1st Day With Nanny

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by abcanada, Dec 11, 2006.

  1. abcanada

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    There might be hope for me after all. I hired a young mom from a postnatal helper company who will be coming in at least 3 mornings a week to get my kids organized & to school, and watch the others. I get to lay in bed and I can't wait. I'm done feeling guilty, as my poor bod can't possibly take much more. This is all thanks to Grannie! I've been high on adrenaline and feeling exhaustion coming on. I just need to find myself a housecleaner for a few days here and there. Thanks for all the support and I hope all is well. Laura
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  2. victoria

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    So glad you'll be able to rest up - you must have a wonderful Grannie (sounds like she's the one that suggested it?).

    And I can 'hear' the relief in your post! Heck, even if you were 'normal', you'd deserve some help at least part-time with 4 little ones!!!

    all the best,

    (PS: your kids are adorable!)

  3. Smiffy

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    What a great idea. I do hope the rest 3 mornings a week helps you, & that you can find a house cleaner.
  4. Bruinz

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    Great plan!

    I have 2 kids not 4 and am not sure if I have survived

    You must be soooooo tired with 4 kids and this illness.

    Wishing you rest

  5. Redwillow

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    What a good idea AB! I wish you long sleeps in and stress free mornings!

    hugs Redwillow
  6. hugs4evry1

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    How's it going so far? Any luck sleeping in?


    Nancy B
  7. abcanada

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    Tomorrow will be the 2nd day, as I spent the 1st showing her everything. I'm completely exhausted as I've spent 4 hours in docs over the last 2 days. Will post about my Pain Clinic experience tomorrow, but must go do a face plant right now! I plan to stay in bed until 11:30, then am going to kids Christmas concert. Laura