any boughten cleanser.

    Linda, my kids' version of One Potato, Two Potato was a bit different, but they played it too. Had totally forgotten about that..

    Pam/Rock, loved the auto correct comment. My kids have that on their phones for texting; I don't. Does that make sense?? Probably, because I'd believe anything it told me :)

    Barry, hope this finds you well and with weather that allows you to be outdoors~

    No news is good news, so alll is good.... Hugs.
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    And, first, Leah....you should talk about this problem here with us. That's my
    final answer! :)

    It seems if a person has 'kidney disease' it can be a problem eliminating
    klonopin from the body. Not the reversed that Klonopin causes lack of
    moisture or rawness.

    Klonopin can also cause urinary incontinence. Which it might do with me
    though not bad at all. (Sorry guys)

    Klonopin can also cause 'increased" salivation. But less salivation is not

    It can cause depression.

    This was just a simple google search so not necessarily extremely accurate.

    I'm with Jole. Ready to leave this world whenever the time comes. Not meant
    to be a downer but 26 years of this is plenty. But for those of you who do
    not feel this way, I will believe and pray with you that you do not have any
    of the NHL.

    Have started taking arthritis pain relief acetaminophen about 30 mins before
    bedtime. It is extended release. I had forgotten about the crazy dreams one
    can have with this. I was a man announcing a play by play of a football game
    for ESPN. I was darn good at it. Ok, maybe that was a nightmare LOL
    I would have thought Huz had the tv on but it's not football season :)

    Have made a note of the pint rest (that is the spell checker's method of spelling
    that site, Jole. And will look it up. Sounds very interesting.

    DS/fam in Lexington have packed all their things. Have a uhaul truck and the
    two men and a truck scheduled for tomorrow. All they are lacking is a place
    to go. Seriously. Their apt lease is up and they have to get out. Personally,
    I am not worried. These are the kind of things that are very interesting by
    hindsight. Mikie has mentioned how "things work out".

    Since they have no jobs. Or maybe I should say 'summer' jobs. They can
    store their stuff and head to his inlaws for 6 weeks. (Birmingham). And this
    is the way they live their lives "last minute annies". Not that they wouldn't
    love to have a plan, it just doesn't show up til the last minute.

    My new diet is working. Well, I haven't lost the 5 lbs. But I haven't gained
    any either. So, it's working :)

    Off to lala.....Thinking of Barry and Rock and Lilac.
    Love to all,
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Won't be here too long this morning. I took a bad fall when I got up but it turned out not to be really too bad. I tripped over the ladder and went smack down knees and face first. It happened so fast that I had to lie there taking inventory. I don't remember how I got up. Even though I hit my face hard, my glasses didn't break nor did my nose or teeth--lucky! Worst is my legs. Hit one kneecap hard and it has a bad rug rash. Other shin has a bad hematoma. I've iced both and sprayed them with an antibiotic with Lidocaine in it. Don't think there is a concussion. I'm so lucky I fell on the carpet as I was only inches from the tile floor. Wish I had put the dryer back yesterday. Oy!

    Leah, I've not seen dryness as a side effect of Special K but it may be. There are a ton of side effects for most drugs. Do an online search for side effects. Even with a small dose, one has to wean off very slowly. Withdrawal is hell if not done VERY slowly. To me, it's just not worth giving it up, especially when it does so much for me. BTW, it is completely appropriate to discuss our illnesses here. This is the place where we can discuss most anything. The beauty is that we can also discuss our pets, our gardens, nature, families, etc. We are not defined by our illnesses but they are part of our reality. Here, we get to discuss the other aspects of our selves too. That's why ProHealth provided this special place.

    Jole and Linda, I'm with you. If I ever do find out I have something life threatening, I will not do extraordinary treatments. Some people want to but not I. It's a very personal thing but I think we have all given it some thought. Of course, if the time comes, all bets are off. Still, I don't think I would suffer through chemo. I have a lot of respect for those who do. I also think personal situations play a role in our decisions. I've lived a very blessed life and done most everything I've ever wanted to do. My kids are grown and I live alone. I do not have a death wish but have been ready to go anytime the Lord wants to call me home.

    Linda, hope the kids will be OK. I'm laughing about the ESPN dream. It sounds like fun! Hope you are not getting the tornados being sprung from the thunderstorms. We got more than 3 inches of rain yesterday. Some areas have low levels of flooding.

    I didn't take notes so will end this post so I can go back to read posts. I can go back one page but not two. Don't want to lose what I've typed.

    OK, I'm baaack. Jole, I can't even imaging going through that kind of heat for prolonged periods. Poor pets. My daughter in Denver is letting her little dog run through the sprinkler. He loves it. They only have A/C in the master bedroom so he, and the rest of the family, is spending a lot of time up there. I hope you don't have leukemia but I think it's worth keeping tabs on. One of the things mentioned in the e-mail was "abnormal clusters of cells" as being a kind of precursor to cancers. I hate to mention this as we've all been through so much as it is but I think this research is important. I will be talking with my doc about getting another WBC test.

    Sorry my posts have been mostly downers. Even when I have no energy, I find things to do or, at least, think about which, now that I think about it, can be dangerous :) Tweety is getting ornery and needy. She is spoiled. She looks me right in the eye and chews my laptop power cord or claws the loveseat. I tell her no and put her outside. She sits on the windowsill in her "time out." It has stopped being effective so I got a water bottle and sprayed her this morning. "Whoa, Mom, what was that?" From what I understand, it only takes a few sprays to work and after that, if they act up, just showing them the bottle makes them paw the line.

