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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jun 26, 2012.

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    Ok, Thought I would go ahead and start it and I will post on the other.

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    Hope everyone is doing well. I am better today. Walked down to the mailboxes to send my GS's birthday card. I got one with Shrek which plays "Funky Town" when it's opened. He has always loved the musical cards. He sent me a musical valentine this year. J said he took great care finding it. What a kid! He's taking fencing lessons. I think when he watched "Puss and Boots' here it made it big impression on him. Next, he'll want to replace his fencing outfit with boots and a big hat with a plume. He'll look more like Pimp in Boots :)

    Thank you all for your good wishes. I slept through the night without waking in pain. My head is still a bit fuzzy and I'm a bit nauseated but my pupils are normal. Needless to say, the work in progress here will be on hold for a while.

    Leah, if my pupils were not normal, or if I were seeing double, I'd go get checked but that would likely just add more trauma to my fall. Head injuries can cause some depression and I'm feeling that. Don't know whether it's from having to be still inside or whether it's this weather. It could just be physical from trauma to the pea brain. There's probably a lot of room for a pea brain to knock around in the skull :)

    Hummingbirds fascinate me. As a child in CO, I would go with my Mom and her friend to a ranch high in the mountains. It was an expensive place for nouveau-oil-riche Texans to hang out for the summer to get away from the TX heat. It was in the 50's when A/C was rare. I remember one old lady who came in her limo with her driver. The limo had one of those cylindar A/C's which hung on the window. That was before the days of cars' having A/C. It was so "Driving Miss Daisy." We would only go for lunch. The diningroom had hummingbird feeders outside every window and they were always feeding. Who would have thought that high in the Rockies, hummingbirds would thrive.

    The man who owned the ranch was a big game hunter who went on safari to Africa every year (that was before we decided we need to stop killing animals and start taking their pictures). There were trophies everywhere. Of course, to a child, it was fascinating. He had a footstool made from an elephant's foot (it really was a "foot" stool). As I think of it now, it grosses me out but back then, no one thought anything of it. Still, it's the hummingbirds which I remember when I think of that ranch.

    Linda, what a great pic that will be for your Wall of Shame pictures. At least, she wears panties. I think of those immature celebs who don't wear them and flash for the paparazzi when they exit their limos. Yikes! I started wearing black cotton boy short style undies when I worked at Publix. I had to wear black pants or shorts as part of my uniform so these undies were perfect. They are Hanes and getting harder and harder to find. Now, I wear white Capris so much that I try to find them in nude. Not easy. I'll take a hip hugger bikini in a pinch but I looooove those boy shorts. Barb, next door, buys Bali boy short style shape wear panties. She wears them as swim suit bottoms. They are perfect. Then, she just buys swim tops at Bealls to go with them. Those tops cover everything around the middle. I'll get some if I can ever go out in the sun again. I hope you don't get pounded by Debbie. I think most of the rain from her has gone north. Still, we are supposed to get "regular" thunderstorms.

    We just had a pain doc prosecuted for running a pill mill. She beat the charges by telling the court about the phenom of physical tolerance. It was a zealot pharmacist who turned her in. She was only providing relief for her patients to which they are entitled. This is one of the worst witch hunts I've ever seen. Of course, there are pill mills out there but the DEA needs to be sure before they ruin a doc's life. It will have been more than two years by the time she gets her license reinstated and back up and running. The society for pain mgmt. has been trying to educate everyone on how pain drugs work for people with chronic pain. Less than 1/3 of one percent of patients with chronic pain develop psychological addiction to pain meds. They do develop physical tolerance and dependence. I've always had a lot of respect for pharmacists but after that experience with the one basically calling me an adict, and now this one turning in a responsible doc, my respect has taken a double hit. I have had really good pharmacists so I have to remember than not all of them are nuts. I went to a pain clinic up in Port Charlotte where I got Vicodin and Morphine when I needed it. Thank God for them. Good luck with the new doc.

