13 yr old son and 24 yr daughter need the Lord

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  1. mamafurr

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    hoping for prayers for my son and daughter to become Christians. my son doesn't want to go to church w/me on sunday but guess what? i am the MOM. :). i pray daily for their salvation, along with my daughter's significant other. they are not married and living together w/ children trinity 3 1/2 and khai 9 mos. i understand the only way is through praying for them to come to our Lord. thanking you in advance.
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  2. psalmlady

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    a fine mama! Also looks as though you have it all figured out and that you know in your heart what is right and wrong. I believe as long as you stand on this belief, they will ALL eventually come to Christ. I am a stroong believer in - when our loved-ones see Christ in us and see that we will not accept anything less than to live for Him and His word - they will come to a place one day where they too will see, they also need this Savior.
    Don't ever know how long it will take { and that is what's hard } but we can know that -it will happen because of our faithfulness to God ourselves.
    In the word of God, we see where *many* were blessed of God and even came to know Him - through the faithfuilness of their loved-ones.

    I am praying and agreeing with you my sister because see, I am in about the same place you are in, just a little different order. I have seen God's faithfulness by bringing my husband in -now I am believing to see my precious son and his precious wife and other family members that need Jesus sooo bad! we must believe and stand strong and firm.-
    This too can really be hard at times but we have the power and strength within us, that the world cannot give. :)

    {{{{love and hugs }}}}}
  3. Shirl

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    Will be happy to pray for your children, and everyone else on this thread too.

    I have three children, and two grandchildren, all can use prayer, and a closer walk with Him, my children have made their commitments, been baptized, but are not living a true christian life by no means.

    Like you, I was the 'Mom', everyone went to church when they were home, but when they get out on their own, and have families then its between them and God. We did our part.

    Now we can all pray for one anothers children. I am so very happy to see all these request for prayer, and the good Mom's who want more than just the worldly goods for their children and grandchildren.

    Glad to join my prayers with yours.

    God's blessings on all our children..........

    Shalom, Shirl

  4. receani

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    Dear Mamafurr,

    Sometimes our older children appear not to hear what we have to say regarding their salvation. We have more sayso regarding our younger ones (like your 13 yr old). Older children need help from the sanctuary. Our prayers can include that the Lord send people across their paths who they will listen to. Everyone has freewill and God will not go against that. Sometimes our loved ones have strongholds over them that prevent them from chosing wisely. We need to pray for the strongholds to come down from off their lives so that they will be free to use they're freewill. Pray for their hearts to be receptive to the word of God and that the Holy Spirit will convict (not condemn) them to Godly sorrow and repentance. God is good and His mercy endureth forever.
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  5. Mikie

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    Sometimes kids have to come to their own conclusions in their own time. Please do not worry about them. God watches over our children for us. I will pray for you.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Nikki

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    Like you, when my kids were younger I dragged them to S.S. and church.......vacation Bible school in summer. When they got older, they stopped attending church. But, guess what. My youngest son always dated girls of different faiths who attended church . . . so he began going to church again to make a good impression. When he moved to Houston because of a good job offer, the 1st thing he did was ask a neighbor about what church he might attend (he was lonely) . . . she suggested 2nd Baptist (the faith he was rasied in). He joined, was baptised and became very active . . . this became his family. Eventually he met his fiancee there . . . their faith is very important to both of them. We all began praying that our oldest son would find a good Christian woman . . . prayers answered again. He married in May to a wonderful woman . . . and my husband and I, son, DIL, & 2 grandchildren all attend the same church on Sunday.

    My point is not to brag...........but to give you hope. By the grace of God, my prayers were answered. Have faith in God, keep praying, and we'll all keep praying for you. Maybe when your grandchildren are a little older, your daughter will allow you to take them to church. Sometimes when the children are involved (no matter how young) the parents get a different perspective on how important faith in our Lord is.

    Peace & Love,
  7. stilhere

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    Lord we just love you dear father, and we thank you for being our God and we thank you for your son, dear Lord, I lift up this wonderful woman and ask that you lift her spirits and help and encourage her, give her the wisdom of your word, 'teach the children in the ways of the Lord and they shall come back', Father we thank you for your love and wisdom, and I also ask dear lord that to heal/and comfort this wonderful woman with what ever ailments that she is having, dear lord only you know what is in our hearts and soul...

    In your beautiful sons name
  8. mamafurr

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    thank you girlfriend ! :)

    ptl and God Bless You.
  9. Sandyz

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    I have the same problem with my 12 yr. old son. He doesn`t really want to go to church and isn`t sure what he believes.I too make him go but its not easy when they get to that age. They get very stubborn. It also doesn`t help that my husband isn`t a church goer. He believes is God but doen`t like the whole church thing. So our son thinks if dad doesn`t go why does he have to.
    I`ll say a prayer for you, me and all the moms here worried about their children`s spiritual life.
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