18 yr. old daughter possible FM?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fowlerfab522, Apr 15, 2006.

  1. fowlerfab522

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    I have FM and have learned alot after being on this site for about 2 wks. I now believe my daughter has FM. She has alot of the things that built up to where most of us are now and has most of the trigger points. What do I say to her to help her in the long run without scarring her?

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  2. claudiaw

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    Not saying anything would definately be more scarey for her, not understanding what is going on.

    I wish I knew when I was her age, I have been chasing these symptom's almost 15 yrs, before getting diagnosed.

    I still believe if I could have had some treatment then I wouldn't be as bad as I am now.

    I would tell her, first it is not fatal.
    The earlier it is diagnosed and managed w/ whatever she need's, P.T., med's whatever, the better off she'll be.

    She can be tested for food allergies, watch her stress levels,do thing's that will help reduce pain and flares.

    Knowledge is power, if you know what is wrong you can begin to help yourself.:)

    Best wishes to you both,


    P/S. I hope it is not FM, but if it is you can support one another.

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