    Just saw where Nora Ephron died. What a shock. I didn't know she had leukemia but it was pneumonia which caused her death. I've always admired her and, from all the people who knew her, it seems she was a great and fun friend too. She really lived life to the fullest. To me, living life to the fullest can be challenging for people with our illnesses but we can live life the best we are able, considering our limitations. It may be that we notice nature around us with more interest and awe than the person too busy to stop and notice. It may be that we are grateful for the simple things in life. I've always maintained that we are all heros and heroines every day that we get up, even if it's only to go to the john if that's all we're capable of that day. We may not be famous but we are loved and admired by everyone here who shares our pain and exhaustion.

    Sending my love to everyone here and MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock,Barry,Jole?Hope you're all well.

    Dr. appt. this morning nothing new to report.I had such severe back and leg pain last night and then asthma attack on top of that.Cramping feet and sinus pain.What can a Rhuem. Dr. do about any of those symptoms?See my reg. doc next week so if anything is brewing it should show up by then.DS just had Strep so I've been on alert but no sore throat.

    Really a pain management doc just for those two meds together?I have both sitting in my cupboard and can't take them because of my stomach.My sister goes to pain manage and gets lots of tests and injections.I think of them as money makers but I would like to be wrong and find out they are a help to people like us.

    Freida are you speaking of the talk where you think your spouse understands your limitations so well but then he speaks of future dreams that are so utterly beyond what you're capable of that you're at a loss for words and you feel stunned and speechless?Oh yeah,been there.

    Waiting on a counter offer but just curious.I don't feel these buyers are in our price range.I'm just not really ready for the house to sell yet.

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    Weather report: 111 in the shade, winds 35-45. Everyone is dragging, and so in need of a break in the temp/wind. Too many days. As a matter of fact, this is the windiest spring we've had that I remember. Water: We have a trickle during the day. Showers are before 7 am or after 9 pm. Most country people here rely on the Rural Water District to pipe in their water, because the underground water level is too low for individual wells anymore. Yet 50 miles from us there are fields of irrigated crops.

    When hubby's g-gpa homesteaded here from Illinois, he sure picked the wrong spot...but it's home.

    Mikie, so sorry to hear about the fall, but glad you're okay other than sore. Whenever I fall, it's exactly like you did...always flat out, face down for some reason, and in slo mo. Loved hearing about the CO ranch, and hope it's not the one that burned in the fire? Can't remember the name, but I know a well-known one did..think it was closer to Colo. Springs though.

    Linda, love your picture wall...may have to steal that idea. So much more interesting than the 'perfect' pics from studios!

    Pam, the picnic wedding 'almost' made me wish I had a child yet to be married! What fun that would be. And they'd definitely know who their real friends were by who showed up...lol. Hope the house sells whenever you're ready for whatever you want. You're right, no hurry.

    Leah, happy you have your hummers. I've only seen one or two ever, and wasn't even sure that's what they were. Would love to be there watching them with you, and let you explain all about them. Conversation...my hubby is not a talker, so I don't have that problem. He tells me things after the fact. But phone conversations need to be kept short for my stamina and sanity!

    Speaking of sanity...I ordered pictures. They were of the 'party' at my sisters house months ago. They came in the mail yesterday. UPS delivered them to the post office, and mail carrier delivered them to our mailbox. They were in a box; box in a white plastic bag which had written on it" Merchandise damaged when received from UPS". Yes, they were. The box was soaked, the pictures were purple and stuck together. Totally ruined. Called the post office and was told the UPS driver said a box had fallen and spilled a bottle of toilet cleaner. Five boxes were damaged, mine the worst. UPS is to call me today. We'll see if they do.

    No other news. Not leaving the house except to feed and water my kitties/doggie. They have good shade, and plenty of breeze...lol, ungodly hot breeze. Could go to the outbuildings, but they stay by the house. I do wet an area of grass down and that's where they lay.

