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    Great another fellow rider! What do you ride? I would love the details! Elsa also has a horse and she was a top notch competitor until she got sick. Show jumping I think. I am about to do a half lease on a horse and my little boy Grant has been taking for about a month! I rode a long time ago in High School. Having a wonderful time!

    TAke Care Lynn
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    I've had horses all my life, i need them to keep my sanity.
    Great Place to go to get away from the ruckus and stress of the houses, i have three very active boys!! I have hardly rode at all for the last 2.5 years because of a crash with this DD. But, i still enjoy being with them, thank God, for a husband that is willing to help me out with the hay and feeding in the winter, otherwise, i honestly don't know if i could have kept them.

    29 yr. old grade pony, i've raised from a orphan from my 1st pony.
    Retired Quarter horse gelding from my parents farm (19) I ride when able.
    And recently purchased a yearling Spanish Mustang, grulla, ,may need more time and attention, then i can give, but i'm trying.

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    So you have then on property? We are building a house on 15 acres and I am seriously comtemplating a barn and having them on property but I love the comraderie of a barn and the Activity.

    In the mornings it is quiet with just a few ladies and you have everything to yourself so you get the best of both worlds. In the afternoon watch out here come the kids! But that would be good for Grant as he gets older. The one Desision I have made is horses will definately be a part of my life from now on.

    I'm just intersted in having fun and being around horses not really competeing. I want to get comfortable and get enough experience to make a good decision on a purchase.

    Thankls for answering, I love this subject! i am very green but wanting to learn!

    Take Care! Lynn
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    Miss Lynn, just posted long overdue letter ... 1horse ... Great to meet you. I have pretty much spent my life showing, but my love and need for horses ... just as you explained .. is what got me involved in the first place.

    My goal is to be showing again, but just being around my horse and loving on him has been the absolute best medicine against fibro I could have.

    I hope you are doing well. I too have a very supportive husband who ... although not a horse person himself ... recognizes the soul importance ( not a typo ... it is a necessary soul lifting thing), horses are to me. I am a very lucky girl.

    It's nice to meet you ..... Nice to know you too Miss Lynn ... LOL Talk to you two soon.

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    Long shot here :) I have an email from the ASPCA asking if people can adopt the premarin foals before the 31st of October. Some of them are very, very beautiful. I'm not really in a position to do this as I live in the city, and lately it hasn't been that easy for me to get around enough to easily get to the stables regularly...but I will get the information to anyone if they can help.

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    You realize i'm not horse1? I just wanted to answer your post anyways. I'm a farm girl never had any experience with boarding horses, all of our horses have always been pasture kept. We did the whole 4-H thing as kids great experience. Mostly just trail ride tho, as kids we lived off our horses. My parents take their horses out to the blackhills all the time. I got to go once, hope to go again when i'm feeling better.
    My advise to you would be, find someone at your barn who you really like the way they handle their horse (not the biggest know it all) Someone who's bonded to their horse and have a safe respectfull relationship with it. Then watch, listen, and ask questions, if they are willing. There are alot of things you can't teach someone, they just have to learn.
    Have fun and be safe!! If you ever get scared or mad, take a big breath, step back, and think about it, before you respond.
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    Hi to you to Elsa!

    Hope you get back to showing! My hubby never met a horse until he met me. Poor guy!
    I've done alot of my thinking sitting in the hay pile with my horses nosing around me, and munching on hay. What a peaceful sound that is.
    It's nice to meet you also!

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    Hi you horsey gals...I hadn't ridden for about 30 years but last summer got back into it slowly (and painfully!) at a ranch that offered trail rides. It was so fantastic to find somehting I could do -- this DD seems to have taken away so much, and there are so many things I can no longer do and that I miss badly. Anyway, this summer I went the next step and leased a mare for 5 months -- she has kept me sane thro some major stress. This weekend, I bought her! I am in a crash right now and haven't been able to ride for about a week, but knowing that the mare is waiting is sure motivation to get well soon! Winston Churchill said "There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man" and I'd agree!
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    That's about the third time i've heard that quote in two weeks. It's a good one!!

    I think i rode a total of about 5 times this summer, and the last time was wonderful i didn't even feel sick!! I felt soo normal! Haven't been back on since been in pain, and now i'm doctoring my young one who riped her leg up. After i spend my energy on that i have none for riding. The good part, i think she is going to be okay, and she's learning to trust me. Been soaking her leg in a bucket with epsom salt, then rapping it, looks better today!

    I've been riding bare back, cause i don't have the energy to throw the saddle on. Sometimes my balance is wacky tho, good thing he's a good boy, but he isn't pokey, likes to move right out. Last fall i had a dizzy, fainting spell on him, the sun coming thur the trees was making me sick to my stomach. I just placed both my hand on his withers and leaned forward, and he took me home.

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    Hi Everyone! There are quite a few of us on the board! I also just found out Dalphia has 5 walking horses! What lucky girls!

    I am soaking it up from everyone at the barn. I am riding two more horses tomorrow and going for the half lease right now. All of my options are owned but young teens who ride after school so I can have the mornings to myself.

    I hope you guys don't mind f I ask for advice along the way! Luckily my husband is a whatever you want babe just be happy type and I can do what I like! Grant asks me every day if it is time for the barn so I am hooking him in too!

