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    I had my first rheumy appt today after 4 years of not seeing them. I'm a little confused though. They did the tenderpoint test and I barely had any tenderpoints. Years ago when they tested me for it, I had all but one tenderpoint. She said sometimes after having a baby, certain illnesses tend to come out, so they want to make sure that it's nothing else. She sent me for a slew of bloodwork today...19 tubes to be exact. And they're testing everything...lupus, RA, sjogrens, thyroid disease, etc. She also said that a few years back when they drew my blood I tested positive for anticardiolipid antibodies, which I guess if you have more than one positive for it, it could mean you have antiphospholipid syndrome. So they're testing me again for it. Apparently it's some type of syndrome that puts you at risk for blood clots and miscarriages. I never had any blood clots or miscarriages, but I did have a high risk pregnancy due to bleeding. So, we'll see what the blood tests yield. She doesn't seem to think it's FMS, though. She thinks something else is going on.
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    OMG! A few weeks ago I had 9 tubes of blood taken and was in bed for the next 2 days. Are you okay? I told the doctor and I won't ever get that much done at one time.

    I had fatigue and tender points after my son was born 6 years ago. That is when i was first dx with FMS. That is interesting that your dr said after having a baby certain illness can come along.

    GL with all your results!

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    I was definitely quite drained after that! I just hope to get the results by next week. I filled out a form so that they'll mail me a copy of my results. I'm sure everything will be "normal" though...it's the same old routine.

    Yeah, the doctor said that with some autoimmune diseases, women say they feel great during their pregnancy and then afterwards they start to develop symptoms. I told her I felt the best I had felt in a long time while I was pregnant. If I could just find a way to stay pregnant forever without having to have a baby at the end....lol.
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    Maybe you'll get some answers to your pain and fatigue. The treatment for the sticky blood can involve heparin. I have some old posts here about my treatment with it. I felt great while on heparin. It got rid of brain fog, FM pain, and fatigue.

    I hope they ran a Lyme test too! Many with ME/CFS and FM have it. I got way better once my Lyme was treated.