    Rock, Barry...thinking of you and hope all is well. Hugs to all.
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    it's 114. Glad I'm not an airconditioner. Thinking of you all. By the way, I was always told FL was hot in the summer... wish I were there..LOL
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    114 and no water to speak of! No running through the sprinklers for any
    doggies or cat then. Whew! I don't think I have been in 114 heat. I'm sure
    I don't want to be too!

    and the toilet cleaner opened on your package? Horrendous!! When I was
    UPSing my dress for the wedding to DS, the clerk was trying her best to
    get the package waterproof. I asked if they had things spill on the packages
    and she just kinda shrugged. But now I know what really could happen. Yikes!
    Turned out well UPSed coming home in the suitcase it had a crushed area.
    But I have no plans to wear it again so just glad it was fine for the wedding.

    Nope the pic isn't going on the wall. In fact, I sent it to DS first and asked
    him to show it to her. He said that if she thought that pic was going around
    for all in the family to see, she would be mortified. So, no need to spoil
    what was a happy memory.

    Friend in Ft Collins says there is so much smoke, it feels like the fire
    is in every direction. She said when she was a child growing up in Chicago,
    I think, the ppl would burn their leaves in the fall cause that was the only
    way to get rid of them. The smoke would be every where. It feels like that
    she now. Very scary situation. From the news, it does sound like a lot of
    homes have been saved. I guess its the wildlife that is taking the brunt of

    The sun is out for the first time in days. Have to admit, it's nice to see it.

    I think now our family has become a "mob". Too many for the house though
    it has a finished walkout basement. So, if I say our 'mob', you will know
    of whom I speak. Or maybe you will, if you remember :)

    I didn't like the many TF's "thingy" I was trying, so now that one can take
    tramadol during the day with LDN, I am going to ask for a script to try it
    again. It is suppose to help with pain and stamina. I think any of us could
    use more of that.

    Stupidly I told a very smart Indian woman at yoga that I had Chronic Fatigue
    Syndrome. It didn't take her long to tell me I needed to see an Endocrinologist
    to get my thyroid right. (I have been on thyroid med and it did nothing).
    OH, WhY did I open my mouth!! Next time I see her, I will tell her the name
    the rest of the world uses Myalgic Encephalitis. And try to remember that
    from now on. I really need to keep my mouth shut though!

    I guess someone is going to have to do something in the kitchen. I have a
    spurt of energy...about 10 mins. worth. So I guess it is me :)


  7. Mikie

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    Pam, I'm so sorry for all the pain you are in. I hope your doc can help you. I also hope the timing of the sale is just perfect.

    Jole, I can't imagine living in that kind of heat with water restrictions. I hope you are keeping cool. Is there any danger of a power outage, or brownout, from all the electrical use for the A/C's? I'm sorry UPS ruined your pics. I hope you can get them replaced. It was a different ranch which burned to the ground. It was the Flying W Ranch down near Colo. Spgs. We used to go eat dinner there. They cooked out of a covered wagon like when the cowboys drove cattle in the old days. It was fun.

    Linda, my ex called and said the smoke in the air is so bad that they've been told not to go out. He lives SW of Denver. Thank God neither he nor my DD and SIL are in danger even though they live near the foothills. We have sun today too. It's so good not to have gray clouds and rain. Seems everyone has either too much water or not enough.

    Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Ranigar

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    All these fires and drought I hope everyone gets some relief soon.Getting hot here today and the weekend.DS moves out but that's one job I won't even attempt to do.Still back and leg pain so I'm trying my best to slow down and take it easier.

    Our neighborhood has been in the paper for weeks now of bad press.City Council is trying to rezone land next to our development for more apts. The rental community there now was approved in the 90's as a one shot deal by our developer.He's passed now and they are pushing to build more right in the backyard of our neighbors.Landlords in our small town usually live out of town and nice complexes get run down and drugs abound.Small town politics but the news forum has people saying they feel bad for us but they won't buy a house here for fear it will get passed.That's great.

