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Discussion in 'Spirituality/Worship' started by Mikie, Jun 16, 2004.

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    More Losses??? Need Prayers!!! 06/16/04 11:03 PM

    I'm sure some of you on this board have been in this situation before and I need help--help coping. The struggle seems never ending. I have had Fibro/CFS since '99. It's taken this long to finally realize that no, I won't wake up in the morning feeling all better.

    I got up out of a sick bed today to take my 12 yr. old German Shep to the vet--she's been having diarehha and just hasn't been herself---at first I thought, she's just getting older but decided to take her in to be on the safe side. Here I thought the doc would give her some worm meds and we'd be on our way. She has a massive growth in her intestinal area. The vet said he'd almost bet it's cancer and probably inoperable. Other worst case scenarios would be major spleen or liver damage. I left her there over night so they could run tests late this afternoon and early tomorrow. I am missing her so much and so afraid of the outcome. I feel like I added insult to injury today by leaving her locked up at the vet--in all her years she's never been locked up. She is terrified of the vets--shakes while she is there and now there is a thunderstorm going on and she never leaves my side in storms. I will be there when they open the doors tomorrow.

    How in the world do we let a beloved pet go that has been with us and totally UNDERSTOOD through our darkest hours and theirs. It is breaking my heart. Hubby works 2 jobs and when he left at midnight tonight I started crying yet again and it's like an unending faucet. She is such a part of me and my days in the misery of pain and fatigue. I WILL NOT LET HER SUFFER--that's the greatest gift that I can give her. How do we cope with something like this that to me seems totally earth shatterring??? Everything, esp emotions, seems exascerbated with these disorders b/c we've already lost so much. Please let her, LuJac, be in your prayers tonight. Any advice would be deeply appreciated. I won't be able to snuggle and cuddle with her tonight and tell her how much I love her---you got it--I am obsessed with the love and caring she's given me when no one else is around that much. I am in so much mental pain tonight--it's competing with the physical. Please let us be in your prayers. Much Love and Care, Cat

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    Prayers?? 06/16/04 11:13 PM

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    Please Help I'm Hurting! 06/16/04 11:57 PM




    (((((((((hugs))))))))) 06/17/04 12:21 AM

    I am so sorry for the bad news about your pet and you are in my prayers. Pets sometimes can love us more than others do.





    it breaks 06/17/04 01:06 AM

    my heart what your facing and going thru.
    i just recently went thru this with my 2 shepherds.
    how i miss them. they are so precious to us arent they?
    i will pray for you all.
    what helped me is to get another puppy to care for-
    there are so many w/ out homes and i know that is what my babies wouldve wanted.
    and i will askthe LORD to be w/her at vet so she will be calmed and loved.

  2. Sandyz

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    I`m so sorry to hear about your beloved pet being ill. I went through something similiar with my border collie. He`d been with me for almost 15 years and his kidneys were failing and he was suffering. I had to have him put down and it broke my heart. He`d been with me through thick and thin.

    I will be praying for a miracle for your dog. I pray that you can find someone who can help him. You could also take him to another vet and get a second opinion.

    Best of luck,
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    I agree in prayer with you and all who have responded:)
    monkeykat - Kathy