16 yr old son possible CFS???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by FM58, Aug 26, 2005.

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    My 16 yr old son has been plagues by severe fatigue since December. He managed to get through wrestling season - then came home from school every day & lept for 3 hours. He would go to bed at a decent hour & wake up unrefreshed.

    He does have some minor aches & pains - but always attributes them to something he has done - either wrestling, weightlifting, at his part time job etc. All summer he has napped every day. I took him to our PCP, he did blood work, every thing was normal.

    He saw an Infectious Disease doc this week & of course ordered MORE blood work - poor kid, he's has so much anxiety over needles! However, because of my background (CFIDS, fibro) he suspects CFIDS. He mentioned possibly putting him on a SSRI such as Zoloft, but a low dose. He said this is very useful in cases of adoloscent fatigue. We go back 9/12 and will find out the results of the blood work - and of course discuss the course of action to take.

    My son & I talked about taking an antidepressant - he said he is fine with it - as long as it helps him with the fatigue, he is sooo desparate! Especially with school opening up around the corner, he holds down a part time job & wrestles.

    Anyone out there w/ a teen w/ CFIDS? Or any experience w/ a situation similar to this? I'd appreciate any input!! Thanks!

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    When my daughter started her menses, around 13, I began to see 'signs'. We tried to brush them off as pms but, fatigue was a big part of it. I'm sure it was possibly the beginnings of FM. She was finally dx'd with it at 20 after her 2nd child.

    We can trace mine back to my early teens also. I was dx'd with lupus at 15 (I'm 54 now - loooong time ago!!). I can still remember my friends thinking me a flake when I'd have to cancel a planned outing at the last minute because of the fatigue.

    I don't think there is anything unusual with teen getting CF or FM or any of the others. What IS unusual is that, for ours anyway, they have the advantage of moms and dads who can help them understand and cope with it because we've been there, done that. What a blessing they have!!!!
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    This disease knows no age boundaries. I think a teenaged young lady joined recently--I think she is 16 and has had it for a few years.

    It is very sad. I wish your son the best.
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    Hi Patty,

    So sorry about your son. My heart goes out to you. I am the mom of a 16 year old daughter. She has been sick since Jan of 2003.

    Are your sons symptoms worse since last school year? Did they check his thyroid and abtibody thyroid levels?

    My daughter was diagnosed in Nov of 03 with CFS by a CFS specialist. She has now been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and is treated by a pediatric lyme specialist. In my heart I feel we are oin the right rode with the lyme. Most doctors do not have much knowledge about lyme.

    If you do a google search on pediatric network cfs you will find great website with a forum all relating to kids with CFS and now lyme.

    I know how hard this is on both of you. My daughter goes to school on a reduced schedule. She just can not handle a full schedule. The unrefeshed sleep and fatigue are big issues with her.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask.

    Good luck.
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    to redsox's story...

    altho my son first started with depression and anxiety, had to withdraw 2 different semesters and carried partial load another 2 semesters. He had paradoxical reactions to antidepresants and/or bad side effects, eventually refused to try anything more.

    BUT then in the past year, after turning 17, we realized his pulse was low (lowest reading was 47) and his BP was also low, AND he was sleeping 12-14 hours and still fatigued, had various aches and pains that migrated, headaches, floaters in eyes, brain fog, short-term memory problems, etc.

    Our internist ran the basic blood tests, also tested for hemachromatosis as his grandmother has it (high iron levels in blood), adrenal challenge test, and thyroid, everything was normal; he told us to keep looking but didn't know where to send us.

    Many of my son's symptoms have been like mine - scary to say the least. And not something he wanted to admit to! - can't say I blame him! But since he's spent most of his time outside, we decided the next thing to do was to have him tested for lyme by best clinic in SE.

    Yes, he has lyme, & has started on abx treatment. Testing showed he has had it at least 2 years and it is still active. I also feel we are on the right track, given his response, but it's going to be a long time I think before he's back to normal.

    Good luck, and leave no stone unturned!

    All the best,
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    I developed FM/CF in my early teens (many moons ago) when everyone thought it was a psyc issue. I am glad you have a doc who realizes what it may be and is doing so much to find out. I will say a special prayer for him tonight and for you too.


    H Michael
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    hi patty,

    is fatigue the most pronounced symptom? i went on an ssri for awhile, but it was to control migraines. i wonder if an ssri is the best course of action for fatigue. while i did sleep better on an antidepressant, it tended to make me rather sleepy during the day. then again, the doc knows best! make sure to ask about lexapro vs. zoloft if you're going that route. i thought zoloft was one of the ssri's that has more of a "downer" effect.

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  8. kierkegaardsson

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    what is the connection between lyme disease and CFS?
  9. darvick

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    Sorry to hear you all are having so much problems with the children. Our son had MONO and it was 3 months before he was feeling well, That was 2yrs ago and he now has problems with fatigue now and then. Maybe a check for that.
    Good Luck

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