    Huz asked this morning what we will do if we don't sell by Fall.I said stay put until it does.Can't see maintaining two houses from two different states.Not a big deal I like this house and can be patient.I wanted to wait until next yr. to build but huz jumped ahead once he made up his mind.Huz asked if we could take a months trip and stay down there and I said sure but I'm sure surprised at how we switched positions.Too funny!

    Stay cool everyone.

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    Finally got a little energy to post. I made notes, but somehow they
    got all messed up. Well, you guys can probably figure it out. Ha Ha!

    114 degrees! Yikes! I lived in Las Vegas one year. It was miserable
    in the summer. Lots of people who moved there had to leave when they
    found out what the heat was like. And cars would sometimes burst into
    flames. Moved out 44 years ago. Ain't never been back.

    With regard to changing positions, Pam, "Switch Positions" is sometimes
    a clue in crosswords. The answer is "ons".

    "Gray clouds and rain." Bet we could make a long list of song titles
    that contain at least some of those words.

    Burning leaves used to be part of fall when I was a kid. We also burned
    paper in the back yard. Other trash went to the village dump a mile outta
    town. My uncle and I sometimes went there and shot bottles, cans or
    rats. I may not be a manly man like Arrrrrrnold, but I can shoot and I can
    parallel park. (Did you know in England they call it "reverse parking"?)

    Leah, I posted on the busy botanical bulletin board. A musical note.

    Here's a bit of wisdom I found on the net. We have to accept the fact
    that we can't have everything. Why not? Because there would be no
    place to keep it.

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    I were your neighbor, Leah. When my sis and I were together, we had one day that both of us were so exhausted we couldn't even speak to each other. It would have been easier if we hadn't been in the same room, so I understand the need for 'alone-ness' (new word?).

    But if you were feeling alone, you could ring a bell out your window and I'd be there in a minute! :) The 3rd-5th years I was sick, I was totally isolated. Some days it was okay, because I didn't feel up to anyone, but there were days just knowing someone knew I still existed would have been really nice. Wish I were there for you.....
    Leah, it's wonderful that you had a visit from your son. Amazing how they're always our little kids, no matter what age they are...a mother's love! So good to see them, yet afterward you miss them even more. I hope tomorrow finds you feeling better.

    Fire scare is over, and I'm fighting a horrible headache today, along with the other stuff. But we're safe. These kids...My brother called last night asking if we were close to the fire. Said he read about it on internet. I was impressed that our little town rated so highly...lol...then I found out he really read it on FB. My DD posted it. I swear they post everything. The entire country knows when her kids cut their first teeth, crawled, walked, potty trained, etc. Yes, she does work full time. How do they do it????

    Pam, hate to hear about the rezoning, and hope that doesn't hurt your resale value. It would make me sick to not be able to move if I had a new home to move into, so hope all goes well.

    Mikie/Linda, did you know if UPS destroyes your merchandise they don't pay for it? Guess who does? The company you got it from! Amazing....the photo place has to replace the pictures for free. No wonder they have videos of UPS people throwing laptops, tvs, etc into peoples yards instead of taking them to the door.

    Rock, "You mighta been a redneck" came to mind with the going to the dump and shooting bottles, etc. People did that around here too, probably until about 25 years ago! Great target practice area.

    Hi to everyone not here. Going back to my massage chair. Special hugs to all.......Jole
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    I'm so happy that I am sad about DS coming!!!!! Oh how wonderful!! Pray
    he comes more often!

    It is so hard to stay strong and upbeat when others have ppl coming and going.
    How you manage. I have no idea. You 'get' into your creative self and makes
    us laugh or tell us we are 'special'. You are so special to us all!!!

    So sweet of you, Jole to want to live in that cold, cold NE (smile) and be
    Leah's neighbor! I lacked friends for some years because of moving here
    so ill. I longed for someone to call or stop by just for 5 mins. I'm still waiting
    haha! For someone local. But I do have one person I met here at Prohealth
    who wants to talk on the phone. So, we do at an appointed time, lying down
    in dark room (for me). I am lucky to have her. Wish everyone did.

