18 Great Years!! (Antioxidant)

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    My very best friend, Pycnogenol and then Grape Seed Extract....never
    let me down and forever helping me.

    Back in Aug 1995 (I was 57) a friend and I went to a lecture on Pycnogenol
    and at that lecture we were told it "may" prevent cancer....it had just arrived
    in the U.S. from France where it had been available for 40 some yrs....

    Well, being into alternative healing I could not resist getting on this supplement...
    in Sept 1995 I jumped in and the FIRST thing to go in my life was a lifelong nagging
    allergy and sinus condition.....I won't go into detail but it was all my life prior to
    getting on this antioxidant...BUT I have not purchased an antihistime drug in all
    these years, honest...

    There are many other things that I don't experience, like UTI issues, edema a couple
    times from a BP med and then from hip replacement surgery, but with upping
    doses of grape seed ex, got rid of the edema....

    No cancer and HOPE it continues....

    These antioxidants address SO MUCH and one can do a search for any health
    issue and grape seed extract, and very good chance some info will pop up on
    the wonderful world of Dr. Google....

    Anyway, my old friends know how I feel, but thought I'd make a new post for
    all the new people coming here everyday....

    My grandgirl announced last night at dinner, she is making a point to take 100mg
    everyday NOW, I've talked to her over the years as has her mother, but she was
    sick not long ago and now MAYBE she won't get sick as much with a good strong
    immune system.

    Anyway, I'm off to my annual visit with my MD for annual labs and a check in
    and will announce my 18 yr anniversary....she knows I take grape seed extract as
    I told her years ago. jam in health
  2. mbofov

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    Jam - good luck at the doctor! I know all your years of taking GSE and just taking care of your health in general have paid off --

  3. jaminhealth

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    Hi Mary, it was a good visit, weight down 8 lbs since last year, BP was OK, she did an EKG, she has for the last 4-5 visits, guess wants to cross her t's with older patients especially....and a mild history of higher BP....let her do a breast exam, she always mentions mammo and colonoscopies which I never do, so I let her do a hand breast exam, things are OK....I go back in 2 weeks for lab results...it will be interesting as I asked for TPO and CPR (Hashi/ inflammation markers)... and asked for ferritin too, she sometimes does this test and sometimes not....Vit D for sure and all the rest of normal labs....

    I like this integrative MD and thank goodness still takes medicare.....I was out more today than normal and icing my knees and back....speaking of MD's and medicare, I hear that Hans Gruenn no longer takes medicare at all....guess he does good enough to not deal with medicare patients....

    She wished me a happy 18 yrs....take care. jam
  4. hugocfs

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    I tried pycnogenol and it had no effect on me. I guess like so many other things with cfs, it works for some of us but not others. Besides not working for me, the expense (it's not cheap stuff) and its reported shift towards Th2 led me to discontinue its use.
  5. jaminhealth

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    It takes time for many, for me it was profound as I had a HISTORY of allergies and sinus issues, so in a week or so I found I no longer needed the meds I took for allergies and sinus issues....

    I don't know how long you took it, but I took it for a whole year every day and back then it was $40 a month BUT I was getting major relief.....today I use primarily grape seed extract which is quite affordable and also buy some pycnogenol from a source for $17/month.....

    Most people I know on it in recent years feel an increase in energy....and who knows MAYBE it will prevent cancer....much of what we take can be subtle but is working.....if you care to know where I buy my supps, send me a private message.....

    T0o often people give up since they don't "feel" anything in a short time, I have always given a supp at least a 3 month chance.....
  6. hugocfs

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    Wow, that was a long time ago (early 2012). But I am sure I was on pycnogenol for two months, and pretty sure that I didn't spring for the third months since the price was somewhere around $40 per month.