1994 CFS S. Straus $199.00 for Book

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    On Amazon. I could not believe my eyes!

    I have seen it all now.


    (Or you can get it on eBay for $9.99)

    For those who don't know. Stephen E. Straus, MD (NIH) was in his day what Dr. Reeves is now. There was a write in campaign to get him removed and they moved him to Complementay and Alternative Medicine.

    He was a doc I saw at the NIH when my t-cell count was 180 (normal 500-1000) and I had a lab report from the Cheney Clinic positive for retroviruse and HE said that I needed to see a psychiatrist because I had 2 panic attacks. Never mentioned my virus or 185 t-count. Very evil man. Dead now of brain cancer.
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    Rip Off !your twin Spacey
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    These are new books...something I am not getting here.

    But a huge amount of people thought he was god in socks and shoes...as one of my kids would say.

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    with feet of clay.

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