    I am trying to figure out who Arnold is? Gunsmoke? Was his real name
    Arnold. Or is it that bodybuilder exgovernor?

    Pam, I totally see why you don't want to maintain two homes! Strange
    that a LOT of ppl do. Someone down the street comes from the midwest
    for winter.But I don't know them. Just their cars in the driveway.

    Ok, pins and needles, my doc appt. My 3 minutes of the doc's time. (Of course,
    he DOES have to make as much money as he can, so what do I expect?)
    His words, "I (he) had a brain fart if I told you that you could not take mobic
    and tramadol together. And I am sure I didn't". End of discussion. SMH
    (Shaking My Head).

    His daughter lives in Colorado (Boulder) and got a reverse 911 call about the
    fires. I asked what that was. He told me. I said "we get those all the time
    because of the police looking for someone in the orange groves. Drugs."
    He said, "you do not". Me, "No, we do". End of it. HMHOD (hitting my
    head on desk".

    I know, I know, you kids keep saying 'find someone else". NO ONE ELSE
    WANTS ME! Sorry for shouting. But it is the truth. I have tried. He knows
    it too. He laughs.

    I showed him one of my yoga moves. I could tell "my 'work' with her has
    not been in vain" was all over his face. Patting himself on the back. His
    work. Not mine.

    So I went to the store and bought a strawberry shortcake to cheer me up :)
    It is not as good as a train ride to the bathroom, Leah. But it helps!

    I did NOT know that about UPS and the damages! I didn't know that they
    throw Laptops and tv's but it certainly would explain it. Particularly in the
    holiday rush. I'm thinking that it saves the seller more in not paying insurance
    to UPS and just risk the damages.

    That I will ponder ....

    The new client called again to tell Huz how wonderful he is. I sure hope he
    can rise to the expectations. Huz's clients like him, but nothing like this guy!

    Huz and I had a discussion on the unkemptness of the yard. Which resulted
    in me making a list of things he needs to do. (what? he can't SEE it..oh, sorry)
    So, I make a list with one 10 min or less project a day. With Sunday's off.
    He is so happy. ( I did happen to ask him if he grew up in a pigpen? Nope,
    he didn't. Thought he did! ) haha.

    Off to the midnight train to Georgia. I'd rather live in his world, then live
    without him in mine.

    Love you all!! And special hugs to my dear hurting friends!)


  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Leah, do you qualify for a hospital bed from Medicare for help sitting up
    to drink sips? And, straws came to my mind. They sell the durable plastic
    glasses with lids and straws a lot of places now.

    Just a thought or two.

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    UPS isn't liable?That doesn't seem right now does it?To bad those pictures got ruined in the first place Jole.

    Leah DS visit sounds so nice after such a long time.I hope he keeps his promise to come more often.

    That sounds like some conversation you had with your Dr. Linda.I dread finding new Drs. down there.I don't hear of good Drs. anywhere.I talked to Rhuemy about the annoying imbalance issues last time and she acted like this was an abnormal symptom and said to see a specialist for vertigo.I told her on Wed. no I didn't go.It's not vertigo.I got home and leafed through the paperwork she gives you and the page on FM clearly states imbalance problems is part of the illness.So ticked off!Doesn't she read what she hands out?

    Now I see GP on Tues. and the restless legs I get is listed too so he better not cut out my xanax for sleep.Grrr doctors.I've read all these things on my illnesses but you forget or it's so lifechanging you want a Dr. to break it down for you and validate your feelings so when they act like they don't know what you're talking about it is so discouraging.Guess I'll continue to keep my grip on huz arm so I don't fall over as we're walking.Feel like an invalid.

    That's my rant today otherwise fine and dandy.

    Hope you're recovering Mikie.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, am so sorry about this apartment complex business. If you and your neighbors can show that rentals increase crime, perhaps you can stop this from going up. Of course, we all know that renters can be a problem, depending on how the units are managed, but it takes police reports and statistics. It doesn't seem right that residential zones should be threatened with rental property right next door. I am hoping and praying that you get your house sold and you can move into the new one. People swear by burying a statue of St. Joseph upside down in the yard to sell a house. It seems a bit disrespectful to me but people do swear by it.