    I would love to hear more about your horses! I will try to post a picture of me with the horse I end up leasing soon!

    Take Care and thankd for responding! Lynn
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    We're coming out of the woodwork! Horses are a big part of what's good in my life.

    I too stopped riding and being around horses ... twice in fact. Neither time where for the length of time that you stayed away .... don't think it's possible! Both times were for about 7 year stretches for big life events and thought I'd live like a normal person. College and marriage kept me away ... it was my choice and I experienced alot of wonderful things but I always went running back!

    After having horses in my world since I was two ... no exaggeration, have pictures of me on horseback with my Dad at that age .... There is just no way to not have them and be completely happy. I don't know how some of us get afflicted so hard with the "horse crazies" and not others, but I'm at the top of the "crazy" list.

    When I went back to them last time, my husband and I said never again will the "Elsa Clan" be without them. The entire clan is not as happy as we could be otherwise.

    Morningsonshine ... I love the picture you painted about doing your thinking with horses munching near by. I too have solved some of the world's (according to me) problems when it's just been me and my four-legged loves around.

    I think ya'll must be peeking inside my head and reading all about the psychology of horses and my happiness. Some of the things ya'll have mentioned I could not have phrased better.

    I hope all is well with everyone. Just wanted to pop in and say hi.

    Take care,

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    I have had horses for the last 30yrs. I use to show, but now just trail ride.I use to breed appys,but now at my age 61, I just ride for fun and my sanity. I love animals but my love for horses is it. My gelding is a palamino, paso fino. he is gaited and that is for older folks... te hee. very smooth. Sat. I am going on a poker ride in gardner canyon. we get poker hands and can win a ton of hay. I jopined a horse club and they do trail riding, gymkanta and all sorts of things. I live in az. and my horse is here at the house. that makes it nice. I am hoping to ride him in the rodeo parade in February..sometimes I dont have the energy to get out there., but most of the time I make myself if I can. Even though I hurt sometimes when I come back from a ride it is a good hurt,(so to speak) arent critters great. take care Peggy
  14. 1horse

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    My western saddle was to heavy for me so I bought a condura sadle and it is light and I can fling it around. it is comfortable also.. peggy
  15. Kathryn

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    I have a gaited appaloosa mare that I bought when I could no longer sit my arab's trot. She is the gentlest horse I think I have ever known. She can tell when I am not feeling well and acts accordingly.

    I have both a Wintec saddle for bad days, and an Aussie for the days when I am feeling more adventurous. Both are lighter than my old stock saddle, which is mainly decorative these days.

  16. LittleBluestem

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    Another horse lover here. I grew up on a farm with pasture kept ponies and horses. I was in 4-H, which was very basic in my area - nothing like they have now. Other than the annual county 4-H show, I ‘just rode’. Or drove, since we also trained the ponies to drive.

    As an adult, I took lesson in dressage and jumping. Last summer, the pony that was my primary equine companion for most of my life died. Even though she had been too arthritic to ride for a dozen years, I was still good to see her when I visited my parents. The fact that I am now horseless for the first time in 45 years just makes this DD worse.

    A few years ago, I went on a trail ride with a friend for my birthday. I was given a mule to ride, which was not very tall. I was barely able to mount. I couldn’t boost myself up, even that short distance, the way you would normally mount. I decided I would have to pull myself up with my arms. I was a real struggle, but I finally made it - very embarrassing!

    Last summer, I went riding a couple of time with some people I met who had horses. I did OK, although I was pretty exhausted afterwards. I have now moved a couple hours farther away. I doubt that I would be able to handle the drive and the riding, even if I could afford the gas.

    If/when I get another pony, I want a Spanish Mustang or similar type Spanish horse.

    morningsonshine - Is your yearling a filly or a colt? Do you mind if I ask her/his breeding?
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    I have trouble getting up on my horse, so my husband built me a step and that makes it much easier. my horse is small and still have trouble. love steps. teheee
  18. AFair

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    I used to event I had a brillant little horse (dutch bred). I live in the uk. I sold him to a top event rider in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If any of you guys live that way may b you could call in on him and give him a carrot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxx
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    I jsut made my decision to lease Sophie today! She is a pretty 9 year old TB mare and I have fallen in love with her. The trainer got her from a farm in KY 5 years ago with her filly. She was unridden but Rebecca has done an excellent job with her. I ended up trying out 6 horses total and picked her.

    I am gonna get someone to take a pic of me with her in the next few days. Keep this thread going. I love it! Lynn
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    Just checked back on this thread and could beleive all the horse responses!! Thanks to those who responded about a lighter saddle, i have been interesed into go treeless. Even tried a demo, bob marshall, too much money for now.
    I use to flip on bareback with no problem at all (i'm 5'2). Now i lead my horse next to the corral and use the fence to get on!! Way less graceful. LOL
    I'm hoping my new girl the Spanish Mustang is gaited, not sure, but if not, this breed is suppose to be smooth anyways. She moves like a rubberband right now. Her front feet wing out. Not considered a defect in this breed, part of their gait, and alot of them do it.
    Lets keep the horse talk going girls!!
    Good medicine,