12/24 Thursday Prayer Night

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    is actually Christmas Eve this year.

    I wish ALL have a Very Merry Christmas and am saying prayers for all my family here !

    (Someone with less brain fog is more than welcome to add or modify this post.)


    Blessings ,

  2. windblade

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    Thanks for getting this thread going, and a very Blessed Christmas to you too! Have been praying for your family, and all other requests.

    Just waiting for some energy to post replies.

    Holly - SO good to see you back!

    Yes, Happy Birthday Jesus!

    So thankful that Jesus came to us, and for all His love, and faithfulness.

  3. TwoCatDoctors

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    Prayers to all here that they, their families and friends receive guidance, healing and love during this time.

    I'm also praying because I got a call just a half hour ago that my Dad was "getting a ride" into the Emergency Room. A few years ago, "getting a ride" was the paramedics and he nearly died and was in the hospital for 8 days. He's 92 and I have to just sit and wait, because that's what we all do when family is far away.
  4. windblade

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    Two Cats dear, Praying for your father - for his every need, and all aspects of his situation.
    Thank you, Dear God for your total complete love for your precious child, Two Cat's father. Thank you that you will be with him every second, and within him - communicating.

    Bless our Two Cats as she waits through this terribly difficult time. Please saturate her with your supernatural love - just what our hearts long for. Thank you for your great love for us! Amen.

    Love, Judy

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  5. windblade

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    For my MIL who is still in the hospital. As my husband was leaving the hospital yesterday, he had a small car accident, just now the tow truck picked up our car - oil pan and other parts demolished. Car un-usable.

    Please pray for my MIL, Irene, while she is in the hospital. She doesn't have access to her regular Dr., because she was brought to a different hospital during the blizzard. She's had her coat and shoes stolen, among other things! There is so much going on that my husband needs to sort out - and to get her home.

    Please pray that he can focus, and keep calm, and care for all these things. And for my MIL in this situation.

    Thank you!

    Love, Judy
  6. windblade

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    Rain - thank you for your healing thoughts, and strengthening prayers for my husband.

    Well, my MIL's shoes, and coat were found and returned. And her wallet, with her credit card, and other info. We were so concerned about identity theft, and using her credit card. Someone stole $50 cash, and then left the wallet, where it was found. Thank God.

    Her regular Dr. recc. that she stay in a Rehabilitation Center, because she is unsteady, and also has a UTI. Her own Dr. will be able to visit her there, and monitor everything. This all is very good news, and such a relief.

    My husband did a great job sorting all of this out. Our car hasn't been fixed yet,but we can get by without it.

    Thank you so much to everyone who prayed - I believe that prayers make a big difference in many ways.

    Rain- thinking of your angels, I just remembered Padre Pio (from Italy) who if he couldn't get to one of his people to help them, told them to send their guardian angels to him! I believe this really happened. He was a greatly holy man, with what seemed like a combination of psychic and mystical gifts.

    Love to everyone,
  7. fight4acure

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    I'm a day late, or 6 hours late, but wanted to add in a prayer, or two or three.

    First, and foremost, I pray they find much better medications and/or treatments for CFS and FMS than they have at this very moment.

    I also pray that researchers find new and more helpful discoveries about our illnesses.

    I pray that we do not have to continue to suffer so much, whether that is emotionally due to this illness and the judgements held against us by doctors, family, and friends, and physically, with the pain, fatigue and other horrible symptoms these illnesses cause.

    I pray that God will help us find more support throughout the communities in which we live.

    I pray that our letters to TV news stations, to talk show hosts, and others, are listened to, taken seriously, and effective in getting the word out, and that God helps the recipients to realize how important it is to us to get information out on CFS & FMS.

    I pray that those who are in need, get their needs fulfilled.

    I pray that my depression lets up, and the same with others who are depressed.

    I pray that a cure is in-sight for both FMS and CFS, as well as Lyme's disease and other diseases that have painful physical and/or mental suffering.