    Leah, I'm so glad you had the visit with your DS. What a wonderful surprise. I just wish you felt better. I've been there. Time was when I had to hang onto the wall from the bed to the john so I wouldn't collapse in a heap of exhaustion. Also, I was too dizzy and fogged to walk by myself. A train would be great. Either that or one of those people movers like in airports. You could reverse the direction after taking care of business. If only angels could take us by each arm and float us to where we need to go. Hope you are feeling better.

    Hmmmm, Rock, couldn't the answer be "offs?" Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen that but I do see "ons" all the time. In school, we had to try to create crossword puzzles from a simple grid. Yikes! It was hard. I've been doing them since I was a kid and one would think it would be easier for me. Not! I admire the people who create them. I struggled with the "Times" crossword today. The puzzles are harder than they used to be. By Fri. and Sat., I'm usually stumped. I usually get through the Sun. puzzle. I especially like the ones with a special bonus, like a play on words. I'll bet you like those too.

    Jole, was the fire close enough to have filled the air with smoke? In Denver, people are being told not to go out as it's dangerous to people with respiratory problems. That can cuase headaches too. I'm so glad you are safe and sound. I think the reason the companies have to pay when UPS destroys the merchandise is because they are the ones who pack it. I ordered a tablet and it was packed with no protection to the screen. Mine came with the screen cracked. The company I bought it from reimbursed my credit card. What bothers me is how careless some of the drivers are. UPS delivered medication to an empty unit in my bldg. intended for the same numbered unit in the next bldg. If only the driver had looked at the address of the bldg., he would have realized his mistake. I know they are under pressure to make as many deliveries as possible but mistakes can have horrible consequences. My neighbor downstairs gets her cancer meds through FedX. They left a note, again on the empty unit downstairs, of a failed delivery. Good thing I check around her now and then. I took the not to the lady with cancer and offered to call FedX for her but she did it herself. A FedX manager personally delivered her meds that same day. That did impress me.

    Linda, mmmmmm, strawberry shortcake. You deserve it! I'm shaking my head too. Doctors! It's amazing they don't make more mistakes than they do now. Boulder, CO is my hometown. There are expensive homes up on the sides of the foothills. Also, some higher up in the mountains. We lived just at the bottom of the foothills. Basically, the whole town is cradled in the foothills. Tiny towns to the East of Boulder have become very chic areas now because Boulder has a no growth policy. It's hard to believe that we get wild fires down here in the jungle. I was worried about it before we got all this rain. Even so, we can get them at any time. I never knew that sink holes are one of our biggest hazards. Now, I don't think ins. will cover it. I can't imargin having my home just disappear into the earth. Yikes!

    Slowly, but surely, I'm recovering from the fall. Everything is still sore. Strangely, yesterday, I felt whatever herpes virus trying to reactivate. One side of my face was hurting to the touch and tingling. My lymph nodes were all swollen up under my jaw. So, I'm back on Acyclovir. Any time we get injured or run down, our chronic infections can reactivate.

    My appetite is pretty much nonexistant so I've not gone to the store. I keep finding things to eat but by tomorrow, I will have to go to get my cream for coffee and the cats. I got the drywall patch painted and the dryer moved back into the laundry closet. I still have to put the doors back on but the worst is done. Now, I just have to pay bills. AACK! I hate to pay bills.

    So, my dear ones, as always, I send you warm healing hugs, prayers and good wishes.

    Love, Mikie
  15. jole

    jole Member

    More fires in the area today. Our electricity was off for awhile because the fire was right by a transformer so they shut it down. Still around 110 but no wind to speak of. Lots of smoke lingering around, but the smell is gone. These poor firefighters have really gotten a workout, and of course in the country they're all volunteer, stopping their jobs and flying to the fire departments when their pagers go off. The town fire depts. aren't allowed to go out of the city limits. The closest fire today was 8 miles away.