    Think I'll check out the website. I love crafting and have all kinds of projects here. Now that I've crippled myself, I'll probably be looking for things to occupy myself. Not that I can't put together my parrot necklace or knit another potholder. I may get down on the floor and paint the baseboard and shove the dryer back into the closet. Wish I had done it yesterday.

    Take care, my dear friends, both here and those not posting. Loving hugs to you all.

    Love, Mikie
    [This Message was Edited on 06/25/2012]
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    What a fall!! Sounds like it could have been much worse (though bad enough).
    So glad nothing seems broken!!

    Jole, somehow I missed the part of your post that said your temps where you
    live at 108-109. Whew! That sprinkler idea Pam posted about sounded
    good unless you are having a drought too! We have been and can only
    sprinkle one day a week.

    But after this storm moves on, maybe that will change. Yes, Mikie, rain
    here. Still had to do the grocery shopping and stop by Walmart for some
    ink for the printer. Huz laughed at my wet hair. Usually it gets wet and
    just dries but I had put some hairspray on the last few days. It looked
    liked I had greased my hair and pulled it back in a rubber band. Real
    cute for a 62 yo.

    I have to go to the post office in a few minutes to overnite something to
    another DS. It is so dark out. I wonder if we are having a tornado watch.
    Huz is the one who keeps us informed of those things. I have to get the
    letter to the PO by noon to overnite it.

    Oh, and back to the groc store to get the things we forgot. Now, we started
    shopping together "because two heads are better than none". But evidently
    we still have "none" cause this is the 2nd week I have had to go back. I will
    say it is mostly for Huz's stuff. :) (Patting myself on the back, haha).

    He didn't get to golf cause of the rain. He looked much more rested too.
    He walks when he golfs and if it is sooo hot, he looks so drained for the
    rest of the day.

    Ok, off to the errands. I will wear my rain coat with a hood this time. It has
    to really be raining for me to wear that :)

    Hope everyone's situation improves!
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Mikie so glad your fall didn't result in broken bones or a concussion.Bet you'll be sore for a week!

    Jole what heat your having.I can't even stand the thought of living in that.My DS goes to the website you mentioned and I've seen other family members mention it on FB.I'll have to check it out.

    Looks like we arrived and departed Fl. at just the right time.DD just called and said Daycare called the parents to come get their kids because there is an alert out for tornados.She said GD will have to come to work with her.

    Had a nice time at the picnic surprise Wedding for niece yesterday.I guessed it but a lot of people were surprised.She looked so happy and beautiful.They fed everyone and disappeared into the house coming back out in formal wedding attire.Simple and sweet.

    Painter is here today with her teen daughter painting ceilings then the rooms upstairs all week.My DD told me to go to Walmart and spend $20 on a new bedspread because she saw my red one on the realtor sight and it's awful.Can't get mad she's right.I told her I was very into color at the time.I can't put my finger on the exact moment she started mothering me but I appreciate her honesty once in a while.It's still weird though.


  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    A nice hot shower makes :) And what a shower it is! I took it in my tub/shower to test the new shower head. Didn't realize just how wimpy the old one was. I washed my legs with liquid antibiotic soap, the kind you have to use before surgery. Then, I sprayed them again with the antibiotic spray. That outta do it. I threw away my old jammie bottoms because I don't think I could get all that blood out and really don't want to try. AACK! I'm gonna be sore but, all things considered, I'm a lucky duck.

    Linda, I know what kind of hair you're talking about. I hate to get caught out in the rain down here. I sampooed my hair in the shower. It really needed it. I'm laughing about trips to the grocery store. Between Publix and Lowes, I make multiple trips all the time. We were under tornado warnings all evening and night last night. The area went inland but I don't think it was as far inland as where you are. Most of the tornados showed up on radar as they were inbedded in the thunderstorms and really not visible.

    Leah, I'm glad you enjoy our posts; we enjoy yours too. You know, even when we post about what ails us, it can be a helpful reminder to us all that we are not alone. BTW, I did have an event with a ladder over at our pool bldg. I was helping to install new light fixtures and my buddy didn't get the ladder stablized. I was on the top when it gave way. I just rode it all the way down and stepped off of it at the last minute. It was amazing but they won't let me get up on ladders anymore. Can't figure out why :)

    Pam, I've never heard of a surprise wedding picnic before but it sounds wild and fun! I like original ideas which buck tradition a bit. We have a lot of beach weddings down here which I think are great. Yes, you probably got out in time to miss this gray, windy and rainy weather. It's unusual for a storm to remain in one spot so long. This is a huge storm but, thank God, the ingredients aren't there for a strong hurricane. I am enjoying the cooler weather even thought I'm inside. Let us know what kind of spread you get. I love the light metalisse quilt I got. It's perfect for down here and it doesn't wrinkle. I got it at Stein Mart but they have them everywhere.

    Thank you all for your good wishes for my recovery. Thank God I'm a tough old bird. I know I'll be sore and I have a headache but that's nothing to what it could have been. Tweety came in and slept on me on the sofa while I took a nap. She is behaving herself. She's curled up and sleeping.

    I did stop in at the website and will go back. Looks as though there are lots of good ideas. I love the home decor. After I painted the wall patch, I used the leftover paint in the pan to cover the marks in my entryway. It looks nice and fresh now. An added bonus. My front door needs painting but it'll have to wait until it's cool enough to have it open. I try to do most jobs inside in the summer and in the winter, I tackle what's left.

    Thanks again, everyone.

    Love, Mikie

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