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  1. omafor4

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    thank you kind friends for getting back to me. I wonder if I can ask if there is any comman something to this fm. I cant figure out why some days its my knee and for no reason it moves to my wrist or a couple of fingers. I thought I had a broken wrist for weeks I couldn't pick up any thing. Then when I get up the top of my feet hurt. Is this really fM? The only thing the doctor did is say that I have FM, HERE ARE SOME SLEEPING PILLS, you need to get sleep and sent me on my merry way. Maybe he isn't but I feel as if my husband thinks that it all in my head. Kind of hard to explain. Is there anyday of no pain??
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    om my case, have been far and few between. I'm sure there are others here who can testify to weeks or months with very low, to no pain.

    I have flares that cross all over my body, just like you are describing. One minute my knees are killing me, the next, I'm getting shooting pains on the top of my ankles.

    My hands swell twice their normal size overnight-I can't wear my wedding band to bed anymore. I can't move my hands for the first few minutes of getting out of bed.

    It's definitely NOT a 'one size fits all' disease. We are all so incredibly different, making this so hard for the doctors to treat us. Not one thing works for any one person or another. I hope that helps you.

    Try getting an appointment with a specialist and/or rheumatologist who believes in and treats fibro, and make sure you take your husband in with you so he can understand that this is a REAL disease. It's all over our bodies, NOT just in our heads!! Good luck! PG
  3. omafor4

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    just hearing that i'm not nuts and this is the way it goes help alittle. I don't really do pain good and at 55 learning a new face to put on has been hard. Don't know how anybody works with this, for from day to day I never know how I well feel or move.

    thanks judy
  4. Pianowoman

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    You are right; it is so hard to adjust to a life of pain and uncertainty. This is a disease that can drive you crazy!
    You can feel OK one minute and just awful the next.You are not nuts!
    I agree, though, that it would help to find a Doctor who knows CFS/FM. There are some things that can help.
    In the meantime, people are here for you so keep coming back!

  5. jaltair

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    I have a friend who was diagnosed with FMS, had problems for a while, and then whoosh! It was gone. Although she was diagnosed with FMS, sometimes I wonder if it were some other problem and just got stuck with the label. Her situation sounds too good. She use to encourage me by telling me that it would go away like hers did. Well, mine didn't. Of course, I have the double label of FMS / CFS.

    Someone said it best; it's not a "one size fits all" type of thing.

    There are days that I do feel much better and have very little pain. My husband seems to notice those days because he's the first to bring it up! I just enjoy . . .

    Warm wishes, Jeannette

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