    Linda, sounds like you got a lot of talking in that appt. time span...wish the docs would do more, but you do keep him entertained. I think he should pay you!! :)

    Pam, imbalance and RLS def are part of the deal, unfortunately. Hubby and I sleep in seperate rooms because I'm in and out of bed so much with my legs jerking and spasming. And falls are easy to come by when you're off balance. I've been flat on my face in front of company, and also in the yard/shower/etc. Walls were my best friend for a long time, even when I was still working. Thankfully, it's better....don't know why, but I'm not questioning it. Sorry you have to go through it.

    Mikie, I think FedEx must be the same as UPS. Evidently the companies have to insure their merchandise, so Fed Ex and UPS aren't responsible for damages, etc. I doubt those drivers even stop to consider there might be medical supplies in those boxes. Too bad.....

    Rock, I like crossword puzzles too. Use to do them in the newspaper, now I do them on my Kindle. Amazes me how some words are unheard of, and the ones I know they won't accept. *sigh.

    Got a letter sent to my GS who just joined the Air Force. I remember what it was like for my son in basic, and how important those letters were to him. Unfortunately, his grandparents/aunts/uncles never wrote him, so it was just us and his girlfriend. My kids are close, and GS should be pretty well covered with mail each day.

    Leah, Barry and all....sending hugs and wishing you a better day.
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  16. spacee

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    Lots going on with the weather, illness and mail.

    I remember only having restless legs as a reaction to Lexapro. Evidently
    I was still sleeping with Huz though snoring has now moved me out.
    Anyway, I wasn't aware of my legs moving. Huz said that in the middle
    of the night he felt like heart was really pumping! LOL (I can laugh now).
    We finally figured it out. Tramadol worked to stop it while taking Lexapro.
    But Lexapro had it's on problems so I quit it for a bit of elavil.

    Thanks for the comradarie on the dr. office visit. I hate them. Wish I
    never had to go again. I know ya'll do too. I do about every 3 months
    with him cause his staff has gotten so incompetent, I'm sure you recall.
    But they were better this time. That was a relief.

    Yes,Mikie, we had fires here about 10 years ago or so. Or maybe that was
    ONE of the times. Some of I-4 between Tampa and Orlando was closed
    and rerounted through Lakeland. That made the powers that be decide
    to build the expressway through that area.

    Pam, I think there is a really good woman Rheumy in Brandon. That might
    be a little too far for you. I can find out her name if you think you want
    to try her. She thinks out of the box like ordering HIV drugs or was it
    light dose of chemo. But if one doesn't want it, its ok.

    It was unbelievable. I woke up at 6:30 and never went back to sleep until
    1pm. It think it must be the arthritis strength extended tylenol (last 8 hours).
    It felt somewhat weird but I did get some bills paid. And some other things.
    Then on to yoga. Fri is my have yoga class. She makes it MUCH easier for
    some unknown reason. And spends a lot of time talking about how to
    to poses correctly.

    Some firecrackers just went off. This will possibly be a most confused
    July 4th.

    Boy, North Carolina was a lot hotter than Florida. Quite a few ppl from
    here summer there. They might be ready to come back! I would be
    so disappointed if I had moved there to be cooler and it was hotter!

    I talked with At&T about my sorry cell phone. She suggested that I
    buy a Pay as you Go phone to use until my next renewal time is here
    in 2013. What? Oh well, I am stuck with a dud, I guess. I'm sure I
    will get to a pay as I go phone at some point. But they don't have UNO.
    It really helps me go to sleep. Talk about physical dependence! :)

    Nite, Nite all. Leah and Barry special hugs to you two!


  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Leah, I keep you in my prayers. Hoping for those angels to come your way to ease your symptoms and help you.