    Fight :)
  8. TwoCatDoctors

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    Prayers of thanks for my father. He was admitted and remains in the hospital, but is being monitored for a heart problem. It is absolutely the best place to be when you have a heart problem. I already spoke with him today. Thanks for everyone's prayers.

    Prayers for everyone that is facing hard times, medical problems, foreclosure, homelessness, loss of loved ones, and so much more. Please give them love and warmth and provide them with help during these difficult times.

    Prayers of thanks for the many wonderful things we have. Thanks for the roof over our heads, for the food we eat, for the clothes we wear, and for loved ones and/or friends we may have. Even if we receive no gifts (finances are often a factor), it is still a time to be thankful for what we do have. It's also time to look out the window and see the beautiful trees, some lovely birds or other nature and be thankful for that.
  9. TwoCatDoctors

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    Thanks to everyone for the prayers for my Dad (92 years) in the hospital. Now in addition to the heart, which they are treating so there are no clots and trying to medicate to get the beating normal--they have found a large mass in his abdomen (which they told my brother they think is possibly cancer) and are doing a biopsy in the hospital on Monday.

    Except my Dad is deciding that he doesn't want to be in the hospital any more and wants to go home today. So my sister-in-law, the nurse and the doctor have all been at him all day to remain in the hospital. I just want to put on my boxing gloves, fly there and tell Dad that I'll box him and if I win he stays in the hospital. He is too stubborn for his own good on this and he's being foolish. So tonight he stays in the hospital and I'll call him tomorrow and try to convince him to stay in the hospital until after the tests are done and results received. You probably all understand and have been through this with relatives!!!
  10. TwoCatDoctors

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    My Dad will stay in the hospital, have the biopsy on Monday and stay to hear the results and any treatment they have to do. All the while, they are treating his heart and urinary tract infection.

    Wow, my Dad is so strong willed, but my brother, his wife and I prevailed--and I called today and Dad was quite happy. The nurse had given his back a bath and even had powdered his back and given him a new pajama top so he was quite comfortable.

    Thanks for all the prayers and I put my boxing gloves away.
  11. soulight

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    I understand stubborn elderly people. Both my parents are this way , especially when it comes to medical things. They wait until the health problem becomes a crisis and then all the people around them ( my cousin , their helpers and me if I am feeling well enough) have to drop all that we are doing and rush them to the emergency room or doctors.They say the most stubborn people live the longest .

    I guess my family is going to live forever ; O )

    I am glad things are getting straightened out and I pray that you Dad continues to get better. No matter what the diagnosis , I pray that he is comfortable and at peace. I pray the same for you and your family.

    In His Name
  12. soulight

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    I hope that your MIL is better. I think it is horrible that the hospital that she is in doesn't have better security for their patients. I pray that will be able to have access to her own doctor in some way . God can make it happen !

    I also pray that your transportation situation gets fixed so that you and you husband stay safe when you drive around in the snow.

    In Jesus Name,
  13. soulight

    soulight New Member

    I second all your prayers !

  14. jole

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    who are suffering and hospitalized during the holidays. Such a hard time to be away from family/friends, and a very fearful time for the elderly to be hospitalized. I know our dear Lord and His angels (yes, they are very special to me too) protect all of us, and especially the young and the elderly! May God see that your parents are cared for by loving hands and concerned doctors, and may they be blessed enough to feel His presence.

    I also would like to ask God's intercession for all the other sick, suffering, homeless and/or abused of our nation.
  15. soulight

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    First ,Judy, I forgot to say thank - you for the welcome back ! As a person who doesn't go out much , you are all important to me as a prayer and worship group.

    Jole , the post Prayers for all. . . . i beautiful. I got tears in my eyes reading it . The prayer just "hit" me at the right place in the right time. Of course that is what He is all about.

    Love in His Grace and Wonderfulness ,
  16. springwater

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    those who asked and those who havent..

    Two Cats - very happy to hear your father relented and allowed himself to be taken to hospital.
    May the Lord watch over him and all his family

    the sick, the anguished, the fearful, the young, the old, those who are going through desperate times, those in need of direction and guidance, may they receive love and comfort, healing and
    upliftment, protection and help.

    God Bless