17 pills/day what is this??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cristine04, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. cristine04

    cristine04 New Member

    Has anyone ever taken this many pills?

    I was taking:

    Adrenal Support 3/day
    Thyroid Support 3/day
    Cellular Energy,Support 3/day
    Heavy Metal Detox 2/day
    High Potency Protease 1 in AM, 1 in PM minimum 1 hour before/after eating
    Digestive Enzyme 3/day

    All at the same time. It was like taking 17 pills/day. I felt like I was overdosed by a distributor.

    My question: how much is too much? Feedback appreciated! This really didn't do much for me and my system went through a period of withdrawl once I went off of it all.
  2. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    That's a good question. Between prescribed medications and all of the supplements, I wonder if I am being too zealous!

    Hope you get information from others!

  3. tadpoles

    tadpoles New Member

    Hi, I am supposed to be taking 23 a day right now but I have weened my ownself down to about 10-11. The only thing different is that all of mine are Pain Killers and Muscle Relaxers, I'm afraid of what they're doing to my Liver, and I walk around like a Zombie. Trying a new DR. in Atlanta, Ga. next month, he uses no needles and no drugs, Wish me Luck.
  4. malsmom

    malsmom New Member

    I understand what you are going through with all those pills! I also have Ulcerative Colitis and I had to take 16 pills a day plus my seziure medications and then vitamins. I did feel like I was a big drug addict. They reduced them now but I am taking pain medications and there mixing with my others and I feel like crap. I am dizzy all the time and I see things like crazy. Well I wish I could of answered your question. Best of Luck!

  5. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    Is this something that a doc or holistic person has put you on ? If so..it looks about par for the course to me. The difference I think is..like my holistic nurse tapers me off some while upping others and some will be discontinued when I have had enough.

    I would imagine your detox is one that is taken for so long and then quit..at least for a while.

    I know it looks overwhelming..my Mom and I are going through the same thing right now. BUT...I see light at the end of the tunnel...and hope you do/will see it too!

    Hang in there..and do not get discouraged. I am so very lucky...the gal I go to does let me go slow. I had two new supps to start this last week..I have only started one...will get used to it and start the second one.

    Best of luck..Sherry
  6. Adl123

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    I have been taking 3 regular perscriptions and also 15 suplements, most of thsm 3 times a day, all of which were prescribed by my diagnosing doctor. (I might need so many because I have an amoeba, and can't take antibiotics to kill it.) Anyway, I have been on this regime since 1993, and although it is expensive, I am slowly improving. Every time I try to cut one out, I have increasd weakness, and seem to go out of balance. Good luck with your inquiry. Terry