    Jole, those fires are too close for comfort. I hope the smoke stays away. There is a big electrical blackout in VA and surrounding states. I was thinking about what I would do if we have one here. Think I'd get ice for a big cooler and put sheets in it in plastic. I would take one sheet out to lie on. When it warmed up, I'd put it back in and take another out. I used to have coolers when we camped but I got rid of them. Think I'll get another in case of a hurricane and loss of power. Publix has huge generators and immediately following a hurricane, they open the stores and truck in ice. They are really good here about clearing fallen trees off streets. Keeping you in my prayers that the fires stay away.

    Linda, I think I do remember that fire. Even with all this rain, we could still have wild fires here. I'm surprised that anyone is using fireworks. The big city fireworks displays are still on but I don't know whether personal fireworks are banned or not. Actually, I don't think they are legal to begin with but there are firework stands all over.

    Today on HSN, there is a Samsung smart phone TracPhone which comes with 1500 mins. It also comes with lifetime triple mins. Mine is like that. I pay $80 for 450 mins. and get 1350. That breaks out to about six cents a minute. The phone isn't cheap but it doesn't take long to break even with such cheap minutes unless you use a lot of minutes. I don't because I don't like talking on the phone. AT&T and Sprint don't work well down here where I am. Verizon is what we all have. TracPhone uses Verizon here but not necessarily everywhere. TracPhone buys minutes from providers. My phone is a smart phone but it doesn't have wi-fi so I don't use the online stuff. With wi-fi, it's free on the new phone. I think they still have the cheaper phones. Mine was $99. The Samsung is on easy pay.

    I did get my bills paid and the doors back on the laundry closet yesterday. It's sooooo nice to have the dryer out of the entryway. The patch isn't my finest work but it isn't that bad. The builder didn't exactly do fine work in there either. They used a really rough finish to cover their poor quality work. Lenar builds good buildings structurally, which is important considering we are in hurricane territory, but their finish work leaves a lot to be desired. I don't think there is a straight switch box, nor outlet, nor vent cover in the place. I envision their going to Wal-Mart every morning to pick up day workers. They likely point to one guy and tell him he's an electrician, to another and tell him he's a drywaller, etc.

    I am very anxious to get the ladder up and the tops of the kitchen cupboards cleaned. Then, I can put up the crown molding. I won't do it until I'm completely healed but, judging by my progress so far, it could be a while. The scabs on my legs are healing really well but both legs and my left hip hurt like crazy. I'm afraid the fall has caused an FMS flare. I'm back on Acyclovir because it feels as though whatever chronic Herpes-Family virus I have has reactivated. One whole side of my face is tender and tingling, including my eye socket. It's better now that I have some AV in my system. I may cancel my inj. appt. and make one for an office visit. I think I want another WBC before I continue.

    Sending my usual prayers, hugs and love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The phone is on sale for $99 with free S&H.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Got some rain here last night and this morning.Not much but a little.Wish other parts of the country could get some as well.How are things going Jole?Are the fires under control today?Your in my thoughts.Thanks for the FM insight helps to know someone experiences the same symptoms know matter what the Dr. thinks.

    DS is moving today and tomorrow.The sofa I'm sitting on will be gone soon.So will huz chair and my dinning room table and chairs.I was thinking of using the outdoor lounger but huz had a fit.My good sofa set is in the formal room but no TV in there.Still want this stuff to go though so we'll rough it as I tell huz.DS from Ind. will come in tonight to help his brother and his friend will spare an hr.or so tomorrow from his own move to help with the heavy stuff.We haven't even seen DS new house yet!

    I hate my cell phone it will have to do.Smart phones would be lost on me so not worth spending the money.I don't think huz uses enough of the features to be worth it either so next time I bet he goes simpler.Well sun is coming out so I better get busy and hold the door for huz and son as they carry in and out.Hope I can manage that much since the storm coming through did it's magic on my joints and muscles as usual.DS has a hot tub I may just check that out.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sorry everthing is so discombobulated. Hope the storm isn't too hard on you. A hot tub sounds good.

    Love, Mikie