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    hi. i have posted before about my daughter and could use some more support.

    my 13 y/o daughter has a history migraines beginning about 2 years ago and also over time (gradually) her smile has become 'crooked' on one side - if i look at her school picts over the years, it's very obvious in the last 1-2 years....progressively worse.

    and after a lyme disease scare in may (bullseye rash, worst migraine yet, cold symptoms - all w/in 2 weeks of mysterious bite (no tick to be found)...the pediatrician had us make an appt wiht a neurologist. we also did 6 weeks of antibiotics.

    Today we saw the neurologist. we were discussing her headaches, but once i mentioned the assymetry of her face, he pretty much dropped everything when he saw her (crooked) smile and did about 20 'soft' neuro tests on her.

    he wants us to do an MRI (w/GAD) and also ordered a Western Blot test and ANA titers.

    the lab will be quest, unless i go thru someone else....igenex ideally - he said we could (and of course pay out of pocket).

    any thoughts on anything further i should do? she's freaking out about the MRI.

    thanks, lisa
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    Lyme test from Quest IMO are garbage, I tested negitive 3x
    with them, then did an Igenex Western blot and tested positive the first time, even CDC positive. Did he mention that it could be "bells Palsey"?, which is one of the symptoms of Lyme.(drooping on one side of the face)The Igenex test is sooooo worth spending the money. The MRI is not bad at all, they can give her something to relax her first.I wish you and your daughter the best of luck, Please let us know what happens. Sandie
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    I would make an appointment with a llmd ASAP.